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Is a Racing game developed by Dan Vogt. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Racing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love this app! The physics make it challenging and the story line is fun to follow. The whole premise satisfies my inner nerd. The only thing I would ask the developer to change is the Crossroads level. I love doing loops around that track, I just wish it wouldn't kick me out as soon as I complete a circuit under 12 seconds. Let me keep doing laps on that track and this app is perfect. Great job Data Wing team! #yolofleek
If you want a short, but perfect game, this is it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with anything, and it takes 1-2 hours to complete, and the ending is amazing. Sadly, I don't think there are going to be anymore levels to this game, because the storyline is completely finished. Speaking of, the storyline is the best part of this game. To that person, thank you so much for this experience. I wish to see a part 2 with some completely different main characters except some.
I absolutely love this game all thats wrong is there is not enough levels or just add a difficulty setting so that you can choose easy normal hard and maybe ultimate difficulty that whould be great or you can just add a map creator thx=)
This game is amazing and very fun. This is a game that has a good story with some humor in it. But the gameplay is so fun and it'll take up your time before our know it. The levels are challenging (for me) but not too hard to the point where you can't even pass them. The controls are also amazing, they're so easy to use and get used to. Overall this game is very well-balanced with a good story and gameplay. (The graphics are amazing as well)
this is one of the best games that i have installed. this game has a lot of humour. and to note, less ads! the dev does put a lot of thought and love into making this game. i like the aesthetic that the game puts out. very recommended!
One of the best, if not THE best racing game I've ever played. The controls are simple, and the game is easy to pick up but hard to master. The aesthetics are on point, and the vaporwave soundtrack is absolutely delightful. The story is nothing too special, but the dialogue is funny and light-hearted. Overall, this is a fantastic game in pretty much every aspect.
Brilliant game. Simple but clean and enticing aesthetics. Seems like a simple idea, but becomes complex and just tricky enough to keep you wanting to get that little bit more perfect to hit that last goal. A beaut game all around, nice little dual story, peaceful feel with a bit of pressure, clean looks, and addicting gameplay.
Not my kind of game, but the look impress me and I decided to give it a try. No ads, no weird permissions, wotks offline, free, minimalist design and a great sense of humor. Perfect in every way! Congrats to the developer. (Wish it was a turn based game somehow - instead of a skill game, but that's just my personal taste). Keep it up.
When I first downloaded it, I thought it was just a space music game..but when I started playing I was shocked. I don't write reviews much but what I'm saying is true,the graphics simple but yet amazing controls? Once you get the hang of it, it's pretty fun. And the story is mmmmmperfect.
I love the game! But im having a hard time to control the data wing. Overall it is an awesome game i recommend it! (Sorry if my english is bad it is not my first language)
Awesome game! No ads, good soundtrack, and easy to learn, but difficult to master mechanics. Other reviews saying that the display is offset don't realize that it is a stylistic choice or are just looking for one thing the game has wrong.
Story :incredible! Gameplay:fantastic! All in all, I think this is one of the best games! I would really like part 2. Where maybe data wing gets transferred to a supercomputer with a new mother.
Omg. I can easily say this my favourite android game. The controls are simple, but the gameplay is hard, skilled. The design is beautiful, the soundtrack and the sound design are amazing. I'm jealous of who created this game. This is the game I've been wanting to create. Definitely should have a sequel and please some multiplayer. I could spend hours competing to make the best time in a level.
Great game, great and complex storyline, great characters, I simply love it. The experience is so wholesome. There is no pressure to do perfect in the levels, so gameplay is relaxed and nice. Plus no ads! This is awesome
The game itself is phenomenal Its got a great story,the gameplay is fun,the levels aren't repetitive But I think it's got more possibilities than just momentum physics, like using thrusters to destroy environment, having some sort of attack mechanism,making the ghosts of your previous attempts or other data wings affect you,or really anything that fits with the concept of a mode of data transport. The mechanics could go deeper is what I'm saying E:I downloaded again,played again,and still gr8!!
It's a wonderful game I only wish there was a way to spend the gems...like get different colors for your data wing or like a power up to take away the gravity for like 10 seconds or a power up to brake a wall or something... Still I love the game just the same!
So I played through the game, which is frustrating at times and genuinely heart warming at others. And I noticed some people talking about paid good reviews. Let me tell you. I hated some of the optional objectives. But beyond those, I can honestly and truly say that I lived the gameplay. I loved the story. And I want to see more of this. The graphics are very much my style, as is the story. The gameplay is less so, but I loved it anyway. It's fantastic game and definitely worth your time!
Just got an s10 and wanted to try mobile gaming for the first time and so far this one has kept me the most entertained. I like that the main method of movement is to drift. Which appeals to my car enthusiasm. Solid sounds and visuals. I wish I could get thr menu click sounds to work on my phone all the time, they sound so cool! Great game!
I live this game so much the characters and the storyline are amazing I like the little face you meet at the beginning and how their a robot but they also have a goal and have feelings even though they can't. Thus game really wasn't what I expected and I love it.
Ok this game is amazing. It has an incredible story and the art is also great. It is challenging but not impossible to beat so I would reccomend it. I also think that a level builder would make this game better. Most of the complaints are from people who don't understand the controls which is stupid since the controls are fine. Someone in the reviews also said most 5 stars are paid but I don't think the developers have enough time or money to pay over 200k people to write reviews for them lol.
The gameplay is addicting and has a story that you want to keep following. The gamellay is a little short, and the graphics are amazing yet simple. Great game. its a good game if you jus want something simple yet amazing.
This is not just an amazing racing game, but also has an amazing story to it. Through all the secrets worth collecting, and the way the characters behave, it is an amazing creation. Would extremely reccomended installing.
I thought this would just be a game to pass the time while sitting in the waiting room. Its way better than i expected. "Mother" makes me laugh with everything she says. And the gameplay takes a little practice but once you get thw hang of it, its really fun. And the game acually has a story line 😄
I have no words. Everything was amazing! Graphics, story, even gameplay. Honestly, the ending made me shed a tear. I won't spoil, for obvious reasons. All I'll say: Not your average mobile game. More people NEED to know about this game. I will say though, the gravity levels were a LITTLE annoying.
AMAZING GAME!! It's fun and addicting, for the people who think this game is to hard, maybe your to young for the game. This game has no ads. (At least what I experienced ) I was wondering if you could add, to make our own levels, and change the gravity when creating our level. The reason I'm suggesting this is because I feel like this game should be able to have it. Great game 100 percent recommend. Also to those people who think this game is dumb or too hard go find a new one!!
This thing is THE best. You don't come across such gems on the Play Store often! I'm in the first half of it and really trying not to rush it, since it's pretty short, but it's already my favorite mobile game of the entire year. 11/10. Only thing that could be improved is the lenght, but sometimes it's not good to make games' stories longer forcefully, so it's understandable. Thank you so much for DATA WING Dan!
Should honestly be a paid game. One or two euros would be more than acceptable for a game that has a lot of personality, offers a good challenge and is overall quite fun. Do yourself a favour and play this gem. Don't let the fact that it's free fool you, it has a story, it has somewhat varied levels and it's all very polished. My thanks go to the developer, your generosity was very much appreciated ♥️
Really cool game, awesome music, great graphics and nearly no issues in my eyes! Aesthetics of the game are truly awesome, CRT scanlines and graphic effects. Game is challenging and that's a good thing. And I'm definetly gonna buy that merch!
Its an amazing game, I never thought that I would enjoy playing a mobile game this much, physics are amazing, I haven't seen any bugs so far,tnemechanics and controls are really easy to learn. If I would want anything fro this game it would either be being able to play online with other people or to be able to make your own levels.
This game was soooo much nice that I can't express you in words.. The game was not only smooth but so smooth graphics and a relaxing background music... It is not only for playing but we can understand the binary concept also. This game is excellent... I had played many games but not played a game like this.. This is the best game ever I had played.... At all I would like to say that download this game and share as much as you can.... Thank you.
The game is very good and I think the story add the cool feature. The game is also difficult enough to be very interesting and makes you stay very concentrate. The only bad thing is that the story isn't very long (I finished the game in 1h and 15 min)
I just finished the game and I had to rate this. I have never rated a game before but I had to tell everyone how great the game is. No bugs, glitches, ads, or lies. There is a perfect plot with an addicting game style. This was one of my favorite games and I'm sad it's over. 😭
Love this game. It's full of different things to do in each level (slide across walls, gravity can change, things that move you and more) it's a very good game
This game encourages learning the in and outs of the great piloting system they have created. It's also very funny sometimes and the plot is simple and straightforward, which is good! And the difficulty is perfect and all entirely optional, it's based on how much effort you want to put into this game, so play it. Ps.: the soundtrack is also really good.
One of the only "ACTUAL" games on google play all the others are garbage trash filler games but this has story and plot and actual decent game play compared to other games on this platform. I love the game and will continue playing it. I would reccomend.
When I first downloaded the game, I didn't know what to expect from it. To be honest, it surprised me, because how can a game about a triangle have a heartbreaking storyline with multiple characters? The controls are also easy to get used to and the levels offer quite a challenge sometimes. This is one of my favourite games up to date and I would definitely recommend this
OMG, those of you that think these controls are weird and really bad, I just want you to search up these games: 'Getaway 2', Smashy Cars (1and 2), Jet escape, police pursuit, and Paperplane.io. ALL of those game have the exact same controls and they have millions of downloads, so before you criticize a well known movement script, actually play the game. Most of you saying the game is garbage haven't even played the whole game. Not only that but this game requires skill, using momentum and speed.
A wonderful and original story. There are multimillion companies making multimillion game projects that havent intrigued me as much as this. The visuals fit the setting very well, not to mention the score! I usually dont write reviews unless a game makes me hate it. This is one of my exceptions, a great game without filthy intrusive ads or "privacy policy"(data theft lol). All the best to the devs!!! :)!
I've played for a long time, trying to get a world record and the short maps. Its very addicting and rewarding. I only wish there were more levels / a second game. Also, if you click the star outside the last section of the map, you lose gems... so is it possible to get rid of all my gems? The game gives us like 10^18 gems... if so, is it an Easter egg?
This game is AMAZING!! I had no ads no anything. This was such a fun little game to play. This game is definitely for people that like hard games and challenges in general. I love this app I recommend it 100%.
This might be the only time I've ever written a review for a mobile game. Its also the only time I've 100%'d a mobile game. The game shows the beauty in minimalism. Simple mechanics working Perfectly. Easy to understand challenges that sre srill emgaging. The visuals while technically basic, are enthralling. The multi layered story is delivered in an extremely blunt and lowkey way, with bonus story rewarded for good gameplay, but still genuinely had me tearing up at points. TL;DR: Play it.
A lot of these reviews focus on the game itself, not the storyline. I think the BEST part of this game is the story. It's not crazy complicated but I was really excited to keep finding out the story through the lil data files, and I like the characters a lot! Sure this game is a bit hard, but the story makes it all worth it. I recommend it wholeheartedly! I hope the dev releases more of these kinds of games. ◕ᴗ◕✿
OMG!!!!! This was one of those games which stays with you for a long time!!!! Guys please don't listen to those critical reviews they haven't even played it and understood what's going on. The Data Wing is one of the best track games or racing in bits which is immersive in itself. Last level was soooooo good. The people giving critical reviews are demotivated because of the difficulty and this game isn't for The "I give up" types of people.🤣🤣🤣. Mother's orders were fun.
The story is incredible 10/10, the controls are kinda meh, but the controls are what makes it hard 9/10, and the sound track is incredible 10/10. I've seen many critical reviews saying that the controls are terrible and they uninstalled the game, but in my opinion the controls make the game unique and challenging.
Possibly the single best game I have ever downloaded off of the app store. Aunique concept, executed well with pleasing graphics and an amazing sound track. My only qualm is that it is not longer, however it gave me a throughly enjoyable afternoon as I'm sure it will to any user
Awesome, the story is attention grabbing, the gameplay is addictive, and over all a well made game. Thanks for making this. May you get Five stars.
The game is short, it's like you're playing a short story. The story is good and you will feel engaged in it. It's apparent a lot of thought was put into fitting the story to specific levels that you feel the game is actually interacting to your actions. Spoiler: Near the end, I'd like to be able to choose to help mother or the malware.. maybe this way the game can have two outcomes instead of forcing one ;) Kudos to the developer ✌️✌️
Phenomenal overall experience-honestly i dont know why this game is free heh. Ive had this game in my wishlist for like-2 years maybe? Then i finally got around to playing it and good GOD The UI? The effects? The story?? The minimalistic but effective art?? Plus on top of all that I'm actually in game design and the coding effort that mustve went into this??? Im going to buy a shirt to support you jesus christ man A++
The game starts as a regular example of hyper casual genre. But after a while, the story kicks in and it lures you to play more and more. There haven't been a game deserved 5 stars that much for a long while. (Note: You should really need to read journals. They make the story even more exciting.)
Maybe the storyline is short for some people, but it's very well done and entertaining, taking you through a different aspect of our life with technology،with various easter eggs and entertaining dialogues. for the gameplay part, it gets a bit repetitive but it's fantastic, physics are on point, some unexpected stuff might happen during your levels which makes it feel like you're in a journey and you have to adapt to the conditions. No ads/purchases, just a project driven by passion!
Not my kind of game, but the look impress me and I decided to give it a try. No ads, no weird permissions, works offline, free, minimalist design and a great sense of humor. Perfect in every way! Congrats to the developer. (Wish it was a turn based game somehow - instead of a skill game, but that's just my personal taste). Keep it up.
Didn't expect that from a mobile game at all. The story was simple, but still nice and wholesome, and I wasn't even expecting a story in the first place. Also basically there were basically no ads. It was a bit short but it didn't need to be any longer imo. Loved it.
It's a very cool game with a small but pretty sad story behind it. The game isn't so much about actual gameplay but definitely has interesting levels. It's not a game that you have for a while after you finish, it ends when you complete the last level and interact with the story/text bubble. I personally enjoyed this game quite a bit.
This was a really good game. I beat it in a day, it was really fun, and I will replay it. The plot is good, the gameplay is simplistic but fantastic, and I really recommend it to anyone who plays mobile games as a whole. 10/10
This was a great game (note -this is my personal exp). I understood the story a bit but i will have to look it up. The gameplay is simple and i didnt master it. But i loved the visuals its unique among the games in mobile and the way you guys tell the story. The document side story was a fun read. And i liked how you guys made fun of premium currency in gaming by giving us useless diamonds after every level with completing the story overloading the freaking diamond bar i laughed ILovedit thanx
What an amazing game. EASY to pick up, Hard to master. Storyline is fun but, most of all, the soundtrack is, one of my favorites. PERIOD. Not enough can be said about the music in this game. I would be willing to pay money for the soundtrack alone. I hope they make a part 2
One of the best mobile games, EVER. Literally perfect, gameplay is fun and skill based, story is amazing, and dont get me started about the soundtrack. Only downside? Its kinda short but thats it. If there was a 6 star option this game would earn it.
Wow amazing game!!! The storyline helps this game to stand apart. Hard levels(intermediate only but these days games are made much simpler) are indeed appreciated. Apart from that the controls and the physics were also great. Hoping for a sequel 💖
It's alright, the story was pretty boring and the characters are mediocre at best. Gameplay requires being near the edge of the track to gain speed and turning too much can easily kill your own momentum which gives the game a unique challenge not found in other racing games
I love this game. The controls can be tough at times. The gameplay its self is great but I love the story. I would really have liked it if the game didnt make you follow the pink flower girl and make you choose rather you want to follow mother or the pink flower girl. That would make this game a TON better.
it is a legitimately well developed and implemented game. if i could rate higher i would. it is actually fun, despite giving you only 2 buttons to interact with, the gameplay is satisfying and fluid, and i find myself genuinly invested in the fate of a moving triangle and a witty emoji and eager to explore more. edit: after finishing the game i can conclude the ammount of emotions i expressed over an arcade game astounded me. 10/10
What an amazing experience. Who would've thought that a game about triangles with boosters would give me such an amazing time. First of all, no ads. Some games out there are just full of ads everytime but this game showed no ads just so you can have a great time. Second, this game has easy mechanics yet can be challenging. Third, the story. It is amazing. Even though it's just text art talking to you, they have personality. Easily one of the best games I have ever played.
This is a super interesting and awesome game. I really liked it and it is amazing. U will get no ads which is the best thing. If u haven't played it yet, do give it a try.
It was the best phone game that I have ever played. But there are two things I want to change. First one, I would like for the emojis to say less things but its ok and also I would like to have more gameplay. Its the best game! Well done! 👌🎉👏👏
An absolutely awesome game. I've never experienced anything like it on mobile. No ads which is such a luxury in online games, incredibly fun gameplay, and best of all, a really compelling and exciting story line. I would recommend this game to everyone! Thank you Dan for making such an awesome game <3
This was one of the best games I've ever played. The physics were spot on. The controls were simple yet still great. But the real kicker was the storyline. It's truly a shame that it was quite short. I loved this and even after I finished the game I couldn't stop replying the levels. The only thing I would ask for you to add is to change the DATAWING's appearance after you beat the game. Like a crack or something. But overall this has to be BY FAR, the best online mobile game
At first when I was playing I thought it is just a racing type of game but actually it has a pretty deep storyline. The game is simple and challenging. I see that most of the players who gave 1 star to this game actually find it hard to play. Let's say this game is a bit tricky at higher levels. It was totally worth it to play this game, the ending is just epic
It's been a long time since I've seen a mobile game at this quality. The hypnotizing music is phenomenal, I love the aesthetic, the gameplay is extremely fun and very satisfying, especially once you get a feel for it and stary pulling off wall drifts. Not to mention, I've been playing for the past 30 minutes and I haven't gotten a single ad. I don't even think there ARE ads, as far as I know. Overall, just a real refresher, and I found myself getting lost in all the fun I was having.
Honestly I thought this would just be a simple racing game but the story element came out of nowhere and is awesome. The steering mechanic is tough to master but fun. The characters are memorable and the game is way too short. A sequel would be much appreciated. It's hard to find a mobile game this simple and this story-based. I was legitimately sad when the game was over, like I finished watching a TV show. It's a good game. Give it a go.
This game is amazing, I did not see any ads whatsoever, there is a good story to it and the developer genuinely seems like he was interested in making a good game, would be nice if there were other levels but I'm more than satisfied to have finished this game in a few hours because it has a sense of uniqueness that just isn't present in mobile games anymore
One of the Best games I have ever played. I totally recommend you to install this game. There should have been more levels but it was good. At the end of the game, I felt emotional connection to the mother and malware. While playing this game, I felt real emotions such as betrayal, anger rush through my body cause the storyline was amazing and realistic. Thanks to the developers for making this game🙏.
It's a great game. Do not listen to the critical reviews below 2 stars, they don't actually make sense. The controls are hard at first but the answer isn't to give up, you'll get used to it. It is not impossible. The story is great, data wing and the mini story on it. I haven't seen a game make the player as a payload, it's unique. It's fun and challenging.
Amazing I loved everything about this game The story was great the characters were awesome and the levels were wonderful the graphics were one of the best I've seen and I loved the music. The only thing I have to note is that I wish it had more levels. Have a great day who ever is reading this :).
This game look so nostalgic since all the features seems so different from the other games I played. And, there isn't no ads indicated in the game. It's really satisfying when you do a tactic feature on the game. So 5 starts it is!
This game DUMMY good. Like, it's hard to find something that feels as good to play as this, it's like they said "let's make moon lander but really cool" and aced it. On top of that, they give us a really good story for mobile game standards. It's perfect!
The 2 star reviews saying all the positive reviews are fake can shut tf up, I NEVER review apps (mostly because I'm lazy and bc of the constant "review our app" notifications), but this one was worth it. I totally did not expect the story, but it was a nice addition. The levels were difficult but not so difficult that they made me rage. Very well balanced game 👏
There is no ads, it has quite intuitive and mechanics; everything interacts in the way you'd imagine. There is little to no explaining but it still does a perfect job. The only thing that would bring it down for me is that it is quite a short game.
I saw tge high rate then i downloaded. The concept is very easy which makes it very boaring. All levels almost the same target. Tge most annoying thing is with the simplicity of the game, the robot talks tooooooooooooo much for absolutely no use in the game.
Simply wonderfull. I've never played a game as good as this one. The music is soooo hypnotizing and beautyful and dont get me started on the graphics and the asthetic. Probably one of if not the best mobile game I've ever played. I hope to see more from the creators. Keep up the good work! 👍
Honestly tho, this game has a really good story to it even tho its text based. This is the third game that made me a bit emotional and the fact that this is a mobile game made it even better, plus the gameplay is amazing, simple but creative. I hope you guys make a sequel for this game because i would love to play it again but with a different story.
This game is incredibly Wonderful!!! everything is amazing. No ads. Excellent graphics and no IAP! I am addicted to this game. But 1 single thing that i need to add in this game to be better. Its small vibration like haptic feedback if you can add it - it will be better
Great game, I thought it was a racing game but it was so much more. A really good storyline. It really is a pity it is solved quite quickly. But what a lovely change, an app with not one intrusive ad. 5 stars well deserved.
Very good story and gameplay physics. The idea was implemented very well by the developers and I would definitely recommend as an interesting mobile game. The length of the game is the only issue, as it only took me around an hour to complete and there is not much replay value. An infinite mode would be a good idea if the developers were looking to extend the play time.
Awesome 80s atmosphere with a somewhat compelling setting. Also, no ads! It would be nice if you had a choice of an alternate ending though. If the developer were to rework this game I think a choice in the ending would be really cool.
Overall it is an amazing game. So unique and high quality. I wish you could have skins though. When you first play the game you'll encounter a few hard or rage levels but the game is so cool. And I also noticed there is some kind of storyline, well, not really, but you have to get somewhere and there's a end, so that counts as a little storyline. The colors are so beautiful. But the controls are something to get used to. And there isn't pure pressure. You don't need to perfect a level to pass it
I thought this was going to be another never stoping ad's game but then the characters plot and story line came out of nowhere and made this game so much fun I'm hoping for more. It's a little short but I still like it. All in all this game is AMAZING would definitely recommend it for players who like story games.
This game is one of the best mobile games ive played this year, even though the game is short its story is so well written it sucks you in and you cant stop playing, and the controls are very well thought out and its a very good ui and i just love this game.
As a person who usually stays away from mobile games and sticks to PC games, this is one of the greatest games I've played period. The game play is challenging and oddly rewarding, and the story is incredible. Not a single in app purchase or ad is also an amazing bonus, just play it already. 10/10
Data Wing is a pretty good game and an extremely great game for a mobile free-to-play. There are no ads that I have seen and the story is quite nice and the graphics are also very nice. I highly recommend Data Wing to anybody who has a device to play.
When I say this game is the best game ever made, I mean this game is the best game ever made. It's fun, interesting, exciting, mysterious. I seriously recommend everyone to download the game. I've been playing this for almost half an hour and the story is just fire! Literally hit that install button what are you waiting for.
Along time ago in a galaxy phone far away......I've had this game from its beginning. It's such a brilliant game and so immersive. Functioning brain is required to really enjoy it. Negative reviews for this gem of a game lack patience and a willingness to learn. May the "Wing" be with you......
Pog as they say, cringe aside I saw no ads which might be due to me being in ofline mode (you can just select it, no need to deactivate wifi or anything). So that is cool. The gameplay is great as long as you understand you need to stay near walls to get that speed.
Awesome game, can recommend after almost 100% completion¹. Physics of the game feel very good. Players who've mastered handling of their Data Wing can show off their skills in Leaderboards. Great! Very short maps weren't fun to replay (chasing top 1% score) though. Not having leaderboards for all maps is a bummer, too. Maps with increased gravity were my favorite; they were harder and somewhat slower paced than normal maps. ¹)"500 completed runs" seems to be bugged and is stuck at 99% for me :-(
The controls are great except for how realistic they are. (Realistic isn't always a good choice!) It's sad how short the game is though. It has great music, storyline, controls and it's the first game not too hard but not too easy I saw in this category (there were 2 levels which took me a very long time though)
Truely a mesmerising game. It's not like those where they keep adding more levels and the game never ends. This game ends and has a very good ending the storyline is Epic. Overall as a CS background I loved playing this game and people should also try this game it's worth it. A nice update would be to add multiplayer so that we can race together with our friends or complete some levels together. Hope it would come in the 2nd version. Personally a 5 star rating from me. Lots of love to the dev ♥️
Beautiful game. Great music, fantastic visual presentation, unique gameplay concept that works best on a phone, endearing character writing, and best of all, I haven't seen one ad yet! Absolutely recommended.
A masterpiece of an indie game. I don't know anything about coding and computer data and stuff but honestly that didn't matter. The graphics are breathtaking, the gameplay is unbelievably satisfying and the dialogue are very amusing! There were times where I'd just play the same level over and over despite having completed all the objectives, just because gliding off the walls felt so nice. This is a gem of rare quality, especially for a free mobile game!
I love this game, simple controls, no ads, fun racing gameplay, I try again and again to get the perfect drift, and get my time as low as possible at every course. I dont like the story, the game can be beaten quickly, or you can just get stuck at a level, but i really love the gameplay. I wish there was more maps, or maybe a map creator.
Needs a bigger storyline. All in all, the best, no nonsense, purely adfree game I've ever seen. No other game, in the whole world, could give you an experience like this. His others games are good too. I just wish there would be a sequel to it or something else. Suggestions: 1. Introduce skins to the game. 2. Online races. 3. Expand storyline. 4. I dunno, maybe create the data wings prequel or sequel.
It was the best game with a triangular arrow that I have EVER played. My only problem with it is that it's T O O S H O R T . I need a sequel to this, and a LONGER one. Maybe more ships, a hub world you can play in, custom levels, all that shtick. Otherwise, a great standalone game with good controls
Absolutely brilliant, I lack the vocabulary to describe this whole experience, but this has genuinely been one of the best and most fun games I have come across recently, the whole aesthetic is brilliant and has been stitched to the fabric of this game delicately, the emoticon is my the embodiment of my mood and is quite frankly very cute, big props to the whole team, I'm beyond ecstatic :D
This game is godlike. It is amazing and I have no complaints. But I do have a bug report. On the course Sea Change there is a bug where if you get it just right you can skip a lap and have the game not count it. Also PLEASE make the ability to make your own levels. PLEASE make the ability to add everything too like boost pads and other things it will be very amazing and it will bring the game A LOT more attention and replayability.
I love this game. I once found it when I was on here searching for an app and I tried it out, and I loved the story! It was very compelling and captivating which isn't really possible with mobile games nowadays, but this game had done it! It made something unique and great! I would love to see more of this, and my hopes are high for them to make a great game again!
Anyone who only gave this 2 or 1 star must be heartless idiots. Definitely a game that is unfit to be on a mobile game. This game feels like a movie and is so good. I think I might of missed a data file because I dont remember what happens after (spoiler) the users diagnostic where they rise in anxiety and stress. And this was the 4th last mission I believe where I found this data file so if I missed one after that please tell me.
One of the best mobile games i've ever played. Sad that i finished it, the story is amazing, i thought you could get multiple endings and your choices mattered (like if you play the virus missions) but im still very very satisfied. I thought they dont make them like this anymore.
This is a really amazing game. 1. To point out, I rarely give games reviews, let alone 5 stars. That should give you an idea as to how good the game is. 2. The graphics are amazing and has a really good concept. 3. The dialougue and the story is really good. 4. Throughout the entire time I played the game, not once did I see a single ad. No annoying ads. 5. I am a coder/programmer and most of the references were very accurate and realistic. Overall, amazing game. I loved it.
Oh my. This game is just excellent! Thank you Dan! It has great story line, great gameplay... Very fun. Sometimes you can rage, because the controls are confusing at the start and some levels are hard, but you get the hang of things pretty fast. If you are reading this review then just install the game! It's worth it. I promise.
Awesome! For the most part I get bored of mobile games pretty quickly. However, this game was entirely different. Its beautifully, addictively simple and follows an intriguing storyline that makes you want to beat levels. Love, love, LOVED this game. Ads weren't a problem at all, no glitches, and thoroughly enjoyable gameplay. Thank you!
Although the control is weird at first try, you will soon get used to it. +Story Plot: 10/10. When i was downloading the game, i wasn't expecting the story would be that much thrilling, i literally spent one and a half hour straight to finish the game. +Soundtrack: 10/10. I'm not that good at telling my emotions so i will leave it to you. +Gameplay: 9/10. Some levels are hard but you will overcome them eventually. Don't listen to the critical ratings. They haven't even finished the game.
This game has nice music, nice gameplay and nice levels; but the best thing is the story. The relation between the real world and the insider of the phone is incredible. The only thing that I would change is to say that if you click on the notes you will be able to read what is happening in real world in that moment because I noticed that at the end of the game. Edoardo.
Simple yet elegant. This is a really good game with simple controls and fun game play. I like the throwback artistry of arcade games from the past yet it performs like a modern day game! Not gonna lie though, you might need a lot of patience for this game. The stearing and drifting were too much for me but given enough practice it can be super fun for you!
Very good game. The controlls are a bit hard that makes the game more intresting. The background music is aslo good. The button effects and the tech type sounds had made the game excellent. My suggestion is that to increase the levels in the game. I suggest this game to be played.
Best Controls its crazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy real and the most fun game you will ever play. Great story GGRRRRRRRRRREaet controls. Played it 3x thru. Make a sequellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll.
By far the best mobile game in its genre, interesting story, good implementation of mechanics, etc. I do hope that the story is extended considering it leaves off with a User File that somewhat hints at expansion, honestly it's a great game for what its trying to do, it's not attempting to compete with things that obviously do it better on PC and Console, instead it's working on the mobile section of that and I think it does it quite well. The controls aren't bad but aren't easy either.