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Death School

Death School for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Genius Studio Japan Inc. located at 東京都千代田区神田佐久間町3−23 スタウトビル4階. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Sexual Innuendo) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Very interesting game .It is a very different game .I like all girls . But you should make games like this more with more interesting stories
It's good, and a little bit not scary, I hate it when I have to pay to continue the story I can't even finish it, I have no money, I just wanna finish this, this is a good story I just can't pay to continue it😭😭😭😭pls make it free🥺😭
It's actually nice, I like it but maybe it would be better if you do more like this? Or like make the story more scarier and it takes so many hours to get your ticket tbh, I don't know what to say but I kinda wanna continue the story, I wanna know what happened to the ghost and the others, btw I give this a five stars because it was good :)
Perhaps the story is good, but it's impossible to progress without either watching a ton of ads, or microtransactions. Honestly it's ridiculous, just charge us a fair price and don't operate under the false pretense of a free game. Obviously this is not an issue exclusively to you, but a large portion of mobile gaming. Very nice art style. Aesthetics are on point.
ONE OF MY FAVORITES NOW. But the reason why I gave 4 stars because of the gems and tickets. Could there also be an option to change your name again or something? Also not too scary but still,love this game better than the other story games! Excellent work genius 👌🏻
I got it one night because I was bored and was looking for a danganronpa related game to knock at so I can be prepared for when I got the game. It was a very interesting game. My only problem was that the skeleton that killed Ai was a bit pixelated and I could tell you probably got an image of a skeleton from Google and put it there, but that's also understandable because skeletons are hard to draw, but try and find a not-so-pixelated image and it would make it better. Otherwise, great game!
I like the story of this game and the characters, I wondered if you could help nanako as well, but that not it. The theme is well done and the horror vibe of this one is on point. I am usually not a big horror guy, but this one is pretty good.
Creepy yet fascinating But the reason why Im giving it four stars is because of the long wait for the tickets and stuff. Like,I don't even earn pocket money. How am I supposed to pay for a ticket?? You guys can like change that pls
While I like the story what I didn't like was that I have to play a boring minigame to make progress and it is locked behind a paywall while I understand you need to make money but we should have the option to play the whole story for free and maybe have to pay to get exclusive storylines that branchout into a different story
Really, really love this story, everything about it was perfect, the plot, the characters, and the horror. The only thing is it felt like there was some questions left unanswered, so I hope it gets a sequel sometime.
I love it!,it also seems to be cute and creepy at the same time I still haven't experienced a lot but I'm sure this is already a great game confirmed! But by the fact it's called death school I think it needs to be more scarier.I also wish that you'd get voice actors for them,I know it might be too much but I'm pretty sure some people would probably want the same.All your games are great!!
It is a good game with nice story. But i think that the story was kinda incomplete you should add a past of the school it would make the game better. And you should give some greens after the compitition of one chapter or add a better minigame because that spin wheel or purely luck based. I hope that will make your games better and more enjoyable
This game is amazing because I love the fact that your just put in there and the first person you meet(Rei)is really sweet and that gives you a sweet perspective of the game,but then you meet meiko and then you see that this game is now spooky and interesting I would go on and on about(the invisible wall) but I don't want to ruin the story;plus I'm also at the 2 chapter and you get traped in the school and I think that's pretty interesting,so Ima continue and I LOVE Danganrompa.peace out people!
Amazing game, it was my first anime story game but it will not be my last. Only problem are the premium choice and how you can only choose one of them unless your willing to spend money
The ending was like the ghost let me go and the school was not even real even I wanted to say I love my childhood friend I liked the one who Sense danger but I choose my childhood friend but this is one nice story I played wow looking forward for 2😌🥺..
It's a amazing game I was almost scared and didn't sleep at night but I still feel bad for ai dead and you should keep other mini games other than that it was thrilling 🤩 you should keep up , I am your fan . Upload more games like this🤗. I love this game but you should keep nanako also a love interest in this game
It is awesome!the graphics, character illustration,ETC. but the protagonist is kind of lacking cooperation,I can only see him as the love interest and such things,I also find some parts of it boring. It may still be enjoyable to others though,this is just my opinion. 🌼
Amazing, fantastic storyline! Sad deaths! U have it all! definitely download this game! Dont play it at night though. Hope this review helped😊
The best app in the world and has the best Horror story I've seen till now..... I just wish the story didn't end the way they did... It would be better if they ended the story by making ,the love interest and the main character, marry and Nanako staying with them in the real world
It's scary and fun I like everything in this game but one thing I didn't like that why the choices are costly we have to make our own choice and we have to cost choices for in real life please take the costs maybe it will be good an famous.
I like it but…in the first chapter that Meiko girl really creeped me out but I liked it and I really like the literale club tho if that's how you spell it…the only thing that's bothering me is Meiko and the part when I'm going home but something blocks me even tho the road seems clear at the name of the game to death school that's kinda creepy…but I like everything else tho but please fix the creepy stuff
LOVED IT! I wish there was more! It would be awesome if it continues with "Section 2" or something. Like, of them finding out why it happened, and Naniko being free and everything else. Anyways, IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!
This game is great but I wound probably change the name to something more scarier. I like how after each chapter you have the choice to go back and do it again. The fact that you have tickets to do each chapter is great so then it doesn't take 5 minutes do finish the game. The music witch goes with the game is great because it definitely make the game seem more scary. I definitely recommend this to people who likes a little bit of a fright or people who likes making decisions.
Best game I ever play❤❤ The plot is so interesting and I just love the characters❤ but please make more minigames to earn points and also make this type of games❤❤
Love this story, it drove me crazy waiting for tickets. This is the best one yet, I love the fact that more secondary characters got animated characters. 10 out of 10. Rei is best girl not only in Death School, but in all of the other Genius dating sims.
I can't get rubies no matter how I try (like purchasing and exchanging) ... And because of this I can't choose the choices with rubies.... THE CHOICES I WANT TO CHOOSE ... Tho I do like the storyline and graphics
Wow..i just.. Don't know what to say.i Love This! This is this is the first app i saw from "GENIUS" and i wish i knew them earlier -The Story are perfect and make's me not want it to end! -The choises are right in the spot! -The characters Animation/Design are cute -I love that the characters have different personalities each chapter/each pick And i'd love to rate it 10* if possible -The ending character i chosed is -Meiko
this game was way too much better than the others, more choices in the last episode, and very nice and special. If all of these games was like this, i would try them all, a longer ending is better
This game blew me away because there were so many amazing characters in one game. Really amazing and the story line was great. I chose Ria because she was my favorite from the beginning. Honestly you can't get much better than this
This game was really well made, HUGE kudos to the developers I honestly really liked it from Characters, Location, Storyline, etc. seems like a game with an ending like that though would have another part to it, again HUGE kudos. Personally the only I had with flaw was the premium choices with how I had to sit back sometimes in dangerous situations regardless I liked this and personally got more ingulfed in the storylime than the girls in game.
I love the game. I typed Danganronpa just to be able to find it or something like it and found Death School. Not bad. Very creepy. 😂 I feel like I'm in the school with the girls experiencing all of what's happening. My only issue is the fact that I have to keep buying gems in order to gain a relationship with the girls in certain situations. I wanna be a good friend but I can't. If I'm gonna give a hug, at least let the hug cost less than ten gems. I mean who buys friendship like that ya know?
I love this game!its like a real story!it is very long story and I haven't finished it but I love this so much!!!!its so fun and cool u can also pick ur own name to name ur self and u can restart when u made a wrong decision!if u like horror and more download it!
I absoulotly loved this game. The only thing that i wish for is the gems to be less expensive or there was a way to get it for free. Thats why i gave it 4 stars not 5
I love this game. I would like to suggest you to add more minigames which can earn more points. I still don' t know how to get rubbies yet.MY FAVOURITE GAME
It was a wonderful game the characters were so nice and the cliffhangers were really fun The plot twists Everything is perfect I couldnt say a bad thing about it even if i wanted to I would totally recommend
This is a really interesting game! It's scary and cute at the same time! At the end I couldn't choose who to love -w-''' so I choosed all of us to be best friends! This is worth a try! U won't regret it! But it's kinda hard to get rubbies, but I'm used to it since I play a lot of these, have a good day!/night!/evening! See
I really enjoyed this fun horror game! I wish you could change your gender though and have a customization for your looks. This can also not be played offline. Besides that I really recommend this anime highschool horror game.
i thought it was a game but it's really cool, amazing,and wonderful!!🧡🧡 when i reach the end of the story i feel like sad and i said to myself "is this the end??? nuuu😔...oh i know im just gonna repeat the story😆" i really love the story and it's a bit scary for me but it's really really wonderful story!!!🧡🧡🧡(Sorry for my bad grammar or English)
Great game, great book. Everything was set out perfectly however they really messed with the good portion of it by making certain choices limited to rubies. They're mostly flirting choices but still pretty annoying. Good game overall though.
Amazing. As if all the gods and godesses made a game, this would be it. It's more than a masterpiece. I cant even explain how good this is.
To be honest the story is damn amazing, thrilling and unique, i'm about to finish the story but i had to comment this out of frustration before it ends that you'll be fed up of the system of diamonds... without diamonds you'll be forced to take dumb decisions all story long as good options are all premium. Non premium options are all selfish and many can't pay and forced to choose them -_- .
This is really a good app it has betraying, love, and anything if you want some romance or app that you can choose what your going to say this is perfect for you
I loved this app.... The story lign was so good... However I didn't understood the ending a bit... Best story.. The only thing is you could make a better way for getting diamonds rather than just purchasing it..., as points are quite low to get. Rest all is good.. good work👍🏻
This one has high production value compared to some of the other VNs by Genius. It does a good job of being atmospheric and the music is dope! The visual foreshadowing is also a nice touch. The story and characters are only so-so, which is what stops this from being rated higher.
Almost five stars, but the exchange-points-for-diamons system is pretty confusing and expensive. Other than that, great game!
Its good, the storyline was better than some others. I still don't like the premium choices... It felt longer than some of the other games, if you cut the ticket recharge time (3 hours) to say 1.5 hours I would've given this a higher rating.
I love this game I have completed all the chapters I don't suffer any problems and teaches me a lesson to get together and helpful to everyone in this every character are important and the interior grapichs are so good , thanks for this best anime creative games. It creates knowledge in me.
Amazing game, the story lined the plot twists, the cliffhangers, it's all too good! One of the best games I have ever played
I love this app, but a few small problems. 1. Can there be a gender option? 2. Can you gain 5-10 gems daily, or have tasks to do for gems? Anyways great story!!! I cried from happiness at the end!!! Thank you for giving me 30 gems which is enough to buy at least one decision thing!! 😊🙌💕✨
The story is wonderful,that's why I've rated 3 stars.But will you stop bringing up germs choices that much.Its like almost 60%of the story need germs.And not all of us are lucky when it comes to mini game.
This has to be the best Genius inc sim that I have ever red. And I just love how you get alittle back ground knowledge of each character and see bow they act in a crisis and how they always find a solution to that crisis or issue. And it all ties down to the perfect girl you want to choose in the end cause when I read a genius inc game I want to connect with the characters and feel tone and message the characters are trying to put down. The characters in this game make me feel alot of emotions.
Its pretty cool,and I've only downloaded the game two hours,i just wish earning the gems was a bit easier tgan having to play mini games or buying them which actually cost a lot of cash,overall its pretty cool,I already know im picking as my waifu in this game even when i havent finished it
Pretty good game......oh wait what, what is this? I have to buy to get better choices to pick from? So its like buy to win or dont buy to lose.....
It is a really good game but when the AI skeleton machine came I got literally jump scared . Pls play this game as it is a perfect game for entertainment and mystery.
This is very intrusting . I have no problem with rubies or ticket system but its the reaction of the caracters if you are trapped in a hauntied school it would be much more horrifing then there reactions.i have played shisha the lost souls and it was very good there were no problem with reactions but still this game is pretty good
The plot of the story is great. The characters are so cute too. The story was very great but adding the history of the school will make it more interesting. Either way, the story is really interesting. I hope you make more romantic and horror story. Romantic and Horror are my favorite genres.
Really great story I plan on becoming a writer for an anime/manga company. Corpse Party is awesome, however this game feels lighter in atmosphere. Worth the gameplay, however I it won't allow me to record internal audio when I do gameplays?
Can you make other minigames aside from like the casino game I think? But still pls make other minigames to get coins and that can you make like you need 150 coins for 15 gems pls and that in the beginning of every game, you will have 50 gems so that we would not do the casino game thingy all over again and get 10 gems. Please. This game will have 5+ stars after you do this. Oh and also, I feel bad and sorry for Ai, she was my fav character. Poor Ai :(
This game was so interesting!!This is my 5th time to download a Genius inc. game and i found out that this game is teaching you how to work hard with your friends by Choices.And Thats all!!! keep up the work Genius inc😄😊
This is the best and cutist gaem ever! I lov it so much and plaied it ovur and ovur! But there are some bugs I had while playing. It kicked me out, glitched my game, made me click on things i didn't want to. Please make this game update this game by a bit less glitchy and less bugs. Thank you for you're cooperation! (P.S. Tjis was late at night so don't judge me for my bad spelling.)
A wonderful game! Horror, strange and everything that goes with it! It's really well programmed, I highly recommend it to paranormal lovers!
I like the story and its art style. It was short but worth the time! I hope this gets a sequel. I want to know more about Nanako. 😊
You have to wait hours to get things to continue the story but other then that I love it but the fact that I had to wait hours made me stop playing it as much
I like how their all moving and blinking it makes it easier for me to pretend their real. also the opening is cool