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Death Invasion : Zombie Hunter

Death Invasion : Zombie Hunter for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by JoyMore GAME located at No. 99, Tianhua 1st Road, Chengdu High-tech Zone, China (Sichuan) Pilot Free Trade Zone. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 18+ (Explicit Violence, Shock and/or Horror Content) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is one of my walking die games.but before you can porchase a weapon you most add a credit card method and difficult to get gold coin.but love the game good graphic good movment.
Overall great zombie shooter! One suggestion though is have full on multiplayer battle royale survival\looting with 50 persons anf zombies as well.
Ok I haven't try this before but I can see that it's a good and also a better game. I wish that it will be good for me. Thank you
Was ok but starts freezin at loading screen when yur firepower level isn't high enough. Kinda shity.๐Ÿ‘Ž Not a bad game though just that 1 thing.
Another copyware zombie shooter. Graphics are like a PS1 game, ridiculous real cash prices (ยฃ35 for a single gun, who is going to pay that?). The story is nonsense and the English is terrible. Controls are clunky, zombies literraly appear from nowhere.
I would have given this game 5 stars but it stops loading on chater 2 level 4 (2-4). Please fix it l really like this game .
It is a good game I appriciate but i thing it could be better if you could allow me to shout by my self not shouting itself just after facing a zombie
Fun game, I like how it's free moving and the missions have things to accomplish, not just shoot zombies and go to the next level, a bit of a story to it which makes it more fun!
Played this game 3back whenever I connect to the internet it will just exit at first thought it was my device but nooo
This game is good but It's waste of money every thing in this purchase with real money and Expensive too many ads . So What Should i do now Buy All these things ๐Ÿ˜ญ Or Hack the Game and get all these things free.
This would have been a nice game....but wen yo opening some missions it shows a black out ad it sucks like nothing
Am not sure this game is built for all the levels to be completed.from the 7th to 8th stage there is nothing I have not try..I even got the best weapon it got to offer
This game take much time to beginning And continue uploading continue uploading continue uploading.........
I would have given this game 5 stars, and lets be honest I'm being generous giving it 4 stars, and here's why I love the game its cool (even though its a direct clone of dead trigger) and the gameplay is nice and ok, but every time I try to enter the next level after getting so far, or enter one of the clean up levels it freezes and it won't load please fix this untill you do I will not be downloading this and playing it
Would have give this game 4 star but for some reasons, i did not. 1. When i started playing this game for 2 days, it start frezing and it happend many many times. 2. You guy copied dead trriger. And yet this game isn't close to being good as dead trriger.
Good game love it but its gets stuck while trying to play another stage on second boss way says load but never get to do please fix i want to keep playing
I played this game some years and there was like a glitch that the fat boss is stuck on part of the plane crash that was a good glitch you dont need to fix that glitch so everyone can pass to plane crash ez pz but theres times it moves too
This is awesome game add some friends in start graphics is so good add some vechiles like truck or super cars i hope you add things people who watch this review download this game and review that i describe it thank you
Spectacular and amazing life venture gun and the way it's design even though it is like dead trigger 2 but I'm still a great game.
I guve this game 2 stars only for graphics....cause this game is too much difficut to play ...although it has good gameplay and graphic this game is also addictive ...but too hard to play....Cause i upgraded the first gun that we get (SMG) to max and when i reached the train tunnel and station level I found out that the damage of that gun is low!!! but i upgraded it to max... also earning money is just like finding a grain of salt in 1 kg of sugar. But this is a nice game ...โ˜บโ˜บโ˜บโ˜บโ˜บ
The game is good but it wants you to upgrade your weapon it is soo annoying to keep upgrading your weapon ๐Ÿ˜ฃbut the game is nice graphics ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
The game is super but how comes it doesn't have an account? That means when I uninstalled the game I'll lose all the data.
I don't really write reviews too often, but just wanted to let you know that unless you spend actual money on this game you can go no further then level 6 mission 6. I've played this game for a while now and it is fun. Controls are good, graffics are good, game play is good. Not worth spending money on, but good. The game is supposed to drop blueprints randomly for you to pick up and craft stronger weapons. After craft the desert eagle I have received no more blueprints for weapons and the level is impossible to get through with a weapon not at the recommended power level. So get the game, enjoy it for a week or two or don't. Same result in the end
Good game but once I reach certain level it freezes. Even when u close the app and start over it freeze again. Please fix
This game is the best for me i want to finish it its the coolest offline game i have no wifi or data so for me it's the best please maintain everything the controls and offline play THANK YOU SO MUCH game creators you are the best
I have been enjoying this game for awhile, but since my last update, i can't play at stage level anymore it doesn't load.
This the big problem with the game they charge for everything! That's really taking the fun out the game, it's hard to upgrade now, you putting in more work than it's worth so you drift away from the game. It's still a good game just stop charging for everything, it's so obvious that creative control is messing the game up with every fee. You're going to lose people attention with being greedy, other than that I'd say create a team PvP or versus AI simulation. Oh yeah, as you create more levels, make it easier to gain experience points to raise your level. 3 stars because it's still a good game, just needs a little more tweaking.
The game runs so slow on my infinix note7 pro. This happened since the last time I updated the game from google play. I later uninstall it but it's giving me thesame result I don't know what to do. How do I go about it. I e been enjoying the game before the recent update
This game sucks.. stopped playing in 2-4 level.. what's that.. hate it and I'll uninstall it. Why can't I go to the next Level.. Have been stuck at this 2-4 for a month now
Game is good but why level 2 rush time 2-4 can't play it's loading 0... can't continue anymore why why
Good game, graphic nice ,control OK . add more guns and arena . add new boss's , players . add guns skins and players customize fixing last missions bugs. add refill erngy in cash plz....! upgrade
Ripoff of death city zombie invasion game.Game freezes after reaching level 3.Installed 3 times.Still it freezes. To the developer - Please dont copy other games. If you do please make sure to copy it right.So it doesnt freeze all the time.
The game has great grafics but when I start it sometimes it turns black and the controls are bad especially when looking around.
This game was ok at first. But as you go along it's get harder. At some level there is just too much zombie. And the guns are the expensive to upgrade Need to do better with the guns.
I love the game but now that I'm on 6-4 I can't play the level what's up with that I've even spent money on this game for it to freeze up on that level
Just started playing give minutes and so far ok, loads great, great graphics and it's similar to the other games for the zombie Bio-chemist apocalypse! I rate five but going to say three because I just started playing! Ok!
GAME NEED FIXING!!! It crashes after a few missions, and after 2 or 3 missions you launch another then the loading freezes.
What the heck? I purchased an offer for $40 now whenever I open the game it suddenly crashes and I came back to home screen
It needs more of a fight gameyou should be able to fight zombies off while you're shooting them and also a companion like a hawk or a wolf other than that good job
Well it would be a great game if it didn't ask for money every time you start playing it for the frist time
The game was okay before the update and been enjoying it.. but after the update I can't open it anymore. Please do something. How can I recover my games? HELP PLEASE.
I really enjoyed the game Very interesting Everything about it are real The graphics are well designed Wish to download more of it type
This is a great and adventurous game i love it, the only problem is that most of the times they ask you to upgrade your weapons before starting the mission and if don't upgrade it , you get killed very fast.And i think it takes alot of time to gain physical strength and withiout the strength you can't play any mission..
I give four ๐ŸŒž because I love the game , but mine just stop playing like the next level won't load or play, and I don't no what to do
This is awesome game. before this rating I have given 5 stars but now I cant because not having such a powerful weapons not having others modes .only its asking for upgrade the weapons but not having enough money so I cant upgrade .it is good game but it can be more modes with lots of action.and never ever end game means lots levels in the game never end levels and please add lots of powerful guns like mini gun .and lots of other modes like sniper blasting mini gun firing with helicopter
This game plays well, looks great and is overall fun. I have an issue with all the ads. I understand that the game is free but this has too many ads. Also, when they have a special like on Halloween, the special says "Halloween Gift" yet you have to pay $14.99 for it. I don't think the makers of Death Invasion know what term "Gift" means.
I would have given it all stars, but the game freezes at a certain level. Even after reopening it,it still freezes. Please fix this.
This is rip - off from dead trigger the sound of the zombies and glowing eyes of the zombie AND if you shoot using the sniper it still rip-off that sound is from sniper 3d . And make this game realistic because the zombie is falling in the sky and the ground thats not possible and plss enhance the graphics and stop following the other games plsss.
I spent Money on this game THERE IS nothing you can do to Save Your Data From this game to continue I also asked for a refund on the game which I never got I also think the camera Is ABSOLUTELY Horrible I have MEDICAL seizures and Almost Died Playing this game Cause This Game Made Me Dizzy As Heck with the camera The Levels Are All the same THE BOSS LEVEL IS basically not a boss level and I suggest the company Change Everything about this game and allow achievements And GOOGLE TO SAVE data
Game freezes, one of the levels has you shooting 3 zombies with one bullet; but when you do shoot at them you lose because they are walking 6ft away from each other not facing you, causing you to lose the level.
Physical strength is very poor one can not play this game more than 30 mins, it has nice graphics i want to play more but, and so many adds to get weapon cards :-(
Beat game ever on mobile, i got xbox but i still play this, it's annoying sometimes and frustrating when it gets hard but i keep playing until i succeed, sometimes it takes days, I'm currently on the last map and it's so good i had to drop 5 star, I'll be downloading more games from this company
I don't have much cash and the game says upgrade its annoying I don't have many money overall the game is great please add a better weapon like a mini gun it's great I hate when I need to watch adds also :( ยฟยฟยฟยฟ
Hey I updated the game and now I can barely play it, it's freezing occasionally that its just unbearable, what are you doing back there. How does one uninstall an update??
Fun game i can upgrade weapons Theres some dialogue theres ammo refill box i liked the one driving stage also i can play offline
Please more easy futures in game add new tasks and sniper gun unlock boss level onely products coming not gunes coming easy i asked more time gunes coming better options ok please update
The SAME game of DEATH CITY ZOMBIE Is good, but Double the same game, maybe is a copyring from someone
This isn't what I really expected this game is good but it really sucks at stage 2 mission 4 it keeps freezing no matter what I do don't waste your time and bundles.
Game is great but can you remove the upgrading time? Like upgrades really takes too much time like 5mins to maximum. Also when carrying heals, bombs etc. should be not limited ๐Ÿ˜’
The game is good,but can you make the missions a little bit easier,and also add some voice overs,and if it would be an open world game I would rate it five stars
That game are awesome evry level will be exciting but i success completely mission at must iam be targets.....
I wouldn't say I love this game but I like it.The bad thing about it is nearly everything.Why is there sooo many bosses,they are sooooooooooooooooooooo annoying!!!
Now i will play it at 12.00pm good work ๐Ÿ˜›๐Ÿ˜ฆ๐Ÿ˜ฆ but the problem is in the BOSS the BOSS kill ervey time Just find a best gun of 4547 of pawor Nice day and good work๐Ÿค™๐Ÿ‘
It's a very very beautiful zombie shooting game.its graphics are also great ,I like its sounds too.Going on joy more inc.๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ™‚
No matter what you do in the game you have to watch an ad everytime. Literally! If you want to go into your equipment and upgrade a weapon... Ad... Want to start a mission... Ad... Ad before and after everything. Ridiculous
Why i give four stars because in the middle of this game will be difficult,but it's worth it because you will receive gold,diamonds and weapon in daily rewards
I love this game.....have play all level finised several time....but if d life finised someone will wait till the life full back
This game is great I have eyes other people to play this game cuz it is so good and I love how you can shoot guns and not none of the other guns none of the other zombie gun games you cannot walk some some of them you can and I like it because you get to open up BOX
it is very addicting game,full of challenge so i suggested to have more mission and weapon can add to this game. and also improve the graphics and control..
Frequent we have to upgrade the fire ๐Ÿ”ฅpower of the weapons and it lead to repeat the mission again to earn money and upgrade the fire power to continue with new missions
Its difficult but more fun to play the worst of it is that you have to upgrade your your weapons in every stage but big up high 5
Since yesterday today I did an update on the game it no longer working, I can no longer access the game again