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Daybreak Legends: Origin

Daybreak Legends: Origin for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Linekong Holdings Limited located at Vistra Corporate Services Centre, Wickhams Cay Ⅱ, Road Town, Tortola, VG1110, British Virgin Islands. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence) and required Android version is 3.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game log in problem, when i log in my current account there my player not available. Available a new player what is this sit. Guys solve the problem...... My player almost 150 level 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
I installed it on my device but it just continues to lag and tells me that im not connected to wifi , and no , the problem isnt from my network because i checked and tried to open several other games that work with wifi , the only game that doesnt open is this one. I also have more than enough storage space. Im disappointed since i read many good reviews about this game. Please fix this .
F***ing amazing game I've played it ever since it came out. The game play is so easy yet so complex. The chats are never dead. And just the whole game just feels... right you know I love the game so much. The only thing I would want to be changed is the head start V.I.P's get. It's an unfair advantage. Other than that. Love the game keep it ip
WARNING: There is a large number of users currently unable to remain logged in. Issues like this are uncommon, however it is currently affecting a number of the playerbase. Any experiences you may have if you're just now starting are not indicative of the community as a whole. The Game itself is alright, pretty graphics, cool heroes etc. However, the reason I still play is largely based on the community.
The game got stuck at the place where it says integrating updates. The data speed was 2mbps and there was nearby 30gb rom free. My friends can easily play the game, and I can't play with them even if I want to. Please fix this error.
Ive been able to get online in the past and now that i tried today , its giving errors wile updating and i cant log in .i miss playing this game 😭😭😭
It has a bit hard to get into ranks but I didn't spend a dollar on this game. I have played dozens of games, many of them were shut down eventually but I don't think this will happen to Daybreak Legends. Lots of Ways to level up, various tasks, warpets and mounts, this all is waiting for you in DBL! I suggest everyone to try this game out!
What Happened to my fav game I spent 18/24 hours a day for this. I was top Guild leader in 2018. But now I can't even update. Hope you guys can fix soon.
After downloading 5gb now i get "no internet connection, check your connection". Can't give more then 1star, couldn't even start the bloody game. Everything else works fine on my phone. Game seems great fron the ad's, would like to say the same about the gameplay but i didn't get there, hope it's not one of thouse games that are totally different from the ad's.
I'd rate five stars if it wasn't for the fricking login issues. The game is really good and I like it but I have had login issues two times. First time I didn't buy any vip and I lost my account but I think it was my fault. Second time I made a new account, bought vip and got logged out, tried to log back in and the app went to default and said make a character. I made a character thinking "Hopefully I can just go to switch characters and my last will be there" but it wasn't and I didn't even have vip anymore. I'm debating on whether or not I should give it another chance or give up.
Hi. The game is nice its good actually. But I have experience trouble on doing top up this day I tried to do a first recharge on my new hero on As 299 but it say "Error the item you request is not available for purchased" I firstly thought that it's just on that server that has a problem but when I tried to top up using my main at As116 it also say the same thing "error the item you request is not available for purchased" I tried every top up option available and it all say the same. Please help me fix this problem the I encounter in game thank you in advance
worst game. login issues have been going on since April 11th. they just had maintenance, and NOTHING was fixed. still havent responded to any tickets that players have submitted. all android users are affected by this. I'm still missing my high powered toon, they refuse to answer. been six months and still refuse to give back my account or fix her. Submitted 1000 emails with no prevail. developers NEVER get back to you. game is a JOKE.
It's been two days and I keep getting this message about some stupid update.. but there is literally NO update. I did everything to try and fix this problem but nothing works. I havent been able to log in too my account for TWO DAYS... plus you don't even answer your "customer support" email...your support SUCKS. Not to mention your recharge options are overly expensive.. your game is far too expensive to be having issues like this. It's annoying. Do BETTER.
This is the worst game ever in the UNIVERSE i cant even login and its so LAGGY i have 13 FPS fix your game! Worst game ever i crashed the game when i tried to log in! This game SUCKS!!
I spent 3 days playing the game, but in the middle of the 3rd day I couldn't login. The next day I was able to get on and saw my character was erased. This game has glitches that make it so lines of dialogue are skipped, and a glitch that when I want to auto navigate to a place it doesn't do anything. This game could be fun if it had been optimized rather then rushed out. The game crashes and needs to be fixed, not mention erasing my character.
This game has great graphics and can be very addicting, but if you want be able to compete with others your going to end up spending money. Gems are hard to earn a lot of and store prices are high for simple items of power. I think this game has a lot of good qualities, but the cross-server duel is completely unbalanced. My character is only in the 70s for levels and yet I get matched with level 130+ repeatedly, so it can be very frustrating when every single match I die. Please fix this
Have been playing this game for years, despite all of the glitches and balance issues, its been fun. There have been update issues in the past but they usually last a couple of days max with some explaination on their programmer site or facebook page. This last update mishap has been going on for a week and all Android device owners still can not log on. If not for the time and money put into this game, I would just leave it and play other games. Those unable to log on deserve major compensation
I never found these type of mmorpg games interesting I hated the idea of playing a game with loads of other people online and found a few games I tried they were boring and just didn't grab me. I downloaded this game out of curiosity and have to say I love it and really enjoying myself. The graphics are stunning and it's based solely on fantasy and I love all the creatures. I love you get to have a pet follow you around and help you out love I can ride a dragon. There's nothing never not to do always something going on. The only disappointment I had is when I picked my character the picture shown I honestly thought that was what I would get get along with the unicorn/ Pegasus but that's not the case at all,you have to recharge a huge amount of gems to get it in 7 days and the gems are not cheap! That really made me sad as the description never stated this wasn't the form I would get her in and would need to recharge for it. But that so far is the only bad thing I have to say. All in all I recommend this game. Also make a note of your gamer ID incase there is any issues with losing your account as some of the reviews below state. Great job game developers you have made an awesome game, kudos ♡
Well the game was awesome till i logged off and tried to log back in only a couple hours later. My purchases I made with real money were gone as well as my character and my account I had even logged in using Facebook but everything was gone. DON'T DOWLOAD THIS GAME if you do don't purchase anything unless you like throwing money away. I will be contacting Google play and see what my options are on getting a refund. I have already uninstalled this game.
I wish more games were like this one. It's not too hard to level up neither is it too easy. I would like more customization options, although. The cut scenes are always unique and the servers are always lively with all different types of people! It's not hard to meet others, that's also one thing I love. I also love how this is a DIY game. Though I think something everyone would appreciate it, is not adding servers every single week. Maybe once ever 2 months or so.
Hello. I love this game a lot including it being both less suck & more not suck concluding the both facts that it can become more improved & it's so cute beautiful adorable the whole game except the ill mannered ones but anyway thanks and also I want the total support as well. Thanks for enduring. Goodbye. See ya. Take care.
There are very few games that have a good balanced PVP, and Daybreak Legends is one of them! This game PVP system is very decent, mainly relying on your own controls. Of course, it does take some time to learn but it is definitely worth It! You can also spend a small amount of money to buy a weekly card or something, just to get a first push.
I love this game but for over a month now there has been problems with logging in via fb. Can you please fix this because I got the monthly card and because of the issue with logging in with FB, I lost 2 weeks worth of diamonds. I was really annoyed with that :l I enjoy playing this game and have spent a decent amount of money in it so I would like to be able to play it. This is getting ridiculous so please fix this! I have redownloaded the game countless of times and it still is saying login failed when I try to login via FB. Its disappointing and am losing faith in this game...Please fix this issue once and for all because I dont want to charge and lose diamonds because I cant login. I hope you listen to your players and work hard to fix these problems, because a lot of us want to play but can't because of silly issues like login failed. Thank you for reading this and hope it gets fixed asap!
I used to play this game like 2 years ago was so happy to find it again but now it doesnt even load and im pretty sure it had the same cut scene for years
I can't play the game anymore. Always saying there's an update but there is none. Always saying restart.
It's a good game but pay to win. I can't get my log in gift! It says I have to wait 1 day more and so I did. I came back 1 day later and I can't claim it. So I reboot. I checked and it says I have to wait 1 day again. I've waited for 3 days already and it gave me the same problem. Please fix. Your support system can't be open aswell. All it turned out is blackness on screen and getting stuck.
My issue right now is I played game long ago and now there so many servers I cant find my old character bc there is no character u have section to tell u what server ur character is on so you have so many servers to click on and hope its on that server. I left bc it had so many bugs back then wanna return but can't bc cant find character I spent money on.
i gave 5stars coz im from day 1 server 1.. but the 3d view while fighting monster not exist anymore? why? and no full screen??
Overall kind of meh tier, most of the interface doesn't work (including log in bonuses that pop up constantly if you don't collect them), some instances require 2 people but you can't select those instances on match making meaning you can't play them. If you want a game that you don't want to spend money on then this is ok, if you want to spend money go somewhere else as you'll get more for your money and enjoyment from doing so.
Loved the game when it got released. 5 stars for those days. The more time I played the more people cheat and use bugs...but that happens in all games...3-4 stars for that. Sadly the support doesn't exist in this game. 0 stars but sadly I can give only 1. No matter how I try ask help or get in contact with devs I get no answer. 1 star. I can't report bugs now I can't log in at all. 1 star overall. This game is sooo messy. Devs only want money.
I just lost my dbl account data... What was that about? And the update lasted way more than 3 hours... Plus, it's really difficult to level up and raise your combat power without having to pay. Update: (one star) I've sent in a report and it has been one full day since then and I still have not gotten a response. What the hell is going on?? My patience is really wearing down... Update (August 5th): still no response from the developers or customer support. I'm very angry about this game.
I kept my hopes up, even after reading the reviews, and I'm honestly disappointed, but people warned me. Can't even make it pass the class select screen, the game continuously crashes. Looks good, and I'm sure it's okay if you make it past the first two screens, also, why is it available on a device with lost storage but not on a device with higher storage, doesn't make sense.
Its a Good game with a nice UI , good in Pvp, easy control, but then just wanted to share my opinion, if you do all the daily task or what ever you call that, it hard for you to find on what you are doing next, and also it is very hard to look for a good way to earn exp to level up, else you haven't finish your hard and Abbys Raid, im on level 52 and my main quedt is for lv55, and im going to wait until 24:00 to reset raid and all activities there,
Useless game. It doesn't work. Always have a network issue message, whenever I try to fix it. And no response from owner.
I've been unable to log in all day. I sent an email and I got an automated response. Not only can I not log in but I can't even click on the tabs on the side of the screen to get in game support. I started playing this 3 days ago and I was enjoying it until this. It seems that this is a game wide issue bc I've seen a lot of 1 star reviews from today bc of the log in issues and people losing everything.
When I try to open the game it always says that I have a network problem ,and please check your connection. But I don't have a network problem....I play other games without any network problem. Please solve it. Now the intersting part is, I comment about this problem, sometimes aggo, but without solving the problem, you just delete my comment. And you called this problem solving, helping gamer's. DISGUSTING
If you can get past the poor English translations for the storyline, the lack of exp farming to help when you cant complete quests due to lack of exp; the game isn't too bad really. It can't hold a candle to games like nexons Darkness Rises or others from this calibre but the graphics aren't too bad either. However some content, requires an excess amount of diamonds and you are gifted some diamonds as rewards but nowhere near enough compared to the amount needed for some of the items especially the wheel of luck (200 diamonds per spin) What annoys me the most about some of the events ie Hard Raid is that once you reach a certain level, you cant go back to the previous chapter to continue farming for gears. For example I just got level 40 and still trying to complete my level 30 armor set (i still need 5 pieces), but because I'm level 40, I have no choice but to fight in level 20 gears which means I cant fight to my full potential and now I can't solo I have to do it in a team, so for solo players like me, this game isn't really for you.
Before today I could log in and play without any problems, today I go to login and my session lasts 10 -15 seconds before it crashes for no reason, there's no lag no network problem and no authentication issue, fix this and I'll update my review
Good game, but everytime I open this game it takes so looong time to download updates. Long after that, it'll says slow connection, failed to download data. What?? My connection is fine though
It is a good game for RPG but when I bought a 7.99 pack there seemed to be an error and i didn't get any pack while my account was debited when I contacted them through support and mail they are not even responding. Its been a day and I didn't get my pack nor any response. And now they refund it. Thank you so much guys.(please check if support has bug guys.) Love the game spent some more money too. This game is damn awesome.
first account on server 406 was always disconnect due server problem . i paid till VIP4 SECOND ON 481 ( REC ) SAME VIP4 AND DISCONNECTING PROBLEM!! I TRIED TO CONTACT THE DEVELOPER AND NO RESPOND !!! I PAID TO PLAY DAMN YOU!
If you plan on play to win, dont even bother with this game. So many glitches that lower VIP players are even stronger than u right now. You won't be able to catch up even if you play right now since most of the glitches are already gone. So people who spend less are already as strong as top players because of the glitches. Developers dont even compensate those who spend so much money on this game and do something to those who glitches to win. Dont waste your money on this game if I were you.
The arena is seriously glitched. PvP has so many flaws. You battle the same person over and over. Their ability paralyzes you every hit which is not possible because they're SUPPOSED to have a cooldown period. Besides those major issues there are hundreds of people who have paid over a thousand dollars on this game and the devs dont release any new content. They just recycle maps and call it new. Most of the outfits and wings are hideous and anything you want will cost minimum $300. Complete trash. There is also zero support, they take over a month to reply and say they didnt get your message. Literally the only thing this game has going for it is graphics and that's only on battle style and a few character designs. I expect way more for a pay to win game. Do not make the mistake I did of paying upwards of $1000. Dont spend more that $25. That's all it's worth. F u developers you suck. Edit: And I see you're response Linekong, there is no support ask anyone that plays. Zero support. You cant get help from any support. I have tried in-game support and email and have not gotten any help on issues I've had with the game. Once again zero support. You will not get an answer or results from support team. Look at their Facebook page and see everyone is unhappy. They only try to look good on Google play store so people will download and spend money. Power level caps around 2 million if you are lucky unless you reach vip15 which costs like 5000 dollars. This game is definitely pay to win. You can play for free but you must pay to win.
I really like the game, however, everytime I exit the game for a little while and go back, the game makes me re-log into my account, which is fine. What is not fine, is the fact that I have to hard close the game multiple times and re-enter, and keep clicking my account bind choice, sometimes being told to create a new character and start over, it also tells me multiple times that login has failed, for absolutely no reason. Makes me extremely frustrated.
SOOooo close! The story is a tad bland, but the rest of the game makes up for it. There's great graphics, Aesthetics, and control. except two things hold it back... 1. No camera control! You can't have fast moving challenging fights if most of the deaths will be cheap of screen attacks. Speaking of challenge... 2. TOO Easy. The character is so overpowered, I Auto ran the first 3 chapters. Could you let players chose difficulty levels and let the tutorials be OPTIONAL! It's so damn boring.
This game is a total TRASH. I just literally downloaded it minutes ago before I comment here and had to UNINSTALL it right away. I was playing the game and had to do something so I had to stay away from my phone. I had my phone screen lock turned on after 30 seconds of no activity and when I had to go back and play again, my phone screen was locked. Phone screen was unlocked and to my surprise, I was logged iut of the game already. Tried to login again but I was getting LOGIN FAILED error.
Not too bad I guess. Relatively generous with diamond rewards. Decent, but not the best graphics and I wish your clothing/armor changed appearance as you aquire the new stuff.
This app has been down for entire days multiple times this week. It has frequent log in issues and the game does not even reimburse you for lost time. I would be okay if they gave you the diamonds and exp missed for their mistake but they don't even offer an apology. Don't waste your money because you won't get to play enough for it to be worth it.
After playing for a few months, to be honest I've got very addicted to this game. DBL is the best MMO game I have ever played, no matter the game's picture or career. This game is not as crazy as other games, which Require you to recharge a lot of money nonstop. The best part in the game I think is the art and graphics, looks beautiful
This can't even save an account I made a account signing up with my gmail and 1 hours later I reinstall the this game my account was lost.
One input i have is where you log in at and go to the server where your account is ...they should also have it to where there's a list of allll the severs you have an account on just in case you forgot where you account is....I've gone through that problem so many time and had to make multiple account and lost progress
I dont understand one thing some players did something with tokens so now u removed tokens from wheel that is so unfair , i saved guild donations so that i can buy king kong pcs and recycle them to get tokens . For non vips like me we get mounts and outfits from wheel 😓now i really want to quit , we have a 50m player in my server becoz he did a bug and i am 3m so how do u thing i am supposed to fight him and i send u email but no reply . I dont want to be rude but seriously this game is bs.
I think that upgrading gear system is very unique in this game. You have to learn how to evolve the equipment, which gear attributes to choose. For instance, I play warrior tank, so my equipment is more likely to have some defensive attributes, however It is different for each class. Very interesting game!!
I would like it better if it there wasn't so much auto Play featured. It's so beautiful, so smooth, so much potential, but I'm looking at it saying, "but I want to play it" lol sure u can turn it off but with no map or quest direction indicators the only thing you can do it tap the quest and let it do it for you. Good job but I lose interest if I can't interact with it or use my brain.