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Day Off

Day Off for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by PONOS Corporation located at Nittochi Kyoto Bldg.,γ€€12-1 Tachiurihigashi-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto 600-8005 Japan. The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is so cool! The controls are fine, that's why i reached the last place in the game...i won't tell it so that im not being a spoiler to everyone..Im so thrilled with this game! it's so funny!! Hahaha!!..So here, 5 stars!!!
This game is incredibly fun and funny how the concept is getting a day off and the boss chases you is very funny but the reason why im rating 4 stars is because at one point the boss is just too fast and i wish i cod upgrade my chair but i cant i would love if there was an upgrade feature so the voss wouldnt be so overpowered
Gameplay is an interesting as therw is no front turn option. However , this leads to much annoyance and confusion in control. Basically, floppy controls. Overall the game ia well codes with no glitches yet and i think the developes did very well overall. Id love to see a front turn button but thats pretty much it :) thank you for taking like 5 seconds of your preicious time to read this.
I love PONOS games so much and this is one of the games that just makes me love them even more! Of course The Battle Cats is definitely their best game but this is still an amazing game especially for offline areas! I can play this at home or out at the park, no matter where I am! Just saying I love this game and you guys should at least try it!
Great game! but their are no upgrades wich is kind of nice because then you cant "beat" the game. but it doesnt work with arrow keys on a non touchscreen computer such as chromebook, if it became chromebook compatible 4-5 stars.
Really good time filler. I leave this review with the hope that a shop could be installed in the game for new chairs with different speed and handling and also upgrades! Thanks for another cool game
Finally a game, which makes our life alive again! Lovin' it! The chat is funny during the game and I like the backgrounds. Authentic. To control the wheelchair is hard, but on the other side that makes it exciting and special. Actually what is funny that my boss also plays this game and we like to compete who has the better "escape" :D. And kinda because of this I say: YOU GUYS SHOULD CREATE A MULTIPLAYER MODE!! It would be awesome! ((Another reason: it would also give you more downloadersπŸ˜‰))
Heaven, Awesome!!! You are awesome and you should update and when you pause you can text your boss and, depending on the message he will text you back and you should add power-ups that slow down your boss and speed you up, protect you, and stop time. You should also add helmets that protect your head and the strongest is Thor Helmet which is all those in ONE OBJECT!!! Happy graphics. Great time I love it, it just needs the above additions. Good Bye.
A simple game that encourages mastery without shoving your face into pace-killing text boxes. The ads don't get in the way at all. Great to just fire up and do a couple runs during downtime--it's easy to put down too, which is an uncommon mercy to find in a phone game. I don't remember if I paid for this, but it has given me so reliable a good time that I wouldn't mind if I'd paid $5 to $10.
why cant we roll forward? sometimes you cant even lean back fast enough or at all to right yourself. and your "Boss" will infinitely speed up to catch you. we can't even maintain a slight speed advantage against him? he has a flippin desk. he should be just slower than the player.
One of the best casual games I've ever played! Great physics, easy controls, and it's pretty hilarious watching your guy's head fall off when you fail.
It's a fun game overall and I like it, that's why it's 5 stars I do have a suggestion though. maybe you could adjust how fast the bosses chair is moving if you know what I mean by that or maybe we'll you know how there are little Ramps so you can get get boosts maybe you could adjust how high or low and the amount of ramps there are...sorry this was long thanks for reading though
The fact that sometimes, you can't land perfectly as there is no option to lean forward is sad. And the speed/distance counters are really off. Boss becomes too fast at the end
It is fun but the only problem is it is to easy to die. I been playing for 3 years now and it was killed time.
Ok so I love this game and it is honestly more time consuming than geo dash. I have a few suggestions, though. So maybe there could be more locations past heaven and you can track them in that book that... well... that tracks stuff. Also, maybe another boost past "super incredible"? Ok, anyway, this is a great game!
Great game. Fun to play when i have free time. I just wish there was two buttons to rotate left or right. Only being able to rotate one direction makes it pretty frustrating
Brilliant! 11/10! Works brilliantly, really funny, smooth gameplay. If you could add upgrades, more levels, more buttons or actually texting the boss that would be brilliant. Made my day! (Tip:play with bohemian rhapsody. Fits really well lol!)
This game is EXTREMELY fun. However, the game is not in fact possible. In order to make the game possible there'd need to be an upgrading system, and the boss needs to not be so damn fast! The boss's speed is impossible to outrun to the amount of bumps in the terrain, so either some of the bumps are made less extreme or some removed or the boss's speed gets lowered. Thanks for all the entertainment, great game! 😁
It is alsomeπŸ˜ƒ i love the words they say it is like a story make more like this example or should i joke eggsample "run kid"is when a kid is running way fo his parents because parents toke the phone.Well i liked the game alot.
Extremely enjoyable little game.. Great time killer and controls are quite simple. The only down side of this game is the lack of upgrading system and the impossible way to escape the boss, so, there's no happy ending after all?
A really fun little game. I agree with a lot of people and believe it would be even better with upgrades, levels, obstacles and maybe even a 'tilt forward' button as well. Looking forward to Day Off 2! Cheers!
Would give 5 stars but once you make it to Heaven level there's no more levels. Please add more because I've made it there twice now and the bar at the bottom becomes inaccurate with the person chasing you.
This game is SUPER INCREDIBLE!! It's fun, challenging and exciting! I think that there should be levels and challenge mode. There should also be a level editor too.
It's fun but hard and I love it so and 2 it has no ads try it and the best part is its free and it's hard to get far
I love the game I gave it 5* but I don't like the way the boss is able to flys so smoothly in the air by wen we try to fly we have to Leen at an angle which slows us down this game needs power ups.
It's a good game and a great time killer but to make it better add upgrades like getting a better chair that can go quicker I would reccomend getting it
I love this. The sound effects are nice, the boss is funny, and the gameplay is smooth and not laggy. I haven't seen a single ad yet.
This game isπŸ˜‡SUPER INCREDIBLE!!!!πŸ˜‡I love picturing my dad just running away from work on his office chair.I love the game cause my little brother can play with me cause their is no blood.We love it when our boss gets us and then all our body parts detach.My little brother simply loves it and so do I.
This game is very entertaining! The reason behind that is that you always try to beat your high score and it is FUN FUN FUN FUUUUN!
So so much fun it's the best .just one thing if you can change color I think it would improve the game.
This is a really good game, if you are going on a road trip I highly recommend this game! I downloded this with free wifi on a train. NOTE: There are no levels but they have different settings (backgrounds), I would preffer no levels too, this is a good platform game and you can do tricks! Its a non stop game!✌ *ADDICTING* (A bit)
Progressed through the game way too quickly. But please add more besides heaven! I love how the boss catched me in heaven lol. His desk just comes right in front, take a step in my office, deeeeeeeep breaths. πŸ˜‚ 430 million meters away he still wants me to go to work despite everything we've seen and been to. I love bosses like that. I wish they were in real life. alas my review has come to an end. So basically add more places and don't change the gameplay, except maybe an upgrade system? πŸ’—πŸ™πŸ‘Œ
This is a great game! The only thing wrong is the voices. I can't turn them off and they are very annoying. Please add in that feature in settings.
When you get past the ads it's one of the most ridiculous things you can do at work while wishing the a meteor hits the place so you actually can go home.
THIS IS AMAZING, VERY STRESS RELIEVING AND I AM NOW PLAYING THIS WHENEVER IM MAD, thanks PONOS! but, can you make it so there is power-ups? And it is amazing(again?!)because it has no ads!(even though it says it- the only ads on it is the ones you encounter on the side of the screen when you fail)
A fun, simple game to play when you're not feeling up to anything too complicated. Good controls, not too laggy, and I find it thoroughly enjoyable! Please extend the locations past 'Heaven' as it is too hard to judge my position compared to my boss's. Ideas: Outer Space, Centre of the Earth, The Future, Antarctica, Mariana Trench
Day Off is a good game, and you can play it for a while and it doesn't get bland, as it is kind of meant to fill in time. However, I do see how it is one of the 'hidden games of PONOS' because it is not meant to be grinded and it's just meant for filling in time. The reason that The Battle Cats outshines pretty much all of PONOS's other games is because it is meant to be ground. That means that more people will play it, meaning that it will outshine ones like Day Off. Still a good time-waster.
I've played this game before and I think it's a pretty good game. the controls are very simple and for the people who think "THE CONTROLS ARE BAD" or "THE CONTROLS ARE TOO HARD TO USE", learn how to do flips
Super SUPER boring. I downloaded and within a few minutes, I was already deleting. There should be power ups or specialties or something you can buy with in game coins. That should also be a thing. Coins would actually give the player a goal to achieve:Get coins. And CHALLENGES, get coins for finishing challenges. I'm not just suggesting this, doing it for the better of your game, this game has a lot of potential. It just needs a little nudge towards the right path.
Its fun, and addictive if it is your type of game, it takes a while to get used to the controls, but atill overall a great app
Lol the thing is a great time waster the boss is funny too but I wish you could reply to the boss not a complaint just kinda a thing ya know?anyway you should get this if like your going to travel or something to waste time but πŸ’― percent recommend also if you could ad upgrades too that would be awesome
Pretty fun, doesn't need internet either. Just wish there was more to it, like customization or challenges. Although I like it how it is now. Keep it up
I made it all the way to Heaven, and in the end, the boss still hit me, but that is ok, I made it over 3,000,000, but anywho, here is what I think, maybe you should add like more stuff like extra boosters, upgrades, and a bit more obstacles, that way it can be more fun, cuz for me it is just a little boring, it's a great concept but can be made better. Thank you
Great game bit doesnt deserve 5 stars due to its lack ofaking more levels after you het to heaven it just stops there why cant we have something like the end of a game!!!!πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜‘πŸ˜«πŸ˜«
It's great but I rated it 3 starts cuz the fast boss is lame. Why should we have a fast boss? Make him slower a bit! Also we need A new speed called "!!ULTRA INCREDIBLE!!" With the happiest emoji At the left and right of the ! Can you do it please? Thanks
This game is funny and fun! Like how they get propelled with rockets and how the bosses whole desk chases you and the random texts Now for things that maybe you could add on. Well I wish you could respond to the boss while driving I think that would just be funny in general Two maybe you could unlock different skins with coins you get from how long you were running away three maybe also the boss could also get a different skin. Four you could be able to change your own text picture that all
The inclusion of "hell" was hilarious! and also the artists rendition of the battle cats as a background! Overall, I think you should at least try it and see what you think (Though the "Cool" and "incredible" is slightly annoying).
I love it soooooooooooooooo much!!! You should add the main character to speak back to the boss and maybe make the boss smarter