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Darkness and Flame 3

Darkness and Flame 3 for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by FIVE-BN GAMES located at Ukraine, 51900, Dneprodzerzhinsk, belorusskiy proyezd 14-22. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Once again great fun keeps your brain active throughout I really love looking for all the hidden objects in the collections part. AAA+
The story continues.. I'm fanatically engaged and anxiously following. Exquisitely beautiful graphics & fun, challenging puzzles. Thanks dev, keep up the great work!
Love to play darkness and flames games. If really fun. Not easy, not too difficult. They make you think. Great game
Fabulous game with exceptional graphics. Story is well done. Puzzles will make you think, but are all solvable - not too easy, not too hard. Highly recommend.
For the third time playing Darkness and Flame series, I was not disappointed. Each time more challenging and I get caught up in the story, very addicting and fun! Keep up the good job!! GREAT to play a game with no glitches!!!
Love this game! Amazing in every way. Easy, hard, beautiful, great story, great graphics, right down to the little bugs flying around or the grass moving. Details are perfect!
need option to either buy coins or buy outright. Disappointed you've gone the route to charge for coins, no more hints on map, main game short, stressing mostly about how many coins I need too much to enjoy game. Sad it's going out this way. ***Edit Thank you for listening Five BN, I will now purchase this game and give another review. That's fantastic that you actually listened to the complaints. I'm glad to give you guys another chance!!
I have been loving the game but I'm really disappointed with the issue with the keys, please fix this issue and I'll happily change my rating if I can actually complete the game.
Great. Better than the second part, still not as good as Lost Lands. But 5BN games are still the best.
Great game, Lotta fun, and when entering the desert, take notice of the tree in front on the right, it looks like! Well you'll find out.
Right, I've played most of the Lost Lands series and I'm working my way through the Darkness and Flame series but I'm currently stuck because of a bug in the game where the 4th key isn't given after meeting Ian. Please put out a patch soon that fixes this because this hinders progress for other players as well based on their own frustations with said bug and it's a shame to start all over again and possibly run into the same problem
These games have become my new addiction. The mini games are not so hard that i spend hours on trying to solve it. I have noticed the newer the game the harder the mini game. That's just the way it works.
Great games enjoying playing them . The clues are fine too not any ridiculously convoluted clues to solve
I really enjoyed the game I have played all three parts, Graphic is good too. One question though this is not completed right we will get part 4??? Story feels unfinished
Love the game, but a bit frustrating at times, when I can't do the puzzles. It helps you to be patient. Still love it though.
very interactive with lots of puzzles to solve, some difficult, some not so but does get you thinking. Very good game.
I absolutely loved this game. Graphics excellent, story excellent and the puzzles are excellent too. I don't understand why people need to buy coins. I completed the game, didn't use hints and didn't skip puzzles. These games are ment to get your brain working. Spend time thinking and you can do them. Consentrate.. It's a really good brain workout. Keeps the brain healthy. The hardest part was the 3 rings but it is doable without skipping. These are the best games out there.
I've played it and loved it and also read the 1 star reviews they're absolutely bogus. All your games are great I've just finished my second play through of the lost lands series.
This is absolutely the best puzzle game I've played so far. The story is extremely intriguing, and the graphics are awesome. I hope to see more in this series!
I totally love these Five-BN games! Incredible graphics - so many intricate and beautiful things! I enjoy the story lines very much. I play on a smart phone, tho, & at some point, the "back" control was placed above the center of the contents box from the right corner and I frequently hit it on accident in the middle of a puzzle. I also don't enjoy "timed" puzzles and ones requiring manual dexterity. But, still great games & I would pay for them if I could afford to. Keep on keepin' on, devs!
A good mental workout and test of patience. I managed to finish the first game on three hints.The second game needs a small payment but you get 30 extra hints. Several extra data downloads needed. For every morphing object found, you receive an extra puzzle when second game completed. These puzzles become very hard. An enjoyable game with good graphics and storyline.
Not as straightforward or logical as Part 1 or 2, but still fun. The art and story are creative. (Btw, the missing key people are talking about isn't a glitch. The four keys are found in four different locations.)
cant get past making the potion. looked at a walk through online and the cork is missing for the vile meaning I am unable to progress further.
This whole series darkness and flame is really hard to beat in this genre. I really enjoyed them all!
The gameplay seemed to have been designed by creating a puzzle and just randomly scattering the required pieces. I don't agree with the reviews mentioning the gameplay is relatively self-contained in each area. I seem to recall going in and out of the dark territory (lever for the chest in the dome city and the bracelet from the fox after obtaining a rubber glove). The puzzle that really annoyed me was the pattern in the desert which anyone can memorize at a glance requiring a charcoal print.
Good game. I noticed that I had horrible memories of other Five-BN games because of their back and forth action. In this, you can go all the way from the end to the start but most items are regional, which is a good improvement. Other than that: no "energy" system. Only bad thing was that you couldn't use other items for things that could clearly be done with another item.
Great game! I seem to be unable to click on the last circle piece of the puzzle inside the box. It doesn't seem to be selectable. Perhaps it's broken?
Ok. I love games from this developer but I waited a year for a new game on android from them and I was crushed. The map no longer tells you where you need to be and you have to pay for hints and to skip puzzles. I would rather pay ten times over than have the games like this. I really do hope they put more of their games on google play but go back to the way they were. I bought every single one and would continue to do so.
This is the 2nd game I've played that I couldn't finish because of HOP glitches! I really love these types of games but frustrated because they glitch!!!!
Another game with an annoying puzzle. It's fun until you get to a puzzle where you have to rotate to solve, only to get another puzzle to do the same thing, it stops being fun because they are tedious, time consuming to solve. Of course, buy coins to skip, nothing new.
I put five stars cause this team is amazing. Having such games for free is really a gift. If I could afford, I would buy stuff from them. The storyline in all series is great and being a fan of escape games it brings more motivation to it. The thing was sad about was that fox having to eat the electric fish and pass out :( I would also like it if the dogs were cool and not overtaken by the dark lord.
I'm obssesed with all of these games! Graphics are amazing and the story line in so intriguing! Great job! Some of the puzzles are hard and i have to ask my husband for help lol. I just got some of my kids on the games.
Loved it. Totally loved Part 3. It was more dramatic and games were tougher. I had to cheat once!! I recommend this game if you like the first 2 and what's better than a free adventure game???!!!???
What a thrilling game!! As usual 5bn delivers mystery, twist and turns to keep u on the edge of your chair. Kudos to all who create such wonderful free games.😘😁
This game is amazing.i really loved it. But when i was going to reach the dark castle (last part) , i saved and exit the game. Then opening the game later lead to restart of the game direct from a video in which alice saw the face of the dark warrior. Why this problem is happening?
On the darkness and flames game series so far this is my favorite because of the different environment and the puzzles are very easy to solve which i love! The storyline never fail to surprise me. Kinda wish there is a love story on the game with Ray and Alice to be together!!
Seems a little short for the main story. Also, does the bonus game become available if you find all the collections or do you have to pay for it regardless? I have yet to finish any of these games with all collections completed lol...it's hard! Love these games! ❤👍
I love 5bn games. I can't believe how some people complain about having to pay for the bonus when the main game is all free! The three stars is because of the keys glitch which I could not solve and I did not want to redo the game. *amended to five stars. You can solve the keys prob. Yes, do examine the area round the bridge!
Nice game always with this developer my only issue is the cost of the hints and I find I'm needing them alot because i can't figure out what to do otherwise i would give 5 stars
Very disappointed 5BN decided to jump on the microtransactions bandwagon. You have been one of my favourite point & click developers, but I will look elsewhere in the future if you decide to keep this up. I'm willing to pay a few quid for a game up front, but I never fall for that microtransaction swizzle. Then there are 2 serious bugs in the game. There isn't an option to change difficulty level and the map isn't showing any collection item, morphing object or next action icons. Please fix this!
I like this game but you should have choose another clothes for Alice why giving her only top pant and other things you should have kept dress for her
Love this game series, very playable, lots of good storyline, graphics and varied puzzles. Medium complexity on most games with one or two being baffling. I didnt mind paying for the bonus land. Excellent.. More like this please!
Love this game. This is the 2and time for this specific one. Last time I played it would not let me enter the cemetary area. That was so disappointing. Hope they fixed the glitch 🤗
I loved the plotline! As always, it fit up to my expectations. I did not experiance any glitches. I also was pretty happy about the guy they added. (Crossing fingers Ray and Alice go together)
Excellent game especially since it was free, but the puzzles got so hard you either abandon the game or buy coins.
Super fun game. Great storyline and i love how the games are part 1 part 2 etc etc. So much fun. Thanks yall great job.
Great games, recently had an operation so layed up.... Really enjoyed playing them and keeps my brain active... Carnt thank you enough... X
i slove most puzzles alone.. Very cool graphixs very nice soundtracks but the ending wasnt what i expected...thought it would have ended stronger..
I really enjoyed this game!!! I couldn't put it down. With regards to the 'forth' key... Don't follow online guides! I had the same issue as most people and went online for some guidance and landed up assuming the game had a glitch in it. I contacted the support team and got a little help. I just used my 'hint' options and found the key. The support team is great and get back to you really quickly, which is great.
Beautiful graphics, cool storyline, and doable puzzles. I have loved all the games in this series. Five stars!
Much weaker and far less structured than its' two predecessors..most of the time, I didn't have a clue what to do next..
Good game, good story line and not too bad for free. The puzzles are of a good standard: not too easy or hard and the map allows quick movement. Only issue is sometimes the next place to move onto is a bit random and I had to prod about a bit in different scenes to 'find' the next puzzle but that is manageable. Otherwise, an overall good game experience. Thank you.
Very Well Done!!! I'm impressed by all of these. And this is the first one that gives a nudge when it's been a long whIle since you've seen the other part of the puzzle. i.e., getting all the eagles and then a hint to where they go. thank you. makes the game more enjoyable. there's a lot all over the place...
Disappointed that you changed the format. I was happy to pay for your other games. That's why I started playing your games. Pay once and be done with it. I dislike having to buy coins. Your overall review scores are lower than your other games. Do you think maybe it's because so many other people are unhappy that you jumped on the "get people to keep paying" wagon? I'm uninstalling and will not download another of your games that has this payment format.
sounded good had great ratings but for me it ran slow, when i would click on an item nothing showed in the box. was unable to play if i cant see my items or where to use them. had to uninstall
I love the game, but it often gets frustrating with so much area to cover, so there should be some way we can acquire more hints without having to pay for them ourselves. Perhaps by watching ads? That's why you have sponsors. Thank you.
I really like this game. But some puzzle are repeating check after them. Where is number 4 I really want to play.
This game is incredible just ...awesome...best of the FIVE BN GAMES....Love all ur games.....Just concentrate at the place u don't even have to use hints. ....very lovely graphics ..Music 🎶 suits the graphics...u r given 5 hints at start ....and then 4 minutes once one hint ..So totally 15 hints ....It's lovely ......and lively.....HATS OFF!!!!!TO THE DEVELOPERS AND PROGRAMMERS.......
So where is number 4?? Usually love these games, although there have been a few times in the games where it's difficult to track what's supposed to come next. Not necessarily a bad thing in a game encouraging you to think creatively, but it can be discouraging to try something and have it not work...but be the solution after all. Or have the necessary item from the environment look exactly like everything else. But overall, amazing games! Fairly balanced mix between cutscenes and game play.
I liked this app a lot. The puzzles were nice and the story was good. I was a little disappointed with the end, because I didn't specifically see the Dark Warrior himself get killed, which leaves me with questions about whether he died or not. Generally though, I liked all three parts of Darkness and Flame. I especially liked that we got plenty of hints without having to pay.
Played all games since I first played lost lands. These ones may be the best as you can mostly play the game without help and it makes sense always without plot going to far out.
Perfect play all the way thru. I started with the first one and wrapped this one up today. Worth the time to play these and the bonus chapters. Nothing is over complicated but still a fun pass time.
I finally found one of these games that doesn't overwhelm me by having to go back several spots trying to remember where a new found object goes. I like the way it stops you from going back until you have a needed object (if you can't go back don't fret, you will be able to when needed). I may finally be able to find all of the collections and morphs to play the bonus games. Hopefully there will be some kind of warning that you're about to finish the game to get all the bonus objects.
Well, this is the 4th game I have played (and just about to purchase) again 5 stars. everything about these games is amazing, the puzzles, the graphics and the videos, the controls work perfectly, the map is great for going backwards and forwards. I would recommend this game 100% sometimes when I download the game there is no sound, but I restart my tablet and everything works fine. 👍
Someone else mentioned not being able to find the 4 keys. Same thing happened to me. Been through the game multiple times, uninstalled and reinstalled, played the whole thing through again, followed the walkthrough, still no 4th key. The first 2 are where the walkthrough directs, but what it calls 4th key is only the 3rd in my game. Something's not right and I can't move forward without it. Shame too, cuz I was really enjoying this series.
I am really enjoying this game. The storyline is great, some puzzles are more difficult than others so am liking that mix up.
Well I have played all of the Darkness and Flame as well as all of the Lands of the lost. Absolutely wonderful. Great story lines and game play is easy. Puzzles are challenging but not so hard that you can't figure them out. I do wish the endings were a little more dramatic lolol. Will be waiting for number 4. Hope to see it soon. Until then I'm going to play the Legacy games. Thanks for some good entertainment.
Amazing!!! I LOVED lost lands and this is great too!! Can't put it down at night. Puzzles are great and test me just enough.
Too many parts that's video footage , still a good game , some of the hidden objects are a bit vague.
So annoying. There is a glitch giving 1 not 2 keys (like it says it should in the walkthrough) after completing the wooden leaf mini game! So frustrating to see that other people have raised this as an issue months ago and it's still not fixed.
I'm 73 and really enjoying it some times a little difficult but you can figure out the puzzles if you persevere can't wait to try the next game in this series John.
I enjoyed the game and found all of the secret items but they charge for the bonus chapter. I have played other versions of this game and got the bonus for free when I found everything. I feel ripped off.
LOVED IT!!! I have been trying to find good quality games like this with an awesome story and good puzzles that are not too easy or to hard. I just have one question, WILL THERE BE A NUMBER 4!?!?!?!?!?!? I'M ON A CLIFF HANGER RIGHT NOW!!!!!
So many issues. Really dislike paying for hints and the lack of action prompts on the map. I could forgive that but now I can't open the game anymore, despite restarting the tablet. It won't open at all. I keep having these issues with the free to play games, hmmm.
Don't like it because it is a cam to get money to play on after you finish the game. I went through the game pressing each screenshot and get 26 item no more found . Money talk I walk!!!!l!!
Thee story lines are decent. However, too many times theoughout all of these games have I tried to press an area and nothing happened until I used a hint. Also, careful spending your money for coins. I bought coins because it said I was only 50% through the game and I was stuck. Then, after less than 10 interactions, the game was over. So, it is deceiving so you spend money. Otherwise, I like these types of games.
It's really an awesome game ppl who like puzzles mystery adventure games then this game is a complete pack of all three not only this game but all five bn games are awesome everyone should try this game but I don't know why I couldn't download the next part i.e. Darkness and Flame 4, release the game in android play store as soon as possible......
A few of the puzzles are harder than I am use to, but is very interesting. Skipped the first puzzle ever. Frustration overwhelmed me I think. Overall it's been great though! Thanks for all your hard work. Looking forward to more of the same. Great game!
I like the variety of puzzles and scenes but I wish I could have the option of choosing to have some tricky puzzles solved for me.
Excellent, fair challenges (mostly!), worth paying for extra chapter. (Voice actor for sage in extra chapter worst ever!). Only minor complaints for beautiful achievement. Well done!
Very enjoyable, difficult at times, but not too much so still encouraging to play. Graphics and story are great. Thank you
Absolutely love these games. This whole series has been a case of not being able to stop playing. The storyline is awesome & the graphics. This last month I've played all of the darkness & flame chapters, same with the lost lands ones and the New York mysteries. If I did have to pick at anything I'd say the use of more hints thru the game would be good, an option where within a time limit you'd get an extra hint. I just look on the wallthrus if I'm really stumped. Highly recommend this game.
This game is amazing! Pulls you right in! Challenging and rewarding! Graphics are beautiful and story is kool! Love love it!
Love this game not your usual boring match the blocks to move up levels.. its a story and you have to solve the clues to move on.. one down point you should be given so many free coins a day and not have to buy them when your one off allocation has run out
I would have given 5 stars but there's a major puzzle glitch about 3/4 of the way into the game. I had to buy hints to skip ahead. I love these games but the devs need to fix issues like this because everyone had the same problem and I'm sure they made a lot of money!!!
After paying for the "full" game, it asks for more money for hints, and doesn't tell you on map where interventions are possible. I won't be buying more of these games
Can't use hints for what I need help with. Followed the walkthroughs to locate 4 keys, could only find 3. Hints used up out of frustration because hints autolock on to the task at hand. Been to every location possible, used every item on everything possible, 4th key remains a mystery. So either the game is glitches or the walkthroughs by Bigfish is in error on the keys locations. Can not proceed and am not going to try. Uninstalling, so long Darkness and Lame!
So far I am enjoying it I have like almost all your games....haven't ran into any problems graphics get better and better. Storyline is still good, hasn't gotten all stupid like some. Cool so far.
Not as fun as the first 2. More intentionally obtuse. More "puzzles" that are simply games with missing pieces. I enjoyed the original game having more logic and problem solving. Still continues a cool story, though. Added an extra star because it's free and beggars can't be choosers.
Too many glitches it only gives you a 2nd key in the wooden leaves game, when the walk through says it's supposed to give you a second and a 3rd key
Just like the first and second game ,the third one of the "DARKNESS and FLAME " series is also fantastic. Thanks again for the Dutch subtitles.
Really happy with this game loving the story and happy that puzzles ect aren't a as repetitive as you in earlier games, still would just like more hidden Object scenes and when the people are talking their mouths are a bit off putting, but I can just not look I suppose. Overall though progressing with the game creation really well and I'm enjoying playing.
This is really another amazing series. Some of the puzzles are the same concept but some are new, so it keeps things interesting. Ray is handsome and Alice is cute so I wanna see more of their interactions~
Great game. Having a blast. Puzzles not too hard but not too easy. Have only used 2 hints so far. And I am pretty far into the game. Usually games by this company are really good but often to hard. But not this one. And the story is great. Keep up the good work you guys.
I liked this game. The puzzles weren't too hard but still required a little thought to solve. The story and environments were designed well. I did have to use a hint at one point because the area in the scene to tap on for the next puzzle is not at all obvious. Good game in a good series, though.
These are well done. I have played most of their games and they are a favorite. I haven't had any problem with glitches except one. I couldn't buy the bonus chapter on this one. They aren't always easy.... but, satisfyingly difficult.
Played all games up to now but when you get to the puzzle where you recieve 2 keys, I keep only receiving one. I have reinstalled the game and played to the part again but got the same glitch, if it gets sorted I may install the game again.. Beautiful game play and immersive story!
Good stuff. Long game with great graphics and story. Puzzles are pretty simple so hints should not be necessary.