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Dead Town - Zombie survival

Dead Town - Zombie survival for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Lemon Puppy Games located at 한국 경기도 수원시 장안구 화산로259 (율전동) Hwasan-ro 259beon-gil, Jangan-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Blood) and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
If I could rate it no stars I would and I hope it's a feature later so I can come back. This game is exploitive and as soon as you earn enough to be stable they tax you to keep playing or you have to start all over. Pay to win garbage dont try it.
To be honest this is an awesome game, it has everything you could ever want from a zombie survival and all in the palm of your hand, the only issue I have is theres nothing to tell you that you're low on health and theres nothing to tell you that you're hungry. I dont want to spend the entire game looking at my health and food bars and after a steady grind I had my base fully kitted with barricades, doors and I had guns and then i dropped dead because i hadn't looked at my health or hunger bars.
Game is fun but it ramps up way too quickly and there's no useful guide on how to get good at the game or how you're supposed to progress. Playing the game casually feels wrong, like it's supposed to be a race against time to get good weapons by the third night
the game is fun until your base is complete with a lot of turrets and from that point the game turns boring and easy and if you dont make a base you would get overwhelmed by the special zombies. The bosses are pretty easy and worth it to kill but the cooldown for me is too long. So far the sewers are the most fun to go to because of the challenge. Wha the game needs is only more difficulty settings thats all
Best game ever! you just have to collect things during the day, dont waste your day time, and craft weapon and defense to protect yourself and your house. it has a lot of things to craft. night and night , the zombie become harder, so, always prepare yourself. I hope they add multiplayer for normal mode.
The bads 1. I wish you could make it to where you can make your own house, for example make it to where I can place walls flores ect. 2. I wish it was a little easier to find food. 3. I wished you where in the center of the screen instead of more towards the bottom The good 1. Interesting art style 2. I like the craft and stuff menu 3. I like how you give me a weapon from the beginning.
Very impressive game I'd say, it's really challenging. Recommend for people who love extreme stress test
It's a really good game and only thing that is disappointing is there's only one map so the game feels really repetitive after a while but if there's new maps or items furthermore then the game will get a 5 star from me!
problem list: There is no english servers!, you should add a survival mode because it sucks just getting the items for free by just killing some zombies!, i hate the that the username and the server name etc [i'm not talking about the etc in the inventory] can only type 10 letters? you should just have 16 letters you can type, and why does the player who owns the server can build faster but the player who joined doesn't what does that mean!, Thats all it fix all of it Fix it pls bc i hate it
Best game ever! The game experience I've had is the best!! I recommend this game 🔥🔥👌. Although in my other device a Samsung it's old has android jelly it won't start up it just loads the logo then exit's
This looks so fun! If I notice any issues I will update my rating & review Otherwise... Chose this easily while looking for Mini DayZ 2 Zombie Survival which is only for iOS apparently? Anyway this is way more my style for mobile! Recent years I get why people love zombies. Survival Horror is fun & zombies can be a great genre for humor or for taking a break from stress After all the original blast zombies & find a safe haven game in a way was DOOM. DOOM 2's my favorite. Maybe this too 💀🔫😁
I used to play this game 1-2 years ago and usually worked fine ( only a few crashes occur when I played it on my old phone ). I recently got a new phone and redownloaded the game, only to crash every 2 minutes yesterday and now every 15 sec ) I'm not entirely sure if its the game compatibility with new phones or if its a game issue. Edit : I'm 90% sure that its because i bought a skin in the game before they disabled in-app purchases
I like this game its very fun but the only thing is food is hard to come by it makes the game more competitive, I feel more items and resources should be added and foods and craftables also there should be warning for nights like a siren also a safe zone place such as a survival camp at a school or subway or arena or mall where you can trade items or game currency. Hope to see more add ons to come.
ive been playing this for yrs, im not ralking to the dev im talking to you yes you the player, i think the devs gave up on this or maybe forgot the gmail pass for theyre game, its quiet sad if you think about it this was a childhood game to me, i cant believe he or she gave up
Totally fun. This game actually quite simple, but its fun! This game is so good, with challenging zombie and others. Just add other human survivor, so in the game there is not just zombie and boss.
It's fun I've played this in years. Also I beated at least 5 bosses. But I have suggestions. First of all make multiplayer like the single player. You need to gather and craft stuff not just buy them because it's fun that way. Also add more maps like a forest map, near the bay map because the same map every time is boring that's removed a star from my rating. But still I like the multiplayer when I play with my friends. Still fun zombie survival game.
Amazing game wish there was a respawning mode... bosses are too hard I had 13 drones and some turrents I was still wiped out... The game itself is awesome please start updating this game!
I f*****g love this game but I get really frustrated when I spend an intire week grinding the best items and the die to a boss when put scavenging and I would also appreciate making alot of the materials like the micro chip the electronic wires and well basically all the good stuff a bit easier to find or if not that then let us have a save system so we don't loose all our progress when we die and can just load a save that to me would be amazing and then I would give 5 stars. Still play dis game
This is a great game. With lots of features such as building to get by at night and lots of weapons, may seem like nothing at first but thats cause its locked under workbenches wich you have to work for of couse! Also i heard that the dev abandoned it, which is sad but please confirm that you didnt, this is one of the only games i liked after a long time
Would be 5 stars if everything worked properly like the option for the advertisements for free stuff isn't available to me all it says is to wait for advertisements and then in the game for some reason I keep turning away from the zombies while I'm attacking them
The game is nice open world (top down) but after some time the gameplay gets repeatative.....a story mode will be a nice addon...like survivors with their own homes and a...like keep it open world and a story mode at the same time..the story mode is like optional...the story is in the same open world map....but like its the player's choice if he/she wants to experience it or not(refering to the story)
Nice game. At first I'm very confused. But after figuring out some things, I played it many times until it became super challenging for me. There's only two things that is not functioning as it's supposed to do. It's Night Desk Table and Night Pro Desk Table. It says 'Night', and I thought I could use it at night, but no. It was a waste of resources, time, and supplies. So I hope you can fix this ASAP because I still got a long way to go!
A really fun and addictive game,played it for days 'till I died because I walked into a boss,say,can you add multiplayer but on your other worlds? It's boring being stuck in the building and just buy stuff ya know. I'd really appreciate it if you add it,but still fun game! Also I died remember? That's why I want multiplayer on the normal worlds instead of the tetring thingy xD
Very solid gameplay! I love how there's so many guns in the game that you can master one by one and so many bosses that you can kill. I love this game so much!
Not sure if the devs are still looking at this but this game is great. Been playing for years on and off. I think it would be a great idea to bring this game to consoles like ps vita, switch, ps4 xbox (especially ps vita which has a huge indie community and platform begging for new games) You can charge 10 or 15 easy and it would sell like crazy because the game is well worth it. Theres alot of people looking for games like this on consoles. Im one of them.
Giving it a 5 star review becauae the game is actually fun. I started playing the game years ago, and I have uninstalled it every now and then but I always come back and have a blast playing the game. The crafting, combat, and survival aspects of the game are cohesive and doesn't bore you at all. I'm especially giving it a 5 star rating to support this game further, the developers seem to have given up on the game. Please reconsider. It is one of the best mobile games out there.
Hey its fun playing this game but in next update make a friend list i mean you can add player to the game and play together so its more fun you know, finding friends on the game i suggest you to make that update by the way your game is not boring and thank you
The game is great survival game if you're bored. But i gave it 4 stars for the game because there's one thing you need to change that make it enjoyable. Please lower the difficulty more on regular in the game. Because most of the time i play the game makes it very hard to survive mosts of the nights due to how underprepared your player can get and how the zombies get more ridiculously strong as the time goes. It gets very annoying after that. Please change that.
I rated this for 5 star cuz, it is very challenging. But sometimes, I get bored easily when I died during the Boss attack. But it makes me enjoy. More updates must be added in the future hehehe.
No other games crushed the Zombie Survival niche like this did. Gameplay is the best out of any other, it just lacks updates. Played this game since it was released and I'm still enjoying it. Hope other devs make a game that's as good or else better than this with better graphics, better UI, bigger maps and more features. Graphics here are absolutely no problem though, the gameplay matters. Still a great game in 2020. I'll play this until I get bored of it. And then probably play it again.
It's a great game if you know how to play it and there is no ads at all unless you want extra in game item but most likely not I give it four star because I think they should add more stuff and they arent really focusing on the update maybe they should add like a multiplayer hopefully but overall it's a pretty good game
The bosses are WAYY too tough. The giant can resist 200 shotgun shells and go on a rage mode to completely annihilate you, and it can casually walk into your house and ignoring walls. You can't outrun him either, too. The game itself is pretty fun though. 4/5 for imbalance.
This would be the best game ever . Still a problem remains that we can't play a survival multiplayer . Yes it have a option of playing multiplayer but not the way we play in single player . So what i want is please add this feature and get your reward as a full five star . I hope you have seen this .Thank you if done this .
Really love the design and flow, I do wish it told you how to get certain materials like certain places they would be instead of just looking everywhere for one thing, otherwise nice
The controls are easy to learn and the graphics are simple, the game can be hard as you progress but hopefully you always scavenge for supplies instead of playing around like nothing serious is gonna happen. I hope you add normal survival on the multiplayer side of things rather than it being a defend-your-base type thing.
You left this game in a bad way instead of fixing it before leaving, the bosses are impossible to defeat, I'm at level 8 and there are so many zombies in the way I cannot shoot the boss, my trot skill is all the way up and I still can't outrun him, I was having really good progress in the game but you had to make me start over cause of your stupid boss zombies that pop out of nowhere, plus you can only play on normal difficulty, I can imagine how impossible the other difficulties are. One star
this is an awesome game, it has everything you could ever want from a zombie survival and all in the palm of your hand, the only issues I have is theres nothing to tell you that you're low on health, theres nothing to tell you that you're hungry and the bosses, I had the robotic armour on, i had used multiple buffs to reduce damage, increased my health and was fine then I go to the centipede and get 1 hit. Honestly could ignore all this if you turned online into survival instead of COD Zombies
Way to difficult even on easy mode. It's yet another great game ruined by P2W, except with a twist, you can't pay! Good luck if you try it out.
I like the but... The updates didn't came back. Idk if the devs abandoned this game or something but i wish the devs would make this game better this 2020 or 2021 and my suggestion is that there should be lan wifi multiplayer to play with friends offline in real time.
The gameplay is smooth, with different types of difficulties and zombies. I like the crafting menu! The sewer is kind of a challenge to get a large key, yet I'd like to request an update for giving purpose to a large key. It's just hard to find the key then it has no use for, that's why I gave 4 stars. Overall it's the best 2D survival game.
The game is good and all but I think it would be better if u also have multilayer for the survival mode I hope it gets added soon:>
The game is cool Its been day 7(in game) and i got pretty shocked that plantera was there as a boss...once i get a motor and solar panel,im pretty much able to go anywhere i want,the gameplay is good,the graphics is cool
It's cool but I wish you add multiplayer survival and fighting bosses I wish you add many weapons and stuffs🙂 pls update we support on you i wish there's rpg and grenades machine gun and add more turrents and expand the map so there's some new bosses and add a sea creatures zombies and some supplies drop and add a STRONG BOSS to finish the game and please fix the giant because it's super hard i die many times we support on you can you just please update it's been a long day or year it's 2020❤️
I really loved this game!! And the minimalistic art style is sooooo satisfying. Please add a local multiplayer feature! That would be great!!
LOVE IT!!! 5/5!!! Though two things I would like you to do. The first is add a easy mode? I really want to get better and teach my brothers. The second is another mode for multiplayer, what I mean is like make the single player mode, online? Other then that, one of the best zombie games on mobile!
Love it, probably one of the best games out there. Any way,I suggest you to add bot survivors on the single player mode. It would surely make the game more fun. There will be 2 types of survivors: the ones you could work with, trade, do them favors for items and be allies with where you could defend your base with them, and also, it would be great if we could do some missions for a few gold coins, even for just 1; the other, are bandits that would attack your team,and could drop useful items.
This Game has been dead for 4 years now but. i still like the game. And could you add more bosses? i really like fighting bosses. Just asking :) and does this game has a story? i'd really like helping people in the storyline :^
I think it was great though I got this glitch where if your internet turns off you can't move, but overall great. Though you should add tips like how much power the generators make and how much the batteries can take. Like a website giving us information on every stat on an items, barricades, and power.
Great game! I have been playing for quit sometime now and im honestly impressed i love what your doing with the online play. Not only do i think its a great game now i think the future updates will totaly pull it all together. I think alot more people should play.
Please improve the map because sometimes i alway get lost beacues almost every building looks so please just a some map markers to make things easier for us
I really enjoyed this game, however it would be nice if I didn't lose all my progress when you die. Like if you could come back to your base with a new character. Also, when I get to about day seven or eight. I never even have the chance to go out looting again because all of the zombie on the map swarm the base even during the day and I spend every moment there on out depleting my resources just trying to keep them from destroying my stuff.
This is the BEST zombie survival game ever, I really enjoy playing it and play it when I'm bored. When I die, I don't just rage quit. I start again and try to avoid those mistakes. It never gets boring and it isn't too extreme. I like that it's 2d and not 3d. I would love to see a sequel if possible or possibly add more late game items. I would absolutely recommend playing this if you are looking for a non complex zombie survival game.
Pretty good game but it just gets kinda un fun as you get farther in the game. I know its supposed challenging and all as you progress, but the days are too short and honestly, this has a lot of potential and I'm looking forward for changes if any.
this game is the best! but this game needs more improvements like local/offline multiplayer,shortcut weapons,can buy some skins without paying real money,and add critical damage and attack speed to the melee weapons...that' all thanks for making this game it's kinda addicting tho😁
Oh My God! This is the best 2D game I have ever seen! It is almost like Minecraft and it is so real! I am so happy that I found it! But Normal game mode shouldn't be this much harder! Please just fix this and please add more placeable blocks, etc. I really loved it! Thanks a lot for making this!!
It's a pretty good game, I revisited it and it's still as good as it used to be. I only survived like 6 days tho haha. The first few nights are easy, later on it gets harder and harder. I love it when at night when I'm running away from zombies some zombies always jumpscare me by biting me and I love how the screen shakes too when it bites you. This is one of the best games I've ever played.
It is good from the start but when you die it gets really old and nerve wrecking when you lose it all just like that,can you make the monster not follow you at night I know it's supposed to be challenging gameplay but for me its making me rage quit the game when I'm this close to get the goal of my dream base but the tanker killed me It pisses me off,but as a fair play exp over all I enjoyed it,could guys make it into coop mode or local multiplayer thing that would be cool and reduce the damage
One thing missing every body doesn't want to starve or die from health and they want to craft anything for free that's all creative mode "but" there is none so no five stars till that's added Have a good day ah have a good day working on that
really great survival game but pls add more bosses because I got bored when I got a massive based and power full guns im instant killing the zombies because I upgraded my weapons soo add more zombies,bosses and other stuff
The night crafting tables before you can open them connect them next to a battery and you have a light on your table, but please update this app add a bed or a lot of plantable crops/foods
Bare bones gameplay, needs major work. Low frame rate, no game modes and sadly lots more needs to be fixed.
How is the frog zombie able to jump through the wall and the spider zombie's web is able to shoot through the wall? And can you please remove the bosses on the Normal mode so i can practice more and pls remove the Tanker (pushing) zombie on the normal mode please thank you..... Aaaand also please add a new character design pls pls pls
Its cool like really cool but pls make an update like all the weapons have life like when you use them they also break and like ading multiplayer on the world and like add new guns like desert eagle,
great game but i do have so probloms tho. like the begging can be very confusing and the game will crash from time to time. but dont worry it saves ur proggress if the game crashes. but reloading the games seems a little longer then normal
I love this game like this is one of my favorite games but my opinion on the easiest level it's pretty hard just my opinion though very good game please keep on updating it keep up the good work
The game is pretty good but could be better like add a little description to stuff like a axe you could put used to chop trees faster and weapons dont show damage intell you craft it and when i try watch a ad it doesn't works o tried buying 3 dollars worty of coins and it said error but besides that it alright
I admit it its so much fun to play it but right now i am just give u 4 star because when u enter to the server its only asia and some rooms are ment to be lock so i cant enter to them.pls add more server make this game a little better so i will give it 5 star if its change
Hi developers🥰,this game that you create is so good.Please add local multiplayer and expand the map and add car also.And if it's possible can you make it 1st person view of atleast 3rd person view(back)....... PLEASE UPDATE THIS GAME,YOU'RE LAST UPDATE IS 2017
I like this type of game, but not the fight at night. I really hate that every night, i need to fight. I really hope for a calm survival game, not something that really want you to die early. I know that other people really like challenging game, but not for me. However, I still recommend people to plau this game. Just try to make an option so there will be no raid at night. Overall, it is a good game. Crafting also very good. So many cool items i can craft to survive.
It's really sad to see you go because you have the potential to actual make a good game like this for example. Now the game it's just an actual dead world and it's not even a dead town anymore. So please come back and make the game much more better than in it's current state.
it's the best game ever, most zombie games focus on graphics, in the end having OK graphics and bad or complicated story but the graphics in this game are simple, thus making the game better, and it has no story, they just throw you into war and say 'dont ask how this happened' 5/5 perfect game
The game is amazing and really challenges you to survive! If I had something to ask about: How about a Sandbox mode where you can summon waves from every night and build anything you want? No force or anything, was just thinking abiut it as an idea lol, but otherwise amazing job :)
Awesome game!!! Very fun and I have tons of fun experience the only downside are the lack of update, but other than that, great game!!! Woohooo bois
fix you "boss things", make lvl 10 until up able to fight it and lvl 10 down are unable to find it. make the movement joystick ARE CANNOT MOVED. your game HAVE A VERY BUG POTENTIAL BUT YOU MEAN TO MAKE IT HARD.
I wish you add vehicles like APC,Tanks,jeepney with guns, etc. Add some guns like bazooka or RPG, laser traps,shurikens,boomerangs,grenades and explosives, etc. And add some boss like Demon,Boss Battle Helicopter,Raid by survivalists(terrorists),Titan, etc.add some zombies like crawlers,spitter (spits acids) mini titan,jockey,armored zombies, etc. Please add this to game and increase the level of the enchanter because it's low when I enchant please update the game ok😊👍
I love the game and its scary during night time and i spend a month crafting evreything and ridicolues zombi zoms like a spitter bug and cobweb bug maybe its just ridicolues but i cant stop playing its so hard to find ur base when scavenging fir items i built like a mansion base and i went to scavenge items i got lost i wish there is amap that makes a home sighn but its so hard to craft a gps blah blah blah...
i really like the concept of surviving this but it really needs some improves like multiplayer on survival, new easter eggs, secret/new places, new items, new zombies, and lots of gadgets like new drones and turrets, sprinting animation, new textures, i know you're having a bad time with the pandemic but if ur improve your game, maybe we could play this game again and enjoy ourselves than minecraft, but i won't create any expectation cuz maybe u might be pressured, but can u pls improve the game
The game is sooo good but multiplayer need to add like a survival mode when u start with a knife and make a team or join and u kill other players from the other teams to get loot and air drops and u can ride the cars and upgrade them like the u can mount any gun on the back so ur team can shoot and defend that will make the game good and fun to play
It is so sad to see you go. And onto of that, leave us with the most unbalanced game I have ever seen. The lowest difficulty is so tough. You need to be so quick in getting resources as the advanced, hard hitting zombies start to spawn of days 3-5. That level of intensity would crush new and even intermediate players would struggle to compete. And plus, the use of micro transactions tells us that you only made this game just to make money. 2 stars for unbalance. Although, you won't see this.
Please!!!make more things such as make another craft desk,weapon and equipment.I think if you make more things this game will be more interesting.This is the most greatest game I have seen!Is great for those who like survival game.Please!!!👍🙏