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Darkness and Flame 1

Darkness and Flame 1 for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by FIVE-BN GAMES located at Ukraine, 51900, Dneprodzerzhinsk, belorusskiy proyezd 14-22. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Fun hidden object/point & click mystery. The artwork is pretty and so far the story is good, the story is voiced and there are also subtitles. Not too difficult but they haven't repeated a puzzle yet.
Exceptional graphics ,good storyline ,one of the best games ive come across lately , I especially enjoy the mini games and puzzles the just add that little bit extra to the game ,well done to B,N_Games.
Honestly I'm a huge fan of puzzle adventure games..this one was a huge disappointment cause the errors outweigh the content..there is this puzzle with all the animals where you match them with the background..I completed it ..been doing the same thing since 2 days thinking it will progress the game..wont work..really disappointed.
Like the puzzles and graphics very good. Challenging to say the least. This is 5th one I've played by FIVE-BN games only had an issue with one puzzle in NewYork 2. I have finished the others.
I have been enjoying the game and would of given it 5 stars until I got 1/3 way thru the game and solved 2 puzzles but it would not register that I did unless I pay for coins to skip the puzzle which in effect makes does not make it a free game. Very disappointing as I really liked the game but refuse to keep buying coins just to solve puzzles I can do myself.
Puzzle Mania game. Excellent games lots too it lots great puzzles to solve and find items with no extra costs for levels only the bonus level that is at the end of game but is is cheap to buy. Definitely in my top 10 games to play if likeadventure games.
I enjoyed a lot Lost of lands saga and know I'm trying to play this and it's really awesome the animation, stages...everything. you don't realize how long time you spend playing the game because you want discover more and more clues.
I really do like the game. Sometimes you may miss a minor detail and think you are stuck but that makes it fun!
Pretty trite, shallow story. Decent art, okay puzzle array, but nonsensical 'travel' -- and requirements for backtracking to complete puzzles you can't complete until go get a doodad some ridiculous distance from its sole point of use (as another reviewer mentioned, the single-use nature of some objectively versatile tools is pretty weak). Entertaining enough to kill some time, but not engaging enough on any level to buy the full game or even try another chapter)
Such a beautiful game ,challenging enough and very rewarding when you work out the puzzles. I have played a lot of these adventures from Five BN, they never disappoint ,love em .
Good game. However, I am stick at the part in the fish puzzle. No matter how many times I place the puzzle parts in the correct places. It doesn't activate. I did it about twen times already and it still hasn't activated.
Graffics are great, the story role is good. It is challenging but fun. My frustration is with the game assist. You are only given 10 coins that you use up quickly and cannot earn more you have to pay for them.
Excellent game without ads or energy systems, but who thought it would be a good idea to place back-button in the middle where you press it accidentally many times during puzzles?
Loved the game until a glitch didn't give me a piece I needed and I couldn't finish the it. I even deleted it and re-installed it and it still didn't give me the piece I needed. I watched several tutorials because I thought there was something I was doing wrong but apparently it was the game and after reading some reviews I realized it had happened to others also.
Main game great, it was my second time through and still had to think. Gave 4 stars because last time I purchased the mini game but this isn't giving me the option to reinstate my purchase, so I can't play it again and will not purchase twice,
This game is very interesting. It (along with its sequels) tells the most interesting story I have ever come across in an online game. I am quite hooked to it. Not only are the scenes pleasant but the riddles are also quite doable. Some of them have glitches, and they caused me to uninstall the game at first. Later on I learned the trick - if a puzzle isn't working simply exit the game and log back in. It worked for me. A truly great experience. Good job guys!
There has to be a bug in the game. I'm trying make the sleeping potion. I have all the ingredients and cannot combine them (despite following the instructions). I checked the official guide to find I'm doing it correctly to a "T", however, the game continuously says "object cannot be used here."
I would give it five stars but there is a bug with the minigame (chest at uncle's house with animal chips) and you need to play it several times before you can finish... Still don't really know the trick but if you close and redo several times it eventually works. Worked for me on the 3rd try. Lost Lands series was well done and I didn't encounter any bugs doing 1-6. But this series, I've had problems with 1 and 4. Please fix this for future players.
Love the story line. However there are some bugs...The game stalled and there is no way to report this to a support team. Other than that I would have given a higher rating probably.
One of the best games I've found. Truly well done and beautiful music graphics and great story line! The puzzles are challenging but not frustrating. I'm so hooked!
One of the puzzles right at the 29% completion mark didn't respond to reveal the hidden item even though I played 4 times and got it right each time. Absolute put off. I will try one last time & if the chest still fails to open I will delete the game, which is a shame as the story was rather interesting
I like the games. Sometimes the collectibles and morphing objects are too hard to find. Also, I wish that the developers would have the map marked when an area is complete (all tasks done, all collectibles found).
Game is nice, but has glitch, I completed beoglinn vallye puzzle of rotating animals and insect matching roller, but even after completion it not going forward
Am enjoying this game. Graphics are great, games are challenging, and I like how previous scenes stay in play which adds interest to the challenge. Will definitely get the next one when I'm done this one.
Could be a fun game IF it didn't require so much energy to play or treasure such a long time to replenish the every. Ugh!
This would be a 5 star, but there is a glitch. I need a handle for the underwater submarine. It has 3 handles but 1 is missing. After looking at walkthroughs, I see that a character gives you the handle after an interaction. But this never happened for me. I had the interaction, but he never gave me a handle. So I am forced to stop the game here. Pretty disappointing but overall, I really enjoy your games.
I can't finish the game. The disc puzzle with the animals is complete with each lined up correctly but nothing happens. Leaving the puzzle resets it. Waste of time. Very disappointing.
If you enjoy this type of game then you will love It, I have to say it is one of the better ones, I would like to see a way of earning hints instead of having to buy them.
The game was okay until I made a purchase and it didn't load in the game. I contacted both Google Play and the developer. I followed all the Google Play instructions, they told me to contact the developer. I never heard from the developer and never got my money back.
I love that it's FREE!... And, very challenging! I play a lot of these games, and I still need hints. It challenges your memory & problem solving skills. Cool story line. Really long. I can't wait to try out the new one.
You need a walk through to help make sure you get everything you need to get through the game. You also need real hints. Not just a light circling a answer. More answers than questions. I still need an animal for the cunard at uncle's house. Plus something in the bears hand. I have no clue what the hell goes in his hand. Or where to find either of these two things.
I love 5bn games, they are hard enough to be fun and interesting but logical enough not to get totally stuck, and if you do, the free hints are enough to get you through. Always happy to pay for the bonus chapter as a little thank you and please make more!
Couldn't stop playing once I started! Challenging but not impossible, so I didn't need to worry about spending money for hints or skips.
Good game, BUT. I think there are some glitchy areas. In some places you can click multiple times and nothing happens, finally use a hint and it circles where you just were clicking and suddenly there is an interactive window. Also had the fish puzzle solved 2 times and nothing happened. Went to a walkthrough site and their puzzle worked with the same image, but I had to pay $ to "skip" a puzzle that I had solved
Excellent game, great puzzles. Only to play the bonus chapter you need to pay. Otherwise everything is great.
I like it just fine except that the free game is not so if you can't figure out what your next move should be. You have to pay a coin for a hint. They will give you 5 free coins, one you use them up you have to buy coins. There is no way to earn them. To bad, I love the game
Great graphics, great voice acting. Interesting storyline. Game is not to hard nor to easy, a lot of fun to play. And it was Free
I like the mix of story, video and interesting puzzles. Plus the game can be played off line. Good job!
I LOVED everything about this game! The storyline was quite intriguing and kept my interest peaked all the way through! Thank you for ANOTHER awesome game and series! I'm excited to see how this unfolds.. πŸ˜€πŸ˜
Glitch. As others have indicated. Uncles chest. I have placed all the pieced, solved the puzzle and then nothing. Can't go any further. Too bad seemed like a decent game. Please advise when you fix this.
Like another reviewer mentioned, got to the puzzle dealing with matching animals in the house and the game seemed to refuse to acknowledge the correct completion. Anyone encountering this 'game breaker' and wanting a get-through read below. **SPOILER ALERT** Took another try and saw that there are pictures on the left and right 2 item discs (in addition to the ones outside of the discs) which also have to be matched with the right animal. Story is better than the Lost Lands series so far IMO
Finishing up the final chapter. While many puzzles are very repetitive from other games the story helps to carry the game along so as not to feel boring.
Super fun game, would definitely recommend. I did spend the $2 to buy hints but I don't think it's necessary if you don't want to spend the money.
Very dissatisfied with Puzzle glitch, the game won't work. I mean spending money even though I solved the puzzle is very frustrating.. but the rest of the game is very good.
I am enjoying this game. I am stuck in one place with a puzzle but I hope I will figure it out. It is the door puzzle. I have all combos and I cannot get the last piece to fit without being able to turn it. I will persit. Good game.
Well written. Doesn't rely on one HOS after another. Instead you have to remember things you've seen and figure out how to use them.
Really really good game! Interesting puzzles but not too difficult. I love the challenge and the animation is really good! Has a full story too. And there are more of them! Can't wait to play the whole story. Really good job! Thanks for no ads!
Good graphics and puzzles are medium challenging so far. Only complaint I have was it was difficult to see some of the small items.
I like the game, but there are glitches that ruin it. After finishing a puzzle successfully, nothing happens and you can't progress.
Very satisfying and rewarding puzzles. Beautiful environments. Almost uninstalled due to lack of patience, but so glad I continued.
Good story line and no pay. Best of both worlds. Puzzles are a bit on the easy side but still totally fun and worth playing.
So, I saw this on another review and I agree. I love the game. I've played all the Lost Lands and now this, but I have unused coins from both that I would love to transfer to new games. I feel like I'm wasting money each game for new coins. Change that and you'll have five stars from me.
I have just started but am liking it already. The puzzles are not to hard, and I do not have to go back and forth to much.
Love these games. Most puzzles can be done without hints, very relaxing pace and it doesn't switch back and forth so often that you forget where elements are so you can keep focused on the progress of the game.
Game is ok. You have to buy hints in order to advance in the game. Not good to have to buy hints when you don't have alot of money to buy hints with.
Absolutely, love your games, they're very entertaining. Not to hard or to easy. I love that you can play a pretty lengthy game a the decide if you want to pay to do the bonus chapter. Most games they let you do a couple of rooms then leave you hanging so that need to pay if you want to find out what happens. Please continue making these wonderful free versions of your games for those of us who enjoy playing but can't afford to pay. Thank you.
This is my third game experience, I usually donnot play these types of games, do to the motion of the the pictures, I get seasick easily. But its like the developers of the game had me in mind, the motion is just perfect and I get no sick feeling. The graphics are phenominal and breathtaking. I donnot listen to the music for its off, I donnot enjoy music playing while I play games most of it irrates me, along with voices and enviroment. But the voices are not gradding and the enviroment sooths
Good game. The animal puzzle that everyone says is glitched I thought I wasn't going to be able to finish. Until I realized you have to line up not just the animal icons but the 2 circles that spin. They have pictures on them as well.
Great game!! The storyline is fascinating enough to keep you interested in playing more. The puzzles are just the right difficulty to where there not to easy, but at the same time not to hard so that you don't want to play any further. It doesn't have ads popping up every five minutes to where it just takes the fun out of the whole game!!! Just all around made just right to where when I start playing I don't wanna stop!!! So wonderful job to the creators! Thanks guys!
Game is awesome. Great graphics. BF games are superb. Playing on my tablet is a disadvantage for me but still love the game. No issues. Playing 2nd time.πŸ˜πŸ‘
Awesome game. Love the concept and the puzzles were awesome but some were really hard and i wish that there was more of an option to earn coins by watching an ad or something. Other than that its an awesome game and i completed it within a couple of days. Couldnt put it down.
I got stock at a puzzle repeatedly, I used coins again and again, solved it again and again many many times and nothing happened. I wasted my time thinking something must be wrong, but the game is stuck there. I like this type of games but so far, I played three games of this kind, and all for naught.
Just another so called free game but if you are unfortunate enough to use all the 10 hints you then have to buy them. Because their no videos to watch to get any.
I definitely dig these games. But you gotta make sure you tap on EVERYTHING!!! I used a couple of hints unnecessarily but that's ok. If you have the patience and just be thorough with each screen, there's no need to spend any money (except for the bonus chapter of course)
Great games but I don't like having to keep going back to complete puzzles because I forget whats got to be completed other than that its fantastic great graphics
Great storyline, graphics and puzzles. I've lost count how many times I've played all the Darkness and Flame series!
As usual, great story, easy controls and amazing graphics. Love these games from this developer. I have played ALL the games in the series. And I don't mind spending the money for the bonus chapters. Games these good deserve it!! Keep up the good work!
Another awesome game and a superb story. Captivating and addictive story and puzzles. Thanks Big Fish for providing a challenging game. This game really brings the player into the story with great graphics.
Love these games. This does have a glitch with the animal chips but follow this format exactly and it works N, O, P, Q, R being each section of the puzzle, left to right. Solution: Rx3-Q-Px2-O-N-R-Q-Px2-O-N-Px3-O-N-Q-Px2-O-R-Q-P-R-Q-P-Q-P-R-Q-Rx2-Q.
I'm 70 and really enjoying the puzzles and the story. So far not the most frustrating nor the hardest but not the easiest either. Patient determination wins the day.
All your your guys have present to the public are all good but the problem am having with your games is that you must purchase the full version Only the demo is allowed to play.So please try to improve it more by allowing people to finish the game
I am completely captivated with this series of games! No advertising and no money spent yet, though I could. The puzzles are mildly challenging, the graphics and sound crisp, and the story line engaging. Thank you five bn games.
I am hooked. I love the story, the graphics and the puzzles. My husband and I can't put this game down. We love the challenges this game gives. They are hard enough to keep our brains ticking but not so hard that we give up out of frustration. Well done for getting the balance right. When I get stuck, my husband takes over with fresh eyes and finds the next clue for me to continue. Congratulations for making such a great entertaining game.
So, for some reason I downloaded this game & was really enjoying it because on the Guide it showed me which area had collections in, activity, etc...Got so far then told I had to pay Β£5.99 to download the rest of the game, which I wasn't prepared to do. So went onto the Play Store & found the same game to play for free. I downloaded that one but now I don't have the Guide telling me where certain items are. I'm really upset about that & believe that it should be made available to all...
I absolutely love this game.it keeps me entertained for hours. Graphics and story line are faultless I can't put it down. I definitely recommend it.
Can only progress so far. Have completed animal disc game and nothing happens. Cupboard does not open and if I use the back arrow to exit that game it resets the game, so can't progress any further. Very frustrating. I'm guessing that is the same issue a previous reviewer came up against forcing purchase of tokens to skip the game and proceed. Won't do that as I suspect there is an easy fix, so must be a deliberate bug to make people spend money.
Another brilliant game from this developer. Excellent story, graphics, sound and puzzles. I've played many of their games and none have disappointed so far.
Fantastic!!! I am absolutely addicted to this game. Great storyline and the puzzles keep you on your toes without being too obscure. Love the scenery and underwater experiences as well. You won't be bored or disappointed. One request to the developer, please make needed objects a bit bigger for those with poor vision. Ty
Great game.. Some puzzles were difficult, & trying to find/tap small object on a mobile phone screen can be difficult. The annoying thing I found though is the 'bonus chapter'.. Even when completing the game, you still needed 30 coins to unlock.. You can only get so many free coins (which you use to get hints so u may not manage to get all the full amount) so still have to pay real money - IF it unlocked bonus chapter when you found ALL hidden objects I don't think I would mind as much
Love playing the games from this whole series. If you love quest games you will love this. Solve the clues, find the items needed to complete each stage of the story. There are logic puzzles to solve, which can sometimes be challenging, but it's never impossible to solve. Bonus game at the end which you have to pay for, however the main game is free with no adverts to contend with. The bonus game comes after you complete the main game so it's an optional extra.
Free version is fun, although some times i have to use the walkthrough. Good story, some puzzles are challenging :)
I really love it, because of two reasos 1. Its offline so I don't always need my mothers hotspot to play it. 2. Its so amazing playing the mini puzzles and watching the videos whenever I want. But there is only one issue, it takes a lot of space. But anyway its amazing.....
Exceptional game... loads of great puzzles that are are interlinked and have an overall objective. Not like other similar games where you are looking for random objects without any real sense to why you need to find them. Highly recommended.
Amazing game!! Hard to believe it is free- the graphics are great, controls are easy to use, no glitches, great story line, and plenty of locations to explore. This adventure has a lot of cool puzzles that are unique- not the generic puzzles from so many other games. I really love the hidden scenes where you gather different items in a location to use in succession until you get the item you need in the end. It's a nice change from "hidden object" scenes. Highly recommend; it won't disappoint!!
Really good graphics and storytelling. Very polished product. Have played a few such games, and the series from big fish games are the best hands down.... Graphics are crisp and clear, puzzles are good. Requires men observation and ability to link scenarios.
I live the game its self but im giving it 2 stars because of the glitches there are several puzzles that even though i completed did not open fix the issues and this game will be amazing
I love all the adventure games by this developer, the stories are exciting and the play style suits me well.
Enjoyed playing this game. Cheesy story and voice acting with good puzzles. Some random tapping of the screen needed to locate some items, but that's always the case in these types of games. Better played on a tablet than a phone.
Great story and graphics are beautiful. I'm disappointed in the fact that you have to pay for the bonus game even if you collect the objects.
I'll get to a certain point and then a puzzle won't operate like it should (and I know I'm doing it correctly because I've looked up guides to make sure) so i have to uninstall it and then reinstall it then the puzzle works fine. You should probably fix that
I love the game but I've encountered a glitch with the animal chips which hasn't worked. Another reviewer said it worked on the third try. I'll give it another go but may give it up altogether if I can't get a result soon. I've had no luck after 5 goes so unfortunately I'm having to give up the game.
This is great game, but I have same problem as Bianca below. Please fix this issue so we can give you five star πŸ˜‰
Definitely a must have! Intriguing story, great graphics and acting, fantastic music. I used to play HOPA games on my laptop and this is my very first time on a smart phone. I thought it was impossible to get to the same level of game immersion but I was wrong. Obviously, not the same as a laptop but pretty good, way beyond my expectations. I'm not new to 5BN games which I consider one of the best game developers out there, but I'm new to playing these kind of games on Android, great job! πŸ™πŸ’–πŸ‘
Disappointing! Too many glitches. It wouldn't even let me type in my character name. I'd nearly finish a puzzle and it would take me out of it so I'd have to start all over Again. And no, it's not a free game. I got halfway through then it said I completed the demo! To play the rest I had to pay. I'm not paying for a dodgy game!
Brilliant game, great story, great graphics. The puzzles aren't too difficult but certainly make you think. I found it quite difficult remembering where the puzzles are as you move on and collect parts, then forget where in the game they need to be placed. But a definite "can't put down" game
Love this game series, have played the others out of order, so actually playing #1 last. There's a glitch in the puzzle where you have to match the animals/insects to their habitats. I did it twice, all the lights are lit up, showing in correct locations but the box wouldn't open (did it 2x) I had to use my 10 coins to open it, pretty annoyed.
Great game to go with all other Five BN games. The end realy freaked me out! Talk about Rebooting The Planet of the Apes! What an impression it made. Now I'm going to have nightmares like I did when I was a kid back in 1970.
I love these games. I like solving the clues so I can move on to more beautifully detailed scenes. The graphics are great. I just wish I didn't lose the money spent for clues close to the end of the game. I never use all of them and I can't use the coins for other games.
The game is good but you do get stuck as I am I have a container for collecting the water to grow the seed, matches to light a torch, a torch I cannot find anything to dip it in to use, a pick axe that is no good anywhere, a bug ie:cricket I cannot find any use for as I have tryed to us near the sub but says it cannot be used here, a pair of tweezers don't know what there for but don't work anywhere what is going on come on help us out. I'll bet we will not get a reply from the game makers.
I downloaded this game thinking I will play it in the morning... I made the mistake of opening the game and started playing. It is now morning and I finished the game!!!! Excellent game, was nice not to have ads or having to buy anything. They honestly mean free to play!!! This game was entertaining and the back and forth into the areas was great, really kept me thinking. I can't wait to try the other game, unfortunately I do think I should take a nap!
I love this game. But when I came to animal chips, it didn't work. So unfortunately I unistalled this game. Disappointed!
Great, puzzles were challenging but not so hard you couldn't solve them without being frustrated. Good Game.
Great free to play game, any of the 5BN games are excellent, played most of them and bought a few to support the makers. Totally recommended all round.
Glitchy. Couldn't figure out what to do next. Shut it down and opened it later to find new items in my inventory. Then while using that puzzle and completing it correctly it would not unlock. I even screen shot it
stuck at the part where you need to take the seed of the tree of life. it asks to get water. the original walkthrough didn't have it! its a bug, and after uninstalling and reinstatting, the app would not open!
Great game! I love these kinds of games & the story in this one was really cool! My only qualm is there was a bit of running around in this to figure some things out, but it was still a great game.
I m playing it for 2nd time because 1st time I had to pay in order to continue. I hope this will not happen in this version..
Same old thing; tough to play on a phone. If you miss tapping something by just a fraction, it doesn't open, etc.
I played this 3 years ago and it's still good second time around ...still makes me think ..I thought since I'd done before it be easy but it's like playing for first-time ...I find this line of games it's alot more back and forth rather then progressing scene to scene which makes u think more and hafta remember more bout location of tasks ...this company has always been a favorite to me and their games are never boring and full of great graphics interesting story line and imaginative creativity
Loved the game! As far as people getting stuck on the animal/habitat mini game. You gotta make sure the background pictures match up as well, not just the animals and habitats.
Overall it's a very entertaining game. My only complaint is that there is one puzzle that didn't get cleared even after I solved it. It's the one where you rotate dials to place animals and insects in the corresponding locations. But a great game!
This game is awesome I been playing since last night an really I thought it would be lame but the story line is pretty good an detailed out I love when u have to find stuff to get to certain parts of the game I'm in love with it I'm definitely get the second part to this
Top notch! Have to buy hits once u run out of freebies, but i only needed $1 on the main game and $2 for the 2nd, but that's just because I'm impatient sometimes and it's super cheap. Have plenty of coins left to play through again!
Would be 5 star xcept 4 puzzles 2 hard for me to figure out stop my gameplay until I can pay. Also, the timeline is difficult to follow. Oh yeah, the "wise woman's" voice is soooo annoying. Other than that, Awesomeness!!! Amazing graphics, smooth game play, great characters and good story. I love the way the hermit who preserves the old knowledge is actually a pot head! And tell me he isn't after you meet him! Lmbo. Overall...play this game!! I just bought the 3rd story!
This game is addictive. Great graphic and storyline. BUT I'M DISAPPOINTED! I have solved mini game correctly sooo many times but nothing happens. Supposedly we will get items to continue journey after completing mini game but i it won't let me. Tried to exit game and reenter, still nothing happens. Please fix it. Same thing happens to Lost Lands 4 πŸ˜”
A small percentage is free after that hints need to be paid for, as it will be impossible to progress. Hints don't seem to reveal objects you need only where they are needed which you know anyway. Uninstall is the only option. I would have been happy to watch an ad for a genuine hint.
Exactly the type of puzzle adventure game I like best! This series is probably my favorite of the 5BN games. The graphics are a bit crisper, and the story of each game is more directly connected to the others.
Anyone who enjoys wonderful adventure mystery game, install this one! Great grafics, story and challenges!! Bad weather here, so this game has made it More than bearable. I hope when I have comepleted this one, that I can find more like it as this weather is not about to change soon! Thank you Thank you!
I was enjoying this game until I got to the chip puzzle in the house. Despite matching each animal several times, the game won't proceed. This puzzle is no different than others of its kind in games by this publisher, but some bug prevents me from going any further. What a shame.
I just reset the game on my tablet after completing both the main story and bonus chapter so I could replay them again. However, I was charged a second time for the bonus chapter and I am wondering why. I also have the other 3 in this series and intended to replay all 4 but with being double charged for the first bonus chapter - unfair to those who can't afford to buy games.
This app is really great!! As expected from five BN games. This is so perfect my brother and I played all of their games so please five BN make a new game series we have nothing left to play. All of their work have a great story line and this one is my favorite and also has a great puzzles to play. I love the way how all of their work from New York Mystery to lost land are connected and I'm gonna tell you guys go and download this app it's worth to play this will makes you to think critically.
Really like the game, the only thing is you should make it so if you find all the objects in a place it should say complete, so your not looking for stuff in the same place.
There's a bug when you try to open the box with the animal figurines, although they're positioned correctly, it won't open.
The clues and puzzles were not impossible. I did not feel as if I had to pay 10 coins to solve an impossible puzzle.
Boring faux-adventure with constant "need to find this key" puzzles. Items that could be logically used in multiple places can only be used in the exact spot the game wants. No engaging lore. The "story" is extremly weak. This is a hidden object game masquerading as an adventure. Hints are beyond worthless and more than likely will point to somewhere you've already been. Don't waste your time with this one. And definitely not your money.
I am giving one star because I tried all possible 24 combination (permutation without repetition) of four figure rectangle, circle,star, and triangle but locks didn't open.and hints is also useless.
This was one of the more challenging of these type of games, and I have completed dozens. Beautiful artwork as always with Big Fish. Never cease to amaze with their creativity and skill at integrating puzzles that maintain the theme as well as keeping you challenged. Thank you for allowing us to play this amazing game for free!
The game is riddled with errors in the puzzles. Even though upon completion several times, it won't let me advance unless I purchase coins to pass. The developers won't respond to my inquiry, which leaves me with two choices: pay real money to purchase game-coins to be able to continue (which is most likely their intention) or stop playing altogether. I chose the latter. While a little frustrated, I still have my money and I changed to other games. I recommend you do the same and not waste time.
Amazing!!!! I am in awe. Game is brilliant, couldn't stop playing for hours. Free. No stupid ads. You can finish it also. Very interesting story line. You can buy additional coins for help but theres no pushing to buy. Just love it!!!! Can't wait to play more of your games!!!!! THANK YOU, IT IS A TRUE GEM THROUGH THAT GARBAGE OTHERS CALL GAMES
A challenge for me, it is a rpg, which is my favourite type . I find it difficult to know what to do, how to problem solve, 3 times longer than other players im sure. I wish i could free the bear.
Really enjoy these types of games very good to pass the time and there is lots of times where I have really had to think hard with items I have picked up along the way in the game to put them where they belong to complete a puzzle or to reveal a new item in the game😊.
I love the art and story. The puzzles are logical and stimulating enough. Love it, recommend it!πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘
I would have given five stars, but this was the first time I had went ahead and puchased the bonus round. I guess I was expecting the story line to continue. However it was just a small side journey of the local history. I like 5bns games in general and have played most of them.
Awesome game. Love the story telling. Puzzles were not that easy and not that difficult. Awesome experience.
Like a lot of people I was enjoying the game but have got the puzzle that, even though everything is correct and all disks are lit, the chest won't open so I am unable to get any further. Until this issue is resolved then the game is unpalatable
I like it. Puzzles aren't the easiest to me since I have never been very good at these games. Going back to previous areas though is an interesting idea from the game folks who made this. Nice computer images too
I was really enjoying this game but have noticed 2 puzzles so far that you can't complete. Only way to continue is to SKIP costing 10 coins, forcing you buy more coins so you use HINT which only costs 1 coin. I have spent 3x2.59 and won't be spending anymore as developer doesn't respond to emails.
Another awesome game and a superb story. Captivating and addictive story and puzzles. Thanks Five BN for providing a challenging game. This game really brings the player into the story with great graphics.
Great adventure puzzler. Outstanding story and graphics. Puzzles are a bit on the easy side. You need to pay for the bonus chapter.
Brilliant! At first I was really disappointed when I encountered the "glitch" at the cottage with the animal pieces but then realized it wasn't just about solving the "3" discs. Great game, great story line and really good graphics for a free game.
This game has a major glitch with attaching the handle to the propellar shape in order to make a key. I constantly get the message "You can't use that here" and it will not attach the 2 items like it is suppose to. I literally can not move forward in the game!
Really awesome game!!! Great graphics and puzzles. Couldn't do it without buying coins for more hints thou
I finished this game in a single evening damn. Took me about 4-5 hours and when it ended I was like "did I play it all in one go?!" Great game and intriguing backstory. Good logical puzzles and not too tough to ruin the fun.
AMAZING GAMES! I love every single one of your games (being an escape games fan). When I start one of them, I can't sleep without finishing it, always thinking about the story. I have played the Lost Lands series, New York mysteries series, now starting the Darkenss and flame series and of course, planning to start The Legacy series. I love the puzzles and the story.... So good!! Keep the hard work and keep uploading some amazing games! : )
Nice game. Wish the map had labels of the places shown on it. Really hard to know where you need to go to use the found items . Otherwise good story line and fun to play.
As with other reviews, the game will not let me proceed after correctly finishing the animal chip puzzle. I tried this game even after reading these reviews in hopes that it may have been corrected. But still, after several months of complaints, the glitch continues to remain.
Best game I have played on my mobile for ages. Puzzles, hidden things and plot line are all at just the right level to challenge but not frustrate. I'm downloading the second in the series right now! No off putting adverts, no need to pay cash.
I enjoyed the puzzles. Trying to remember where pieces were located might be annoying to some for me that was part of the fun. The bonus scenes seem to be only accessible by buying them. That's fine if it isn't a surprise at the end of the main game
This game is great. It is a lot of fun and myself and my children really enjoy playing it. It keeps the mind thinking and is super addictive.
I'm totally enjoying the game. Don't understand why we have to buy hints. Most games have a timed hint charger. Can't this be done to accomplish tasks. Thanks.
Great game. Only complaint is that sometimes I can't pick things up without multiple tries...especially collectables. Haven't had that problem on any other game of this type. Otherwise 5 stars.
Love this! Very challenging because the world is so large and items found in one area are used in areas that you've visited several layers prior. If you play these type of adventure puzzles you'll understand what I mean by layers. The areas build upon each other so you start to view them by what was available. I love the free hints. They help to re-orient you when you've been away from the game. I've also purchased hints and the prices are very reasonable. Great game, great clues, great fun!
Your games are the best! I've played all of the f2p games. Lost lands, Legacy and D&F. The graphics, sound and effects are top notch. I can't afford to buy games so I have played them all several times. My favorites are D&F and Legacy because I can master the puzzles. I wish you would produce more free to play games. I am 77 yrs young. Thanks to your crew for making hours of enjoyment.πŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘
Great game addictive but hard. Easy to miss objects so you will end up going back on yourself. Very similar to lost lands which is also great game . Can be very hard so be prepared to spend on hints cos u dont get many alternatively check out the walk through on google
I love this game so far but I am stuck on the animal matching mini game. I have solved it about 7 times and it won't progress or open the cabinet. Seems I would have to pay to get coins so I can skip it. I don't want to do this. Why isn't it working. I have sent an email about this and have been waiting for about a week and no response from anyone.
I found the story cheesy, but I suspect that might not have been a problem for my younger self, like 15 or so maybe. The gameplay was excellent. All the puzzles were great and well designed. There wasn't anything that felt totally random and impossible to solve with the hints provided in-game, and they were mostly challenging enough to be immersive.
I really like all of these games. Ive played all of the Lost Lands games and this really helps fill the gap they left when I finished them all! The story is interesting and I like the puzzles. I'm excited to play the rest of the games in this series.
Buggiest game ever. Paid money to buy coins to skip a puzzle I beat due to some bug that didn't award me the item and the later on the game froze on me during another puzzle late in the game not allowing me to finish the game only this time I refuse to pay more money. Encountered game ending bugs in other five BN games also. From what I can tell from reading these is this lame company doesnt ever respond to these comments anyway so buyer beware it would be a great game if it actually worked
I had a lot of fun and was almost scared off when I saw some reviews mentioned puzzles not finishing correctly. Glad I tried it anyway because at least as of May 7th i was able to finish the game with 0 issues. (For that animal puzzle- double check everything isright-side up if it doesn't finish!) As a whole, aside from some mild frustration from forgetting where stuff is late-game, these free to play games are amazing and a good few hours of entertainment to help me tire out my brain at night!
I love the game but I've encountered a glitch with the animal chips which hasn't worked. Another reviewer said it worked on the third try. I'll give it another go but may give it up altogether if I can't get a result soon. I've had no luck after 5 goes so unfortunately I'm having to give up the game. I started this game again (May 2021) and now find you have to pay for it although it is free to play. Very disappointed.
Challenging. But, a little baffling. You can advance with some puzzles not solved. I wanted to start over. To make sure I had not missed something important. But, there is no way to start a new game. I even uninstalled it. When I reinstalled it some old saved game popped back in? I will be uninstalling it.
Was enjoying the game but as soon as I reached the animal chip puzzel, it started to show problems! Even after solving it correctly more than 10 times, the game won't go further!! Really disappointing!! Uninstalling!!
enioying this game, graphics sre really good. Quite easy to solve though.Good game and will definately be playing the others in the series.
Loved all of these games! Train your fantasy and imagination, enjoy the story and get lost into completely different world! Plust that, train your mind! After playing this type of games i have noticed that my thinking has changed in such a great way! Thank you for such an opportunity for escaping my everyday life!
Unfortunately I'm unable to continue. I have played many other games by them. A part I need is not showing up. I've looked up hints. It isn't there. I haven't missed anything either. Bummer have to uninstall. Apparently many people are stuck with a glitch in the same spot in the house that I am.
I am stuck on the game because the part in the uncles cottage where you move the animals pieces to the correct place is not working, all are in the correct place and lit up, done it 3 x now and it won't activate and process, if I am to continue I will be forced to hit skip and have to pay to get the coins, this has happened a few times playing your games. How do I now do this as it is a glitch.