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Dear My Cat :Relaxing cat game

Dear My Cat :Relaxing cat game for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by FLERO Games located at Wemade Tower, 6F 49, Daewangpanryo-ro 644beon-gil, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyenggi-do, Korea. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
When I stared the game. It showed up "Screen will refresh after changing resulation". I pressed "Ok" lots of time and reset the game. But the game didn't start! Please fix this bug, if it is one. Or if it isn't, please tell me how can I play?
this game is so cute, it quickly became a comfort for me,, theres no frequent ads unless you want some extra gold or diamonds. earning gold is really easy if you level up correctly,, and it runs smoothly with good graphics, its all around just an awesome game, i love it.
i got an ad for this on instagram, abd tbh i never really oay attebtion to those ads? but this looked really cute, and its so fun. it has calming music, cute lil kitties, YOU CAN PUT HATS ON THAE CATS ITS SO CUTE yeah its cute. idk if im still ginna be playing this a week from now, but i like it for today at least.
I love this game so much! I noticed it on an Instagram ad and the comments were great! And I need a good AFK game to play on the side when I'm not able to work. So I looked at it on the play store and great reviews! I can see why people like it now :D
I would LOVE to give this app five stars. Until, this last update, I have had no issues with this game and loved to play it. But, after this newest update, my device has been incredibly laggy and I'm disappointed in what the developers chose to fix. I don't understand why moving the icons away from their familiar places was an issue that needed to be resolved. It's also much harder to click on them because they're so small. Hopefully there's a new update soon so I can enjoy this game fully again
What in the world did you guys do.. I really like this game and I was gonna rate it 4 stars but now it feels awkward to play when I updated it. The camera has changed, I can't view the way I wanted as it auto locks on a certain distance but it wasn't like this before. Also sometimes my screen gets stuck when I press a button. Bring back the old viewing but add option to adjust sensitivity instead, it's so wonky now and improve RNG of events. It feels like the game gets worse on every update.
This game is sooo much fun and relaxing! Definitely addicitng. The art is super cute!! Only downfall for me is that it over heats my phone. But I have been playing for awhile, so it's understandable.
Been trying to get a cat in the jigsaw puzzle game for days and it keeps giving me the same pieces I have when there's only 1 piece missing. Have even paid for gold pieces and still just got repeats. Have restarted at least 3x and still odds don't improve...
This game is incredibly calming, so far i really love it! As someone who hates putting money in games, this game so far requires no money AT ALL to get far! What i mean is that materials that you could get in bulk through money, you can still get over time naturally (which is a big win for me) and on top of that, anything that requires that kind of currency, ive never seen above 10 of them to buy something!
absolutely amazing! ✨ I love the graphics its so cute! if you like Animal Crossing and Calico, you will definitely love this game it is the perfect mix of both! I love the relaxing music! so cute 10/10!
This game is perfect. The graphics is beautiful. So relaxing, the game doesn't constantly pester you with ads, and is still enjoyable to those who can't afford in-game purchases. I love the home decoration update and how freely you can move items around, not just within a pre-determined grid like similar games. I look forward to more item designs in future but so far I have zero complaints. I've rarely, if ever, come across a mobile game of this sort that I'm THIS happy with!
I really like the style of thie game it's really relaxing most treasure chests can also be opened by watching an ad but it would be nice if there were more different songs to chose
This game looked so cute and the large amount of positive reviews had me excited...only for the excitement to die after not being able to get past the loading screen. The app closes itself after it hits 90%. I didn't even get to experience it. πŸ˜” If you fix this/know how I could fix it myself, then please let me know! I would love to change my review and give this super adorable game a chance!
I like the graphics, 3d, so beautiful, its too many ads so im playing this game just for chill. The cat's activity is not boring i love seeing them. This game always have a new event so still fun. Thankyou
The game is relaxing and the music is beautiful. I do wish there was more music because it's just the 1 song but it's okay. The cats style could be better, but the game is very cute. I like how the ads give you points to do other things so it's not a complete waste to watch them.
it's so cute, I usually have a lot of problems finding good games to play that keep my attention, but this one is doing pretty good at that. If you enjoy animal crossing you'll more than likely love this game. the design is beautiful and there's always something you can do.
This game is super cute and relaxing, and you really don't need to spend money to get all the bonus items. My only complaint (more of a request) is for more worlds to open up after the sky whale, since there isn't a ton of reason to play after you unlock that!
This game is cute and laid back, but they don't describe much of anything as far as how to play. You have to click on stuff and hope it does something. There is a basic tutorial at the beginning, but if you need to recall anything from it good luck. There is no help or instructions area and the only way to get help is to email which is half a day or more to get back to you. Don't pay for anything in this game. The percentages aren't real percentages. Token of happiness is NOT for all VIP, just 1
This game is so very relaxing! I love all of the different cats and their personalities! It also helps that there is plenty of opportunity in-game to receive rewards! Very fun, and very cute! 🐈
I don't play a lot of phone games but this one is pretty good. All the cats have different stories and the closer you get with them the more parts they share with you. Basically ur trynna create the perfect cat heaven
Pretty and fun, but essentially an ad-centric aesthetically pleasing game. With the new update, the game keeps closing at start up, already restarted phone several times. Disappointing of I lose my progress if I have to uninstall and reinstall. Confirmed that reinstalling won't delete progress (yay) but the app closing issue is still prevalent if not more frequent now. Glad to say I did not spend money on this game πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ
A very good and detailed game, the game play itself isn't complicated, you just need to put time into it. This definitely had turned into my favorite game at the moment, I can simply just let the game sit there with the ads and do whatever I have to do in class. The cats are the best of the game, the graphics and everything is super good for a free game. I only have one request or suggestion, that we can have a in game channel where players can chat with each other or maybe even allowing trade.
It's such an amazing game I just wish that you could make it 2 player to but other then that it's such a fun game, I love it so much, and if you're looking at this review for all the people, that don't have it downloaded you should download it thanks for looking at this review. πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸŒ·πŸŒΉ
It's cute, simple, and there aren't a lot of ads. My only complaint is that the frame rate drops a bit sometimes but that might just be my device. ..... Now that I'm further in the game, it lags A LOT. I saw it coming but I was hoping it wouldn't happen cause the game is so cute. The further you get, the more it lags.
This is a wonderful game. You get to know all these cats and give them treats and expand, collect, increase their happiness levels!! It's crazy, great game. Visuals are very peaceful, and awesome cats. I wish there were options on what kind of music, that'd be cool. Thanks guys:]
This game is both fun and relaxing. For me, I personally like to read the cats' story. And to be honest, one of the cat's story made me cried because it was quite emotional. But, that's how I know Dear My Cat is a good game and I highly recommend this game to everyone!
Would've given this game five stars had it not been for the app crashing to the point i had to uninstall and reinstall again, something I didn't wish to do because doing so would mean losing all progress, which I did. Perhaps look into an option that allows this game to backup all progress in the event that if the app stops working, users are able to save their progress somewhere.
The game itself is cute but the entire gameplay uses ads. It is impossible to get ahead without either watching thousands of ads or paying a lot of money. There is no sense of progress after getting all the destinations. I have been playing since Dec 2020 and there has not been a new destination since before then. Social aspects are limited. UI often lags. Definitely would not recommend unless you have a lot of time on your hands or enjoy watching ads.
No complaints here! It's so fun and calming, and the cats are all to die for. There are ads, but they give you in-game items for every single one, so they're worth every second. Definitely recommend this.
This is a great game. Edit: no problems now! I figured it was a bug. I exited and reentered a few hours later and i could remove and replace everything. :D
Like how I'm able to choose whenever I like to watch their ads, that's fair enough considering they have to make money somewhere. However, the game kept crashing now despite of reinstalling.
This game is so cute!! It's really soothing to play and gives you things to work towards, but it isn't challenging so you aren't constantly getting frustrated over what you can't do. There are basically zero bugs so far, there aren't obscene amounts of ads and it's always optional whether you want to watch them or not. I highly recommend this game for anyone looking for something new to play, especially if you like cute tiny chubby cats :D
This game is really amazing and love it, but the stories behind the cats make me a bit sad, im starting to wonder if we are just building a heaven for them:( and if we are im glad that they are living the dream.
It's so cute!!! The game is what you expect from a casual game and the whole premise of it is very simple but also heartwarming.
graphics are amazing. one of the best games I've seen when it comes to graphics. but here's why its only 3 stars: I will say you can get confused by the controls sometimes. also I find it ridiculous that you can't craft more than 1 item at once, especially given how long it takes to craft them. the waiting time for everything is too long. I can never finish a puzzle because I have to wait 7 hours between each ad I watch. hearts are made so slowly. took me days to buy another home island with em.
Af first it was pretty confusing but i got the hang of it as i continued. It's not a rushed game and achievements are gained through relaxed playthrough, which is calming. The sense of melancholy with each cat's description kinda make me emotional at times tho. Lovely game.
I don't write many reviews for mobile games, but this one is definitely one I would recommend! I am already so invested and each cat is so cute! Their stories are very adorable and some even elicit a giggle! It is a very soothing game and not stressful at all, it has already proved to be somewhere I can go to relax.
Relaxing and Fun! Idle games usually get boring very quick. But this is such a relaxing game. Once you're done idling it up, gazing at your growing world, customizing your cats; and finding collectibles. You're ready to do it all again!
So far I'm finding the game super relaxing and cute! In-app purchases are very reasonably priced and not necessary to still enjoy the game and level up, which is a big pet peeve of mine in a lot of games! I'm excited to unlock more features and continue enjoying these sweet little cats
I wanted a game that I could play absentmindedly. This is easy, simple gameplay and adorable. You can put hats on the cats. Pretty graphics. Pretty sure ads are required for some things which is annoying, but they dont pop up randomly. Still love it.
It was good and I loved playing it the ads got a little annoying after a bit but still it's relaxing, fun, the collection of cats was awesome, and I love the islands. But there is one issue I am having that it won't let me open the game anymore and I wish I could get some help on that so I can continue the progress because I was quite far...
It's super cute! and it's also may helps you relax from a tiring day, there's not so much ads, so many other games that similar to this game, but i prefer this game than the other since i love cats <3 I'll wait for the next update^^
very cute, very fun. it's honestly a work of art. the graphics are so insanely amazing and i would love to see other works from this company
I was extremely interested in the game but it's unsupported for my device, and all because of the bezzle around my camera in the screen, hardware isn't a problem, I use a 8gb ram 128gb storage Oppo Reno and it won't boot due to resolution error.
So where are the new packs? I keep getting notifis that there are new packs. Yet zero new ones. Where is the new Spring puzzle game? All there is, is the same ones as before this update. Which I already have. Only changes I see is you moved most of the navi button locations (which is annoying, stop constantly moving them), and New Spring island decor to attempt to win. Meh. You lost a star for annoyance.
It shows that the screen will refresh after changing resolution, I did change it from 60hz to 90 again and again but same issue, I do have phone space and RAM
Ah I honestly really didn't want to download this but I kept getting an add for it and omg im so glad I got it, this game is so much fun and addictive, you dont need to spend money on the game to progress and its pretty easy im already at like 11 kittens and I've only been playing for half an hour, oh man dont get me started on the kittens there are so many unique and adorable designs, my personal favorite is Verga shes adorable and their cute lil bios! Their all unique to each kitten!! 🧑 10/10
Easy to get into, and finally a relaxing game that isn't completely useless or gives you nothing to do. The objective is pretty simple: collect cats and expand the island. But it's really rewarding and the graphics are so pleasant. It makes for a very relaxing game.
I didn't think I'd get into this game, but so far it's honestly really cute and fun to play even without making any in-game purchases/microtransations. It's very easy to pick up and put down throughout the day. And it doesn't make you constantly tap the screen for more points like similar games of this type. I'd recommend trying it out for free to see if you enjoy it at least! :)
this game is so so cute and has helped ease my anxiety a little. however the relaxation is ultimately ruined by the loud and garish ads which you need to watch in order to make any progress within the game. i understand that ads are necessary for game development to continue for the company, but it really is a shame that they are so disruptive to the experience :( side note: ive only been playing for a few days so i will update this if i change my thoughts on the game
Oh my god- I'M IN LOVE WITH THIS GAME! Specially, it have a really cute style and soo addicted. Oh, for sure. The game for me is not laggy or buggy, but...This game really does need some patient. If you want to collect alot of money, you need to upgrade some of the island and wait to get some money. Or you can just play with other cat, like... lvl up their friendship! I really prefer this game, it's soo much FUN! And really does decrease my "Boring mood". Surely, you will enjoy this game too.
Amazing game, background music is lovely, sound effects are great, and the gameplay is great. my only complaint is the occasional ear shattering ads that aren't muted.
I love this! It's so calming and the background music is lovely. I love the cats and leveling up. The graphics are smooth and nice. I definitely recommend this to anyone who needs something to calm themselves after a hard day.
I give this no stars. Have to give one just to give a review though. Haven't even gotten to play at all. Can't make it past 65% on the first loading screen smh. Looks interesting but I'm done wasting my time.
Adorable and filled with endless fun! The characters are all amazingly designed and interesting, and there is just the right amount of challenge when raising money. You never have to spend too long grinding, perfect game in my opinion, best on mobile for sure!!
Cute, calming and the stories are adorable. Ads are non obtrusive, and optional. You don't have to buy anything, but ad tickets do make things a lot easier. Plus, if you really enjoy the game, why not support the creator directly and not deal with ads at all? πŸ₯°
It's a really relaxing game. When I start to play and hear the music it instantly lowers my stress level.
It's an amazing game. it's well detailed and there a lot of things to do besides taking care of cats. 100% recommend playing ^^
I thought it's one of these games that'll annoy and frustrate you after some hours of playing when you get stuck for the first time... Well not for this game. There are some things that you can only receive for free if you watch ads, but you're not forced to. And if you play offline there won't be any ads at all :) The music is really calming (you can even choose which gameusoc you want to listen to) and the animations are really cute yet simpleπŸ₯Ί
When you want to relax and want a game to past time? This is the one. What I love the most is the beautiful background music. It's very calming and it makes me smile. The colorful graphics are so dreamy and I adore the cats. Can't wait to see all the visitors and the progress the island will make. Great game!
I love this game so much! The only problem is that I can't figure out how to help my friends with their happiness tree, other than that 10/10 very relaxing, soothing, and beautiful
This game is incredibly adorable with its simplistic style and cute yet melancholic stories of these little kitten travellers. It brings on a sense of nostalgia with its ghibli-esque soundtrack. A little ad heavy but if you're the patient type when it comes to that the ads are rather short compared to other ad heavy games out there, and it never springs them on you without you having to consciously click to watch it.
Adorable predator? Well that's this game I'm a nutshell. The price for special stuff is disgusting and the subscription programs are unfair. I can understand spending some money but the fact you could spend 100$s on a mobile game that's supposed to be wholesome is messed up. Its all very disappointing because it's such a cutely designed game otherwise. I advise people to maybe not at all try this game bc so many things and potential friends are stonewalled.
I've been playing for a few days, so far it's great! It's nice to just pop in every few hours and check on everything. There are cosmetic paid items as well as in-game currency you can buy- but they're totally optional. It is just as enjoyable without spending money/rushing through upgrading everything. Also the cats' bios are precious :3
Pretty relaxing. My girlfriend & I play this together. Only thing I would recommend is being able to group things on your island. I've got a little room built with decorations & I wish I could easily move all of it together as one.
this game is absolutely adorable, and I fell in love with every single cat there is! so far, ive been logging in almost everyday. its so great, and you should download it as well :)
Makes me watch ads multiple times for the same tasks. I just watched five ads for the whale thing and it STILL didn't take. It has to be some sort of glitch with the ads. I'm watching them to completion but it still isn't recognizing that I'm watching them.
I love this game! Its so cute and calming plus there's actually quite a bit you can do. Expanding your kitty island, dressing them and crafting your own home. Super fun!
This game is incredible. The cats are adorable, the music is relaxing, the graphics are amazing. The whale is gorgeous! People complain there are a lot of ads. Yes, ads are a thing, but I don't feel that I am obligated to watch them unless I want to and they give you rewards for watching them anyway. Not to mention I haven't encountered any forced ads. Thank you for this game.
Its a great game, good graphics, cute experience but it takes so long to aquire enough money to move on. I wish it was easier to play
This is the best game ever, sure it has some flaws, like the fact that you have to be patient, but the cats are so adorable I culdent resist them (´q‒ Ο‰ ‒q`) β™‘!!
I love this app !! So much!! But I wish we could have a team or create a team and chat with people so we could play dear my cat more fun and to know the community of dear my cat πŸ’•. Keep up the good work!!. Edit: sometimes when I watch a ad I din't recieve my price it's just quite upsetting but the other good hand is that it isn't ofently happend but I still hope you could fix this bug :)
Camera angles are a bit wonky. Other than that the game is great. Cute kitties with interesting backgrounds, you can dress them. Quite a relaxing game.
This by far one of the best mobile games I have played. The graphics are amazing, it's simple enough to learn and has an amazing story. Its very relaxing and virtually no ads. All ads are optional and you get a big reward from them. And the creators behind this game deserve so much for making such a peaceful and outstanding game.
Good game, but you will waste your time with ads. Every action will require you to watch a 30 second ad. Along with ads, this game also has microtransactions, monthly subscriptions packs, item bundle packs, VIP packs, and gacha features. Should remove the ads if you are going to have all kinds of pay models AND a gacha system. This game is not even multiplayer.
This game is so fun and cute. The game play is very pleasant and the music is very tranquil. I love playing this game at night or when I'm alone to pass the time and so far haven't gotten tired of it like I do with most mobile games. The artwork mixed with the music just creates such a calm and relaxing game that you should definitely consider downloading if you're looking for a good game that doesn't require too much energy or time.
Absolutely amazing game! I've only had the app for a day, but I'm already obsessed. I adore the stories and personalities of the cats, and the graphics are gorgeous. Ads are totally optional and give you great rewards for watching. My one complaint would be that the puzzle event seems very pay to win. It's nearly impossible to get pieces without spending money (or diamonds, which are very hard to get). Besides that, the game is great. I can't wait to play more and get to know each character!
Edit: the game suddenly keeps crashing on the loading screen. I cannot play any more. I could play this morning, but now suddenly it freezes on the loading screen when it reaches 52% It's a shame since this app is my comfort game :(
This is the most pure, wholesome, & adorable game. It is very thoughtful & I can tell it's made with love. The relaxing music & easy going gameplay is very refreshing, & you will find yourself squeeing & saying aww how cute over and over as you collect kitties. If you are a cat lover, you need to play this. The dev is also very generous with creating gameplay where watching ads rewards the player with currency to be able to buy accessories & more for your kitties. TY for this gem of a game.
This game is basically watching ads lol. It's cute af, the art is gorgeous, but it's a grind. It has potential but the way it's set up rn is not ideal. You must watch ads to complete quests. The ad watching gets boring and interrupts game play flow, I stop playing when I'm bored of watching ads, which is an odd thing to say about a game. They do give you 30 gems every 5 ads so it's not a complete waste of time, but it's still boring. It's also a game where you'll never complete an event wout $$$
I love the graphics in this game, it's so soothing and makes your heart in fluffy feels, as far as I understand that free games must contain adds to survive, it's sad that so many video adds must be seen in order to do practicaly anything. Breaks the flow and athmosphere of the game all the time, too many times.
I really enjoyed the game. I came to the conclusion that this is some sort of Cat Heaven and ive even found a cat that sort of resembles mine. I honestly like the little bit of the story line it has, and how each cat has their own background story.
Its a very cute game, however you cannot progress without watching ads..there's not much point in making a game free but then putting an ad over everything. The graphics are cute, the gameplay is cute, the rest of it is cool, but the ads kinda ruin it.
Really sweet game. Very similar to a lot of other games where you slowly collect currencies to upgrade stuff but i enjoy this one the most so far. I care about all my little cat buddies :) not too many ads but still some.
This game is amazing I love it but I have one major issue with the gameplay, at some times the gameplay is horrible, it will keep closing the app. I assume it's because something is not registering. I hope this can be fixed I'm going to try to delete it and re install it to see if it helps. (I have a Motorola g5s plus) again amazing game I hope i can figure out something that fixes this :p
Absolutely lovely. Peaceful and calm. You'll wish you could go to the island yourself. Its a mindful visual representation of a cat heaven of sorts. The cats remember their humans fondly, and you learn more about each cats life as they grow.
At first kinda feel lost of not knowing what to do and what to click. Most of the time have to discover it myself or with the help of my husband. However its very enjoyable. I love to see the cats personality in this game, how they interect with one another. Their backstories makes me think that this place is for cats that has crossed the rainbow bridge 😒
If you need some improvements, I would say about the camera feature. Maybe tweak the filter a little bit because whenever I capture a photo, the photo appears darker than usual. Kinda ruins the mood for the photo. Overall else, the game is great for those who liked cats!
I love the art style of this game, ads are fine in my opinion. Only thing is the puzzles move a little slow and you never really can get more than 2 pieces a week.
So far so good, I've only been playing for about 5 minutes. The only downside I've noticed is the layout of the interface at the top of the screen, where It shows the currency. I have a Huawei p20, so my front-facing camera is implemented on the inner border if my screen, making it difficult to read the amount of coins that I have at any given moment.
a nice and comfortable game with cats its free, so ads is expected, irl store is alil pushy with wanting you to buy things ofc. And game chuggs alil aswell. (But atleast you get rewards/speed up time for watching ads)
I want to rate this positively because it IS a wonderful game. It has a very relaxing and peaceful atmosphere. However, the monetization is predatory, which is disappointing. I don't mind paying for apps that are good - but recurring fees, subscriptions, and $100.00 USD "unlockables" are insanity.
i love this game, its incredibly adorable, but.. absolutely hate the ads and might uninstall because of it, i feel like the ads cut me off from the game which i hate.. i know alot of games do this as a way for us to be rewarded but.. its a very different feeling to transition from the game then to these wierd ads.. i give it 3 stars because of it.
I absolutely love this game but I have a few questions... for items that I own I want to give to the cats but it won't let me, it says that I need to get it from the chest/suitcase thingy. And I also want to know how to place furniture. It would be great to get a response, thanks.
I love it. Like, any time I played games like this they always felt sorta...I dunno, barren? But this one feels more alive. There's always something to do, like getting a new cat, or checking the store each day to find new accessories. I'm also pleasantly suprised with how easy it is to get the items you need. I've played too many games in this genre where the game will be like "you want this item you need to progress? How about you have to wait irl days to get it." But not this game.10/5 stars
I just love this game hands down. Everything is just so perfect. It's so soothing and calming. The stories are wholesome, the graphics are top notch and the gameplay isn't difficult or confusing. And goodness, the details, I tell you, the DETAILS. Even the little interactions and gestures are so cute and you can tell the developers really put much thought into this. It's not even pay to play which makes it more great. I knew I struck gold when I discovered this. Thanks developers!
Dear My Cat is an amazing game! I really like the design of the characters and the effort they put into everything is spectacular! This game is very addicting and cute!
Love this game so much that after awhile, i finally gave in and subscribed, completely worth it. The stories are cute, i love opening new areas, and each time a new cat arrives i get so excited to meet them. I would love to see an option to delete all read messages, one by one is a little tedious. It would also be nice to have the option of watching an ad vs. using a ticket, Id like to save my ad tickets for when I'm more in a hurry.
This is a very cute game! It's a bit like Hamster Village but with back stories and more personal interaction. So far,the main objective seems to be making adorable cats happy by spreading good will and small cat related items to them! Who wouldn't love that? If I had one wish concerning this relaxing,sweet game, I'd wish for more obvious interaction of the kitties. Several of their stories suggest that they are lonely. I'd like to cheer them up more than I can already.
This game is so incredibly cute, soothing and high-quality! You're taking care of cats that have crossed the rainbow bridge. My cat passed away earlier this year so I was looking for an app to cope, and when I realized this game is about deceased cats, I started crying. This game can be a bit overwhelming at first, but you'll quickly get used to it. So yeah, definitely try this game, it's so worth it!
It's honestly a bit too payment oriented for what I'd expect in a game about cute cats, but I love it regardless. A great idle game with lots of characters to fawn over!!
Super cute graphics! This game is so relaxing and I have so much fun watching all the cats just running around and interacting with one another. I love it! One feature I like is that when you choose to watch ads, and the game runs out of ads, it will show you little guides on the game mechanics. It's so helpful! More games should be like that.
This game has helped me with my anxiety by providing a safe and progressive innocent world to escape to^^ It's not hard to get further in the game and the characters are easy to get attached and care for. The graphics are unique and different and I'm really pleased with the game overall. Thankyou<3
Very cute game. Simple and sweet. 11/20/20 update! I've literally been playing this since I downloaded it and its just sooo good! I love the fact that watching ads gives you rewards! 11/28/20 update! Still having fun with this app. Its really relaxing to me and there's so much more to do now. My only complaint so far is that when you earn the rubies, if you try to take the reward too fast in succession, you won't get some of the reward. I've missed about 80 rubies so far, but it's fine.
Love this game so much. I played a few of these type of games but this one stuck with me. Love the little island you can decorate yourself and love the fact u can get old characters by collecting puzzle pieces. You get to dress up your cute little kittys too and they all have little storys. Also the support team was really nice and helped me out right away when I had some trouble. Thankyou for a great game!!
Its honestly a really good app! When I first downloaded it the game did a really good job at giving you directions on what to do, and let you go at your own pace. The game is really relaxing and I enjoy being able to do the tasks and collecting cats for the island 😁
This game is cute and calming. The cat characters are all adorable with their own storyline and characteristics. Also the ads scheming of this game is quite good it gives good rewards.
Beautiful game, though somehow I am unable to watch the ads in order to get the extras from the game. Update: I appreciate the fast response, though to be frank, Im really contemplating on just deleting the game. On the one hand, you need the ads in order to smoothly progress in the game, but some of the ads are so vile, it's ironic for a cute cat game to be matched up with literal porno ads. Sad to say, this doesn't make the game safe for kids.
You basically collect cats on your floating island and sometimes you can catch them doing silly actions. You will sometimes need to watch ads to progress. Very cute idle game :)
This app is super cute. That's it. There is no game play other than get cats and watch them do cat things. You can also decorate a home island and personalize the cats. (You have to spend money to get cool items).
I really like Dear My Cat a lot but I wish the screen wasn't so cluttered. Like at the bottom when you have enough money there's a little pop up to upgrade the different areas but you can't make it go away unless you upgrade the area. Even when it does go away it comes back quickly and it bothers me that I can't stop it from popping up. It would be nicer if I could just go to the panel and do it myself. Same situation with the small circle icons above the upgrade one.
I almost never leave reviews, but this is absolutely adorable. It doesn't have too many/obtrusive ads, it's calming and comforting (especially if you've had a cat who has passed), and it's simple. I really love this game, and the graphics are just so sweet <3
The game is beautiful and I love the simple style and peaceful music. All of the cats you meet are adorable and have interesting backstories. You still earn stuff when you aren't in the game, so you don't have to worry about spending time away from it. Trust me when I say playing this will distract you from all of your problems. I'm so glad I found this game, it's perfect.
I would've rated it 5 for the overall game and mechanics but there's a problem, it's so purchased biased especially on the puzzle event you can't even purchase a Box for gems and you have to wait for 7 hours using the silver box the time is also ridiculous 2 days isn't even enough for 3 boxes and it's so hard to get Puzzle pieces just saying lessen the purchases maybe.
I played this for an hour and had to uninstall. Reading the cat's bio is too heartbreaking. I couldn't stop thinking that these cat's are dead and missing their humans. This is a really cute game but too heartbreaking for me.
I feel like I'll eventually get bored... but this game is awesome! I love collecting cats and the ads... they're optional! You can progress well even without watching them. You should get it! Also, it's super relaxing!
It has great graphics. So adorable and such a fun play. Takes a while to build money and stuff without actual money, but it's very time consuming and honestly worth it. The cats are very cute and so are the other characters. There are barely any ads unless you want to watch them for a prize. But besides, that's a very enjoyable game
I love this game so much.. its so chill and insanely beautiful and cute. After reading the cat bio I learned a lot about whats actually happening... and it hooked me in more πŸ˜­πŸ’”πŸ’œ it is a LOT more than I expected for a free game. If I had a suggestion, maybe just more songs? I play for long periods of time and realize I've only heard like 2 songs for an hour πŸ˜‚ its still my favorite game ever tho. I love kitties
Very cute game, but ive lost some gems to a glitch. When I hit the purchase button for an event item, the gem count would go down, but nothing else would happen.
This game is so beautiful and calming. There are a couple of ads to watch but nothing too overwhelming... at least not yet in my experience. I love making my cats happy and seeing the cute actions of the cats. Can't wait to see even more!
It really helps with relieving my stress and anxiety, camel, one of the cats, the first travel diary I had received from him was, how do I put this in words. Nice, I'm not to sure, but, I think you should add a few more like that one, to many others, its helping me understand that I'm not alone.
This game has been super fun and relaxing! I love the cats individual stories and personalities and all the cute areas/items that they interact with. I only wish that I didn't have to watch as many ads to access many key mechanics.
This app is my comfort game. The only thing I could ever possibly dislike about this app is the tutorial. It doesn't really teach you a lot of things... And everytime you go to photo mode, it removes this ethereal glow you get from the light and the blur you get for the background. But other than that, it's such a beautiful and relaxing game.
So cute and visually pleasing! No mandatory ads. Generous w/ giving away the currency that costs real money. Has a similar concept to neko atsume (cat collecting) but isn't a straight copy (rare) and makes significant, interesting changes. The setting is unique and pretty, each cat has a detailed story and design. Good events too, the capsule event right now is a fun way to give out items. I will likely buy one of the currency packages to support the devs
The animation of this game is so cute!! One thing I would love for them to add would if you could play little games with your cats! Or pick them up x3 Overall this game is amazing and calming!
So addicting!! I have played it nonstop since my friend recommended it to me. Though, I don't like how hard it is to find puzzle pieces to get cats, other than that, very fun! Now, read the qu'ran.
Very fun and i like it. satisfying and cute cats. lag is my only problem with the game. if it had no lag i'd give it 5/5 stars
Literally only game I ever play on my phone. It's super addicting! Only downfall is if you want to level up,etc. within your lifetime you will be spending money even though ads are a major factor in this game. But with those short-comings I love it❀
It's sooooo cuteeeeeeeeee! However, it's kinda annoying that the destination tab is always open. Haha I wish there's a way to hide it or something.
Very cute, love it! To be honest, this game takes up so much of my daytime. I play it everywhere, and at any time, because you can always do something small or just watch the cats walk around. It's so cute, even the little paws have these small details that just make my day over and over again. I love this game so much and look forward to watching the development of this game!
Very cute game!! Very soothing!! Gets a little slow to progress without paying, and you tend to watch a lot of ads to get anywhere, but it's still enjoyable regardless
This is a beautiful game and it is super easy to navigate. I love the cute characters. Would recommend this to all my friends to download.
Fun game, I spend more time on this than I should. However, I have some suggestions. The cats should have friend groups and an extra bonus should be given if you invite all their buddies. Also, cats should have their own favorite outfits, ones that go with their color scheme or personality, and again bonus if you collect all the items. Another thing that would be nice is if we could sort the cats by rarity.
Update: After playing for nearly a month, the game has DRASTICALLY slowed down. With no sign of expansions in the game, I am getting quite nervous. I reached out to the developers about this. Their response was that they can't tell me anything about the future of the game because it is private information (no spoilers). They could have simply said that there will be expansions coming. The fact that they didn't is worrisome. I won't spend any more money on this if there won't be longevity.
I love this game with all of my heart and I will continue to play it because it's very cute, but after a certain point it's so slow you basically cannot progress without paying real life money. Also a way to level your cats without using building materials would be nice, you don't get enough to fully level your cats and to decorate :/
kinda reminds me of animal crossing mixed with your normal tycoon style app, really fun and very cute. Only issue I've had is a few times the buttons on the screen will disappear and I can only follow the cats, but after closing and reopening the app it continued working perfectly fine. There are adds but only when you choose to watch them for more points.
So far, it's a very cute and laid back game. There's only a few ads, and they've all been optional. There's different ways to earn rewards for free, just from casually playing a few minutes here and a few minutes there - but there are also cash purchases if you want to speed things up. It's a pop in and out casual, easy going game. Excellent job development team. :)
Game needs an ad free version with subscription. I love this game, but it has 1 major flaw. Almost every action requires watching a 20-30 second ad. It is absolutely exhausting waiting for ads to finish every time a needed item is selected. The real aggravating thing is they offer a monthly subscription for $8.49, but it only gives you 20 tickets per day to bypass ads. At $8.49 per month, this game should be free for subscribers. Most games are ad free for a much less expensive subscription.
This game found a way to properly tug at my heart strings. Every time the train comes I cross my fingers it will be a tuxedo cat with a little black mask pattern on his face. As I keep playing, I can't help but think of my closest companion and friend, Steve. I have to applaud you for that. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the descriptions of each cat that arrives. And I appreciate that I can earn currency just by watching ads. And nothing is obtrusive! I'll definitely be a forever player!
I just started this game and so far I LOVE IT. It's such a cute idol game, I love the soft colors and music. It's so relaxing to play. I would definitely recommend giving this game a try whether you are looking for an outlet for anxiety, because you love cats, or just a game to play on the side. Its delightful.
I dont like this game i realy hate it becuse it glicth in my screen frozed in i keep hearing the music when i resetied my phone pleas fix the game i was really sad when my phone glitched😞
Wonderful game! It's fun to play when youre bored, also nice to keep on while doing homework or work. Characters also very cute. Ive not been playing this for a while, but so far its a great game. 10/10, would reccommend.
game is cute and I love the story. yes, some of the in-app purchases are expensive but you don't have to buy them to enjoy the game. same with the gacha boxes. I've played plenty of games where it's basically unplayable without the gacha but this is not one of them. besides, the devs have to eat too. it's a nice comfy game, and people who complain about it being greedy are the real greedy ones since they seem to think they deserve everything for free.
There is a lot of monetisation, but it is not predatory. You can play and advance without being forced to pay money and without feeling that you are missing out on a lot of content.
enjoyable and calming. my only complaint is the limit on decorations you can place- i can barely place any even with the maximum size island. Why give us the option to place flooring and trees and stepping stones etc if we can only place enough to cover a 1/7th of the land available? Its really frustrating. By the time I've made a nice foresty background, or even just a fence, ive run out of decoration spaces and cant get onto the main part of my build. its kinda stupid, and it ruins the game.
So Adorable! I really love how heartwarming and cute this is! I do agree with some of the previous comments that their are a couple more ads than most free games, BUT watching all my furry friends is worth it! Haha
I saw this game pop up a few times so I finally tried it. Im glad I did. Its a very relaxing idle game to play. The cats are super cute. I love seeing who the new cats are. Its also very satisfying to dress them up with the accessories. They make it easy but not to easy to level up, and there are ads but you get rewards after every single one you watch. Love that feature. Awesome game that you can play without feeling pressure to break open your wallet. Highly recommend.
This a wonderful game, it is highly adorable fun and relaxing and the fact that cats send letters is just really cute, great game I'd definetly play it again,
Adorable game! Somewhat generic at first glance but all the side elements like the Home island and seasonal events add so much! Also, the graphics are amazing. Straight up 80% of the pictures on my phone rn are just screenshots of this game. Apparently my phone isn't too happy with this game though, because it eats up battery like a ravenous wolf and heats up my phone to insane degrees. Could go for some optimization in that department, but it doesn't ruin the game for me. Fun and super cute!
this game is so relaxing and addictive! it's so cute and you can also adjust the screen resolution. there's many interesting things going on. you can play it offline but if you play online there'll more features
A positive feel to Animal Crossing, but it's own spin in a mobile app. The sweet music helps relax you while you play God. Anyway, I love every aspect with making the villagers happy, and it's easy to get coins to update.
This is id extremely adorable and relaxing. One thing I love about it is I have never had to spend any money to collect the cute kitties. I was shocked I was actually able to get Blossom and Pasca without purchasing anything. I love expanding my cat island, collecting more cats and customizing the second island/home. The only issue I have with it, is I was going to purchase Lily, but even though it says it has one hour left of the event, it won't let me. That's disappointing.