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Darts of Fury

Darts of Fury for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by Yakuto located at 44 Paul Street London EC2A 4LB. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Decent game, but having to watch ads just to play a match, on top of all of the other ads we're forced to watch, is a no go for me. I switched to Darts Club instead. I have no problem spending on games I enjoy, but I refuse to do so on games that shove ads in your face every transition screen and make ads a barrier between you and playing the game. So Darts Club got my money instead!
I absolutely love Darts of Fury! I was hooked from the first dart.. The graphics are amazing. There is a dart game for everyone! There is good competition if your looking for a challenge, or invite a friend and play a friendly game. The best part of the game is being able to choose your competition, or relax and practice. No matter what your up for this game accommodates.
Great graficks, attention holder, it's not boring but very exciting and there is always different challenges. I wished I could chat with the people I play.
You're lucky there isn't a 0 star option. The game is good in concept but in either account I have I've come across countless people using cheat clients. To the point that either account I'm on doesn't get a turn to throw any darts and they'll throw 9 darts. The worst part is there is no way to report someone using cheat clients like this. The membership deals are WAY overpriced, I'll call it a membershit. One of the worst games I've played in a while
Great Game Fluidity and Fun, I was pretty impressed by the way the mechanics worked,it being live in real time makes for great Competition all around and the fact that you can actually play with your friends in the same place from across town is Awesome. 4 Stars !!! 5 if they were to include live audio chat while you and a friend play a few games with each other. All thing's considered, Great Game and I have already recommended this Game to my friends and family and More. Staying In my lineup !
Very very exciting graphics are great and it seems very real and I can't wait for the next level . Hint the darts are the key to a very successful throw so level up on your darts. I love this game
I've loved playing this game 301... however everytime I play cricket my darts don't fly the same and I play against a "guest" and all they do is rack up points to like 500 plus! Its annoying! I'm thinking its a computer and not a person... I'd like to play but not always against a computer... im ok with getting my butt kicked but its disappointing πŸ™ƒ
Great game, very addictive. Would be great if they added a feature to chat/sent messages to your opponent like GOOD SHOT, UNLUCKY etc like they have in Golf Clash. I'd give it 5 start then.
Good game, like the graphics but don't like the fact that I paid for a lucky golden throw and didn't receive it. So be careful if you make any in-app purchases. Otherwise an enjoyable game . Didn't get my lucky golden throw again!! Emailed developer, hope they fix the problem soon. Really like the game other than that.
What a joke of game. The game will fail you. You can't play at your best because the game will make you miss vital shots. Farce. Massive farce. All the game does is fail you.
Still the best dart game I"be found yet..I wouldn't change a thing about the game play itself. I would just like to see a little more variety with player vs player. Like side bet options at the beginning of a game in battle mode. Or even a battle arena option for 8 man tournaments where winner takes all. I mean if spades plus can do it, why can't darts of fury? And if not, at least modify the weekend tourneys to more per game and event xp based on the level of player I beat. It would be cool
I give it four stars cause it will say double your rewards watch an add so you watch add and comes time to get reward it will say to you no add has been found ,,,,,and you just go done looking It.... . There you go only think that's not good.
love the game but the pairings need to improve a little bit. players of equal levels should be paired instead of one player being 6 to 8 levels higher than the other
Exceptional and an absolutely fantabulous game. I love that every game is a challenge, to be that player who is very good at what she does and I have gotten very very good at tossing darts and find that I am winning more then i lose now and i like that. League is awesome but I think that the battles is where I am learning the most. I have never played darts in my life and now that i have this app i have a hard time putting my phone down. Thank you for this game of fun and skill its the best.
So much fun. I wish the training had more options like training for specific events (Cricket, Shanghai, Climb Up). But, it is a great time killer.
they remove coins from your account for no reason whatsoever. there is no support for a game that opens up so many real money transactions in game, only faq and announcements and "give us money" buttons. all the league games are other people's replays. game design and playability is ok but everything else is about making you spend real money in game so that you can catch up to the carrot on a stick.
Edited review..down a star from 4. Because of lack of rewards for competitions and game play. Example winning a competition with global opponents won't even get you a new set of darts. Competition top 50 winner = 100 diamonds Cost of nice darts = 1,450 diamonds approx. That ratio is way off yakuto
This is an excellent concept for a game, but everything, involves buy this, you'll have an edge over your competition. it would have to be the biggest scam/luring/only there to rape you pockets app, I've seen. it's clearly rigged, but severly and stupidly so that it's obvious when your throwing darts 1 game and hitting bull's-eye and doubles and the very next game, you couldn't do it to save your life. If the Delevoper reads, Your a greedy criminal! also further ruining good games, MAGGOT
This game is a joke. It was fun at first, then you start running into the people who found the cheat hack to throw perfect triples on every throw. Or, (what I think is the computer playing), where they can't make anything for the first 6 darts, then go out on you with the next 6 darts. other than that frustrating factor, it's still a good time waster.
Love this, it is so graphicly exciting to play and it's just fun. Well & challenging the higher you go. And if you don't advance a round, the game doesn't humiliate you by losing -they say "unlucky" & not loser-very responsible seeing how negative words scar people. There's a "shot-bot" who shows you where to zero in to Win. NO ADS! For a game, it's designed super nice, so realistic- the colors, music, sound effects. And I like to dress up my darts Thx guys, great app!
Darts of Fury has been a great way to deal with and survive this pandemic. I was finally able to link my Wife's tablet and now she is trying her best woop me, she hasn't yet but she has got pretty close. she'll get me soon which is just fine because I know my wife, she'll get me probably more of a sooner more than later, and I am sure she will not let me live it down. At any rate we're having fun playing each other and after being married for 48 years it's hard to find a game we both like.
I'm loving this game this game is best with the stylo phone cause you can use the stylus stick to manuver the darts a lot easier. But over all this is an awsome game the only thing i don't like is the amount of time it takes to challange a friend that you pick because sometimes the friend you chose may not be loged on to facebook. I think it should only show you a list of your facebook friends that are logged on and not a list of all your friends.
Very cool graphics, smooth game play, for the most part except for the ridiculous attempts at hooking that 9.00 dollar subscription.
In the beginning I really like this app,but as you get further into it you are being pushed to pay if not the whole experience starts to go down , I for one cant see paying a monthly fee on a PHONE APP, if i am going to pay to play games i would just buy another gaming console.
fun but it seems to let certain opponents go first and they usually have darts they paid real money for. tried to search how the game decides who throws first but no answer. first player has a huge advantage that is unfair It is very unfair, certain people win alot. Your dart we be going perfect and all of a sudden in drops right before it hit were it should have !!!!
I am so addicted to this game because it has the best experience of being at the dart board but I don't like the winning and losing curve is a bit more towards the opponent than you I have been playing for about three weeks now and I am losing way more than winning and I have been improving my game steady and playing for most of my afternoon until the game tokens run out
Definitely the best dart game out there and I've played lots of them. Very user friendly. The only complaint I have is they make it too hard to get the better darts without spending real money. But all games do it so that's life.
Fun game, I like the set up and it's not as hard as some other games when it comes to aiming and hitting the targets. Wish there were more tokens to play than what's allotted tho...
Playing darts is my favorite pastime in my living room I have a dart board I play with friends.I've tried other Darts games online and none are as fun as this one. I've had lots of moments when I 've had good winning streaks like 18 in a row or more. I do wish the game would recognize that achievement and give me something for winning so many in a row. I also play this every day and have 4 devices I play this game on. Hope others get the enjoyment that I do. Have fun!
It is very adicting and sometimes i get so angry cause the matchups are not even close so if you do not upgrade you will not win and thats the bare truth. I had to upgrade alot cause i skipped a couple upgrades, dont do that it gets hard to win
This game is enjoyable to play with other dart board games. The downside of this game is coins to buy new darts as you move up levels. Every other level you move up their is a new dart, and it comes with a higher price. You buy darts at level 6 for $800 than at level 8 they are $1200, but you are starting all over in collecting your coins. That is why I am giving a 4 🌟 rating.
Graphics, control and a player can play for free overall a Great game 1 of the best. But i have to agree with peoples comments it does get boring specially if you ran out of tokens & i understand d devs needs to make $$ but even vip still ran out of tokens so i cancel my subs. So i suggest allocate an alternating days in which a player can pay .15 or .40 cents and be able to play unlimited for 24hrs, still having d tokens available to those who doesnt pay. Guild and communication Is needed.
If you like to throw darts you should try Darts of Fury, it's very competitive with a wide variety of games and competition. You can play with random people, friends or alone. You can customize your darts with a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors and designs from the flights to the tips. Be warned that Darts of Fury can become addictive and I'm in no way responsible for the actions and habits that can be caused from the game. Good luck and have some fun.
Best dart app on Google Play with plenty of options to challenge even the most pub seasoned league veteran's appetite for online play on an off league night. I recommend purchasing "Around The Clock" for new players. A little practice makes for much more exiting league play.
I got VIP ruby till June 1st and it took it away??? if I don't get the VIP can I at least get a refund.. when it's fixed I'll change my rating back to 5 stars cause I love this game... but I'm losing out on the gems and it took 5000 gems away that I bought as well please fix ... thanknyou
love this game never any problems accurate on throwing thr darts and just as real as if i was holding the dart in my hand and actually throwing it and the graphics are really nice thats why i give five stars there are a lot more but to much to write thank you for a great game and for all the work you all have done to make it such so. A+ for workmenship
Fun competitive easy to use. Havent had any problems with glitches. Really like the visuals or the graphics. I actually look forward to playing this dart game!!! Well made!!
Used to be my favorite. Now taking away 3 stars. Have played the same people over and over for two weeks with the same outcome every time. Something is not right.
Very fun game. Only thing i didnt rate it 5 stars is too many ads, u can only play 4 times each hour. Boosters way too expensive. Give like a 4.99 sub a month with unlimited play. Ppl would buy that. Otherwise best dart game out there.
Great game. Very enjoyable. TONS OF ADS. But you almost always get some sort of gift for the annoyances the ads create. Most games force you to watch ads by sticking them into a transitional part of the game that the player usually won't forgo because of the lost progress, reward, etc. EDIT: Quite possibly the most blatantly rigged game/app available for download.
Game's fun. Would've hit 5 stars, but I can't connect with the only person I joined it to play with and there's literally no explanation or support to help.
Seriously Addictive! 🎯 I absolutely love playing this game. It is great for passing the time and sharping your strategy skills when you play the game in real life among friends. Highly recommend!
Great graphics, super fun to play & few ads! And if you do choose to watch an ad, it doubles coin prize or experience gained for a level!
Too many ADS! I've been playing the game for awhile but since the recent update ADS! ADS! ADS! I literally play a game and leave after because of the ads. You're going to lose potential players. You are not the only Dart game on the market. Already looking for one with LESS ADS. Too bad. It was fun before all the Ads.
Very fun game second season real thing. One thing I noticed each Dart you throw gets a little heavier and seems to drop good for compensating good games thanks I like it
This game stimulates my adrenaline! There are techniques for aiming, throwing and maximising options. This game is probably the best darts simulation on the net. Not a rigged game, just an awkward algorithm. The dart styling options could improve (ie; update of flights like plain colours and newer shapes for down grade darts, stem lengths). It is what it is. I love darts. This is great fun.
This Darts game is fun and easy to advance. The rewards can be small at times. Wanting you to purchase items a lot. But... it seems all games are having more in app purchases and more ads. I recommend this game. At the same time. I also know of a better Darts game. Improvements are needed. Almost the BEST Darts app.
Was 5 Stars the game is great loved all of it , especially the tournament's and now for the last 2 tourney's I have been able to play league but not the tournament. I have spent more than seven hours trying to figure how to get back to being able to play in the tournament's and I am not the most phone savay person out here , and I can't seem to get any of the games or Google or my Google assistant to help me go in the right direction to figure this out , like I said I love the game but service?
I really enjoyed the game at first. But after a while it's obvious that your darts flight path has invisible forces keeping it from landing where it was thrown. This issue is only in the battle mode and it costs you all your coins. I'm sure a purchase would've fox the issue for at least a little while but you shouldn't be forced to upgrade if you don't need to.
Any kind of game that requires energy or tokens or whatever to play I uninstall immediately. What kind of idiot doesn't want you to play their game? "Sorry you've used up your 5 turns for today. Come back tomorrow when your energy has refilled" Seriously?!?!
Have to uninstall, then install every day. Time to try another game that I can count on working when I want to play it. Not when the developer wants me to play it.
If you like darts this is very additive. But you might need to buy a bundle of coins to upgrade your darts ..small one off fee for hours of fun ..great game
This game is for those who enjoy acid trips. Played to level 84. You know when your going to lose because the Dart is harder to throw, takes off at end and graffics were off. Picked winner 12 straight with friends.
This is one of the best dart games out there. There is lots of different dart games to play. Cause it keeps me busy enough to play six games
I like this game, I've been playing it for over a year. The VIP play price is way over inflated or I'd pay hands down. I should be able to search for a friend. We should be able to go into matches against each other. Also I should be able to customize training games and matches against friends. I should be able to set the game where I can just shoot around. Or make it where only triples count, etc. Besides that it's a awesome game and I will continue to play. 2021 updated still applies
Fun game . On the lower levels the darts are like throwing a wet bag of sand they have so much lag. Makes it challenging when youre playing the bots throwing constant triple 60s. But its fun
If you like aim and accuracy games and love to challenge yourself, i recommend this game. I have a very hard finding games that are challenging enough for me to keep my attention, and this does that and more. The whole way it's set up is really impressive and i honestly don't have one thing I'd change about it. Tons of fun! I have to force myself to get off the game lol... Thank you SO much for this app!!!!
I have tried probably every single dart app available and nothing compares to this one. It's in a class of it's own. The graphics, the ease in seeing where your dart should and will land, and the challenges are truly above all the rest.
Too much going on, a lot of animation that just wastes time & is annoying. Gameplay isnt very pleasing, dart flight/throws seem heavy & clunky. Upgrades are lame or non-exsistant. After playing just 1 other dart app this comes in a distant 2nd.
Fun game but predictable outcomes. When there is a guest with a number person shoots around 150 average, and when your opponent reaches the end and can go out on their turn they will fail on the first attempt to go out but on their next turn will go out on the 2nd dart everytime so you have to go out on your first try or get to the end before they do. Fun game. Editing this review despite the it's flaws as far as dart games go it is a lot of fun to play
Love this game! Just wish you could earn more green diamonds instead of buying them. It's very fun and addicting!
It is ok, but would rather it not charge u money for training. Also, the opponents seem unevenly matched.
It was a great game but since I had updates it's not working correctly it takes a few minutes to start up and then it stops and then it starts and then it starts and it's like that all through the game and its not happening in one game of it's every time I play on this game can you please send me updates again as something is wrong with the game of darts now I'm playing the game and it's working perfect
This is a wonderful dart 🎯 game of first time playing on my phone. I only been playing this game for a few days and maybe a week. Getting better most of each time playing it. With getting more experience make me think I could have a strong opportunity to win the real Dart Games. Crossing my fingers I get enough hit wins that would make me so excited. Thank you for bringing this game to Google Play Store😊😊😊😊😊
I think a couple of improvements could be the ability to search for and challenge other players and play at your leisure, and not having to play every game live. one player starts the game by throwing the first round and gets a notification later when the other player has thrown. you could play regularly with other players and also a chat feature would be nice.
The only things I dont like are how the darts arch when thrown and how sometimes there are only two darts in a round because it thinks ive thrown one even though I havent it just keeps wiggling and not releasing on my end. Other than that its totally addicting!
I love this game. I was locked on spades before I discovered darts of fury! Padlocked up on this game.
computer makes it impossible to win against opponent. it you are up by 60, the computer always seems to get you by 61. not fun.
Love the game but major problem: in sudden death, sometimes (its happened to me several times) the 1st player is given the 2nd players target or not given a target at all. (Part 2) The wrong target 'glitch' no longer occurs and everything is as good as it gets. 5 stars because the only way I lose now is due to my own ineptitude. Darts of Fury is on my list of "All Time Top 5 Favorite Video Games Thanks for taking the time to read the reviews and promptly fixing the bugs.
One of the best dart games I've played. Great graphics and little adds. Opinion based on one nights play. I like if it doesn't change.
Cmon dart fury.......it would be nice if the darts I throw in the league matches would actually be the same, react the same when I play the cricket or climb up matches. Not even close . Then you throw in guest robot and they're able to hit everything they throw at the board. I know some of the people who play are good , but its ridiculous. Especially in the cricket matches .
This is the best dart game out there. Only thing I would like to change is the cost of one token for a play. Plus, I would like to see more challenges!!! Other than that, i am hooked!
Players have learned to cheat the clock and Darts of Fury has done nothing to correct it. Learn to cheat and you will be great at this game
id give it 5 star but i do have a small issue. when i try to see my friends or invite it freezes the game up everytime so im not being able to compete with friends. otherwise this is a fun game
Great app best darts app so far smooth free flowing only issue is it saves players picks to your phone so when you transfer to computer you have to sort through and delete. This issue should be sorted for privacy.
should be a 0. The game is way too rigged to make you spend money, and lose games. I have seen my darts hit dead center of the triple and only count as single only to watch the "bots" dart miss the number completely then somehow move to the triple. This game is not worth the 30 seconds of my time I wasted to download!!!!
versed a bot 3 times in a row and it threw nothing but 180s every time, name was lee with 98% win rate. would be great if it was mobile only but it's easily ruined by macros on pc to throw perfect every dart
Horrible customer service. Two messages sent, zero replies received. Also a drastic overuse of bot players. It would be nice to get back to having real players in games so your skill actually matters.
Great game, easy to play, good mechanics, isnt bogged down by an endless amount of ads. If you want something enjoyable to waste time, then this is the game for you.
I do not like when the app forces an unskippable ad after a match. I do not like the fact that the person who gets to throw first has a huge advantage over their opponent because they reach the finish line first. But its a nice game otherwise.
Perfect Game. Unfortunately the average score is taken from all games. I think the last 100-500 or the last 1000 games should be taken into account.
so far it's enjoyable, been playing a while, the issue is when your on last game to level up, opposition no matter what you do hit 9darter, it's impossible to play nearly everyone that hits perfect score? Then after about 8 times trying you get a win . The game is nonsense at times, can be to easy to play, you know when your going to win and lose, It's as we all know for you to part with cash to get better equipment? That's something you will have to put up with. otherwise games fun.
Awesome game guys but can you not make the difference in throwing the darts so drastic? I can tell when throwing in tournament and battle its way off! And when did darts deplete? I enjoy the game when it's not making me throw like a beginner!
Does not give you the option to decline them using your data to share with 3rd parties. They use your info for everything and you can't decline it just to play the game. Smh no thanks. Didn't play won't play.
Love the game but u got to have tickets to play so u don't get to play a lot u have to wait for them to refill
Its a fun game to pass the time. i enjoy playing darts and although this dose not help improve my real life dart skills. I find myself playing the app more then i practice on my real board.
Worst game with the worst f2p experience...and definitely rigged so much so you can spend some money on gems.... Definitely a garbage way to spend some time on phone
Why not have a shoot out at beginning of game to see who goes first and the player that goes second should have another shot. Then another shoot out if there is a tie. In 301 of course. How do you determine who goes first?
Gave me a deal on a premium dart for 12 hours. Spent money on gems a minute later to buy the deal just for it to disappear and know i can't get anything with the gems i bought. Complete waste of money. Don't give out deals that last 12 hours just to take them away 5 minutes later. 😑😑😑😑😑
This game lies. I'm uninstalling it and wish i could get a refund of in game spent. Your not playing actual humans. Maybe sometimes you are but most of the time you are not. I put this to the test. When the game asks if I would like to rewind for 7 gems I hit the button even though I did not have enough gems. It brings me to a screen to purchase more. I can sit there FOREVER and the opponent waits for me. As soon as I back out, the opponent plays. A human would have left the game HOURS ago.
This game keeps my attention. Its so much fun and you have to make sure you shoot in the rigjt spots. I love this game
I'll give it 5 stars... the mechanics are good, the darts fly true, and the league play gets pretty competitive, but are matched very evenly. Fun game. Good job developers..!!
This game is rigged! I made it to level 70 twice, deleted the game and restarted all over again. Just because I don't want to pay for upgraded darts that the game doesn't alow me the opportunity to upgrade during the normal course of the game, so because i won't buy darts, now i looze every time by every player in 6 darts! WOW! Rigged! Now developer says in response that you don't have to buy darts, then why do i continue to loose every game at level 70 when before, i was able to win 8 out of 10
I was enjoying the game but now all i have are concerns when it comes to match making. I have an average just below 80 and get matched with played of the same level but their average is half mine. they then throw darts that are three times their average every shot. how does this happen. average of 43 and they throw 140 every throw. I haven't been able to get a single 180 and they beat me by throwing 140's all the time. DISGUSTING and a sad state of affairs for those that enjoy playing. fix this.
I love the competition.. I just wish I could message the players more often like when internment mode. Because sometimes have a really good game but can't tell them what a good shot they are very others and that it might be more find then most games I've played with the exception of playing darts live lol love this game
I love the lights and sparkles and the challenge. I love to challenge rather i lose or not ,if only they can show the 180 score so the other party can see it. Like the saying in your face.
I got this game a little over 2 years ago and have played it quite frequently, I've spent the extra time actually playing the game to get my unlocks and such. But now its a lot harder to get money because once you use your tokens on league, you can no longer play battle until you wait for more tokens. Super annoying. Really hope the developers fix it... Will change to 5 star once its fixed.
Best dart game, play your friends, or play with people all over the world.customize your darts , pick your color scheme and challenge the world. Great fun, but really addicting.
Can we please get the tokens (wait time) removed. It's a fun game but having only 4 plays at a time is stupid
Very fun, easy to navigate, pretty simple. No option to play without tokens (lives) or without use of coins. But overall well done
I read these reviews about how you people spend money on this app and it makes me laugh. You all are so clueless that this is a huge scam. Why do you think there is emoji chat and not real chat? I'll tell you why. because your playing against fake people or bots whatever you want to call it. You win when they let you win. That's it. you can't improve by purchasing better darts. you people are getting ripped the f*** off. Pathetic stupid app. stupid people
Fun even if the rules of the different modes are poorly explained. Not sure why I have to unlock (Read Buy$$) darts that go where I aim them. Going second once you hit level 10 and your opponents can go point for point with you, increases your chances to lose to near certainty. Could do with a free play mode Core game is solid enough but has issues in application
This dart game is one of the best games I've had the opportunity to play and I'm really enjoying it i play it alot I'm glad I got to play it I'm not that good at throwing darts but I'm getting better because they even got a training part and also u can play with people all over the world
This game is easy to use, rules are given and easy to follow. Wish there was a way to communicate with other players. But other then that I love it.
Used to love this game! Now not so much... Everyone forfeits!!!! 5 minutes and I am out of tokens and watching videos for more tokens. No way I would ever spend money on this game because even the prettiest darts doesn't make someone play with you.
The potential to be a good game but is spoiled by the need to spend money to advance and huge inconsistencies in playability and opposition etc. A real shame....
Only 3 stars because you aren't actually playing against other people. Also they charge lots of money and there's lots of ads. When you upgrade league and don't pay for a new dart it becomes almost impossible to play. Game is still fun but I wish I could play against actual people "in league" instead of a recording of someone playing.
This game is fun and the play is very accurate. Best dart game ive played as far as accuracy. The coins/points are hard to come by and gets frustrating because everything starts getting pricy.
Exzilerating: You can tunnell out, but sometime's you catch this wave were any spot on the board can be achieveded buy any means.
Its very fun and well polished however, since I've started playing, the longest I've gone without it suggesting I spend real money or "gems" has been about 3-4 minutes. It really drives home the point that they're willing to sacrifice the overall experience of the game for potential profit. EDIT: I've dropped it to 1 star because now they've it made so you need tokens to play battle mode in ADDITION to your coin stake. Yakuto's greed has made this game almost unplayable.
Gets to hard to play. All I get is high average players and can't ever get to the next level. To me don't download cause it's a waste of time.
Excellent dart game and fantastic graphics! The only problem is, whenever you try to go to the "Play with Friends" screen after connecting it to FB, the game freezes up and you have to close it and open it up again and that part/mode just doesn't work -- 100% of the time, unfortunately :( ...not sure if it's just me or not? Other than that, everything else in all other modes works great so far.
I really enjoy this game! My only dislike is the high dart pricing in ratio to the prize earnings. I understand it's the free version but its probably going to be the reason I'll end up uninstalling later.
Best throwing app yet. We have a choice whether to watch ads or not (thx developers!) Aiming is best - not too touchy, more realistic than other throwing apps. Advancing is easy once we get the hang of thorowing on the phone vs real life and we get matched with opponents that are challenging but not impossible to beat.
It's a great dart game, i can play for hours if I could thanks guy's.been playing several months if I reached the highest tier and not getting any higher players will turn away from it.
Awesome game I play every chance I get .. very challenging.. good graphics and you don't have to wait long for your turn.. fast paced game I love it you can play your friends or just randome people try it you'll like it's fun
This game is super fun. I didnt expect that it would be. But pleasantly surprised. Even more fun when we could play our friends. However, that robot. You've made him show disappointment when we dont make the shot. We get enough of the feelings like we've disappointed enough. Generally speaking. Why can't he be like, "better luck next time", rather than..."you suck!!!"? I mean come on. Games awesome otherwise!!
It's a shame that it doesn't let you play as long as you want, without paying or waiting for token re charge
i think i might really be liking this game? i'll know better once i become more familiar but for now it's all systems GO.
At first it was hard for me to get the hang of it. Then, just like real darts, i upgrade my dartss by earning coins and gems....wow magic!! I began loving this app and play for hours every day in between my real darting! If you are addicted to the real dart game then try this! Dont give up....soon you will hit those tripples like the people who knock you out in 30 seconds!! Lol....so all star s for Darts of fury. No bugs no interruptions and great graphics! Cool if we could see our hands!!☺
so far I like it, has cool graphics, I wish you had the option to play cricket without the numbers being light up. It kind of looks stupid light up.
awesome game, except for the fact that you can't play when you run out of tickets and you have to buy or wait to regenerate them over time. id be more inclined to spend money on upgrades if you could continuously play. now id be more inclined to uninstall cause i hate not being able to play when i want to. you guys should figure out how to get us to spend our money with valuable upgrades rather than try and force us to pay to play.
Love it! Easy to play, with just enough difficulty to keep you engaged. Would like for the game not to take your ticket away if you win. If you lose it makes since to take one away. But all in all very fun game. I recommend giving it a try.
I like to play with an actual dart board and darts but I'm getting pretty good at this Darts of Fury game Im just having one thing that is bothering me and that is getting my picture in my profile pictures place I'm sure I'll eventually figure it out I hope anyways........Now this is a year or two later from what is stated above⬆️and still I have not been able to put my picture in my square box!
this is probably one of my most hated games in the play store! the douchbags who created this rip off of a game knew what they were doing! the games seems great up till a certain point. Then you have to start spending money because the prizes you win always seem to put you just under what you need to upgrade equiptment to have a good experience. this game should be taken out of the playstore! 4.99 to upgrade darts that suck after 3 uses? the developers are crooks! Do not give them your money!
Better now that I don't get black outside when throwing the darts. Now that I've reached that elite level there's no incentive to just play on. It's not as enjoyable when there's upper level to reach and the incentive to do better. So with that. I give a 3 star. And I'm uninstalling DARTS OF FURY.
Only I cannot find any request my friends made that also play this game and they can't see any of the request I made to play with them and it's kind of frustrating it'll be really fun to play with my friends and not strangers all the time. The game itself is fantastic lots of fun once in awhile it doesn't give you the right score but that's okay.
it's a good game, but should give more chance to play, even the open prize box, so poor, make it more enjoyable, so members here enjoy the game ! thank you From :- Marco ....Malta (Europe) ! one other things opponents should challenge each other and can make friends !!
Great dart game overall. I would also like to see an improved training/practice setup where players can practice their their throws rather than doing a timed single or double bed practice.
I really like this game, however you cannot play with your real-life friends, unless you sign into Facebook, not everybody has Facebook, otherwise I would give it five and a half Stars
Love this game and it's not pay to win. They've made a game that is ad heavy at times but the trade off is a experience that feels like a game you bought up front!
Its a good game to play to kill time throughout the day. It still doesn't cook you dinner or even buy the first round of drinks when hitting the bar an grill. So untill it can that it only gets a 3.5 star rating.
this game is a joke. the devs rig your darts so there is no possibility of winning. Also certain players consistently run the board, they're obviously playing on tablets. I will never understand the satisfaction one gets from winning by cheating but the devs are no better than them either. When I'm made to play against those who have a 99% advantage over me in hitting their target because their darts are better, its ridiculously unfair and unenjoyable. Dont waste your time downloading, folks
Fantastic game! Amazing graphics, no glitching so far. Love the variety and way it really calculates the different flys and weight of different darts. It's also challenging and feels like your really playing!
This game is all good but the only thing is that I noticed is every time that I'm winning it's seems that my connection get lost and no it's not this game it's this punk who keeps harassing me and tampering with everything I do on my phone by hacking it yeah using my information by stealing my identity to commit identity theft and fraud from his own family bank and credit cards information how sad is that and he's so proud of him self he's nothing but a Sick SOB oh yeah his name is Fermin perez
accidental subscription purchased nonrefund! i unknowingly and accidentalybpurchased a $65 dollar Diamond VIP sub that i do not want . i have been trying for 8hrs to get the sub cancelled and my card reimbursed to no avail. So it seem that this company gets $65 and get nothing . i think this is theft and i plan i sending a letter to my district attny.
fun and exiting..recently 12/12/20.updatation was downloaded. But not installing why.. Kindly check the updating installation mode or routes. Some technical problem. Twice downloaded. But not possible to installation.. So please help..
Fun game, but unfortunately, as is the case with a lot of games these days, it's full of cheaters. It's less fun when you play game after game against opponents who never miss. So beware, and definitely don't spend any money on this game!
great game to play... and probably would stll think so if it hadnt knocked me back to 119 from 122 and taken 100k in coins and new darts from me for logging out and back in..
Pretty fun. Though like everything these days it's totally geared towards endless in-app purchases if you want to move forward in any way other than a snail's pace.. But gawl dangitt ! It's still Tons of Fun. And there's always ways around the barriers if you got half a wit about ya! Honestly it's quite addicting and super enjoyable. HAVE FUN!! And THANKS YAKUTO. ,,
Love the game but need to make it where you go against people in your league and not way above it especially in the special events, thats why most people cant get no good rewards in it
The graphics are great, but the dart physics are inconsistent. Darts become more unstable the higher in rank you climb, so you are forced to buy new darts. Also, the dynamics to throw darts in practice mode are not the same as in competition or battle. It was a waste of gems to purchase the unlimited practice mode. I hit all dbls/trpls in prc., but cannot even get the darts to fly properly in other modes. I've tested this many times by playing practice and then a battle. It's very strange.
Its a badass game!! I literally play everyday!!! Love this game very much!!! Of course it's going to have the ads but aside from that...the game is terrific and I highly recommend this to anybody who's a dart fan!!!! You're not going to get a better dart playing game than this one right here....I can tell you that right now
Pretty average experience, nothing too special compared to what I've played before, would've been awesome if I could add friends and play them, and the game offers this feature, but it does not work, I added my friend on my Facebook friend, then I sent them a request and it did not add us as friends on the game, no matter how much we tried, so it shows me that the developers really didn't put much effort in this feature and I was left very disappointed
The league game Is really unfair to the 2nd person. The first person to throw can check out before the second player gets to throw again. They can finish the game in say 9 throws and second player doesn't even get a chance to throw a last round. Who ever goes first has a very large chance of winning every game and I've had times where I was 2nd to play nearly every time I play. How is that fair? There should be a tie break. Equal no of throws. I just played 5 games, 4 x times I was 2nd pole
I've never liked computer darts but this one is addictive and straight off the [email protected]#ing hook cool great game NOT ANYMORE THIS GAME SERIOUSLY SUCKS FOR ONE YOUR PLAYING BOTS NOT NOT OTHER PLAYERS NUMBER TWO YOU CAN'T WIN THE BOTS START THROWING NOTHING BUT TRIPLE TWENTIES........ THAT'S PATHETIC DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY I'd give it no Stars if I could
Absolutely love this game! I also love that it isn't that expensive like alot of games are if you want to buy things.
A friend recommended this game and it's a blast it's got several different games that you can play round the world no ads pop up great control over your darts just an overall great game very addictive and fun and challenging good job to the Developers for this great game
The problem with this game is, when you level up, the stability attribute of the darts will drop. The last time I leveled up play stability dropped 12 points. I've only known that to happen when you bend the shaft or take the flight off of a dart. I just don't understand why all of a sudden since you leveled up your darts suck more.
I've changed my mind about the review. I didn't like the previous update but I think the current update makes it the best game I've ever played. I play this game longer than any other games I've ever played on I still love it today like the first time I played it
Disappointed. I've been playing this game for a while now and last night I started getting ads for a playboy app. I could care less about it being a playboy app but the image they show looks like a young girl. I'm not a prude and am a huge supporter of women's choice and their bodies their choice, but this is a CHILD! Freaking gross. Loved this game but have now uninstalled, just so inappropriate. I'm playing a game to feel good, escape, not to get upset or annoyed.
What a load of s***. Darts don't perform the same as in battle as they do on round the clock. Also nowhere to actually speak to the game developers so don't bother with this. I also believe it's tied to golf clash so just a money oriented game as normal these days. Where's the free games that dont kill you for not spending!!!!!!!
Got it for 8ball pool. Liked it but about to uninstall. Won't when let me collect daily rewards. What's the point of playing if I can't keep up unless I'm pay to play. ..which is clearly what you're enforcing. Sheisty as f##k. Fix it or I delete which I assume most others will too...haven't even played in a few days due to this. ..and go ahead. Pretend like you care with a comment like most others do and blame my internet. Or...do better. And fix it like you actually should.
Fun game. Lots of pressure to buy credits which add up quickly, especially emerald credits. So watch your impulse buying. I especially enjoy the international playing audience.
I play Darts of Fury every day the grafics are great i love throwing darts, get to play with real people, the game is set up awsomely, all around probably best dart game on the net. Is the best I've played or found anyway,. Try it pretty sure you will agree thanks to the executives and staff for a great game best wishes tobyou all and yours, satisfide custeumer Kerry Breece Breece
Great game. But I've been on the top level of 180 the last couple of months. And now I am unable to view my and opponents average score, when clicking on their name, while playing the game. I'm seriously thinking of un installing this game. Its gone from serious gameplay, to becoming quite boring.
This game is fun and it helps clear my mind from the world. If they would actually let me lig into facebook so I could play against my friends would be even better. But hey either way I give it 5 stars*****
Quality game! I love this game. It has very few ads. The game is a lot of fun. I highly recommend it.
Complete pay to win model. Darts get worse as you level up to force you into buying the current leagues darts, regardless of your skill level. Would recommend playing pro darts app instead
Very very very fun, i suggest that you guys should download it. You wouldn't be sorry. For me, i didn't like to play any games but this games makes me hook up. Love it😍
Well rounded game. Graphics are pretty good. Could definitely use a wider range of color options when editing dart appearance. Would be nice to see 'Good Game' in the available chat options. All in all, It would be out of this world if y'all brought a Treble Practice Dartboard!! There's a Single as well as a Double, why not implement a Treble Practice Board? Purchasing the pass for unlimited practice isn't all that rewarding, don't feel challenged when there's no goal (20 darts/20sec) to use it
I live this game. Many options . Isn't filled with ads, but you have the option to watch ads for free coins. The graphics are great.
If you're gonna limit plays and charge people out the yingyang for the dumbest of things, then just slap a price tag on the game and don't waste everyones time. Must be a coincidence that after lvl 18 dart offers pop up every game and at the same time an RNG system makes your aim worse because "how dare you not spend money on this game!" This is why mobile gaming won't go anywhere for another 20 years. Do better.
best dart game to date! There are the original dart games...cricket 301 ect and there are also other fun new games tournaments...Play in league or with friends... Graphics are great.. game play is smooth
This game is a out and out blast. I just stated playing a couple weeks ago. Its fun and frustrating. You love it when you hit the perfect shot and teach your goldfish a few choice interjections when your getting your butt handed to ya. The game play, if your trying to level up or live play there are a good amount of choices. The graphics and feel of the game are spot on. You can do a lot of designing on your dart to make it your own. I'm a big Bowling Crew fan and this goes well with it. .
Definitely one of the best games I've ever played. Challenging, and competitive. But...the dart buying thing is stupid!! You have to constantly buy better darts if you want to stay competitive with the other people in your league!! I get it..I really do...but you buy darts that you won't ever use again!!! You could at least make it to where you could sell your old darts to help pay for new ones. At least then it wouldn't seem like a waste of money!! That's why I changed my rating from 5 to 3.
Somebody took all my coins over 300,000 and my gems! Pissed off no answer yet from support!!!! I turned out that it was me losing my coins and sech I was loging out everyday and didn't know it! It really is a good game and it is my favorite ded7
This game is highly addictive, and soon much fun!!! Its the best game in the play store I highly recommend Darts of Fury. Game crack!!!!
when the little woman starts in on me this game drowns her nagging voice right out. ..even when she is having a high flow day! try it out and see.
I originally gave this game a 5 star review, but the further I have played the more I have realised that Yakuto are restricting my game play unless I spend cold hard cash. The reason I enjoyed the game in the first instance was due to not having to fork out real money, but it would seem that eventually you must and that is not what I want. Its a shame as its a fun game. But I will not spend my salary on a phone game.
Gave a 5 star 2 years ago! Since then I've beaten the game essentially...all the achievements highest level in league best dart in the game....2 years later league is still stuck on level 180...no more levels to obtain no.further advancement of the game...u get to the end and nothing happens
It's bullcrap that after you upgrade darts, once you move to another league, the dart stats are downgraded. For instance, stability went from 97 to 85. That's bait and switch to me. You just want players to upgrade then change the darts on them. Ridiculous.
I usually do not play games besides slots, and word/spelling games, BUT... This Darts of Fury app is by far the most enjoyable game I've ever played. My young grandchildren play this, we really get some good competition matches going on in our family. The only downside is that the in-app purchases are too much, they should have the gems cost less. Or at least put between 25 to 500 gems in the little box that that we get bonuses in them;.
No skill ? No problem cause all we do is cheat here !!! No matter how consistently you play, we will always find a way to undercut your skill. Unless of course you're willing to pay a little to upgrade your which will be satisfactory for about 3 games. Then it's back to the trenches where you'll be beat like a dog like by anyone a slightly higher leveled or better paying . Go ahead take a short trip to let your blood pressure skyrocket . You'll never regret downloading a game quite this much.