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Days After: Zombie Games. Killing, Shooting Zombie

Days After: Zombie Games. Killing, Shooting Zombie for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by REACTGAMES STUDIO LIMITED located at Registered Office: Tepeleniou, 13, TEPELENIO COURT, 2nd floor, 8010, Paphos, Cyprus. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Blood) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
There are some problems in the game Like putting walls in some corner i cant put it for example new players need to fix their house but when i try to put wall in the chest side i cant put it, i need to transfer the chest first so that i can click in that part. Also my biggest problem in the game is that the doors dont close after i use it. I mean is it part of the game or its just a bug? cuz i dont wanna stay in a house that dont close its doors after using it.
Love the game so much the graphics are so good and the game itself is good I have played many survival game but this is the one the beats it all but can pls make the map bigger like add watch tower and repair them to show new maps like police station abandoned hospital and school and can you add new weapons like makeshift double barrel shotgun or harpoon gun or the Winchester but can you pls add new zombies like the bolter or add the boomer but overall the game is great love it
A very enjoyable survival zombie game. You can make in game purchases to help with getting more material alot earlier and quicker but otherwise you just have to grind to gather the material you need. I am enjoying the game.
Really awesome day. For first 2 days. Then you'll be only disgusted, as all equipment is falling apart faster than you can get new one, and unability to upgrade backpack forces you to go back and forth 3 times to the same location to pick up all stuff. The same with boxes. Instead of upgrading box to get more space, you have to build more and more of them, clicking between them like psycho to get all material needed for crafting new stuff.
Thank you for your amazing game. I like this more than other same styles. I have problem with my account, I started with Emulator (Bluestacks) on PC now I want to keep playing on mobile aswell but just right when select my gmail from setting sudenly a random text shows up and it fails. It wouls be nice If you could help me with that.
This is a game I have fought hard to like. Two things bring it down. The first is equipment decay being a full order of magnitude too fast. It is impossible to get excited about crafting or looting a new piece of gear because you know it will be gone in a mission, maybe two at best! The second is highly overpriced and constantly pushed microtransactions. You would have to be a fool to spend $5-$10 on a gear pack, since it will all be dust in less than an hour game session.
Awesome game. After playing for few days just want to see some changes. In your home if we can craft without inputs in our inventory and can be used from our resource crates that would be good. Now we have to run 5,6 times to get input to craft something. Please add that feature. And one more thing please make the places a little easier for starting players. After playing for a week I am still unable to clear more than 2 skull places.. please fix it . It will help
The game is great . Good graphics with even better sound effects.the only problem is that, it takes too much time for the locations to update for resources. And when updated they are too few. Please improve resource update time.
It's a decent game but I have a few suggestions, 1. When we "die" and watch a ad to revive, it would help if whatever killed us can be refilled just a bit. Being revived and then panicking to sleep/eat/radio is very annoying when you'll probably die again in the process. 2. The moods deplete was too fast, there's no way the character should always be hungry and depressed every few minutes.
I do 5 star rate, I want more improvements to this game. Moreover smooth in the game and nice graphics. What you notice about your dog crate is that you made "Last Day on Earth". The pets should be, they just follow you and help with gathering or attack dogs. Take away the skill, you imitated it. I just suggest you add more skills to the characters for gathering and survival to increase the acquisition of resources. As each level up, life is added.
Very nice for people who like to play alone, I am level 24 and still no alliance option in sight so that's good. I love the graphics and the fact that the kennel was easy to build. All necessary resources can be found at your own pace. I do have a problem with the doors at the home, where I need to open the building menu to make them open. Not too annoying, over all since it's an easy fix.
Played it for 2 days now and i can tell that its a great game. Although there some bugs that i encountered like when you have taken damage and then zone out but after you enter the zone again it will display full health and it wi show the correct hp bar when you encounter an enemy. Also if you can optimize this game when using emulator. There is a bug when you scroll. But over all its a great a game.
So I been playing for a bit, I would recommend this game to any survival game fans, the graphics are awesome , the game play is exciting , so many things to do ,always interesting, and fun , if you like survival games, this one a must have , they have cool activities to do at different levels and they also have fun activities in locations . Love Love Love , new updates all the time and it worth spending some cash on , a must have thanks guys awesome game.
Updating my feedback, keeping the 5 stars. Played several weeks now. I've played all the other survival games. This game has the best from all of them. You DONT lose hunger/ thirst from just standing around,the materials are easy to find. There's quests that give you decent weapons, sometimes half used, sometimes new. Treasure maps to find and use, just simply amazing to me.only complaint I could have would be on wait time for locations.
Great game! Played a lot of these type of games and this one is one of the smoothest. Regular updates will make the game more fun and attract lots of players. My suggestion is working on the energy system, make it a lot more easier to generate, faster if possible. And remove the energy consumption in the farm areas (wood & stone). Might spend on this game if i can see changes. Thankyou!
Been playing such a survival games before,, but this one is much better, with easy control and beautiful landscapes, also you can design your shelter to your own, collecting materials, this game is one of the BEST apocalypse survival zombie game . 3 thumbs up πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
I changed from my original rating. After the update my game wouldn't load. Had to start over. It's fun...but it takes WAY to long to load when you go to new area. I literally waited almost ten minutes just to be able to enter a new area and play. It definitely takes away from enjoying the game. I had spent just a small amount of actual money, cuz I was progressing well. Then the update killed that
{Answer to the map thing} When you go into a location and for a quest there is a treasure, you get a shadow map. Like, one where the outlines of the area are on. It's be great if that feature would be available in every location every time you visit them, not just when there is a treasure or a quest. That way one would have a better view of the size of the area.
It was fun the first day and that was all. It won't let me play the game now. It is falty and has something to do with the playstore I reset it 5 times and still no change . Other wise it was fun but I can't play it now.
Servers were under maintenance but now everything is back. Fun game. I know this would defeat the purpose but I kind of wish there was a gun that didn't lose durability. Also is there a guide to this game?
Such an amazing game, only game that has me addicted, only problems I hope they can change, is bigger bag storage and that the dropped crate from the helicopter in the drop zone shouldn't dissappear when you leave the scene as you don't have enough storage to take everything at once. But overall it has been one of the best games!
No kidding, I love this game. Not only it has great graphics it also has beatiful features and easy to play. And also this game would be fun if you could visit or somewhat meet with your friend or search them by using game I.D. or join or create clan, group or something. I guess it would definitely change the game alot and it will absolutely add more fun and thrill to the game. I hope my suggestions will be noticed cause I'd definitely support this game as long as i could, One of the Best game!
The game is awesome,can't wait to see it grow. I would love to see that your able to build things in base,with items you own,even if there in boxs. Would make it much more fun and less back and forth to boxs.
Fun game. Really enjoying it. Some feedback for the devs: it would be nice to add feedback directly in the game. Really need to be able to craft piece of cloth (not cloth which is crafted from piece of cloth). That one is somewhat game breaking. Need to be able to craft a larger bag. Early ranged weapon durability is kind of low. Additional resources for starred items needs to be toned down. More to come as I continue to play. Great to see timely updates.
Started off like a cool survival game like Last Day On Earth but better play style. Then I spent 2 days going around the same 2 zones to get the right resources to visit Betty, very slow progress. And after I rescued her and headed back home, her zone disappeared with the rest of the loot I couldn't carry. Every other zone gives at least an hour to go back, and now I lost valuable loot. Too slow and frustrating, sorry.
Not bad! Some annoyances with movement, such as the character gets stuck at the frame of the door to the house, can't slide against the wall and go through the door. You have to walk away from the house and then perfectly thru the door. Entering some locations can initiate downloads and game pause that can take very long time, 2 mins or more. Others have already listed other minor bugs. Great implementation to start! Will update as I get more play time.
I've just started playing it, but it seems good so far. My problems though are 1) the husky male grunting in combat on the female character. 2) when crafting/building on your property, the materials should come out of your cache boxes instead of needing to be on you, & 3) zone cooldowns are lame considering the amount of materials needed. So it seems great at first having plenty of energy not to have to walk everywhere, but time is still wasted waiting on zone timers. Not cool.
At first it was 5 stars. Since recent update I've only been able to get it to load once. And when it did I was missing:stone mason, work station, 2 gardens, kennel and 5 dogs, tanner, smoker, and 2 cooking stations. That was what I noticed. In addition it would no longer allow me to equip anything even though it showed things equipped.
Hi Cypriote Dev, thank you for this pleasant distraction while we going through lockdown. +2Stars is readily for game developer that doesn't force ads onto players, and with your systems, graphics, and active feedback, its another +2 Star. You missed by the fact "WHERE ARE THE DARN PIECE OF CLOTH?!!" Each time the character attacked, it reduces every part of the armor gear, head-to-toe; and we need to share the said resource to make each and every item from water barrel, bandage, shirt.
My experience about this game is cool. Keep it up like this and it will remain 5 stars. Zombies are cool not too hard not too easy that everything depends on your equipment. Do not change too much about the gameplay, maybe add some few more locations and that would be it. 😁😁😁
Just started and can't put it down. I hope to see great things in the future for it with few bugs found so far. If I had to pick something to fix, it would be able to opt out of pvp, although I'm not sure if you can. This is an up date....I just lost everything....my entire game is gone
Would give it a five but there are some things thats alil off... The walking/running would be better if there was none should... The spin game have better prizes. And other things as these other players have mentioned already... Other than that its a pretty good game... Oh yeah damage timing from enemies id run and be far from the enemy or zombie it swings and im no where near it and still get hit... Whats up with that?
Gameplay is fun. Challenging. Need more locations. Items and weapons could be a bit more durable. It's right on that cusp of clothing and weapons wearing out before you can collect enough crafting supplies to replace them. A little difficult to get any traction...I understand the free vs. Pay balance....3 out of 5 stars...close to 4.
Fun, chill paced! I like the gameplay and items. Something I'd like to see would be an added function to Not have to take items from storage to inventory to craft at your home location. This would help game play to be more fluid and dynamic.
Good game, however the characters needs adjustment, you can sneak upto a zombie πŸ§Ÿβ€β™‚οΈ hit them and run away and you still get hit by them even though you are not close to them anymore, also DON'T purchase any upgrade boxes they are a CON, spent 3.19 on a gunsmiths box expecting to receive what it showed, oh no all I got was an club with spikes (hello that's not even a gun), needs to have more weapons in the crates, one's that actually do damage otherwise your constantly make bats that don't last
To the developers, hats off!!! Totally into this game. Love the fact I can just play as is but buy if I wish. Either way, you can play the game. I will update accordingly and depending on how the game progresses but I am very pleased. We'll see if the latest update has fixed the only problem I have. Kicking me off the game in between loads but other than that......
I like the game so far. There are a lot of cool designs that make it better than a lot of other games. The only thing that really bothers me is that we can't craft cloths. You need them make EVERYTHING and the drop rate is super low. So basically I haven't been able to make armor because I just can't get enough cloths to do it. It mostly is just playing easy levels over and over until I can find enough armor to play one more difficult one. Please give the ability to craft cloth
Good game, however the characters needs adjustment, you can sneak upto a zombie πŸ§Ÿβ€β™‚οΈ hit them and run away and you still get hit by them even though you are not close to them anymore, also don't purchase any upgrade boxes they are a CON, spent 3.19 on a gunsmiths box expecting to receive what it showed, oh no all I got was an club with spikes (hello that's not even a gun), needs to have more weapons in the crates, one's that actually do damage otherwise your constantly make bats that don't last
Love the game! Love the fact that you are not fighting or killing other players for a change! The food & thirst bars do not move at alarming rates. The clothes last for a good amount of time. The weapons last for a decent amount of time. I really enjoy playing this game unlike other survival games out there! Great job on making this play for free friendly!!! I have bought some items because it is such a great game!
Good fun. Solid mechanics. Can progress fine and enjoy the game without spending real money, tho there are a few good cheaper options if you enjoy the game and want to support devs with a small boost, which IMO is as it should be.
Its a nice game. I need few things. 1) why does my hunger increase after every little thing I do? Like it takes 3 turns to chop a tree down , but the issue is it makes you hungry much faster. I hope you can stop this and make the player hunger recede slowly . It decreases slowly with the time passes 2) weapons and tools break very easily . 3) Pls add a bigger bagpack. I can't carry much. Atleast add new backpacks. 4) add more weapons. Varieties 5)add a feature for character customisation
Good until it started glitching more and spawned zombies out of thin air making you die. Some tasks can only be beat or to make it easier you must pay. Some items are extremely rare to find, loading takes a really long time, delets your items and progress sometimes, and have no real tutorial. Also the Energy last long which is good. It even cost money to interact with Betty later on in the game (50$) and developers are no help! Also cannot create cloth.
I was LOVING this game. I'm not into Zombies or isometric games but it was making crafting and time management fun. But it just cleared out my entire progress . And I am not invested enough to start over. Shame.
Its good game , but still, i hope you can make the character dogde the attack of the zombie cause whenever i run away from them when they were attacking i still get damage,i hope you can change that cause it will be better like that but overall it still a good game
It's alright, but could use some more updating. It's a bit glitchy all the time which could be bad and get you killed. It's also alot like the other zombie games. I also dont like how long it takes for places to get there resources back, it makes it hard to get simple materials rock, wood, grass. I think this all should be fixed, it would make the game much better.
Been playing such a survival games before,, but this one is much better, with easy control and beautiful landscapes, also you can design your shelter to your own, collecting materials, this game is one of the BEST apocalypse survival zombie game . 3 thumbs up πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ . And i would like to add my VERY IMPORTANT suggestion: "Please add up the character's development when Leveling up such as "Skills, stats -up, or even Feats", so we can choose character's specialization in STRENGTH, SPEED, CRAFTING
It's sounds great but too many glitch and after last update it's crashed. Don't work at all. I reset it but can't get back to my account which I was bound to my Google account before. When I try to get back to my account it's crashing again.
Great game so far , enjoying this more than any others I have played . Alot of variety with locations and items aren't completely impossible to find . There are a few bugs I have come across , the game sometimes glitches and things do not appear at base and health bar glitch , where it shows full health on HUD but in inventory shows real health eg 16/100 . Please keep up the good work Devs .
Edit: the game gets better with every update, fix these things and this game will be five stars,1: hit boxes, these are ridiculous and you can regularly lose half your health to a zombie you are nowgere nearπŸ€” 2 the health of bears being 3000 is a joke guys... And most importantly there is a weird bug where after you collect a resourse or hit anything there is a split second where you cant move at all.. this is a big problem and needs fixing..also more content at the new city then five star game
I'm very picky about games and can stand very few one for more than a few minutes. This game however iss probably the best I've played on my Android phone. Very good game play. You don't have to pay to play it. Good graphics. Overall 5 star game. Great job
-Review 06/24/2021: I could play all-day!..Folks, Complete quests and go to areas you rarely visited. I was needing 1-2 cloth & couldn't find it until visited the Swamp . -Maybe when clan mode in game🀞 they will add abilities to characters Armor/weapons &or pets with armor that has abilities. -Review: Very well balance game. Storyline is good. Resources from zones reset in a respectable time. Better than others games of same type... Maybe add way to cycle through crate via opening one crate.
Absolutely addicted!! The only reason I didn't give 5 stars is because there needs to be a manual of sorts. Sometimes there isn't an explanation as to how or what I am supposed to do πŸ€”. Otherwise this game has replaced all others on my phone. The reset times aren't too long, the difficulty is right on point, and the interface is seamless. Way to go on making all other games obsolete and boring!!!
As a zombie apocalypse survival game, it is very interesting, easy to play and addictive _compaired to other games, little different but some things and some figures are like last day on the earth perhaps it is coincidence, Although game is awasome... and also game creators, developers working hard for the great, for game and to solve inconvenient issues in thisgame.some things in latest update are really good I love this but one thing is that you have to play little more to find some resources.
I lost my all data..I played this game at twice but lost my game data...now again I should start game from the beginning...and single piece of cloth is too difficult to find and no furniture to make a cloth..such a stupid thing and some mission are so difficult to finish it...please update properly...please Add furniture to make a cloth ....
This is a waste time I'll never get back. Only start playing if you have money to burn, because it's going to ask a lot from you. And if you don't buy packs you'll be stuck for days. I understand that they need to make a buck, but 30, 40 $ packs to start off a decent a game. Just became a deleted file.
This game is almost perfect! The graphics is good, gameplay great specially when you are fighting its satisfying, concept and mechanics is great too. The energy consumes not too massive which i very like. But there is one problem in the game, the game can't run offline😒. Really want play this game everytime i want cuz i dont have a wifi or internet everyday. Please make this game offline too its really goodπŸ™.
Hi developer! The game was splendid, big character, fast walking, very good graphics n animation. Also farming result experience. Just so many items to store. Great n easy games and no annoying ads. The map is huge. Just be productive. Job well done!
Good game , but .. looks like am not the only one complaining from ( piece of cloth ) that can't be crafted !! , Also I think those items we exchange at the sheriff station , it will be better if we can just exchange any amount of them when we have it into some points then we can use those points in any time , so we don't need to Stash them !! .. one more issue I got lucky to find male and female dogs then I thought I should breed them and see .. so I got a new puppy and lost the other two :)
Decent game but very Buggy, my observation tower disappeared and couldn't progress in the game because of it, then updated the game and it reset all my progress and had to start again. Everything you need to craft aswelll is very expensive, with materials hard to come by its it becomes very tideious quite quickly to craft the things needed to progress in the game. If it wasn't for the bugs and expensive of upgrades/crafting, the game would be very enjoyable.
Some people say their health is getting more as you level up. Well I'm at level 36 and health is still 100 would love it if you get stronger as you level up and not just equipment. Then my health bar don't work properly, my health would be 84, then i travel and health jumped to 100, eat something and then it would go down again. And now I want to play, but update bar keeps popping up, click on it to update, but in playstore there is still no update.
The Game is fine, fun easy game to help pass the time. But I'm stuck in River City behind the Professor upstairs. I think and game may have glitch, but there must be a way to fix a problem when your character is stuck somewhere and can't get out. Like I'm stuck in between the professor and the red chair.. now I can't even continue playing the game.
Whilst some people My like this game i think this is just a game that wants to be like Last day on earth which is quite frankly better. In this game ALL the logos are the same as in LDoE just made to look more cartoon like. I was trying to look for another survival game but they all seem to be a rip off of last day on earth. So im giving it one star because it is a cheap rip off of another game
Ads are way too often and disruptive to gameplay. Dumb cash shop button is strategically placed next to the cancel button so that even if you dont have fat fingers, you'll still accidentally click on it often enough, bringing up their promos. I'm an experienced gamer..30 years under my belt. Gameplay is 6-7/10 at best...excluding cash shop disruptions. Rated 4/10 at most; terrible 'user experience'. My sincere review might be brought down so consider urself warned
The game is a lot of fun. Would be nice if weapons lasted longer especially the ones you pay money for. I don't like not knowing what you are getting when spending money on the game. It like a lottery, was trying for bigger back pack and got everything except the backpack. Should be option to buy one.
Its oike another game i play. Sometimes it freezes and i cant do anything but i like it. Its okay very simple to do. Just wish there was not another round of items to fix certian things but oh well.
I love that you don't have to play with others on this game. No alliances, no factions, sweet! I love the graphics, simple but they look really good! I dont love how hard material is to come by. Cloth, rope, leather straps, paint, microchips. All ridiculously hard to come by but you need a huge quantity of to progress really early on.
River City is an excellent addition to the game, provides more options for crafting, trading, and services. Clothing and weapons are, by comparison, some of the most durable found in zombie games. The one time I died I was able to revive with almost all of my gear without having to return to the place of my death to try to retrieve said gear. May not be for rabidly hardcore gamers but really suits this old timer.
Not a bad survival game, needs attack and defence fixed when attacking or running away. Spent a few Β£'s but you don't need to, it is FTP but devs deserve an income! Dev's still updating game so expecting some good things to happen :-)
Lots of potential. Some silly problem with interface of the game. Just started but its looking promising. Need less animation though. Faster browsing through storage is also needed.
I enjoy it better than the other games similar to this. Certain mundane activities have short cuts, which is appreciated. It does get boring after a while as you endlessly need wood, stone and food. You literally could spend all day filling up chests with those items and clean them out in less than a day as you build weapons and such things. I would suggest toning that down a bit.
Gets boring quickly. Lots of repetition. You have to keep going to the same location to get resources which you use up quickly. Or you can buy them but it gets expensive. I cought myself spending $50 in a month. For what? Allowing me to play the game? The rewards are usually not as valuable as the equipment you use up to get them. Imagine if you buy a gun and it breaks after shooting 50 bullets. Why does it disappear instead of just requiring more bullets?
You can't advance without spending money, the bigger events you can't kill with free items, till that changes I give it 2 stars, a shame cuz its a great game otherwise...I lowered my rating to 1 star after the "we don't care anyways" reply by them...
The game is a good game. The part that's got me is in order to explore certain areas you have to level up on certain things at your base. Shouldn't it be the gamers choice to walk in as a level 2 or 3 to a level 10 area and try his chances at finding something valuable or take on more than he bargained for?
I'm enjoying the game so far. As for suggestions need to add more NPC in river village and equipment upgrades needs to be tweaked since the increase in stats does not justify the increase in materials needed to craft it, should increase the durability and damage/armour rating per star to make it worth crafting since right now it is better to just craft the non upgraded version of equipments.
Beyond the issues with graphics going wonky, I absolutely love this game so far. I've played numerous games of the same style and this one meets my expectations in a lot of ways. My only real gripe is the grind for harder to find materials and armor and weapons. I understand it being a survival game and somewhat difficult. Just feel like there should be a bit of a better loot system. Beyond that, super fun, very addictive and I'll be playing it for quite awhile.