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Dawnbringer for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Kiloo located at Kiloo Bรผlowsgade 68 8000 Aarhus C. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Moderate Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Awesome game, difficult and the struggle is good but, the game could be a little easy, when I attack it doesn't atleast slow down their movements when they take damage, but when they attack me I fall and it delays me a bit
The game is really good and it played very well in the beginning but now it really sucks for some reason when I swipe to party the character moves so slow please fix this at least give it a way to adjust swipping sensitivity or new control buttons or something
Overall good. It looks amazing and controls are excellent. Rendering not present on armour 4, so a bug or to iron out. Less linear equipment upgrade would be nice. This games is worth a download.
Really good story game zing bosses interesting armor and other stuff the graphics are ok but the rest Is amazing best android ๐ŸŽฎ the names of. Places are really good even fast travel
Nice, very cool games action would be nice to see an update on the story but no it's so old, very good to play with patience
I'm not happy. Downloaded it last month and every time I tried to pay it says the app has stopped working. Downloaded it again this month and same thing is happening.
It really suck i just finish downloaded it and i doesnt want to wait anymore bc it's vid really intriguing sooo..i just click open and then it just crash like CRASH BANDICOOT going crazy and suddenly i saw COC Hero (barbarians)it ewlly weird and i rec dont down this game thx
**UPDATE - This for PLAY PASS version** Played more - The PLAY PASS version gets annoying without in-app purchases. Drops/gold have to be rebalanced if we can't make purchases. Gameplay and graphics - great. Top quality. Combat system - fun but needs more depth. Like certain combos cast spells or effects. The directional system is necessary for blocking but it doesn't seem to matter besides that, disappointing. Movement is clunky, but there's an easy travel system. Overall very fun.
Very good game you can play for timepass but if u want long it is but as level of bosses increase you can't even predict from where the attack is coming
Oh c'mon! I was enjoying the hell outta this game. Theres a glitch where the upgraded armor turns completely white and theres no way to get rid of the glitch. Restarting doesn't work at all. Its permanently there. Its a massive shame because this game had a good crafting system, swipe combat, and area to explore and no paywalls or timers. I don't know if you'll ever update it again because it was back in 2016. If so then fix the armor glitch
Final review: Game was fun. By the time I started to learn movement patterns, I was already bored with this game and decided to uninstall it. Even towards the end parrying felt like guessing. Strong start, repetitive quests and gameplay led to an early uninstall.
Excellent game. Very addictive. Great storyline and not been able to not to play it. The good thing about the game is that there is no option to buy things to jump ahead in the game and you have to work to upgrade things and achieve objectives and go up levels. So if you want a game you can get invested in, a fighting and adventure game with a storyline and are willing to invest time in progressing then please download this game. You won't regret it!
Interesting and engaging. Controls are easy, perfect for touch screens, but the fights aren't easy and levelling takes time... All good fun
Dawnbringer is a good game that looks nostalgic. Graphics are the best and controls are amazing, but make a way to loot armors in (regular) chests like you loot a chest, there is an armor because it has 10% chance to be in chests. Also, please add a shop in The Sanctum where you could buy armors and swords and refresh after 24 hours. 100/10 will play.
Sorry but this doesn't work. Crashes when I enter the second door and see whatshisname. Looked promising but that's about it
I love the game, but when I upgraded to a new phone, my entire save was gone. I invested time and money in this game. Can you restore my data?
I saw my friends playing this game and i got interested so i downloaded it, but i'm dissapointed when the game keeps crashing at the same event. It keeps crashing at the starting point where you will enter the door to find the brother. I really hope i can play this game so pls fix this
It's a nice game until you have to upgrade your armour or helmet and you are left looking at a white blank
This game was good to start, the thing's what are a problem is it takes far too long to upgrade. Then it becomes boring, also nothing much happens, it's the same thing over and over. Nothing is different only the monsters get stronger. I like to play games with more action. It would be better if the monsters gave chase, instead of standing still. There is a lot of room for improvement. So for them reasons I am only giving Dawnbringer 2 stars.
It's a cool game and concept great graphics but the way you fight is rubbish swipe up/down side to side and left to right its ok for a bonus hit but you need a button so you can fight properly with your sword if you don't add this in a update you will lose out on a great number of players and definitely alot of 5* reviews
Graphics control may seems like disturbing some time and may game more interesting with adding different types of animals to fight which relates to our real world than it may be on Hit.
Graphics are stunning, and looks amazing. But then you realise that you : A) collect chests B) swipe left, right, up , down to attack C) level up makes no difference, as monsters do to
The game is at average level in my think There problem with this game. When I finished battle with the monster the exp. Point for example I got 42 exp. Point but at the exp. Bar it only increases by two point only. OMG! How many time I need to kill monster if it happen like that. Everything just fine before I am reach level 6 when I reached level 7 it started to be liked I said just now. Please developer, fix the problem. I know you want the best experience for your player.
Phenomenal... Old-school feel. Need save game so if one uninstall's the game and reinstall's, it will save progress.
It is good however there is no option to sell the extra shards for gold or resources. It would have been better to put a NPC as a shop keeper who buys and sells shards. You tend to lose interest after some time because of it . I normally finish the games.not sure I will do this one to end. I like the part whee you can upgrade the armour or weapon without losing it during the upgrade period.Also the free gold coins through watching...it doesn't work. I have yet to get an opportunity to do it.
The fighting is a really cool gimmick that makes you feel involved. It's fun. But when all you do is fight constantly through the long slog of the campaign, it isn't really enough after a while. It needs more mechanics to keep it fresh. It needs more NPCs to give the world import. In the end, what does it matter that one old man has a nice tower with his dead friends when he is the only human left on earth? It feels like a silly detour for a lost cause. It was very fun to play for a while
Bring more storyline into the game and also add another character to not feel lonenly in the game. Hope it helps
I think this is a very goood . Great graphics and smooth play . Thats important in a game. I also strongly recumend their other game that i have , called somthing blade, I forget cuz i;M STONED but it's AWSOME 2! Or should i say as Well.
Already completed everything in Act 1.......Even the graphics doesn't do it justice,the game is so awesome!........How can i get the Act 2 ๐Ÿ˜Š
The graphics are good but the game crashes any time a cut scene shows hence I'm not able to progress.And also I think the developers should add buttons for movement and actions instead of tap and swipe gestures.Oh! I'm really disappointed cause I feels with the graphics it could have been something great.
Finally. Balanced. Perfect package. Awestruck. Seriously. Seek n ye shall find. Counter moves. Damn guys. How? AI monsters attack r at random. Unpredictable. Good. Very good indeed. Never assumed such cute package to hold such dept. Lairs uff. Intense. Let me ponder more. Support is inevitable . No emphasis on pay to win or enjoy. But temptations may arise to spend to explore to end , fast. Um. why all costume appear kind off shining grey. Or its intended. This happened after few upgrades.
Ok things were great until I open the game today and find that for no reason whatsoever I've been sent back to the beginning after grinding my @$$ off to get anywhere. Finally get to a new area and now I'm screwed๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ 
this game is out of this world,love it and i am looking foword to seeing more of it and would like it if the open world gets bigger its kind of bouring having to go over same feilds over and over also can you add like a city with people and that also give mini missions as well i love seeing more people in games other than the main character any way i know you wount disapoint so thanks for one of the greatest games i ever played
Pretty incredible for a smartphone game. Im actually somewhat hooked and only played now for almost an hour, like a lite dark souls crossed with baldurs gate, and diablo!! Great stuff!!
I love this game; the controls are easily figured out and understood, the grapics are excellent game play and story line good. Would have given 5 stars but not everyone can afford to pay cash for gold!!! There needs to be more gold thats free or recieved after you defeat a creature, or something that way u r able to upgrade your equipment if that was fixed i would gladly give a 10 star rating!!! This is a MUST HAVE GAME try it and i swear you'll be hooked
Another game only repressed homosexuals find compelling. No settings to balance it, enforced touchscreen play. Action addicts may like it. Swipe to parry, swipe to strike, and lose 90% of the fights, even when you hit 5 times more often than the enemy. Zero character optimization. Good, when you like wings & swords.
I like the gameplay, the quests, and all. The only thing that's bothering me is the controls for moving around the map. I mean, wouldn't a joystick be more convenient? Anyway, overall, the game is good so far. Ads and purchases aren't annoying. So far so good.
Worst games i have ever encountered. Controls are garbage, Is there no such thing as test a game before release. Jesus people
This is a good game I really like the story and the game play I can't really say anything negative about it the only thing is if you want to make any real progress you have to spend real money . what gold they give you just isn't enough for the upgrades you need
Great game, but one thing i dont like is how the things to upgrade the character is expensive to buy.........at times it takes time for me to also use my wrath, and the health level is too small
This is pretty fun. I just wish it didn't have to be swipe controls. It's about patience and timing for sure. I like it. Might get 5 stars as long as no major glitches arise.
Best game exprience good Ghrapics is best story line is best animation is great love this game bosses are epic location is really ciol seriously this game is great love love love love this game so much
I have completed act 1 but where is 2 and 3 it was very nice game story also good and graphics omg.. but user should make the attact bottom othewise realy paining the hand when we attact the enemy. And i show in the graphics there is so many place to make ship waar in the ocean and cruss the ship from the sea in the graphics for the entertain and everywhere same enemy make the difrent anemy in the difrent place. thank you finaly i have gave already five star for this game coz i enjoyed..
Good game. Good upgrades. If there are more enemy varities and locations along with side quests it would still be a better game
The swipe mechanic is...unintuitive, especially in combat. Movement feels weird, especially as its so.... unrealistic to have to stop, look around and then tap again to move in any direction other than the one you were headed in before. The movement being lacklustre and the swipe mechanic not even REMOTELY making up for the lack of a d-pad really bring this game down. Graphically, it's great. Mechanically, it's atrocious.
There is a lot going on in this game. It could really use a tutorial. "tap to run. tap to stop." is the only instruction given.
I think the swipping screen to attack is rough on the touch screen tech. Also to parry should be done by hitting the button when a circle lights up, that block is availble,but you only have that split sec to do so. That would make the game a lot better. Gold is way too scarce. Its like working for Eboneiser Scrooge. Since success is all on gear and parry . Drops need To increase about 20%. Its a p2p for quick advance. No adds on screen. No hounding you for money. Combat needs a lot of work.
I complete whole game and in total i get 350 around gold... So basicaly its impossible buy 3rd potion if u free f2p user... ๐Ÿค” Sometimes cursed souls can drop 1 or 2 coins but looks like chanses around 5%... So this game not enjoyable at all with hard grind...
Really poorly balanced with the play pass version, after the first few upgrades it takes an age to gather the materials to progress. A very grindy and pretty basic game, can't recommend it.
Once you get used to the controls this game is awesome ๐Ÿ‘Œ ๐Ÿ‘ .....I love it.!.!.!.! ๐Ÿ‘‰ ๐Ÿ’˜ this game.!.! A bit on the easy side but I like it like that.....
The game is fun, though lacks but more sound into it and also it suddenly drops in performance after a while playing it. Player can sometimes get stuck and the toucht to move control is a bit annoying when you are near a wall.
Very nice graphics, good control,, I think I'm playing my psp3000. Nice sound nice play, I lve to play this game.
Okay, look. The game itself is pretty fun, but if you're going to strip out the in-app purchases for us Play Pass people then you need to rebalance the play pass version of the game so we are actually reasonably capable of keeping our gear at a good level without having to waste a week farming materials via the 8 hour chest. We paid for the privilege of getting quality games without the BS and being forced to play the game that simply disabled in-apps with no balancing is in fact BS.
I like the game, but the store access seems incredibly unstable (ie the button disappears), I've managed to use it twice since starting playing, not sure if it's some kind of anti piracy measure or a poor server somewhere but the game is incredibly slow without it.
What I noticed is the producers of the game have left it , it was last updated 2016 so the game is now glitching and the things are getting out of order
graphics are awesome not hard once you get the hang of it wonderful game.Been playing for a couple weeks now and still an awesome game hoping the map opens up more,need more green and blue items to break. When you go to dungeon green one's would be great still really enjoyable and not as easy as I first thought when you start ranking up gets harder
It is a very good game but you want to update because we have to tap to move and stop you want to give controls and sheild and attaks button
Best RPG game ever played, excellent graphic,nice story, different area for fighting but I have a problem related to the sound.suddenly the sound become silent, no sword sound,no game music plz fix it otherwise I loved this game due to its graphics, different swords, armour, helmets.
The game is great with very good graphics and the story line is interesting but the controls sometimes are not very accurate
The game audio always disssapear whenever I get notifications from other apps during gameplay and I need to restart the game in order to enable the audio again. Please fix these. And when I upgraded my helmet and armour to level 4 they both appeare blank it doesn't effect the gameplay but I hope this doesn't happen in further levels. The gameplay gets easily boring since there are not much new skills to aquire. It would be great if magic and other weapons are introduced overall good graphic and
It's a savage game but the fighting controls are hard to get used to other than that it's a good proper RPG game
Nice game...unveils the levels as it's played. Both strategy and Adventure. Not pay to win. Easy to learn and play. Only problem is that in "Glorious Mode" the attack is less effective and damaging as compared to normal attack. Fix it pls
I enjoy this game alot open world I like the fight style something new to me it's the best RPG I've played on Android you can also play offline if needed ๐Ÿ’ช
Has zero benefit to play pass players. All play pass does is trap you into free to play hell with ZERO leveling speed or benefit. Horrible false advertising. 0/10
Not for me control is really not good tap to walk and tap to stop no really parry is key in this game and can't get the parry to work graphics not bad game type is oky but not 100% what I hoped for so won't rate it bad
Started off fun and cool but dammit no matter how much you grind to level up your character and gear the monsters auto level higher than you are even though you spent several hours leveling up. Then the chests are stingy the potions are expensive so you get stuck at level 10. Kind of game that is more frustrating than fun.
This game is unpredictable !!! I never ever thought a game like THIS would be made ! With such great graphics ! The lost World in which we play is just so so so beautiful and relaxing , the opponents are also great to fight , the controls are also great and easy ! This game needs more updates cuz it's been lots of year no updates to this game and I have just installed this game and played for 3 minutes and I can tell this game is going to be perfect ! So install this game everyone and enjoy!!!!!
This is very good game. I have no words for this. I was looking for best RPG game and i found this. When I played it I enjoyed it. It's a very good game. Everything in this game is very beautiful. I like it so much. I have not played sure a game before. I request you to thank me for making such a great game and making this. Thank you.
Enemies have far far to much attack damage and health, also diagonal attacks are almost impossible to block.
This is a cool game but i have one thing that bothers me is when you are fighting bosses you can not seethe way they are attacking
Super fun but sometimes the mission are kind of repetitive,and one problem I face is that if a notification/message enters while i'm playing the game sound is gone and i have to restart the game if I want to play with sound...can you please fix that?other than that I enjoy it so much on top of that its an offline game...thank you
This game is good but the first boss is so hard to kill it has 900 life and I've been trying to kill it several times and i just died and died please have an update
Add dual wielding swords and a weapons merchant and a storage box and an item and weapon crafting table.
I Had Restored Two And a Half Knights To Their Thrones In The Throne Room Of The Tower. I Had Obtained Many, Many Shards & Equipment For The Main Character, "KASTOR." I Had Even Obtained The Opening Of The Portal To "WOODHALL. " I Had Eliminated Many "DEMONS" On The Way To Gaining This Position. But The Game Crashed For No Reason. But When Re - Starting The Game. I Found That I Had Lost Everything & I Mean Everything. The Issue Lies Not With My Phone. A "SAMSUNG GALAXY" NOTE 4. No! R H Fraser.
Thank You! Great game! Wasn't crazy about controling but got used to it! Cause you guys did a great job on making it work nice and smooth
Hey guys! It's been awesome since I've played this game days ago but now I got this problem here when I upgraded my armor and helm to level 4 it all turns into color white dunno why I hope you guys can fix this bug or something. So all in all, I have a great fun playing this RPG game makes me so addicted to it and also a great time killer! I hope also that the graphics would be more awesome next time just like the cinematic play in the start of the game (lol if that's gonna happen). Bye for now~
A very great RPG game! I'm lying if i say i don't love it! It's awesome! Only wish the game was more widerand they were more people in it! then it would even be more awesome! And my outfit turns colourless when i upgraded! Don't like that! But other than that , it's great! Good graphics, good story, good everything! It's one of the best.
Try this game! The fighting is similar to Blood and Glory 1&2 and like Death Dome but not as limited because it's open world. The fighting csn lag for a second but it's still fun.
If you dont have perfect timing you will spend all your time making health potion and in return you never have enough coins to upgrade equipment without spending a un reasonable amount of real money.
It's a fun game, but my god does it get repetitive fast. Kill some things, break some crates, kill some things, repeat. You fight the same monsters over and over, and with larger and larger health pools... It gets old.
Nice looking and nice music, but controls suck! Can't even just walk or move..sad,seems like a nice game..seriously, it's impossible to control
Way too hard, I get wrecked by the second enemy constantly. Seriously the parrying mechanics don't work. This game is basically a bad Infinity Blade clone.
Keep a me busy in the meantime. I like the gameplay. Feels more in the lines of a pso2 game and graphics are not half bad.
Played it before. Now I'm back Great game, awesome graphics and sweet storyline. But after act one what's next?
Have finished the game, Act 1 completed. What's next..??? Couldn't find any way to go futher Interesting game but tasks are repetitive and boring, no difference. Anyone know, let me know how to go ahead There is nothing now to play anymore as I have done with Act 1 Revert back
Love this game. Good story line. graphics great. Only issue is when i tried to buy x2 exp and 100 gold it took my money but didn't give me my items. Still gonna play,just won't spend no more till it's made right.
I would like to give this game a five star rating but when I finished all the quests and completed the relics and defeated Xariel, I didn't receive the blessing of the earthlords and it said that Act one is completed but there is no more quest that arrived, it felt like kind a dissapointing. Is there an update or something for the story to continue? I really finished the relic quest for the blessing but I didn't received it and there was no more quest. Please give notice to my querry.
Awesome Game, really great graphics. Would have been better to have a joystick for movement, but can't complain either. Really love it. The concept of combat in the game is appreciable as well. I am enjoying every moment of the game. Thank you.!!!!!!!!!!
In a nostalgic point, I feel like I'm playing a PS2 game. Which is pretty cool. The controls could be a bit more refined, and the in-app purchases drastically need a fixing. The armor upgrades could use some refinement on the skins because some of them glitch out and are vanilla render instead of having the color and effects they are supposed to have. It is challenging, and pretty innovative for mobile spec play. Despite the kinks, Its definitely worth a download.