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Dead Spreading:Idle Game

Dead Spreading:Idle Game for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by YOULOFT GAMES located at 重庆市渝北区洪湖西路24号B幢8楼. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Moderate Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
its a great game. but after the latest update I've been having a hard time because the level 22 and 23 soldiers doesnt attack. they are just standing doing nothing.please fix the problem. thank you.❤
Not liking the game experience. A few times now when i log into the game i dont recieve my offline earnings, thats a big part of leveling up is recieving your offline earnings. I have spent a decent amount of time on this game and the problem is still there.
Update. Gaming experience was good. Its comfirmed there is no offline earning. The amount of money you have makes you crazy to calculate. Not a simple thousand or hundred thousand or million or billion. You had to really calculate what money do you have to upgrade some factory stuff. Cant it be simpler? Other than that is good.
quite a nice game, with bug with the ads recruits animation and actual recruits [fixed]. lucky spin max at 1/3. force ads after rejecting a few uninteresting drones drop. not enough recruits space at high level (or is it made that way?).
it's a good game. the ads never load when you want them to, like to get the small bonuses. This has been a recurring theme since the last update whether I'm on the cellular network, or on my home wifi... it's like no one at the developer put in the paperwork for the advertisement sponsorship... I'm not the type of person to pay for mobile games unless it's a completed version and really looks like the purchase is something worthwhile...
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Good little game. I progressed to a level 18 character but there doesn't appear to be any reset mechanic typical to idle games. The features are also very limited and after playing an hour today it doesn't feel like I've made any progress. Cool concept though.
I really like this game, I had one technical issue and they fixed it straigh away. I like zombie themes and defense games, this is both. it's an mostly an idle game that gives rewards for ads. I am enjoying it :)
An interesting idle game, but I'm confused by the graphics quality. The actual gameplay has the blurry look of a low quality app ad which makes everything either blurry or pixelated. The game as a whole suffers for this.
The gameplay is ok for Idle-Merge game. But after the latest update, my existing soldier won't shoot, and some bullet texture glitch. Because my high level soldier won't shoot now, it is impossible to progress the game now.
play this app for a minute or 2 and it will freeze up my phone. I can still hear the music and sound effects, then screen goes black. for my phone turn back on I have take the battery out and put it back in just for my phone to work. uninstall and reinstalled it in about a week to check back on it.
The game was so much better with the previous version. The potion takes forever to fill up now. The new weapons for the higher tier soldiers are terrible. LVL 23 soldier has a cross bow that doesn't really damage to the zombies. When you are trying to protect the two that pick up money for you the zombies take so much damage now that they're standing there and fighting. Go back to the previous version for the soldiers and keep the ad fix. Go back to the 3 potion or make the potion fillup quicker
Game Device Link? I have had to reinstall on another phone and there is no link to restore previous saved position. Devs, what about the players spending cash on this and we all eventually need another device. Are we to write off the cash and supposedly start again from beginning? This is the only game that can't save progress. Unacceptable!
I like this game. I play allot of games like this..loving it on level 31 round 542.. Well i guess i have gone as far as i can.. Game won't load right so i can't move anymore..if you can fix it I'll be back. I'm on level 45 round 1201.. Parts of the game won't load so your either playing and no rounds show up or the part that counts how many zombies you have killed don't show up or both. I turn it off and on but nothing helps please fix. Thanks
People shoot zombies while two of those people collect resources so you can upgrade your guys to shoot more zombies. The reward to play formula is off. In order to continue to actually play you have to watch a spam of ads to get a slight benefit that doesn't go very far. For example little drones fly over head that you have the option paying 5 gems for or watching an ad but would be more rewarding if they occurred less and you had a free boost or you can elect to watch ad for double effect.
Useless game, get to the point when I've got 7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18 lvl soldiers and can't get anymore to merge any of those. So basically I can't even progress in this game further. Big mistake of developers
Overall fun to play, but you dont have enough Ads for us to claim the supplies. After 5 times it will keep show Error or stuck at loading. Last but not least, please remove the free recruit or at least give option choose watch ads or by gold. Once this improve woll give 5 stars.
its a great concept for a idle game makes it where you can figure out how to manage Small things i feel like i would rate 5 but i feel like the graphics could be a bit better and the game craahes every 10 maybe 20 minutes when you play its possible that the game has a hard time to register things the more you play or my second guess is that something went wrong with the storage system or the the system that helps it run but its a good game just ge5 some ads and fix the bugs and its pretty good
it's advertised as an idle game which will typically will gain xp while offline, this game doesnt do that even when you've unlocked an additional 2.5%, so while offline you earn zero. The progress is very slow due to this, as costs for additional mercs increase by such a huge amount you cannot make reasonable progress. Other than that the game could be enjoyable, but due to the reasons above I've dropped 2 stars.
Seems like it would be a good game nice graphics and easy enuff for an idle game. Unfortunately you spend more time watching adverts than actually playing which is a shame. Also the ads still make it crash so its a two stars and an uninstall from me.
I enjoy this game alot but i do get annoyed with the changes of the special attacks and rage boosts nkw we can onky use rage boosts? Why change it to just that? And the offline earnings never work. It blows that yiu cant stick to one thing but i do enjoy the game. Please bring back the other attacks and stick to a way to use them! Dont change what isnt broken! =)
Good but don't know how to transfer game data to my new android from my old android. And yes ive tried transfer apps, file managers, drop boxes, data syncs but nothing is working. If the creators or people who have the power see this then if they can could they just somehow put all of my progress from my old android onto my new one, I'm desperate please😫
TOO MANY BUGS AND ISSUES!!!! The developer cannot get a handle on fixing them. just like the others have said the cost of the troops adds up quickly where upgrading can drag on. I also have noticed when you get above 30 there isnt enough blocks for proper progression. you have to wait till you have enough money and skip ahead but once again it cost to much so this slows you down. after the latest update apparently they took offline earnings away which defeats the purpose of idle games.
kind of confusing, no clear path of progression, and the new units cost so much so quickly the in-gane money basically loses value instantly. Oh, and for a game that relies on ads to give various boosts and bonuses, none of the ads actually load right. Just get stuck on a loading bar for about 30 seconds before timing out.
good game until it started to glitch, had several high level characters at one point, then out of no where gone with low levels. i understand how to play the game and am fully aware on how it works. fix the glitch and return some of my characters back. otherwise, i do not recommend.
early game balance can use some work, or possibly clarify the pros and cons of different weapons outside of bullet Vs grenade as of right now I'm only up to 13 or 14 but it doesn't matter, because the only place high tier matters is in scavenging slots, and only the highest one will affect income meaningfully because of the exponential growth in scavenge speed. other than that you just have one or two miniguns and spam grenade launchers to optimize dps and keep income incoming.
game has numerous "watch ad to get" opportunities. however, constantly get "unable to load. please try again later." error, so you waste your time waiting for video (approximately same length of time as average ad) only to get no reward.
Fun game. I love zombies and making a merge game with a zombie theme works for me. Only reason I gave it three stars: the free spin on the wheel is a little misleading, you have to watch an ad to spin it. If it didn't say free, and just let me spin the wheel after watching an ad, I get it. Also, at about level 68 (don't remember), all my high ranking soldiers disappeared, replaced by low level soldiers and nearly all my funds disappeared. So now I'm back to rebuilding my troops.
STOP PLAYING! For the chance to watch this ad. Gain a level? Want to watch an ad? Watch an ad to upgrade the soldier you just bought? Want to watch an ad for this bonus because nothing at all happened? And every time it stops gameplay and forces you to cancel out a menu.
Ads are buggy as heck. I'd watch an ad to unlock something then 5 minutes later I'll have to unlock it again. Or the one before that. Or the ad won't register and you'll have to do it again.
The game is fun at the start but the ad server needs to be replace. You get a lot of opportunities to use ads for upgrades... Unfortunately the ad server fails most if the time, but you don't figure that out before waiting 15 to 20 seconds to see if you'll be able to connect to the ad server. It's a fail most if the time. If it wasn't for the ad server, I wouldn't have uninstalled within the first 48 hours.
this game was great until the ads stopped working which makes it impossible to progress at any rate other than a snail's pace, which makes it boring. I can no longer get my air drops without spending gems which are running out and theres no way to get the free recruits without the ads. needs sorting asap
they keep changing the powers making them more difficult to use, and they removed the air strike buttons, removing what little interaction we had. I get it's an idle but taking away features is annoying. Plus idle gains aren't tracked sometimes, and it's a bit of a problem for an idle game.
Do we have to watch an ad for every drone reward? seriously?getting those battery things to make the game easier in exchange for currency is just not working out. Everytime u get rushed by a huge hoarde of zombies the 2 soldiers who collect resources withdraw then ur earnings stop? this happens every minute btw. There is no prestige or anything u just have to merge and merge. It is a good game has much more potential but needs a lot work.
the game used to be pretty fun but now there isn't any offline earnings so it is basically pointless as an idle game. And the problems with the ad load times is ridiculous, you have to wait 30 seconds for an ad to even load then watch the entire ad. Beyond those it has good graphics and interesting characters and simple game play.
Been playing a while. Only bug I've noticed now is that the level 35 soldier doesn't have an attack. Well does but has no damage or even animation of bullets coming from the gun. Update: since the new update, game doesn't load up. Crashes instantly
it used to be carefree leveling up and watching the cash roll in even when ure off line is nice. when u dont die in the game, u feel on top of the world. but after the last update, offline earnings have been revoked? so, u have to play to earn cash. really disappointed.
It was an addicting game. Watched every AD for the 4 free units. I ended up uninstalling because I watched so many Ads and worked to get up to three 15* units to unlock this one skill to get additional offline money..... Only to find out my three 15* units are GONE!!! All that work and all that AD watching for a minute offline skill. Not to mention, the other skills requires 3 (16* units) and the other skill requires 3 (17* units).... I reached 120 and to lose those 3 (15*) units really hit me
Game updated and now nothing is working. Food does not accumulate and ads don't work. Which results in missions not accomplished. Hasn't been fixed in days. Well it was fun.
Good game except for one thing, the ads. I'd likely go 4 star if not for the ridiculous amount of ads to watch if you want overall small rewards. Some rewards need to last longer and ones that are not time based need to be better. I feel like I spend more time with ads than actual game playing. The idle time, when not playing, growth needs so work too
love the game it's a great time passer. Love the design and characters of the game. The only problems I have with the game are, somtimes the ads won't load usually reloading the app works, and the biggest thing that bugs me about the game is, it doesn't give you offline coins EVER! even though I upgraded the offline coin option.