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Deadly Dungeons

Deadly Dungeons for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by code_zombie located at 18470 W 161st St Olathe, KS 66062. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I bought it thinking "It's just a dollar" thinking I would get about 20 minutes of fun. But ooooh boy was I wrong. Paid a dollar, downloaded it, next thing I know 2 hours have went by. I thought it was getting easy and it whipped my ass. Great game. Amazing game. Dare I say it? Perfect game.
Would give it 5 but after getting my guy all the way to lvl 38 I close app during end dialogue as usual cuz slow and long, I go back in game and this time my character totally deleted with no fix or support
Reminds me of Might and Magic, only simpler. Good old days. I think this game captures the essence of M&M really well. I wish it had more quests or other cool features. If not on this version, I hope the dev can make an even better sequel :) Anyway, I found a bug when I create two characters with the same name, only the last one is displayed in the option menu.
To whoever made this game: THANK YOU...THANK YOU...THANK YOU ! I've been trying to find a game like old Dungeon Hack for years & I wish that I'd known about this one 3 weeks ago ! Give me your paypal email & and I'll shoot ya $5 for this ! (Apr 17 2020 ) Can somebody tell me where to download the 2ND sequel to this game ??? I'm reading in the webpage that a 2nd part was made BUT WHERE DO YOU FIND IT ?? CAN THE CREATOR SEND ME THE LINK PLEASE ?? I WANT MORE OF THIS !! Empty your mailbox too !!!
This game has been on every mobile device I've owned since I bought the game. I never remember to back up game apps since the majority utilize cloud / server side saves. I don't mind starting fresh each time. If you're thinking of picking it up, do it. You will not regret it.
Love this game,Antill the controlled were switched. I'm left handed so it's made it difficult to play, I'm gutted.
Wow, this took me a few weeks to beat, not something I would expect from a phone game! I was looking for a game that played like the old Might & Magic (not Heroes) and Wizardry RPG's, and aside from having only one character to control, it was pretty darn close. My only complaint is that I wish the shop keeper was available more earlier in the game. You can get stuck without a key if they break quickly, which means backtracking a few levels. Good job though. Please make a sequel!
Its a very cool game and even though the pictures don't show it, it has nice graphics (think animated Eye of the Beholder for the SNES but smooth animations). Controls do take a while to get used to, and the UI is a little unpolished. But once you get immersed it the UI is irrelevant. No permissions and IAP, and the dev is a passionate person who actually cares about the game. Nice breath of fresh air.
This game is worth every penny. Its not a perfect game but it is a fun one. Less is more in this case. Graphics have a oldschool feel. Its got a element of danger and is somewhat challenging with combat. There are no classes. You can literally create whatever you want. The game is pretty straight forward and runs really smooth. Its a new favorite for me.
Old but great game. Sadly it doesn't display properly on the newer (longer) screens. I don't play it any more because the aspect ratio is stretched way too much - everything looks too thin. Would be a simple fix for the dev to add a black border to the top and bottom of the unused screen to fix the aspect ratio.
very addictive as all old school RPG crawlers should be and love the level cap. I mean what level cap lol
Fantastic 3d dungeon crawler. I'm on my third playthrough with a new character. Controls are good and animations are fluid. There's a variety of special abilities and spells. The game doesn't restrict your abilities, so having a spell caster in heavy armor is perfectly fine. The story, music, sound effects are what you would expect for a mobile game, which is fine by me. (I don't want to read page after page of story arcs. I want to fight monsters and take their stuff! With those ambitions, the game works great.)
John Luker caught my attention when he mentioned Dungeonhack, I had to take a look, have just started, died twice , loving it.. Am still unsure if the dungeon is a set design (Dungeonhack was random, over 4 billion randomly generated dungeons in a 23 MB game, which i absolutely LOVED). The graphics aren't the greatest but thats ok with this type of game. I have installed Dungeonhack and used dosbox to run it on my tablet but the interface is too small to work with, would love a good replacement for that old classic, this will do for now.
Excellent adaption of old school dungeon crawling for mobile. It does not have the depth of full blown PC classics of course, as such it works very well on mobile though. Excellent controls and sound. Also: No IAP, buy once and have fun!
Great playthrough! Left me wanting more but not shorted whatsoever. Very addictive, and easy to get sucked in and lose a day or two to beating it. I look forward to the gently implied sequel :)
This game has stood the test of time in the app stores and its still one of the best. Thanks for the continued updates! Absolutely a must have.
Theres no way on my phone to save the game so if I close the game down I have to start again everytime. i tried using the forum but it doesnt eork and if I try to register it fails adking me to add my name despite me doing so.
The game will withstand the time of age. In a more graphics era of games, despite it's age, delivers a punch. With great options in multi classing, this game is great. I have built a battle mage in armor to a ranger with a bow (classes don't actually in game, just what I call them), each character felt unique. The element of danger around every corner truly was felt in game. This game caputures the feel of a fantasy game. The game isn't perfect, and lacks in areas, but to be honest I don't care about those. Why? Sometimes, a game is just such a fun game, that what lacks just isn't enough for me to bring up. This game is a lot of fun for anyone wanting that truly fantasy, dangerous, and epic journey of a life time.
This game still is a masterpiece of video game design and gameplay. I love it so very much. I just replayed it in 2019 and it still is the best dungeon crawl ever for any platform. So much fun.
Can't pick up where I left off. Touch "Characters" and it says "touch to resume", but doesn't. It tossed me out four times before I gave up to come here to give my review. To potiential buyers: it was fun for the one session I was able to play. Too sad you have to restart the game every time you play. Save does NOT work. (Samsung Galaxy Tab A)
I purchased this game over 4 years ago&I love the fact the dev constantly updates& improves the games. Diverse monsters&char progession. Responsive controls. The only bad thing I can say about it is that I did sit on a pile of gold. I wish the merchant had better loot & gamble option. All round super great game Thank you for making this, I really enjoy it :) Edit: In the next update I would really like to see what the percentages per skill point actually do.
Perfect old-school D&D roguelike game! Well worth the money for a trip down memory lane to days playing Eye Of The Beholder and Dungeon Hack. It's a style of game that even new players will love. I've tried so many others games that don't quite have all the elements. This is the real deal. Map system is great, and you can move while in map mode (watch out for traps). You can strafe, too. (As a side note, my personal preference would be to have old school pixel graphics and campy retro sound.) Thanks for creating a great game!!
The controls take a bit to get used to and the difficulty is not for those who do not like classic rpgs. I was a bit caught off guard by the lack of a tutorial. Also I think this game would benefit from some quests even small ones. All in all though I am so happy this is on my device. A great game!
Fun little game. Fairly simple mechanics, but the upgrades and story (told through notes you find in the levels) keep you wanting to progress. There's some nice variety to the environments. Might be nice to have some non-dungeon sections or some more characters that aren't enemies.
Great little dungeon crawler for your phone or even better for your tablet. I only wish that they would release an extension. I would buy it in a heartbeat. The best thing about this game is the level of game play complexity is perfect 👌. Not to simplistic to be boring, but not to cumbersome to play on a mobile device.
the new update erased all my saved games. haven't had an update in over a year and this is very upsetting. I probably won't play this game any more.
This is great old school style dungeon crawler, love the 3d models and the story is interesting since you find journals throughout the levels making your explore. Fun combat combat and variety of game mechanics. Hoping for another expansion to the story!
Nice with some story to read even though it's a bit bland, especially after a while. Unfortunately that goes for the actual gameplay as well. It's all too basic and quickly wears thin. Needs something to make it original or varied. Perhaps some enemy types that force you to figure out what attacks (elements?) are needed to survive. Right now the story isn't engaging enough to finish it for and the repetetive gameplay keeps it from being a roguelike you wanna keep restarting over and over.
Tem uma fase que é um labirinto lotado de portais. Não dá pra sair nem desenhando um mapa. Meu jogo acabou ficando preso aqui. Fiquei entediado e desisntalei. 😒