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Dead Cells

Dead Cells for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Playdigious located at 11 rue Hermite 54000 Nancy FRANCE. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 7.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Its taken me a while of playing this game on and off to figure out what bugs me but this game is really good if you have a controller and a good size screen. What bugs me also is that not every item is worth using. If you don't get the items that work on a play through the game becomes almost impassable. A lot of items are fun though but not functional. Id like to be able to pass the game with any of the boots. Its fun kicking enemies but after a certain point you have to get the better gear
This is a fun, repeatable game. I wish there was a way to mark important items on the map as sometimes they are hard to get back to after you've found the "key" to opening them. Also, this really needs to be Google TV or at least Nvidia Shield TV compatible. Would be a GREAT game to play on a large screen with proper game controller support.
What is there to tell really? Phenomenal experience ever since it launched and now that it's on mobile, it easily blows 90% of all other Google Play games out of the water. My only gripe so far is that it takes a long while for them to keep it up-to-date with it's live version on other platforms.
Game play is solid, the 4-button layout is a bit clunky on a touch screen, but it's manageable. My main issue is that the game frequently freezes during loading screens, forcing me to fully close and re-open the app. I'm currently unable to play, as every time I resume or restart my save, the game freezes up on the loading screen.
Great game, touch controls mostly feel great, issues with initiation of climbing, facing directions, imprecise button combos (as expected with touch input, overall I still say it's more great than frustrating. They need to fix gamepad support or just pull it. 8bitDO Pro using b-tooth. Directional inputs will be fine for 2 inputs but then hard lock to left, face rolling the controller fixes it until it promptly happens again. If broken controller support is a deal breaker don't bother DL'ing.
I've played this game on playstation and phone, bought the dlc for both and would buy it elsewhere again. Frankly, it's a fantastic game. So many hours of enjoyable gameplay, full of frustrating deaths and satisfying victories. Plays like Castlevania and metal slugs, with a death rate akin to quarter eating arcade games. The phone port has been thoroughly enjoyable and the controls are adjustable enough to make it comfortable. Would definitely recommend to almost anyone on any console.
It's an amazing port of an amazing game, runs fine, the controls aren't bad and are customizable, and there are no microtransactions like many other mobile games, unless you count the 2 dlcs which are pretty cheap, and add 3 to 4 extra areas each, if you have questions about the gameplay it is a procedural platformer, and every time you die you start at the beginning, but there is progression through the stuff you unlock such as abilities and weapons you can find in the levels
Wondering if this game worth your money? In my honest opinion, hell yeah! This game contains fun and challenging stuff when you explore deeper within each level, if you want a fast pace, chaotic, and a strategic game this is a game for you! Overall, this game have a massive potential and can easily be addictive overtime, ty for making this game and I hope the following updates can make this even better.
Finally, a game on play pass that's actually worth playing. A fantastic game in its own right and well worth playing. I don't particularly like action type games that require me to use my phone as a controller but after the initial learning curve it was absolutely worth it because this game delivers in spades. Absolutely recommend
Good game, but the controlling is driving me crazy, I suggest anyone try it on Steam with a CONTROLLER I've also met a problem that the in-game achievements are not synchronized with Google Play Games, it's not a big deal but makes me think the developers haven't paid much attention in debugging
I've played Dead Cells on PC for a while, and this is a really impressive port. The controls work surprisingly well - I made it to Hand of the King on my first mobile run with no problem adapting to the new controls. I wish the button visuals included the actual touch circle but that's a minor gripe. No loading issues or frame drops. Gameplay is still fast with lots of room for skill and synergies, with great visuals and tons of replay value. I can't wait to sink dozens more hours into this gem!
A great game with a surprisingly robust mobile port. Not only was this a game that originally had trouble running at 60fps on Switch, it was also clearly designed for a good controller. Despite that, this is a fantastic job on both fronts. The game runs pretty smoothly on my kind of slow phone and the controls somehow feel really good. After about a month of not playing, I was able to perform fairly regularly and get to where I usually do on the first try, without much adjust time at all.
Very well made game. I had little problem tough. I wasn't aware that game will change after death, and manage to go few stages without die. After that I started with default weapon and harder enemies. But it still brilliant. And no annoying adds! I love it for that!
The game is awesome, one of the best roguelites I've ever played, only reason I'm giving it 4 stars is because I can't play it with my dualshock 4, I don't know what's happening, the game recognizes the controller but does not recognize any input.
I bought this on offer for Β£3.99 and so far it has been worth every penny. It runs pretty well with occasional frame drops but be warned that you will need a powerful device to run it and the game is highly addictive. I have a couple small complaints though, the soundtrack stops every few seconds and the game is unplayable without a controller so make sure you have one
I first got this game thinking it was an MMORPG, but it turned out to be a roguelike dungeons game; yet I wasn't disappointed because it was made great. I won't go into detail about the story, but you're a prisoner and try to escape the dungeons. There are a lot of areas and some secrets too. Highly reccomend.
Outstanding game, stands a cut above the rest of the other games here. The controls take a little getting used to, but otherwise the gameplay is stellar. The game is even cheaper than it is on PC, not to mention the DLC is free. There is definitely a lot of heart and soul in this, all wrapped up in a relatively cheap one-purchase package. You can easily tell the stark difference between this and the millions of soulless cashgrab mobile games out there.
Got the hang of the mobile controls and now I'm making progress. I try to avoid all challenge rifts because trying to avoid the spikes is so is tedious and frustrating, when you jump your character dodge rolls into the spike mid air on his own killing me all the time but Dead Cells is Literally one of the best games ever made and one of the best Android ports. Worth every penny
A real hardcore gaming experience. A winner for the Best Action Game of 2018 translates well into mobile. The music is amazing and memorable, contributes well to the fun factor of the game. Also, the doesn't shy from delivering goofs and easter eggs. The control seems to be a bit "floaty", but it often doesn't take off the fun (most of the time). But overall, a really, really fun game. P.s. Add the latest Fatal Falls DLC soon please πŸ₯Ί
Tons of rogue like fun. The graphics are wonderful pixelated goodness. You can tell a lot of thought was put into the gameplay and design. Even with touch controls, it plays well. "Beating" the game doesn't take long and is uneventful. The game really shines in it's replayability. There is tons to discover and unlock.
I have the game on PC, and it is one of my favorite titles of the genre. This is a fantastic port, and I am more than happy to purchase and support games like this on the mobile platform. If you enjoy rogue-likes and are on the fence about buying, rest assured you absolutely won't be disappointed. Not a single thing is missing from the pc version.
The best hack'n'slash platformer I have ever played hands down. The movement is a little bit touchey so it took a moment to get used to it but was never frustrating. The combat is fun, fast paced, looks awesome. The difficulty level increases very quickly so be prepared to die frequently at first until you get some upgrades. If you are looking for a non-stop, action packed, 2 dimensional platformer with an RPG feel and a ton of weapons to try, this is it. I give it 5 out of 5.
A very refreshing take on rogue like platformer. It has a learning curve and bloody difficult. Very much like Hades from PC but in 2D. I am still yet to beat the 3rd Boss the Hand of the King. One may need to spend time understanding best build. Reddit offers lot of good build option. The controls work like a charm with my Razer Kishi. Infact I bought my Razer Kishi just to play this game better. Ha ha πŸ˜‚. It's costly at $8.99 But I got it on a sale at just $2.99. lucky me.
It's a perfect port of this game. Smooth graphics. Exact and brutal gameplay. Getting used to such a hair twitch game on a touch screen was a learning curve, but it's now the only game I play on my phone
TO EVERYONE USING CONTROLLER (BLUETOOTH) AND CRASHING DURING LOADING The fix i found out today was unpair your controller device from bluetooth list, restart the phone, pair it again ( after this you can either try to play and test or restart the phone again ) once i did that, the game no loading freeze or crash at every loading screen, please upvote so others benefit from this fix.
I was hesitant at first on how well this would translate to mobile, but it translates very well. You can also tweek the placement of buttons which really helped and made it more comfortable to me. Great roguelike, love all the things about this game that keep it relatively fresh each run
Oh my, this game is A-MAY-ZING! For real, one of the few games which are an Android port from the PC which is also very well done AND an amazing game in itself. The OST is fitting and far from boring, the look is amazing and not that much of a downgrade from the original PC version and the controller support is very well done. The gameplay is intuitive and simple, yet challenging and exciting each run! Made me buy the DLC (an actual expansion!) and I think that's saying a lot for a mobile game
Extremely frustrating and very rewarding, it's all I can say. One of the best games on the Play Store, I can't stop playing this mix of Rogue-like and metroidvania, where you play the same areas over and over again, losing most of your upgrades but saving some essentials to a progress feeling. Infinite replay value, worths every penny.
One of the best Android Game ever. But when I bought it, it was said that it will be a One-Time Payment, but now you guys are charging for the new update and that too is very high πŸ₯ΊπŸ˜“. Please at least offer it at a lower price of bring some offer in-between. πŸ™πŸΌ Edit - BTW, Now price is reduced a little from earlier.
Fantastically done, exciting and addicting. I think I put in 12 hours in the first 2 or 3 days. Fun even after you "beat" it, too. I think it took me a week to kill the emperor guy. The single thing I would change is movement speed. You're kind of stuck with the one full walking speed and can't move slower, so sometimes grabbing ladders can be hard. But I'd still pay for the app knowing that.
An actually optimized Android port with no ridiculous battery consumption (even with high res enabled). I played many 2d android ports before that are very unoptimized. Speaking of the game itself, it's a blast. I'm not a fan of rogue likes, though i guess having played a lot of Children of Morta attracted me to this game. I still don't know if I i can finish the android version without a controller on bc1 (hard), but I'll keep trying. Also got this on Steam which I play sometimes.
By far one of my favorite games. I have this on my PC and my Nintendo Switch and just can't get enouggt of it. Maybe it's the nostalgia of playing a dungeon crawling aventure Game like this. I really like that the developers are always updating and adding new things to this fun game. Keep up the great work guys.
It's the best roguelike experience you're going to have on mobile bar none, and even on PC in some cases. About the only thing Dead Cells doesn't have is any sort of multiplayer past daily runs. Still, for someone who bought this game day 1 of early access on Steam years ago, when I found out it's on the Play Store I immediately bought it. Yes. Just yes. Music: 10 Gameplay: 10 Mechanics: 10 Fun: ♾️
The game is AMAZING. In my opinion it needs more dlcs like the fatal falls dlc on pc and console though, faster updates too, like the Malaise Update that came to pc and consoles, looking forward to playing with the katanas. Maybe add a d-pad option for better movements controls. Other than that, it's a fun and challenging roguevania to play anytime and anywhere. Highly recommend it for hardcore roguevania enjoyers :)
fun and fast pace action game. the control is fantastic and it's decently customizable, making it very fun to zip around places, attacking foes, and dodging around attacks. relatively challanging on lower difficulty and pretty difficult on the nightmare/hell setting, but it's managable once you get yourself used to the mechanics. it also has tons of replay value.
Absolute gem of a game,did not expect a mobile game to test my gamer reflexes like this one did,especially with a controller,it'll really make you work for every inch if ground you gain in game,but it's also super rewarding,and makes you want to jump right back into it to see just how much better you can do,and how much faster you can get there,it's just good,don't think about it,just get it, nuff said 😊
Hello, I'm lowering this from 5 to 2. I owned a previous with my exact dead cells account, but the progress I made on my new one had been reset from no reason at all. I have put a lot of time into blueprints, cells, the golden outfit, everything. I'm disappointed and have no motivation to play this game. Is there a way to contact the customer service team?
This is one of my all time favorite games I'm glad it's on the Google play store but I wish it had the latest DLC that's on other platforms I mostly played this on the switch until I found this version on the right hardware can run at 120 fps which makes this the best running mobile version I highly recommend this game for Castlevania fans
Well, this game is awesome, especially for Android and iOS. There are plenty of "games" that are not about gameplay. Mostly mobile games are trash because you should spend your real money to be better than others or if you don't wanna spend your money then you will hafta spend a lot of hours for upgrading your character or base. In my opinion these games are waste of time. This game is different. You just buy the game and play. The gameplay is freaking cool. This game is worth your time
Since i bought the new version, every time i walk into the dilapidated arboretum i get stuck in the loading screen. This never happened in the older version. Edited: I am not using controller and still crashing. It just crashed right now.