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Deadly Bullet

Deadly Bullet for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Tommi Saalasti. The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's good, but having to restart each time you lose all your lives is a pain, especially when the controls are a little slow. Good concept though, would love to see parts of it improved.
I cant even open the game. Just downloaded the game and when I try to load it on my note 9, I get a quick black screen, then it crashes and exits the app. Cant tell you if the gameplay is good or not as I'm unable to play it.
I love that you lose current experience if you die. Wanna level up? Play better than you did last life. You aren't entitled to upgrades by attrition- dying a bunch of times after only getting a few kills shouldn't be incentivised. I think it's great that the amount of kills needed to progress rises with every level as well. It isn't really a difficulty curve, it is the dev saying "hey, map 1 should stay tough regardless of your level." I think that keeps it scaled to you, which makes you get better!
it is a great and addictive game. the only downside is you can play through all the content in a few minutes time. it would be 5 stars if they would add a few more levels and maybe more sublevels (i think it is only 3 levels that go from A to C).
The game is just fun to play in general. I personally don't get why people are complaining about the XP lost each time they die, the mechanic is meant to force you to adapt and learn the game instead of just grinding XP. Though I guess that is the reason why some people are complaining that it gets repetitive.
I've been playing for about 3 years, and it's still fun. A few changes to think of though. •release the soundtrack on bandcamp or something similar •add a level maker and a way to share said levels • work on the difficulty; there should be harder modes • add more enemy types
Great game, Highly addictive, simple controls, Art style is unique too,nice sound work , don't have any issues except for "suburbs" map not working, I did as you said in the email and had no luck :("Sony Ericsson arc s" other than that, game is a great time killer, could add more maps, power ups etc eventually to keep everyone happy,by the way, if you collect a power up while doing a circle you can pick the power up twice 5/5, regardless of my issue,hope you could fix it at some time in the future. ~ Ben
Does not work on Samsung Note9 with Andriod 10. Had to uninstall. Game should be updated or removed from play store.
Main trouble is being forced to start playing from area A every time lives are out, which, if you're not super precise, means you keep replaying the same couple scenes and never get to see anything past C. some of the targets appear as you play instead of being loaded at the start: sucks for planning combos. collecting ton of exp, dying and then getting only 100 points from the 1 remaining target in a scene isn't fun either :( - customizing control responsiveness would be a nice extra touch
First of all, the story can't be bypassed every time the game boots up; it's freaking long as hell. Secondly, I can't get into the game any more, hitting start leads me to a section of the fans store.
Some of the worst controls I've ever witnessed. Just download both Hotline Miami games for Android & play them instead of wasting time with this terrible knockoff.
At certains points due to a rotation of the screen both sides turn the same way, the gameplay is good but the controls ruin the experience.
Fix the pick up of powerups. If I have already upgadred all my powerup why am I picking up lvl1 powerups. When I respawn why do the powerups then go to full level.
The game is fun, but everything feels as if just a little more polish. Everything from the intro cutscene dialogue to gameplay feels like it could do so much better with a little bit of effort. Enjoyable game, but far from perfect.
Great game but I had an idea for a new powerup maybe call it ricochet? The bullet goes really fast and bounces off buildings
Its very addicting and good game but the game ends in level 36 where everything is unlocked and nothing more to do... They should upgrade this part and add new features also how the exp works every person killed should be added but not the last life, this kinda makes the game irritating hope Dev fixes these problems other than that it is a good game.
So id rate this game 5 starsbut the only problem is everytime i hit an object it shakes and lags then i stop pushing the button and the lag makes the bullet go into a wall nearby this would be the best game but that needs to be fixed
Once you unlock the Suburbs and try to play the level, the screen goes all white and the phone becomes unresponsive. You have to remove the battery to restar it. Horrible. Please fix.
The game doesn't go beyond the creator graphic screen at the very start. It crashes immediately. Super deadly to itself, at least.
Steer your bullet to kill bad guys who have guns, heat seeking missiles and mine-laying bikes... Its fun, a bit frustrating, and eventually you run out of upgrades. Its still a good stress buster though.
I found a bug: when you have more than one lives and you get some experience by killing opponents and you die, your gained experience is being cleared. And than if you for example die in next try without getting exp, you'll see that you haven't got any, even if you get some in previous try. Is this bug or this is planned?
Nice Game But Not The Best Needs More Effort On The Graphics and The Game Physics is Not That Great But Still an Original Game Never Seen and Played Another Game Like This..
Deadly Bullet is another one of those games with a faux 80's Miami Vice / Blade Runner aesthetic; neon pinks, metallic teals, synthwave music and a lotta blood. The concept is hilariously goofy: you control an autonomous bullet, cutting down fascistic forces that hold the city in a death grip. The game play is simple, but challenging. Using right / left directionals as you guide your magical death projectile can get rather dizzying within the top down labyrinth - sometimes your left becomes right and vice versa. When you're frantically trying to pop gun toting goons, this can be an added frustration. Deadly Bullet offers a few useful powerups: a freeze / slowdown, a scattershot and, my fave, the unfortunately named "Mobsucker" which draws a number goons to their demise on your nose of death! Don't worry if you are terrible - it still takes me four or five rounds before I'm advancing. Weird, weird, addicting game.
A cool addition to keep the game the fresh could a racing mode where you could go against ghost or even obstacle runs least you could is a option to get another bullet by watching a video
My first time leaving a comment on any game I've purchased or downloaded for free. By far this game is fun, different, and can be difficult in a good way. The into, graphics, and soundtrack are effing awesome btw.
Nice idea, simple gameplay. However, the game has lots of small issues: enemies spawn out of nowhere, there are random hiccups/freezes, the items are hard to recognize due to the colors, the rocket guy looks like any other enemy, you lose your collected XP upon dying, you are forced to restart from beginning if you enter the store after completing a level, all levels look the same and play the same...
Great fun, the soundtracks kick'n and gameplay is smooth on my Kyocera dura force pro 2. Much love to new retro wave records, Mr. Roman NFKRZ, and Pyro cynical for getting me into this title after watching hotline Miami game play. Dig the story and cartoonish satire on a man turned ammunition. Blade runner, but less dystopian and funner. C.s.frease @instagram
I find it weird that the xp I gather is reset if I die on a level instead of getting accumulated. It's a great game though
I don't get it what people are complaining about, I had no problems at all. I finished all the upgrades and pretty much finished. Controls aren't even hard.
Decent time waster; not a great game. A lack of content curbstomps the aspirations that Tommi seemed to have, with low upgrade levels. The only thing that rises is my frustration towards this game for having such little work applied to it. The art style is paramount to it being entertaining; but even that is just a more smooth 3-D version of Hotline Miami. This game aimed for the foothills, and it hit the plains.
Another evil corporation with no logical motive. You drunkenly swivel as a bullet and the camera doesn't help.
Love it but it Freezes 2 or 3 times in 1 game. Getting sick of it now, if no update to fix it, it'll be getting deleted.
Fun and very pretty game! I love the 80s soundtrack and overall art style. It is a bit short though... I hope you add a lot more upgrades and levels! :-)
The game doesn't have an easy mode and for me it quickly gets too difficult. I often can't get past the second level. You kinda should take into account that not everyone is at the same skill level. The whole level is constantly spinning as well and it quickly gets very confusing. Another issue is that you have 3 lives, but you only get the points you collected when you die on your last life or finish the level. So if you kill all but one enemies on the level and die, you will only get the points for the last enemy, Same with dying. If on your last life you kill just one enemy, that's the only points you will get for that round. Who on earth thought it would be a good idea to add this?! "I know, they'll definitely love it when we'll make most of their points simply go to waste!"
I think it is better to edit the experience system in this game. Because it is unfair to lose every experience when you die (except the last life). How about make the experience cut into half if died instead lost all experience.
At first I wasnt to shure about ths game because of the controlls but it doesnt take long to get used to them & after that your playing it all the time but to make it better I think they should add more maps I LOVE THIS GAME!!!
Y'all have officially creates one of the worst features for a game like this. the rotating screen with the controls literally gives me a headache. Add a lock screen position feature please
It's not difficult but you'll be hitting every 20 sec an random invisible building. Every time you respawn it will place you in an strange angle which will increase the likelihood of dying. This game definitely needs some work on it. Looking on the bigger picture and past the flaws, it seems like a pretty decent time waster.