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Death City : Zombie Invasion

Death City : Zombie Invasion for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Charm Tech. located at 5 Broadgate Cir, London. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 18+ (Explicit Violence, Shock and/or Horror Content) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
the game is fun but I uninstalled after a while because you either had to buy a new guy with real money or grind out money to upgrade two or three times each level. just seems like a money grab.
Game is ok. But you have to spend ridiculous money just to advance in the levels. Everything is crazy expensive. Like 40$ for a gun. Buying those guns are the only way to advance in levels. So, ultimately. It's a waste of time. Unless you have money to blow.
I wish i could give more than 5☆'s.This game is incredible. The graphics are superb .The sounds are amazing and the controls are easy to master.LOVE THIS GAME ,and another factor is that you can play this awesome game offline too,which is an extra bonus.Download it and try it.You wont regret it.The story is fantastic. You guys did an Amazing job with this game.So thrilled and happy to have this game.👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Sooooooo many ads, i was really interested in this game and it looked like lots of fun, i downloaded it like 5 mins and already had over 20 ads. Thats too much and i lost all interest, definitely uninstalling it. You cant enjoy the game. Its not a game. Its basically an ad app !
I love this game it's scary and spooky and intresting wow ... I always play this game at night it is so atractive I can do this in my sleep. I just wanna say well done whoever made this game you've got taste.
Ramesh panigragi.i love this game and enjoying that action moment.but just problem for action moment.
Grapich of the game is amazing... And also the Story and the control but i give 4 star Why? Because the game is so many glitches and their is 3 characters i hope this problem will update in future.. Any wy i like the grapich, shooting control, and also the story i like it Thank you.. Good Job Maker
Nice games very entertaining nice guns and rewards,what happen why is it stop when I equipped the gloves yes I like it I gave it 4stars but now 1stars no good ..
The game play excellent and the Graphics are excellent, my problem when its when you upgrade for example gloves, you can equip the but during the fight you wont see, gloves, helmet or vest
I truly love this game. I love how there are so many different weapons you can use to kill tougher zombies. I also love the different areas and places there are to fight. The fact that there are mini games to earn extra cash and for more fun is another top hit. Please continue to make different games like this in the future.
It deserves more than 3 stars but because the final chapter "one's way home" doesn't give me access to play. it's blocked and nothing is playing anymore. I tried downloading the part before this but it's not downloading.
That energy meter has got to go i love the game but by the time I really get into it i run out of energy.
It is best game, but I have to delete it because when I click on be full of peril it doesn't download always telling download fail not only one time always l. So, I have to delete it. Tell me when you will fix this problem then I will change my review and I will download the game again, fast tell me I have to see the ending please tell me
The game is stuck in instructions mode. It keeps telling me to equip my backpack and it's already done. Now it's stuck at that point and won't let me do anything else. Please fix this problem.
Fantastic & absolute marvelous game.Story driven - Which i like.Addictive Gameplay. Realistic Graphics & Quasi Open World.Different kinds of zombies.Fantastic Boss Levels. I particularly like the wall street zombies level which give more money when finished. Wide Variety of Arsenal. If one plays hard enough he/she doesnt have to spend real money. To the developer - Please Update the game,I would like to play more. Please integrate an Option to convert diamonds/gems into money. Very Good Game
Amazing offline game I personally wish there were more game modes but I can't complain the game is great.
This misson on. Out of inferno is too hard it takes forever for her to finish it make it easier please I'm truly sorry for being mean to your game :-(
What happen to the game.. I updated it and half of the game progress disappear. I'm stuck in chapter 6, where i should be at chapter 9.
Pleasant surprise!!!Went thru bunch of zombie-games until found this one.Drawn beautifully,can see evry detail.Diff environments and equipment will keep ur heart pumping.Plenty of challenges and ways to kill zombiez Sniping/drive thru/turret/explosives,etc Controls are working perfectly smooth.Ofc there are small issues here n there but nothing major.Its a gr8 quality product.Big thanks.I hope devs will continue improving and adding content.The only issue I have its the turrets dont always move
the graphics are not top notch but it is really okay coz the game is really great.the gameplay is great.it is really hard to progress.this game took a lot of time for me to complete.the controls work superfine,i didnt experienced those bugs the other users pointed out,i finished the game.and i am waiting for some update with more gameplay.also,try fixing the typos in the game menu and all.
I really liked this game until I made the mistake of equipping a pair of gloves before the forced tutorial made me do it... Now the game is forever stuck in "equip gloves"-tutorial I can't complete because I already have gloves on, and it's not possible to skip it. Word of advice to developers: don't do forced tutorials, please.
I Love The Game But The Worst Thing About It Was Upgrading Weapons.You didn't give new weapon and ask only To Upgrade The Older one.I Luv The Sniper Mode Mostly..
The game is so nice and interesting to play, the graphics are good and the controls.. just one issue when I try to download the next chapter which is chapter 5 it's saying download failed
Very very very nice game I like this alot . Best zombie game ever . You should download . op game . 👍👍😀
Very nice game to play you can use your money reward in no time. The special effects on the zombie is quite that simple from targeting them into their bodies to the blood that burst out the headshot etc. is not that violent matter i could say
I absolutely enjoy playing this game it brilliant, i have been playing it for ages. Fantastic graphics and i like the way you can actually move around instead of being stationery.
EDIT:After playing ab a month I see what critical reviews were about.Ads are popping all over.Its sneaky cheap move.Game mechanics like turret doesnt move 95% of time and noone to fix reported issues.U can't progress in-game.It can b rlly fun game and so much more - remove ads,add/update content,expand weapon upgrade mechanics so players stop .itchin, and fix priority bugs.Sneaky ads & broken game mechanics with no update are dealbreakers 4me.Sadly uninstall
I am giving this game 4 stars because the 2_3 was very tough to clear .But three graphics are very good .Good luck to you guys.
Impressive graphics for low size, interesting gameplay involve mass shootings zombies over specific map size using different weapons that can be upgraded via game money. Money earned by zombie killing & online purchase. 3 playable characters. Different maps & levels. Overall I rate it 4/5.
Very good game. I propose you develop another game similar to this but not necessarily with zombies , rather antiterrorism game. But I like the game
The game is ok,,,according to the graphics and the missions are so challenging which is my first priolity.
Thanks to the producer and others who contributed in making this game a nice one. I really enjoyed playing this game but my problem here is, I have reached a stage where the game is asking me to download CONTENT. I try and try downloading but it's still not downloading. So I want you guys to please help me with info about the downloading.
this game is good I love it but I would like the better quality options then it be the best zombie mobile 🎮
the game is fun but it cost so much to upgrade weapons with very little returns.. for example.... im asked to upgrade my weapon for the next mission...$6,000 to upgrade and the winnings are only $440. what gives????? its almost too hard to play cuz you run out of money trying to upgrade guns. i had to upgrade my gun 6times in one mission. thats way too much!
It is superb. This game is like. What will happen if zombie apocalypse takes place in a real life. So i like it
Loved the game when I first downloaded. And finished it so uninstalled. But the amount of data wasting games that never worked properly. I decided to download this game again and it's been absaloutly ruined says the weapons you have are not good enough and are stuck can't buy better because of the crummy rewards. And the crates dont always work and been robbed of over 500 diamonds which would have helped to upgrade weapons so I could at least play the game.
Guys just install lucky patcher installer and installl lucky patcher and learn a tutorial on how to patch death city and then you can get stuff for free without even buying it like me i used it and it saves me alot of money take my advice its good but not the best
Here, s my verdict on this game, as you approach the end of the game you constantly using all your gold coins in which you have gathered, through out the missions, and yet these devs are asking YOU to dip into your pocket to buy the best gun that money can buy, dont they know there is a ressesion going on, 1 the music is repetitive 2, the sound effects are really naff 3, the graphics are really bad, and i mean really bad
Dead Trigger, but years after it's prime and it has lost touch with itself. It has most of the same farming mechanics with a worse UI.
Is a very good game with amazing graphics but i think first of all the characters are too expensive and there should other ways to obtain the weapons other than the current difficult ways
I actually don't think this game is all bad like some people make it out to be but then again it's just a game and it's just something to do when you're bored and I like and the best part is it fit's on my phone with the little data usage it uses I recommend it for you all try it especially if you're good at zombie games.
Strange game Does not work properly It shows the option of download game content in last levels but is not downloaded
Great fps with enough plot to keep you invested. Pros: Actually decent shooting game that responds well Enough story to keep you to keep killing zombies Issues : Some weapon blueprints are only available from certain boss levels so be ready to get stuck. A lot... Weapons and level reqs are purely number based so there's not much skill to improve on. Some English text gets cut off...
this game is realy good fun best way to killt time every time is grate about it but damit most your guns r realy expensive in some stage u run out of money to upgrade comr on not nice when i play a game like this l am the one that has to be in countrol like i said love the game but give me more and more fire power to kick some zombes ass back to hell please oh i dont if u r the same one that made dead rising but please bring it back that a good game i love as well good job to every one
Yes, it is sort of a dead trigger clone but I prefer this type of shooter over all those stationary ones. Fully free movement, and I definitely am happy with autofire. PS: after some rounds, I conclude it's much more versatile and tougher than dead trigger. Deserves 5 stars.
It was very entertaining when I started playing it, but on progressing thru the story, the game becomes unreasonably difficult. Zombies become exceptionally stronger just after two levels, and refuse to die even if the weapon is a little below the recommended level. And the worst thing is - you have to collect gun parts in battle, and then pay cash to obtain that gun!
I like this but spinner means 2,1 like did not like it because only 6 reload how double kill he is not coming so ihave given only 2 stars change that what I told 2,1 please
Great fun, loads if options but, game graphics not working at the end of level 4, start of level 5 as you can see through walls & floors??... considering deleting it? Rated 5 now 2..
How in the hell was this made in 2018? The zombies have 2 sounds they do, there's 4 animations in the entire game, it seriously looks like it's from the late 90's. There were games that looked and performed better than this on the play store 10 years ago so for this to be as modern as it is there's no excuse other than laziness and greed. They made a game as quickly as they could in hopes to get paid as fast as they could. I watched a couple ads so there ya go, that's all from me.🖕💩🤢🤮🙅🤑🤯
It is very very awesome i didn't see like this game . This game have to be rate more than 5 stars.♥♥♥
Not only will it not download game content , it now freezes up and kicks you out .. Fun game if you would just fix your stuff but the developers wont even answer back so (Delete)
I love this game very much.... Until I finished unlocking Monica it won't download the file.... So I'm stock at chapter five and can't complete the level... When I press World, the screen pop showing DOWNLOAD GAME CONTENT.... But pressing the DOWNLOAD boton keep saying download fail....
Good game but what's wrong is when am trying to download Content even with high speed internet connection it keeps saying download failed fix this and you get all five stars
I like this app . This app is really amazing . Everything is pretty so much . I tell my friends they also said this app is good
great game of survival learn how to defend yourself and many different zombies and try to attack you with many theories with different emotions in different ways of the way they want to destroy you it is a fun game you just got to know what the heck you're doing if you don't then don't play it
This game makes me confuse ..at first i thought this is just a no data gaming ..but thats ok because the graphic makes my mind blow how genius is this game . even that i was afraid on zombie I'm juzt enjoy it .rather sometimes i wanted to run and scream but I didn't may father is on the middle of he's beautiful wondering..and I don't want to disturb our neighbors
Entertaining and well designed but i unfortunately hit a bug early on, as soon as player clothing equipments was unlocked i got stuck in the page, was asked to equip already attached items, restarting the app did nothing to fix it
I love this game very much because it's graphics is in high incredible and all the missions are so tough that I like and all the zombies are real and so scary. But it is like residents evil 2 . So I think that you will like My comment and just one time you will try this game.
It's a super game but I'm unable to download the fifth stage of it Why is it so no idea though there is full network
I love this game there is so many things you have to do but my compliant is we can't use the weapon pay to use Overall game is really amazing nice game 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍