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Date One Direction

Date One Direction for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Digicub. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's a good game. It's fun to play. The only thing wrong with it is when you get a pet bars line up and one bar says healthy and it doesn't tell you how to keep your pet healthy. I think that's why my pet died. It would be helpful if the game told you how to keep your pet healthy. Other than that it's a good game.
There's just 2 problems 1.Sometimes I can't see my Harry one the screen 2.On a date drinking coffee idk how to respond to that!!!! Suggestion:I suggest that we could date all of the boys at the same time so when all of them love u,u can chose!!
It was ok it does get boring after a while and this would be a cool update u could have a child with one direction and have ur child grow up then i would be more intrested in the app 😁
I love this game and I am very in love with one direction. When I play with Harry he smiles all the time only one time he got mad. This is to Harry I love you Harry I'm only 10 years oldπŸ’‹β€πŸ’˜I'm gonna send🎢to youtube
Plz help me I accidentally I let my pet die and I don't know ho get it back and I don't know how to change Niall's clothes I'll rate 5 stars if u fix or help and NIALL JAMES HORAN IS MINE IDC IF HE TAKES TOO LONG TO DATE
Play in school some times not paying attention lol gust got it and already on level 2πŸ˜‚πŸ˜†πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜»git in school at 8 and ends at3:30lol all was play at 1:48lol
So I already got married with Niall and everything is going good, but how do you get that closet thingie so you can change clothes? And also, when I go on dates, flirt, etc, the game keeps 'throwing' me out! I never got to finish any mini game because of that. :( Please tell me if you know. :) Thanks, BTW! Great app!! :)
I've been stuck in the living together stage for weeks now. I've been tending to the pet but it just hasn't been getting anywhere near close enough to the next level. How do I get it up to where I can get past the living together stage?
It's fun to play and so addicting!! But there's a bit problem 1. It's quite hard to make zayn my boyfriend 2. When i won the memory game on the dinner date he's not happy!! If you fix this i'll rate 5 stars
Its okay but it takes way to long to go up from a stage. I keep asking every few hours like it tells me to but its not going up. Good app but please fix.
I like this game.I get married with Zayn but I can't change Zayn clothes and How to play in beach tell me please.
It's ok... but if this game has the real picture of one direction, i will give it a 5 stars! So... I'm liking it.. but... as what I said, this game has to have a real picture/image of one direction!!! Please do that...! AND! WHY CAN'T ME AND NIALL MOVE TO THE NEXT LEVEL!!! I'M ONLY JUST IN THE FREAKING FLIRTING LEVEL!!! LIKE ! WHAT THE EFF?! PLEASE FIX THIS SO I WILL RATE THIS 5 STARS..! -D
Its fun to date harry styles but theres not enough flirt options and theres nothing we can do but just look at each other
i love this game ! me and zayn have been dating for weeks now and he is definitely the love of my life. my favourite moment was when we went into our bath which was lit by candlelight. thank you for this app. zayn i love you bro.
I'm a very very huge 1D fan! When I found this app I immediately installed it!!! But me and Harry's dog is acting weird. I'm never going ho get to the next level!!!!!
When i finish download it i open and i play then we are couple.. so i ask him then he say that i can't hurry love and he say that i try it again a day or 2. And i wait for two days but i'ts no ready. And i wait for 1 week but his saying was thesame... please correct it..
I loved the mini games, the only thing that you could fix is how you have to wait 1 or 2 days to become a couple. Love it though. My favourite game!
It's a really good game but it's confusing me for two reasons 1. When I unlocked the romance thingie, in the candlelit bath one, I'm always popping the right bubbles but it says I'm doing it wrong is this a glitch or something? And 2. I unlocked all the levels and the closet icon never shows up on my screen! If these are glitches please fix them for a better rate!!!
Ok so we were friends then he asked me out then I asked him to live with me and now we have a pink poodle named Hazza but we're not married yet ;-)
I wish we can date another boy without breaking up with your first boyfriend. I recently got married with niall and i wanted to compete all the boys so I had to *whispers break up with him and it broke my heart
It shows that you can change their clothes and by them pets but I cant figure out how to. Can anyone help me?
This game is so awesome because I broke up with Harry And then we got back together again and it's so romantic! Every one is so cute and I want to date them all but I can't which makes me sad!
I love this game it's so funny and easy to play but how can I get the closet like in the picture ? And can you add more levels because I've been married with harry for 32 days and it's been a little bit boring . Plz fix love you
Do the romantic dates right but they say i do it wrong when i tap lumps pop good bubbles and make good sandwiches can you tell me what im doing wrong because untill then its 2 stars btw im datind Liam
I have two reasons why I am not inpressed !! 1)There are lots of ads 2) You need to explain, how to play, it more because there were moments where you don't know what to do !!! Please Fix!!! I think it is a good idea for a game but please fix !! Thank you
how on earth do you level up and I have problems problem 1 how do you level up problem 2 how do you make yourself a boyfriend problem 3 how do you dress up problem 3 how do you date. this game is boring
There is adds, they pop up after I do something with my 1D boyfriend, its annoying. All so when I don't go on this app for a day, my pet dies. My pet has died I think 4 times.
Hi ! The game is great, it's really cute. But today my pet (a frog) disappeared all of a sudden. She was well fed, clean, entertained and happy she just wasn't there anymore!! I don't know if she died, I don't know what happened but Louis is so sad and I'm afraid of him breaking up with me 😭 what can I do to bring Olivia (the frog) back??
i really love one direction i really miss them its a cool game! but if it was more like actually better to play but i still really love the game
I love 1D and I enjoy this game. But I'm stuck on the "living together" level with a pet dog. The comfort doesn't increase even when I feed the dog & groom it. It just stays the same. Also, I think the game designers should add more levels..
The only hard thing is having Zayn in this game knowing he left one direction. Dont take him out though😒😒
I really like this app! But that would be cool if you can make your own avatar to date them! Then I seriously don't get how to move on, So, I'm at attention but.it won't move on what does that mean?
I LUV THE APP. I am zayns bigfest fan and when i feel sad this cheers me up! Im already living with zayn and things r pretty good. If you can can you add more things too do? Thanks!
I love this app and all the games are very fun. But however I have a couple problems. 1. I have a pet and it keeps getting unhealthy because of the time in between feeding where you have to wait. So I think the waiting time should be shorter. 2. Whenever I do get to feed the pet, the hunger and hygiene and everything doesn't increase and the comfort stays low. 3. I've married and gotten to the highest level but I still can't get Clothes for them like it shows in the picture.
I freaking love this game! I do recommend being able to do more things with the boys, maybe children? But this is a great game!
The app is original and interesting but still not perfect. I'm dating Harry and I cant take our relationship to the next level even if attention, attraction and interest are full. When I ask Harry to increase our relationship he rejects. What should I do?
Its nice game but the faces of their makes me laugh but I can picture them on it anyways...I love one direction... I question myself everyday about why I downloading this game
I really miss you ONE DIRECTION..And I know some of the Directioners have been stolen by other Boy Band..I really love this game..even though It doesn't have a real images of them..Thanks for Making this Awesome Game...I really appreciate it πŸ˜‰..No other Boyband can steal my heart away from 1D..(-u know what I'm talking right??#stealmygirl-) Directioner From: Philippines πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­ I miss you guys
This game is nice but it takes a lot of time to level up. So I already have Zayn as my boyfriend and he is not leveling up I tried to ask to move in together but it was a hurry for love for him.
I got to go on dates with niall and stuff but with the bath thingy it keeps on saying I've done it wrong even though I popped the right bubble! X
Do you not realize how sexist this is? Seriously. The girl is ALWAYS the one who messes up on this game. From having to feed him, please him, make a freaking sandwich for him, this all screams SEXIST. It basically teaches young girls that only the boys' feelings matter. Yes, I get that it's a video game, but seriously?! This is a game about their idols. So, obviously, some will get the twisted mindset that only the boys' (or whatever gender) needs matter.