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Dawn of the Breakers <Action Game>

Dawn of the Breakers <Action Game> for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by CyberStep, Inc. located at 東京都杉並区和泉1丁目22-19 朝日生命代田橋ビル4階. The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Fantasy Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Keen to play from cyberstep inc, i hoped it is the better version of getamped. But its not... crazy rewards, they are very generous. Its like Gacha games. Still fun to play, but not the same action packed as getamped used to be though.
The only thing that needs to be fixed is the error/bug/glitch where you can't even enter the app. That is all
I would play this game on the switch for hours and hours. Its one of the best games yet. Now I have a moblie device and want to play it with the data I already have on the switch without having to start all over. I can't seem to figure out how though. :(
I tried to get back on this game with the Wi-Fi connection, to let it download, but it keep saying that the connection didn't go through and telling me to "retry" it. I kept hitting the retry button, nothing happens. Please fix it.
I like cybersteps games, they are good with their fast paced games like get amped and cosmicbreak, onigiri is good too if not for the competition with pso2 when it launched. the character art of wakaba is amazingly attractive, he is like the face of cybersteps. they are the first publisher that introduce gacha based hero collecting game to me. I played cosmicbreak the longest and cosmicleague too when it was still alive, my only problem is their management of the previous games, like the game balance, power creep, pay to win, lag issues, etc. as for now I'm not seeing these issues yet and although i didn't play getamped that much, I am currently i'm enjoying this game I hope i can link my google account to my steam account soon because right now it's not yet available, I prefer to play it on pc. the controls on mobile is a little more complicated than the steam version so if they can fix that, it would be nice. also, one of my mobile phones is not working with this but it doesn't tell you when your phone is not compatible with the game and if possible i also want a reboot of cosmicbreak or cosmicleague in steam
I seriously do not know why this game makes me so happy... I love the story and the combat is so cute. 100% an A+ of a game.
Love CS and their lov for anything me based games coming from closed alpha and beta this game has really improved and gotten better i cqn at least play on my phone and blue stacks longer then 25 minuets now
this game is good but you might wanna fix a little on the auto target on the enemys sometimes even they are in front i cant hit them and you put to much power on the stages now than last time thats all i can say but great game
I absolutely adore this game. Yes, people have different tastes and games like this isn't for everyone, but I am a fan of it. I honestly like the simple gameplay, the corny yet funny stories, constant updates with limited events, and the casual gameplay that I don't have to stress about. Additionally, the voice actors that voice some of the lines are amazing and I always yearn for more. Real people behind these characters and the developers put a lot of time and work into this game. Thank you.
At first this game is look great but when i play arena it's so worse. my connection speed is low, when i fight other player in arena they move so freaking fast. no matter what hero u have it useless. i will uninstall my game.
It's not too bad, this game is fairly decent, the touch controls are quite accurate & the visuals look nice, I also like the Monopoly board reference when entering a quest which looks neat but I do wish to see more expansion on the game settings where I can change the games display in full HD but this is the kind of ARPG that's somehow overlooked & I do recommend it.🙂👍
Controls take getting used too but the game is obviously made with care and been playing for about 30 minutes and have not even been able to find the premium shop, nor have there been any prompts to buy packages which is really bizarre given the climate of this years releases (largely) thus far. Like 6 different daily log in campaigns, free ten pull after mission one (rather, they give you the currency equivalent of a ten pull to use at your discretion) This is fantastic so far, will update
It's an average game, but it's not going to get any higher than that unless Cyberstep tries to pull in larger audiences besides younger kids. I'm still pretty sad they shut down development on Cosmic League/Cosmic Break 2. But I'm glad they decide to push all of their gacha nonsense to mobile instead of making more PC games. My suggestion would be to make a really good gacha game that's not that's not themed so cutesy without the bright colors.
I make a new account and then try to link it to my twitter. But then suddenly I got access to someone account with a lot of SR. It's great for me, at least that's what I thought. Now I don't know what to do, I don't know any of the game mechanics and because I have account with a lot of SR, I don't feel to play anymore.
[ WE NEED MORE PLAYERS FOR RANKED MODE ] Incredible. Why hasnt this ever shown up in my suggested lists before?! This is without question the best pvp game I've actually ever played in my life and ive been a hardcore borderline mlg level pvp, mmo, and fps gamer on both pc and mobile devices for over 13 years now. The one and only issue it has is being launched 3 months ago, we still have almost no player base for ranked matchmaking 🥺 need more fans plz
was liking the game a lot until the game would NOT lete summon!!! every part of the game works fine but when i go to summon i click the summon button and it does absolutely nothing! i tried all the banners and waited a minute after i hit the summin to make sure it wasnt delayed or something. sorry but your game is just trash!
The additional game data that needs to be downloaded after opening the app for the first time takes FOREVER to download. It's weird since my connection is fine for other stuff.
please help game crashes every time i get to the choose a name screen then after i hit okay it goes to black screen and crashes help cyberstep I love onigiri and would love to play this game as Well
I had played GetAmped and GetAmpedWorld from when I'm still young , but the both of it had closed after the long 11 years . It's made my heart hurt a lot . Truly for so long I had enjoy myself , but in the end , I feel shock ! This game is the only thing made me had back some good memories about a lot of Accessories , but lost of weapons and everything else . But what can I do now , it just a mobile game , cannot as much details like the PC game . 5 stars for my sweet golden memories !
Great japanese gacha hero game, with a good main and event stories. Gacha system needs a bit tweaking though, the odds to pull an SR are somewhat low, though there aren't that many of them as other two ranks. Combat's simple and easy to get- auto option doesn't hinder but help instead, since not everything is on auto. The heroes aren't overly sexualized and mostly equally male or female, unlike in most gacha games, which is refreshing. Don't know why this game isn't more popular.
the only flaw is the touch controls. too unresponsive and requires you to slide you to slide at least 3 fingers across your screen. please make an optional buttion layout for this. that would be so much better and easy on the hands
The defend mechanism is useless since i need to hold attack button to do it, which is slow, which got be beat up by others before i can do anything.
Great game, glad it made it's way to the phones. Controls are a bit weird, but will get use to it. A must play.
Cute chibi characters with average at best hack and slash combat. Has pretty much every phone game hack and slash trope you can think of. Most baffling of all though? Is how for some reason the game will ONLY work on a WiFi connection and won't use phone data. A design choice like that in 2020? Makes zero sense and only hurts the game
Its would be better if you added a chat for the phone and the switch version! The game would be funner if you had that ! And also, pls more hololive crossover:)
Very great game I will admit but I really wanted trading. My friend and I want to trade heros because we both have a hero we want that the other person has. And if they do add trading, make it so we can trade SR heros!!!
I feel like the only way you're gonna like this over some other game is if you enjoyed GetAmped2. Other than that, it doesn't bring much to the table, but it does have plenty of room to grow and improve. Anyway, knowing CyberStep, that won't happen very soon, if at all.
i really like this game i have on the nentendo switch but I just came up with the idea to get this on my phone but i go to download resources but when its done downloading it just stays at the home screen and doesn't go anywhere what's going on
I played this for the switch and it was fantastic. Its not perfect in the map but the gameplay makes up for that. Now I'm ready to try this game for the mobile as well. P.S this game if full of waifu potiential if you need to know this. ;-)
Clunky controls to say the least, expected auto to be worse but it's useless. Free gacha rolls? Pointless when the rates are abysmal, and what units you pull are actual garbage. I've upgraded everything I can, used every item I can manage meanwhile I'm still stuck. Feels impossible to progress further without days and days of daily events, or straight up paying for bundles, which cost an arm.. maybe just a couple fingers. (Over 40x pulls and not one SR, dont waste your time the rates are a lie)
As someone who originally played the Steam version of this game, this is basically the same experience: a really fun beat-em up where you can play as a dude with a giant drill hammer. I enjoy the game a lot, but since the Steam version can't connect to this version, I can't transfer my data over, so I'm stuck at the beginning of the game. Aside from other minor issues, like the unbalanced matchmaking in Ranked Matches, this game's a really enjoyable experience, and I'd suggest you give it a try!
It's a good game but touch controls just are not for me so I play it on the Nintendo Switch cause like using the controller I do like that mobile and Switch can add each other 😊 Edit: tried the new Virtual Gamepad and it's a little better I like it good job :)
i love the game but i gave it a four cause theres no trading it would be a great addition to the game.
it won't really matter on which console it is as it feels oversaturated from the start it doesn't even hype you up or even tries to keep you on the game it says it's a action game this is just a shonen brought to gacha games in all honesty it doesn't feel like a game AT ALL
It's pretty fun, didn't even know this game was on mobile until I just came across it. The first time I played this game was on the switch and I love it, I'm surprised I haven't seen any advertisements for this game, would definitely recommend to others
game is awesome but it seems can't play this on android tablet now I can't get on any system or phone it says connection issue the problem is not connection cause if it was i wouldn't be able to talk now