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Darza's Dominion

Darza's Dominion for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Ripple Studio located at 1145 nw 19th street, corvallis, oregon, 97330. The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Fantasy Violence, Mild Blood) and required Android version is 3.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's awesome game an all but their are a few bugs that need fixing like example: When you go off the app to do something then go back on it you have to close the app an reopen it, Another one is ads play at rare occassions an that takes me back to nexus, Sometimes my screen won't load so I have to start it up again an additional to that disconnect issues, an final when my phone dies it brings me back to nexus that is great but, now I have gotten to a point were my screen doesn't load when I go on
I cant explain how much I despise this. Realm of The Mad God being completely ripped off, then they have the nerve to not even keep it going, just for a number with the word "Downloads" to tick up. Hell didnt even change the sprite for the starter Wizard.
2017 last updated, if you really are so bored and you wanna try out a mobile rotmg, this is like a huge downgrade. The developers of this mobile port are not invested in this game and honestly probably haven't even looked at it in a couple of years. As I said you would have to be super bored to try this out
dev obviously doesnt care about their game, hasn't been any major content releases for the game since it came out, games riddled with glitches dev won't fix, and the game is basically one big cash grab, because it can be extremely hard at times and the only way to revive is to do challenges in game to get coins (which don't give you much, and become impossible to do later game) or spend your own money on coins (usually to revive a good character it will cost you few dollars).
four stars off the bat, and a RotMG look alike, so there are your 5 stars boi, I love Realm and I offically love this game as well. If you love realm, try this, it is basically realm on your phone, so you can farm Gods and dungeons anywhere you go, wow I love this game... :)
I really like the game it reminds me of ROTMG but whenever i click the hero button on the menu at the start, the game crashes, is it intended to be that way or no and honestly i would like to have a fixed controller than a floating one, keep up the good work :)
It's an awesome game but you gotta fix the placement of the chat,sound,and achivements i have died way too many time because of them.They just keep getting in the way!It wont let me move because im panicing and i keep clicking the chat and achivement.It REALLY annoying, so please fix those.
I am sorry for all the bad ratings you are having. I Really loved the game, before it got corrupted. I dont know why you developers removed it, but i hope it comes back soon.
This games doesn't even have servers active developer needs to update it or take it down absolute buz kill for it to not even connect to servers
I remember playing it on mobile it was a blast and loads of fun,but now I seen where the game direction has been tooken,its not worth the time nore thought about downloading anymore which is upsetting to say.😒
I am giving this game a 3 star for not the game it is now but what it used to be when I first played it was awsome then I found out that you die you lose stuff which was fine since I could just store some stuff but then my phone was almost dead I was about to kill a guy tjat was really weak but then my phone started to power off and I could not click anymore I hoped I would live long enpugh for my phone to die I watched my character be killed and unistalled came back today the game was no more:(
Had 40,000 alive-glory, the game crashed when it died and had an error and the account can't log in anymore. All instructions have been followed, screenshots and a video of the error have been provided, screenshots and video of me having 40,000 glory have been provided. 101 email messages from support, a lot of follow-ups and "We are still working on it" emails. Been 6 months without resolution, devs and support are incompetent, can't even retrieve dead glory, I'll rate this 0 if i can.
Empty promises of new updates,I got on when they released pc and couldnt wait for mpbile but my account got corrupted and no responses to any ot my tickets whatsoever.I hope this game dies and i am giving it a low review in hopes it qould be removed from playstore.Together we can have an unwanted app with trash developes removed from playstore!
It deserves a good wait for a great rotmg experience on mobile they are currently testing and working on the new game engine as currently are tested on the pc server soon once everything done they will update the mobile version again
great. definitely a rotmg feel but doesnt try to overdo stuff like rotmg does. its simple to learn, hard to master. heard the servers are currently down and whatever the problem is, i hope it gets fixed and people can enjoy it properly 😊
The game has been down for a long while now. In the past, it has been a great game... but the 5 stars is for the effort the devs are putting in to get this game up and running. So far, its looking great and its going to be huge once its out on prod.
This game is pretty good, at the start its a bit slow but when you get a bit farther it gets fun, i'll for sure rate 5 stars, can't wait for the update to be released. Gonna be great to be able to play again :))
it Says "This App Was Built For Previous Android Version" Then It Just Keep Crashing, Why Youre Not Updating Yet
this game is super existing hard but really interesting a great time killer but can you please add like (friend list so we can chat fast and see who is online it will be great) awesome game btw
this game had a lot of potential but that all went downhill fast... no updates... no nothing just abandon. wish this game would come back alive but I don't see that happening anytime soon......... BIG SAD
this game was fun when i played it, but the problem is the word 'was'. it's been 4 years since the games latest update and at this point it's downright unplayable in modern phones. i give the game 3 stars because i used to love the game and i'm still optimistic for an update in the future, heck, not even with new content, just to make it compatible with newer phones
Few years ago, I thought of this as the second coming of RotMG, I was sorely mistaken. This is the second coming of YanSim. I don't know but the developers seem like they're just slacking the job and just whiffed it off with constant "updates" or "misc updates." This game was the mobile version of RotMG, the moment it came in pc it decomposed like a rat on a haunted house. I gave this a chance, a chance that lasted more than a year, it fails to meet the lowest standard one could even think of.
would rate 5 star but I cant even count how many times I've died even tho I hit the return to nexus button, correction spammed it trying not to die and it didnt pick it up in time. dont know if you can do anything about this but other than that I have no complaints
super fun action packed game, my only issue is it could use a boost in drops for certain characters, like boost dagger drops for assassins and wyrms, bows for archer and apothecaries, etc. otherwise you are like level 20 with either a starter bow or a tier 3 at best
I remember having good times playing this game with my friend over a year ago, which is why I gave it 4 stars. However the mobile version hasn't been available for a long time, so I didn't give it the full 5 stars. Hope the update comes soon!
Pay to win trash that lets you revive characters with money. Sort of defeats the purpose of ripping off ROTMG
My experience the first time I played this was awesome but I kept dieing so I deleted it then when I downloaded today, it said "unable to connect to the server." So I thought "this game needs to be removed!" Please remove this game from play store! This is a one star review because of lack of updates!
designed for older version of Android? check for update? Update: February 19 2021 - still unplayable on newer android OS. Also required storage permissions.
it is a 4 star game but I couldnt recover my account because I forgot to make an email so it would be nice if a recovery by account name was available. controls are O.K. and gameplay is great. I recently got back to playing 2 days ago but it stopped loading for me. my internet connection is fine but idk what's going on.
An awesome game, the developers have done a great job to make this seem like Realm of the Mad God! However now you seem to disable the servers too frequently making the game unplayable and losing people who want to play your game
The game isnt dead. If you check their discord you can get full updates on what is going in. There was a major bug in the game that made them lose TONS of money. They fixed it on PC but the mobile version needs more time. Be patient! And someone said go play curse of aros instead.. they are NOTHING alike (I play both)
They failed big time with update on December 2019. Since then mobile version is down. They ban players from game and discord if they dare to say anything about it. They banned me too without any reason. Most of the times they muted all their discord channels if they did something bad or players asked too much...Seems like devs are a bit childish. I even supported them with money...Pathetic. 1 Star until they will unban everyone who they have been banned from discord coz they were honest.
fun but very annoying when u die and lose anything. also drop rates are too low and have played for months and still no untiered items.
I used to like this game but now that its been allmost a year since the game was open. Since it took this long I dont even think the game is going to be open any time soon. So I thing that this game is dead, and I have given up on it. I used to have a 5 star rating ):
Much better than the original Realm. Great community & little/no adbots, Early-game drops are abundant, events are fun, and the game welcomes every playstyle, with a concise class selection. A few gripes: Mysterious Oracle is the only non-boss enemy that talks, and he never stops; the Great Eagle fight is too sporadic, and it is much harder to predict his patterns than other event bosses; and disconnects are somewhat common when returning to the Nexus. Also, the back button exits the game.
I dont know how the game looks because i could not get past the "this app is made for an older version of android" text. I run Emui 9.1.0 android version 9!
Game is fun but there are a lot of problems devs are too lazy to fix any issues. Hackers are duping items and breaking the economy. Game sometimes randomly disconnects you. Game hasn't been updated in like 2 years. Over all good game but the developers haven't aren't doing jack.
used to be a 5 star rating, ever since the devs stopped caring so did i, wasted my time, thought it was a good game at the start and then we all got short changed
I am so sad because this game died, it was soooo funny and awsome to play it, and i'm glad i did. If JUIX update this game after 2 yrs i definitely recommend it!
Love the game. It's easy to learn for new RPG players, like myself. Can't help but to get lost in it. Thanks for the fix.
It is a good game, it is fun to play, but when you die you loose all your items and you can revive 1 times
It's a fun game but there are a lot of network problems. It's not a grind for gold and it's not pay to win. Gold is used to revive your characters and buy cosmetics there is no major effect on gameplay.
controls are terrible, the game is buggy and crash way to often, and is a clone of RotMG. ill be informing the rotmg dev team about this. hope your game gets shut down.
I don't understand why this have a 4 star rating....This Game is just hardcore RPG. It's pretty good!
I enjoyed the game BUT there's so many bugs and it's so laggy. First off. The map, people dont move in the map and if there's an event boss and I look in the map it doesn't even work, it's useless Second, THE LAG fixt the game man
I used to love this game but I stopped playing for a little while and when I came back I seemed to be logged out of my account and I couldn't recover my account either, the $40 I spent on the game is just throw down the drain and the 3 op characters I had are now gone, oh and now when I tried to play again I can't even stay in the nexus for more than 5 seconds without getting disconnected from the server, so thanks
This game is not playable at the moment and they still havent removed it from the store, it was a rip off to get fans of rotmg to play n pay and when they had enough money they made a pc version and just shrugged this wonderful game aside
A really good game only one big problem, you can't play it with newer phones, I can't wait to be able to play it again
This is so frikken awesome!!! But we need huge funding, I believe it can be done. So many trash games on the market and a gem like this is just left in the ground?! Development team you're incredible, push it to the limit! Many love from the OG RotMG player ❤️
i having fun and all, but whats the point of nexusing in trouble when you still die while going through the blank screen? in my opion you should be invunerable soon as you hit the nexus button
Mobile game that has no updates but they release an pc version of it (BRAVO) Here's a 1 star cuz it takes them to make an update for about 3 years what would take EA company to make a new game and it's not a 2d game
The graphics are good. What you would expect in a 2D rouge-like shooter like Realm. I hear a big update is coming although I'm hoping you guys continue to improve the overall quality of the game. I know that there achievements for gold but quests would be a nice add on. Other than that, I think its a great game. Keep up the good work! Edit: Would love it if you could optimize the keyboard for android so I dont have to press the back button everytime I use chat. Also the back button will make the game crash. <- Please Fix!
I love this game and wish I could play it, but there is either a lack of attention to the mobile side of the game. Or the update is seriously delayed preventing anyone from playing the game. Please fix soon so we can play and support the game
Very fun and addictive game. Only issue is when you nexus and think you're safe but get a black screen. When you restart the app, your character is gone. This happens when you die and nexus at the same time. Very annoying, but besides that, twas an amazing game!
Had tons of hope for this game, it couldve really gotten popular. Unfortunately the devs have completely quit on the game, its not even playable on mobile and hasnt been for quite some time. Super disappointed in this dev team.
Update takes years to come out dont install if you want to play for a few months then game goes down because an update for about 2 years
Overall its a real good and fun game, the only complaint I have is that whenever i tap on the "heros" tab my game immediately crashes. Please fix this and ill be fine!
Okay, I can't enter the server. And I don't what happened, I have a strong network connection, and then it just showed me can't enter just because of the connection error? What the heck, man! I played this game on PC for about 30 hours, and I love this game, really. Then I found the game is available on the cellphone. At first, I'm a bit excited. But now, it not only made me disappointed but angry.
Too good of a game, quite literally the single best phone game I have ever played, I'm not even lying when I say that. I sometimes spent more time playing this game on the phone than I did going on my computer. Although there is a new update coming out which prevents you from playing until it does come out, I believe that the update will actually be crazy and from the looks of it, it probably will make the game even better than it already was.
I had to change my review because lately the game has been crashing alot and won't load or even open I'm being generous giving its 3 stars.
Ok definitely a four star rating to start. The game play really gives me the feel of ROTMG and im so happy you guys made this for Android as well. The gameplay is smooth but a big update could be done. A bug that i encounter myself is when i open the heros tab in the Title. It crashes my game everytime. If it helps, i am using a ZTE Overture 3 phone. Lastly, I hope you are working on a big update to bring out more bosses and items! Happy developing!
"Update will come soon" It has legit been almost or more than half a year since those words. The game is basically dead, if you ask about it in discord its always "soon" 5 months ago "soon" 4 months ago "soon" Now "soon"
I played it a little and i liked it but even tho im on the same device and have a stable and strong internet connection i can't enter the game. I open it a there is the first window that pops up saying i should check for updates on reddit and then the other window pops up saying i couldn't connect to the servers.
I downloaded the game on mobile early in the year and rage quit and unstalled the app. Later that year I try to get it again but it says network error whenever I try to login. Fix this and I'll change my rating.
Great game rotmg type in your hand, yet it has been down for ages and doing my head in that i cant play, thought it would of been new years gift. Still down? Not a comment or a message to say when the game will be running again? All in all would recommend the game. 3 stars purely for the fact theres not much communication :(
Amazing game which I played on for a year until I found about rotmg but when I came back to it I was unable to play it although ppl say about a huge update happening when the game gets re-released so the wait might be worth it Was a great game before so even if it gets trashed now still gonna be 5 stars
Very good & amazing game. The higher Tier weapons are a bit too difficult to get. If the stats raise higher or there was more quests to do to achieve more gold it would be great! I love this game & do not mind spending money on! Hope you get back to this.
You know what I gave this game a chance despite all negative reviews. But guess what I was wrong. The worst mistake of my life downloading this game or can it even be called a game. The moment I open it a message appears on screen sorry this version is not Runnable download the latest version. So without futher ado Please Remove this apk file from playstore.
fantastic game forgot to make a review, I am a beta player and I can really say back then to now this game has always been a masterpiece like Rotmg, though aside that I can feel like this game has delays on updating or fixing bugs, i'm off soon to make a new discord account to see for more new updates, also im almost black shield 15/20k glory to do so.
This game was amazing and fun for hours a day but the update has been almost a year and i am still hoping but i am starting to lose hope but it is/was super dupwr fun
It's got a great and fun concept, taken from ROTMG. It's definitely too hard. Idk how the Dev didn't notice unless he doesn't play the game. Make this game playable by either nerfing enemy damage or buffing pets.
not worth getting, its extremely inconsistent updates, buggy as all hell, toxic community and even more toxic Moderator/Developers, over all its just an ever more worse version of a ROTMG wanna be Private server.
Ok here's a feed back when i go to heros tab the game crashes. I tried it with samsung galaxy j7 and s8 but it dosent work fix it
Potentially could be fun but you have to be able to play the game wo getting kicked off the server every few minutes. Pass on this.
I like the game but there is some things to fix 1. It sometimes when you got hit with 1 bullet even if your max you weardly die? 2. Wh-.. why did i die in nexus i press home then i saw nexus and people i died? 3. You guys should put a 1v1 place or make darza with more bosses That's all i can say ill rate this game 3 stars
I'm giving this game a higher star because of the fact that they're working hard to re-release it with alot MUCH better stuff, It will be released in Dec. 21, Until it is released I'll give an higher rate, but the fact that they had been unprofessional from the start and gave us a year wait for the update gives me less hope that this will be as successful. but from what I see the game is going through a better direction, I have high hopes, good job Darza.
Still no updates for the game no matter how often the dev's keep saying there will be, this game has been outdated for most devices for almost a year now and any direct contact attempted to the devs and mods that explicitly say they are there to answer questions ends with absolutely no attempts to respond. It's great for some people to make a rotmg styled game for people who dont own a PC but theres absolutely no passion put into this. It's as if someone with love for the game gave up and left.
See this please! I have had the game before, I got bored then gkt rid of it, I have gotten it back recently and whenever I try to go into the app (I'm on android) It says check for an update, I check...hmm no update surprising. I just started liking this game again fix it, also when I go into the heros tab it also crashes aswell.🙈
I like it but there are to many times I get disconnected and die. and you just have to restart your charater .
fun and addicting game. support is garbage. due to game glitches you can lose weeks of progress on a character, not be able to get it or any of your items back, and support doesnt even apologize for your loss due to game glitches. good game, awful support and game management
terrible chat system to the point where u lose 90% of sales due to people not wanting to wait for you to say something. The game crashes a million times to the point that its unplayable and after 2 weeks of playing and investing real money, i cant recover a lost account that was verified through email. DO NOT DOWNLOAD OR SPEND MONEY. i'll change my rating and review once they make an account recovery system that works and the crashes stop. (ios users beware: in game purchases do not pay out)
At the 18th of December the community of this game was promised in discord with a near update and after some months the community began to question why they are taking so long for mobile release/or complained or merely suggestively criticised them. (The game hasn't almost released for a year.) So the mods on their discord server banned people who were trying to ask why, and after a while their reddit was locked as well. Its sad that they have promised us something and we have to wait this long.
This is essentially "Realm of the Mad God Lite". Thoroughly enjoy the game so far! Controls are great for mobile and gameplay is smooth. My only complaint so far is the massive battery drain on this game. My phone has never heated so much over a mobile game before as this one does. Other than that, amazing game.
Well made game. Issues would probably be that once you finally grasp the goal/idea of the game, there really isn't much to do other than farm/grind and wait for the next update. Another issue may be that the updates are a little too rare. Knowing that there are/was real life issues going on, I'll go ahead and say that. Aside from that, this is a one of a kind game for mobile that literally anyone could enjoy, as long as they keep good faith in the game and developers. Thanks.