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Legend of Heroes: RPG Action

Legend of Heroes: RPG Action for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Trèfle & Co. Game located at Unit 7, 11/F, CRE Centre, 889 Cheung Sha Wan Road, Hong Kong. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Great game, lots of potential. It is just hard to farm gem. I'll give it a 5 star if you can add another feature to farm gem, like a dungeon or somethin.
This game is amazing and it's something different from archero. I like the 3D idea and graphic. I also like the animations and fruit monster idea. Moreover I was wondering if you could add Male characters, details in maps E.g grass,fences, flowers, little bugs etc with animations. Also adding a infinite mode or only boss mode.
Awesome game I really enjoy playing it the one thing is wish to get more coins when your facing the monsters
I enjoy the game. I enjoy grinding and working to advance. What I can't stand is stamina systems in grind games. No thanks.
Best game of its type I've found yet and I'm pretty sure I've tried them all on the app store. Literally just missing a couple things like endless dungeon and some form of multiplayer is always nice, part from that can't fault it.
Such a good game, the only problem i got is on the dark mode, there's a monster that got heal more than my demage, so i just can't kill it. Fix it please
You have to watch an ad to do basically anything. Even some things a normal game wouldn't even think of putting ads in front of.
Latest update ruined my game. Energy takes 90 hours to recharge. Lost 3 days of worth of time rewards. Devs still hasn't fixed the issue regarding enemy attacks continuing during level up. Free coins for watching ads has been reduced to 3, yet coins earned from playing stages remains low. Tried uninstalling/reinstalling and lost 3 more days of time rewards and energy timer still at 80+ hours. My experience is ruined. Uninstalling for good
The graphics is good, the mechanics are great, there are perks to watching ads but no random ad pop-ups, the game is amazing
I'd love to see my character targeting not the closest enemy but the one she can actually hit! At least make the A.I. after two shots of not hitting an enemy to change the target to one that there are no obstacles for the shot!
Love this game just one problem when I run away from the boss I can't see were the boss is unless he's right behind me but if he is really fare away from be when I'm farther up can't see were his attacks are coming from
Please add confirmation menus for spending any gems. I've revived for 30 gems several times by mistake which makes me want to quit. I'll update this if this is added. Edit: still no confirmation for spending gems on reviving
Great game, fun concept I see it happening a lot lately. With that said to me it's one of the better ideas, I have not played it enough to give a full review so I will come back after I put some time Into it to give a better review.
Like every other app of this genre ftmp. But I love the minor bonus and clearimg of traps after every level and I especially love that there are more female characters than male and that one of the males is a cat.
Horrible target acquisition. It's not exactly clear which enemy is being targeted and why, occasionally will stop start wailing on a random objectict in stead of the still alive enemy, especially when trying to reposition.
Overall good and has potential. Aside from the usual things missing until they have the time to add it like promo codes. Its like Archero but feels different with the camera options and landscape support. Now on to the bad side. Feels like balance can be better adjusted in all areas
It's a good game with some unique aspects to it like cutting down trees and finding treasure chests. There is a glitch though in the game that I'd like to bring to the attention of the developers. Sometimes when you go to cut down a tree in the corner of a map, you can get stuck in between two trees not being able to ho anywhere. This happened to me in the second stage and I lost all of the loot I received and energy I spent for that stage. Not cool. I would've give this game a better review.
Awesome Game... Simple and Interesting... Thanks to those who make such games, who promote and recommend such games...
I absolutely adore this game if u keep to this level and not bombard it with ads this is a defo hit... Its a souped up archero style game but so much more. Love how u can use things to help ie lamps, tent boxes etc... Well done u guys do well with these games as I have another one of yours so I have high hopes well done guys
I only just discovered the archero genre and have been trying a bunch of games trying to find 'the one'. Well, search over! Super addictive gameplay, great graphics and loads to do. Kudos devs, good work! My only complaint is that progress doesn't automatically save to Google Play.
Feels like a goood mix of what i got from archero and butchero. I would hope for better "skins" rather then different face wear, maybe color changes, or even slight clothing variations. So far i have found worth to spend some money to support this game. The melee feels kind of wonky, I would hope for the "knockback" to feel like actual knock back, or even a stun to emplore you for more melee combat.
Game Is really Simple And Fun. Graphics Are Good. It is user friendly and a Intresting thing about it are the Boss rounds. I HOPE The Game Will improve with each update.
The amount of ads in this game is just wow.. they even made an achievement for watching ads.. I mean seriously even the daily small reward event need to watch ad to receive.. I know the ads are optional but come on you really took it too far by making everything with ads.. and you even putting a chest that you can't receive unless you watch amount of ads..
An Archero clone with some nice polish. However, ads running break the game's sound effects until it's been force closed and restarted.
The game has pretty good graphics and great effects. I really like that you can melee when up close. Overall the game is pretty fun though grindy. The music could have some variety since it gets repetitive quick. Also when you recieve gems from a mission the audio just stacks and gets really loud. In the dark area I think instead of just giving enemies bs stats you should make them behave differently. Sometimes I encounter an enemy with ridiculous healing which is just unfair.
Add Auto Fuse feature. It's ridicolous that we must to fuse item or scroll as many as that one by one
The game seems allright at first but is actually severely imbalanced.The self healing enemies in dark mode are basically a cheat, on the very first level, they heal a 1000 value when the damage you can deal is only 800, simply impossible to kill.That's only one of the many examples that need fixing.There are no events whatsoever in the game, the upgrade prices are simply impossible based on the time you grind making coins.Honestly, I feel like I wasted my week.But the quality is by far the best.
A totally passable archero clone, nice graphics decent maps and powerups. Not too many ads, but one overriding annoyance. Ranged blocking enemies -- it's not a bad thing that they need to be melee hit, it ads strategy -- but the f-ing clanging noise that each of them makes when hit with magic. CLANG!! CLANG!! CLANG! heaven help you if you have atk spd up and multimissle its clangclangclang. Sound off then? Nope some enemies telegraph hits w sound. Too annoying. Uninstalled.
Yet another archero clone, with ridiculous amount of watch ads for bonus or asking 17.99 to unlock one character.......
Great game, I'm surprised it's even better than the original in many ways. There are still improvments to be done (more characters, more powers and even more classes/subclasses) but overall it's very fun.
Aiming fixed. One of the better games in the genre. Could be and I hope it does get much better. Ty. And they replied to say they are fixing the auto aim feature. Good stuff. Nice game.
This game is really fun :). I really love the music lol & the background image of each stage & much more things but there's still some bugs that needs to be fixed & I think you guys should fix the xp pick up.. it's to slow, sometimes I'll leave the level nd there will still be xp on the ground.. idk maybe it's just my phone 🤷🏻‍♀️... But anyways this game is worth playing I can't wait to see the new updates nd items in the future :) keep up the good work developers
This game is one of the best hack n slash games out there, character designs and the stages are amazing. However there is a part i want very badly and that is to be able to attack and throw magic manually. It would make the game so much more immersive and engaging and so many other users want this too. Overall an amazing game and its a good way to pass your time.
I suggest to come up with new stages and new characters. I almost done with those stages and also upgraded those weapons . And what about a new mini game too or an endless mode to earn some coins, gems or staffs for upgrading.. Any progress?. There's also some fame dropped issue when using the emblem.
This games is great other than the fact you complete an area and it doesn't count. You have to start over. Plus the dice game doesn't work. I beat area 8 but when I went to play the next area it said area 8 wasn't finished. Same with the hardcore levels. If you fix that then the game would be perfect
Had it only two weeks and like it better than archero that ive been playing everyday for 2 yrs. Love game style and rewards. Not to many videos. But i do wish the controls where more timely. Bc the lag is the only thing hurting me on doing a perfect run. So besides small bugs to fix in later updates im sure they know about, its my top fav right now....
I don't know if this bug or something, sometimes at stages when meet both ranged and melee enemies, the character just ignoring the melee one even when already near, and keep shooting the ranged one, resulting you get rekt because can't hit them... Other than that, this is still an archero game with melee system difference
This game might be better than archero. I really like it so far, its fun and unique compared to other archero clones.
Hate when advertisement is a lie. Video shows that game playeds from side view. However, in game itself you play from above view. It is a copycat of other similar games with a slight mor a 3d graph. Enemies are also boring
So, with the aiming issue fixed i am now a bringer of death and have essentially converted this game into a hack and slash, very nice.
Fun game, best archerhero clone out there (in some ways even better) a bit greedy with gatcha and slow to gear up but all an all a really fun game1
This game is real fun but I keep having a HUGE bug in the dark area (LV.1): after I kill the healer the enemies keep healing. It is annoying, but I can live with it. What I can't leave with is the fact that some of them heal more than I damage them! Either melee or distance I can't kill them. Last time I had one alone enemy standing before ending the level, I was doing my record and aiming to kill the boss and finish the area 1 and the enemy kept being fully healed!! Super annoying!!!
PROS: Has different approach on viewing perspective making it a bit unique; offline play; Can recieve a lot of rewards from different game contents. CONS: Can recieve a lot of rewards but in very small amounts; ratio of gold to resources gain is unbalanced; felt like a rehash except for graphics & some game mechanics; watching ads felt unrestricted forcing players like me (& most who play online & enthusiastic) to play longer hours which is very bad & wrong in many ways.
Fun game, I love seeing how archer hero was the beginning and now it's transformed. I look forward to the future of these games.
Excellent gameplay, simple controls, multiple combinations for power up's and abilities😌👌🏼 What's not to love!.
Dialog and translation sounds like written by a child. No originality on character and monster design. Stamina system is nothing more than a garbage of a game. Too bad cuz the game had potential. Uninstall.
Love the graphics and combined play of ranged and melee attack. Very dynamic compared to similar games I've payed that are solely focused in ranged.
Fun but buggy. I've spent some time playing it and it's definitely fun. The bag part is when you do something and it just won't register. I did three dice rolls to have none of them count and everytime I finish an area the rewards just say 9999 and are whited out. I may put this game on hold as it's frustrating to deal with.
The gameplay is familiar with similar games, but feels u our enough to stand out. The graphics are nice and the game is fair with it's business model.
The game is amazing, but my problem is that after the first area, the game gets significantly laggy and it's very frustrating and hard to play, even when the resolution is set to low, please fix this and I'll change my review, but awesome game, also please add more characters!
Awesome, better than most archeros out there. Liked a lot the customisation options of the camera angle and distance. Following that line I would also add some volume options to Music and SFX to allow players to put them as they wish. Also the loop on the music is pretty noticeable but I like a lot the music while playing. Also the melee combat is tricky cause you will get hit when trying to combo, would add some knockback/stun or make enemies respond with more delay so melee is more useful
This is the best archero type of game on playstore hands down! This games on a league entirely on it's own, I'm so glad you didn't copy archero right down to the enemy mechanics like other lame ones, because who wants to play archero with different graphics. You deserve all the 5 stars & those clones deserve 1 because they can't even create their own mechanics like you did! I recommend this game over other archero games & best thing yet you can fully play offline but take longer without rewards
Update: It has been way too long waiting for new content. Bugs were fixed on March 1st but no new levels for weeks and weeks. Super fun game. There are many out there like this but this one gives you a real chance at building up gems and money. Of course you can spend money and do it faster, but it doesn't guarantee you win. At the moment I have completed all the levels on the dark and light side. So please add more levels. I don't want to get bored with this game.
It's a good game and works offline, gives enough resources for you to get some of the cooler heros with in a reasonable amount of time. I've also not had any problems with the stamina system.
This game is really fun and simple, I played through the first 2 areas in an hour. I have some suggestions to improve: 1st, the lvl design is recylced too much so try to make more stages. 2nd, since we can play in landscape mode you could add an option to attack manually that will make the game more engaging. 3rd, make the armor and weapons you equip appear on your Character when you play.
Overall, I enjoy this game. I've played it through several times. There's no more new content. Now I'm grinding levels over and over to level up. Just to do it, cause I've already won.
I like the 3d experience instead of just top down. (Like Bow Land). Dont currently have any issues yet. Great game!!! Will update as I get further in game, currently area 3. Not an issue but I would suggest a way to get back some of, if not all, the coins and books you used to upgrade 1 hero once you've unlocked more. Not important would just be a little more manageable.
This game is beautiful and challenging, and so addictive. I'm happy to play this game and it enjoyed me. Thanks for this game and I hope there's more levels to be created. God bless.
Not very good, I think you guys did not play test your game that ice map is god awful. Your guy randomly sliding across the stage into attacks that of course kill me. Oh and the final boss that can change the grid of his attack half way thru the attack like that's fair. This game sucks you tired to take out Archero it's obvious with such an original name as Dashero and failed😂😂
Coming from archero this is really like an upgrade, even though the skills on level up are random you can choose if you want to be a close combat or archer, that makes each level feel different to me. I like the graphics, very pretty and smooth.
The early game is great, but after you get on stage 3 your upgrade skill really sucks, after more than 7 stage only get 1 stage that get really usefull upgrade stack, even after reroll. that makes really hard to finish the stage
Graphics good. The mechanics easy going at start.. reaching further miles imposible to progress need to top up to buy gears which is imposible to obtain. Like the similar games of this genre..fun for a little run..just trying though..!
Good enjoyable game with great candy graphics, just unlocked 4 free heroes sofar. Love the hacknslash gameplay, but area 6 start makin boring because ridiculous hard, even i still cant beat 1st boss
So far I think, for the genre, this game is pretty solid. Controls are very accurate; no lag; not too easy, yet not impossible. And there are multiple characters available that are actually attainable for FTP people like myself. Very well done, devs!
I've cleared the hardcore level 3 zone 4 times and it hasn't registered it at all.. if you can fix that I'll give 5 stars. Because other then that, fantastic game. I've even put money in which makes it more aggravating
A duplicate of archero with some better and some worse features. It would be nice if it calculated or showed your attack speed, damage, dodge chance etc to see if certain skills were more useful.
melee targeting is retarded. I have 4 ranged immune guys inside my hitbox but nooo ill attack the guy half a screen away behind a wall. Otherwise seems like one of the better archero ive seen
Too complex to manage all the difference micro transactions and different ways they try to monetize the game. Stars and gems and events and etc etc etc. Game difficulty doesn't scale smoothly.
Spams me with meaningless ads as a pay to win archero clone. The ONLY thing this game does right is the graphics. Though, I'm not going to pay $20 for a single skin like you guys want me to
Great game. Actually incorporates mellee and gives a diverse skill selection though it will probably take a grind to get through later stages.
Love it! The combo melee and magic weapon attacks is awesome! All the ads for rewards ACTUALLY PLAY and allow you to claim your reward. Gameplay is challenging, but not to the point of playing the same stage over and over until you have no choice but to give up and uninstall due to boredom and frustration (Archero). Great job devs!!!
It's pretty cool game but some things need to be fixed like for example the NPCs will damage you before they fire you'll get damaged also before the enemy collides into you but other than that it's pretty good!
My previous review was 5 stars glowing review. Since then the app stopped working and continued to force close, I cleaned the cache and data and its now working again, but I've lost over a month's worth of data because there is no autosave to the cloud, be warned.
The volume level of gold on the main menu is so high! Otherwise the game isn't awful, but there's a difficulty increase at area 6 that is effectively a paywall and presumably more later.
Very fun and well done except for balancing its either clearing all 40 rooms first try or losing in the first 9 rooms over and over.
Updated to 5 stars because the store review was addressed specifically. - Fun game, but the difficulty glidepath needs work. There's a significant difficulty jump from area 2 to 3. It became a grinding game before you can actually enjoy it.
The game is decent but I give 3 stars for two reasons: 1) This is the only Archero style game I've played that doesn't allow you to pick a good shooting ability right at the start. You get so many bad rolls you have to watch an ad till you get a decent enough one. 2) You're forced to only play as female characters. I know some guys like that but I'm not one of them.There's zero excuse for not having a default male & female option present for players. Decent game but I'd suggest something else.
Worst boss designs I have ever seen in a Archero type game and too long boss fights. Too many particle effects cause fps drops even in normal quality on S9+. And item drops are too low, I don't even own an armor on area 4. If these issues are fixed it could be promising.
Great game to pass time specially when waiting someone or something. I enjoyed playing it. Hope that there will be more levels and heroes soon. More power! 💪
Don't play this if you're looking for loot in a game. Targeting is off. The difficulty scales ridiculously level to level.
This game is way better than other games. The rewards are pretty good and it is good for free to play players.
Awesome balancing, there is real gratification in each run different than other similar games, only issue I see is the button for the special attack, too big on the screen when the quality is low
Good game. Few things. The "challenge skills" should notify you of the skill increase when you beat a level without taking damage, I dont understand the "jump" melee skill. Does it do it automatically? Sometimes I find myself shooting across the screen at nothing, is that the jump? And someone needs to make an item teir list as the game doesnt supply you with many items while grinding, therefore I've sold all my common items just to build whatever I have that is blue.
I gotta admit, its a 1 to 1 Archero copy, literally Archero in 3D. 1. Generic naming like "Knight", "Hero". No personality attached to them. Archero has unique names for heroes like the cat in Archero is named "Meowgik" while in Dashero it's "Fencer Cat". 2. The art design looks dull. Icons used from iOS emoji? Lazy. The 3D models also do not have any uniqueness to them, they look like generic models. Water trap has a bad cut-out. Suggestions: Keep the gameplay, change the art design.
If you love Archero you will this game! It's Archero but better, better graphics, better characters and loads of the same monsters. Would highly recommend for passing the time
I'm at the 3 level and I have to say this is so much fun. These are somethings that I immediately realized: The heroes are awesome. The movement is so fluid. The element attachment to your weapon is beautiful. The resolution and quality of the graphics style has blown me away. The fact that I watched no forced ads was a big deal for me.. If gameplay is sluggish. turn down the graphics in settings.....there's 5 levels Oh and tons of manual camera control.....what?! Thats unheard of
This game is fun. It has interesting mechanics, but at the last stage of chapter 4, I get a notification about modifying the game, which I haven't done. If this gets fixed, I'll definitely play more! EDIT: The bug did indeed get fixed, and pretty quickly as well! Having a lot of fun, and also really like that battlepass is permanent. I'd rather have smaller rewards, and permanent bp, than big rewards and having to shell out $5 every other week! Up from 3 to 4 stars