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Dash for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Anion Software. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Got stuck. Beat it the level once by sheer luck. Still technically stuck on that level. But otherwise great game.
I'm so glad i played past mt first impressions of the game. "oh great, another one of THOSE pipe-rurning puzzles..." This is so well done! Much more challenging than it looks and beautifully designed.
The game is designed very well and it takes sometimes alot of thinking to solve which is great... I have completed all levels of this game and it was truly very enjoyable. More over there are some fields in the app which can be improved.. 1. More levels 2. When game is set to dark theme the circuits also remain dark which can be brighten up litten 3. Background music while playing game music is also a factor which plays a vital role to make you stick to the game some more background music can be added. 4. When the gears get the power the animation afterwards is not that good could be changed with something more interesting. Thanks for such a nice game I hope the next update might include not all but some of these features with more levels for sure.πŸ˜‰
Doesn't work on Samsung Galaxy Tab S2. Clicking the button in the puzzle doesn't do anything. General menu controls work, but not the puzzle.
Good game. Interesting and fun. One thing I would change is the animation for when the gears explode or whatever. It takes so much time and covers the whole screen. A bit excessive maybe?? Lol overall good stuff tho.
Everything is great and i really like the light/dark mode, just one thing I'd like to see is a mute audio option. Right now, the game silences my music a bit because of the in-game one
Excellent game, but finished soon. Only 50 levels. The game definitely helps to improve the logical reasoning power of brain. Every level gave different taste with increasing difficulty.
The levels​ are awesome, but they are limited. I would like to suggest you to make more levels than 50. I have finished the whole and I'm curious to play more level of dash but the game has only 50 levels. Please update with more levels. Thank you so much for the best game ever. Regards dash player πŸ‘ŒβœŒοΈπŸ€£πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ·β£οΈπŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’š
This game is designed so well! It is addictive, very fun and very elegant in its design. But it is also simple, not so complicated that you can't complete the levels, but not so simple that it is too easy. A masterpiece! More levels please!
A thoroughly enjoyable game. Simple yet engaging. Kudos to the developer. Unfortunately it has only 50 levels. I hope the developer introduces more levels to the game, at least paid levels. Only gripe with the game is you cannot put it on mute.
Well. A rip off from the game HOOK. I like the dark mode but its not black.its gray. Amoled displays will be disappointed. Overall good game. Music creepy though.
A great, short puzzle game, that offers a decent challenge. Its artstyle is minimal. The sound design is very good and it has an amazing and unique soundtrack that has a dark and mysterious atmosphere.
The game itself is interesting and difficult. I like it. What really annoys me is the little fact that I can't turn the sound off, so I can't listen to music while playing except for the constant annoying sound of whatever that is supposed to be.
There's not much instructions but the game is simple to learn on your own. Simplistic style, nothing flashy. It was a pretty good distraction, finished all 50 levels.
It's a decent game my biggest complaint has to be the ads. Which normally I don't complain about, but a majority of the levels have a portion being covered by the ad making them more difficult or in some instances nearly unplayable as you can only guess as to what is hidden by the ad.
It's a great game overall! The levels get increasingly challenging and it makes you really have to think everything through. The game itself is well-designed and it's a great way to spend free time. If you like puzzle games, this is a fun one for you!
A great little puzzle game that challenges you by being minimalistic and having simple rules. Wish it was longer and perhaps had some autogenerated puzzles. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to your next game (or sequel)
Chill puzzle game that's great for passing time or stimulating your brain. The circuit-like puzzles are challenging, which makes them satisfying to solve. There are no hints. There are 50 levels to beat. $3 to remove ads, which include banner ads and a full screen ad every 3-4 puzzle attempts.
No nonsense puzzler with clear graphics and tutorial-less teaching by playing. Complicated enough that you can find out the answer by thinking, few enough choices that brute-ish forcing will also get you there. Grand.
I haven't played any game like this before. This game is amazing. Game is pretty easy and concepts are very good. I appreciate the effort of game creator. After playing this game I think that this game should be paid.
Doesn't work at all on an Asus ZenPad 3s 10. When the circle is tapped to release the blue line, it does not turn blue or react at all. The high level controls work fine (start, restart, exit, change theme). It's a shame because I thought I would enjoy this game.
Great concept, very fun puzzles to figure out and level of challenge is just right for me. Dark mode is very nice touch for using at night. I have had several problems with the button to turn the gates not being centered over the icon. Sometimes this means I have to blindly hunt it by tapping the screen all around the area where button should be, which was extremely frustrating in the first puzzle where I encountered the problem and nearly gave up. Now I know what to do, but can still be problematic on puzzles where the gates are touching and causes me to unintentionally move the wrong gate. Fix this bug will increase my rating to 5 stars as I find the controls to be very straightforward and elegant. I would love to see an option allowing me to replay my solution before moving on to the next level. Many times it is impossible to follow all paths simultaneously and truly enjoy my victory.
Good puzzle game with somewhat tough schemes but not excessive brainbusters. Graphics on dark background are better and loose less battery. Music is not annoying. Controls are easy and intuitive but some "turn" things tend to stuck a bit...have to click them several times to make them turn. Ads are annoying but understandable for a free game who does not require any access other than in app purchases. Any Drawback? Yes! HUGE battery drainer this game is. Overall...I'll play until I can't advance anymore.
Ad covers the display and i am not able to see the grid. I hope developer (you) will respond to this asap! The game was going good but money pulled you back, developers! I'm not saying to remove ads for free but pls place it in appropriate
The controls aren't that good on my Samsung galaxy tablet 10; it's really hard to get the ignition circles or the rotating pieces to actually turn for me. Other than that, I enjoy the challenge of this game, and the simplistic yet appealing graphics. The game is fun and challenging at points. If it were easier for me to control, I would keep the game.
It's a fun game that makes you think. If you're a little dimwitted, I imagine you might find certain levels somewhat frustrating. I just wish there more levels..
Very good puzzle, but after a few dozen levels, it becomes not so simple and requires strong focusing and intensive thinking which isn't what I look for in games. It also lacks a mute button.
great game, not easy, not too difficult. level 50 took me a while (almost 40 minutes) i would like to be able to "lock" some pieces by long pressing on them. So when are 50 more levels coming?!
Liked the game. Just that it consumes a lot of battery. Why a mostly static game like this consumes so much power? Why can't I turn off its audio?
I couldn't ask for a more consistent and fun game. It delivered in many ways fun for the moment challenging all the same it's only flaw is that it has ads. My favorite part is that there is an end and when you complete it finally you feel accomplished.
I am stuck at one level and there is no way to get to know the answer. There is no hint,no pass the level basically nothing to move forward. Once you are stuck ,you are stuck. There is nothing you can do. Plz rectify this so that I would also be able to change the rating. Other than that the game is good.
Congratulations to the developers for creating a thoughtful game where you learn as you progress. The simple, yet elegant graphics enhance the gameplay by allowing me to focus on function of each component. I also love the way ads have been used as a turn replenishing tool, great idea!
Elegant and simple yet inventive puzzle game. I wish there were more games like these. Not enough content to justify spending $3 on it... Either bring the price down or add some perks. This game would be perfect for an OLED screen mode. Please add that.
Looks amazing, too bad it's nothing but ads while you play. It's such a good game I probably pay for it to get rid of the ads but apparently that's not an awesome. So you want to play it cool game but suffering through ads being bombarded at you literally the entire time.
Simple game that killed some time. Addicting. Unfortunately I think I got too good at it and breezed through the levels. Level 50 was tough... bit that's where it ends. So sad. I'd continue playing more challenging levels if they come out.
Nice simple game... But very very good. I just beat the game, and personally I would live a harder game mode... Overall the game had difficult parts but nothing super annoying
Amazing game if you get a thrill from working through hard complex puzzles on a visual-spatial-theoretical level, and then seeing them work. Design is amazing, sound effects add a real suspenseful mood -- I could find no way to turn them off. But definitely not the game for you if you are looking for relaxation -- I feel like I'm jacked up on an adrenalin rush after a half hour of play!!