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Darkness and Flame 2

Darkness and Flame 2 for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by FIVE-BN GAMES located at Ukraine, 51900, Dneprodzerzhinsk, belorusskiy proyezd 14-22. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Really love this game series and I love being able to play free game and just pay for hints if I need more then the free amount. I would I different sorts of hidden Object scenes like in other games and yes I understand that for free we can't ask for games to the level of Big Fish standard but maybe just steel a few ideas lol. Either way I'm still very happy.
Love the games in this series... And as it is free to play... It gives real advantage to people who don't want to pay to play...
Good stuff. Long game with great graphics and story. Puzzles are pretty simple so hints should not be necessary.
Great graphics. Difficult but I have only used 2 hints so far. Game needs a way to earn more coins... not purchase them!
Really wonderful. Enjoyed playing a game where story, graphics, and animation are excellent. Also, in the game the character is not asked to perform violence. Really love Five BN , enjoy!
You can't go wrong playing 5bn games. Game flows nicely and puzzles aren't hard. Sound effects, music and graphics are always good. I haven't used a hint. Thanks guys!😁
Great game. I am having fun. Only pitty, it seems to work better in computers that with tablets. But I love it
I am loving these games. The graphics, the story line, the puzzles are amazing! I love that they give you free hint coins. Then they have the after story. The mini puzzles are a great add on. The creators are absolutely amazing! Thank you!
I paid for 200 coins for hints money was deducted from my account but I still didn't get the coins or my money was returned plus help
It's in continuing of the first Darkness and flame. Amazing story and properly organized and I barely used hints / skips.
I enjoyed the game, never a dull moment, great pass time, I highly recommend it, the music and the whole layout was fabulous. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ€“
That was an awesome game but why 3 stars? u said "Free to Play" but to play the bonus chapter we have to pay 2.17$ thats a big fat lie u said ! If u say its free it has to be completely free, also the main story doesnt end before bonus chapter and if anyone wants to know what happen next, have to pay!! At least dont tell lies
Like the Myst series of the 80's; beautiful music and graphics and very challenging puzzles. Persistence and patience pay big dividends. The graphics, I get Mysty-eyed over them, ehe. The ONLY reason I rated gameplay and controls foUr stars is to contrast how great the graphics truly are as compared to just everything else. But really it's five stars altogether.
Love all the games. The only thing i don't like is when you pay money for the coin's to use for hint's. If you don't use all of them you lose them. If your playing all your games on Google play store they should roll over to the next game. Donna
I absolutely love this game, it isnt too hard, but it's not easy either.. keeps you thinking. The story line is great, and the music is beautiful.
Another D&F slam dunk. This bonus game is my favorite so far. Would be kind of cool if developers would add an `error` challenge for mis-taps. Thanks creators this is such an awesome way to spend quarantine!
Loving this game and started with the first Darkness and Flame. Like good books great storyline with all sorts of puzzles to make progress. Great combination
I do recommend. Good graphics. Novel enough to be interesting. Ties in w/ 1st game. Thanks for allowing voices to be silenced w/ all other audio. Just wish to game was longer. There were story line extensions not utilized. Overall - well done.
Sadly I encountered a glitch, when I press the app icon, all I see is a black screen and then the app kicks me out. And I was actually really excited to continue the story, since I already played the other 3. Hopefully you can fix this and I will give my actual review. Please fix, and have a great day.
I thought it was a just a plain point and click hidden objects game and you had to pay after a certain point. Nope. It's sort of a short game when you use hints but even longer if you can hold out and try to figure the puzzles out yourself. I'm addicted to these games that I've already played all the Lost Lands editions and working on all th darkness and flames. It's super fun and challenging. Get it, get it all!!!
Some escape room games are more challenging than others... to me, that's what makes the game even better. Sometimes it can be frustrating not knowing what to do but you'll figure it out. Don't give up. Take screen shots or notes to help you figure out the remaining steps/whereabouts. Absolutely great game. Beautiful features. Enjoy!
Great game good graphics good story content puzzles are challenging but not super difficult it's an all-around great would recommend you get it a try
This game is quite amazing. It combines both modern and ancient elements together,which has left me an enjoyable experience through the whole journey. It's not very difficult to pass most of the sections as long as u think about the usage of each tool u have carefully. I would like to recommend this game to anyone who loves ventures!!!
I'm not sure how to review this one. While it's another good entry by this developer, it's incredibly short. This should have been combined with another Darkness and Flame entry to make it feel more complete. As it stands it's very abrupt and I tend to not find games like that enjoyable.
Amazing each and every puzzle is here to enjoy 😊those who love adventure they should definitely play this onceπŸ‘
Graphics and music are decent. Not much of a story, some puzzles are juat plain childish, and the scene sequence is okay, but not breathtaking. Silly coin system for hints instead of charging 3 or $4 for the game. I uninstalled after 30 minutes of gameplay.
Brillant game! If you like to get your brain working and enjoy solving puzzles and problems this is your game !!
Great cutscenes, graphics, gameplay and storyline. Gets you hooked until you finish it. My only complain is that you need very specific tools for tasks that seem possible to complete with items that you have in your inventory. Other than that the game is πŸ”₯(pun intended).
Really enjoying these games but couldn't get passed the seed HOG because of a glitch early on in the game. Will reinstall??? Reinstalled and it worked.
Good game. Some of the puzzles are tedious, but none were too difficult. I like the post-apocalypse merged with fantasy scenery and storyline.
Good game. Great graphics, colors are beautiful. Story is great, once in awhile it drags in story but mostly a game to play. Play the first one of this series or you won't know the gameplay of this on and the other 2 after this.
These are a fun series of games if you like escape games. Good graphics. The story line is ok. The only downside is you get a couple free hints and then you have to pay for them. Overall, it's a fun game
Brilliant graphics and no energy meter so u can play as long as u like. Good story, follows on seamlessly from the first story. Most impressed.
Fun, just like the first. A bit more linear than the pervious, therefore easier. Just like the 1st, it has one puzzle I hated so much I bought coin to bypass... So I had my fun, they made their money, everyone wins!
I would love to see more games like this as I think they really know how to keep your mind and your brain active πŸ˜‰
Another enjoyable game from the creators of these series, great graphics and (mostly) puzzles that aren't too taxing or too easy.
I have played a lot of this developers games, they are beautifully drawn graphically, the plots are cohesive, and play has a good balance between easy enough to move forward and challenging. a lot of them are free to play and occasionally I buy coins to do the bonus game or pass a puzzle, apart from anything, it's worth a few quid for the efforts the developers have put in, and they should benefit...but it is possible to pass the main games free if you persevere. Thanks!
I loved this game but unfortunately as soon as I spent any money to buy coins to solve a puzzle in kept crashing and will not allow me to play so disappointed if this had not have happened it would have been a solid five star
I was able to complete the game in a day .it feels happy when we complete the game. It was wonderful game it attracts easily once we enter the game .. happy to play the game nice one tqπŸ˜‡I loved the gameπŸ’«
Absolutely wonderful game! Engaging story with interesting, fun puzzles. It's truly free to play main game, but I'll even pay for the bonus on this one!
Game is fun. I just think that you are set up to pay for the whole game as you are unable to get all the collections. There will be one item in every game that you won't find any of...
Its a great game with cool puzzles... the graphics are very good and the game play is quite fluid... i would recommend this very much
The ending just felt . . . There should be more. But I love how it become post apocalyptic in this one. Did not see that coming.
Nice variety of puzzles, some easy, some need thought, but all solvable. Frre also. I'd pay a couple of pounds for this.defo
Nearly as good as the other games from 5 BN. Excellent graphics, good riddles. But the story is not quite as good as usual.
Most other 5BN games I've played have been excellent(Legacy, Lost Lands), but this one the storyline is hokey and clichΓ©d, the uncle character comes off either like a frustrating idiot or simply like that creepy uncle you want to keep your kids away from. Graphics are great and game play is good, like all 5BN games. But i simply couldn't continue with this story, it was making my eyes roll out of their sockets.
I,m enjoying the game But it seems you play without spending money as you don't get enough free crystals and they take a good 5 mins to recieve 1
The only problem I have is the leftover coins I purchased in the game. It is wasted money. As a suggestion transfer the unused coins to another of your similar games. It might encourage your patrons to spend more on more games.
I started to play this game but had to uninstall it. Now I can't reinstall it. Why won't this companies games reinstall correctly. I love their games but I'm sick of the issues trying to reinstall any of the games. If you want people to keep playing stop trying to force us to buy when you offer free versions.
Darkness and flames is my second favorite series on five bn games and the first one is lost lands. The puzzles are so addicting and the graphics and storyline are a bomb!
This was quite a short one. I loved the story and the gameplay nonetheless. Another well-made game. I hope they remake these games in the future or just create a new series with better graphics. The puzzles are fun as usual. More power to the company and the team!
Good, but like all the others, after you have managed to find all the collectors items, you have to pay to play the bonus game at the end of the main game. Very annoying!
I understand that there are glitch-less versions of this game that you pay for, but if you want a great gaming experience without the additional costs then the FIVE-BN GAMES (free to play) versions are the way to go!!! Sure there were some glitches along the way but you're getting an amazing game with fantastic graphics and easy controls for FREE people! Absolutely loved it!
Excellent story, graphics, animation and puzzle games. The hidden object scenes are interactive and never boring. Just a piece of advice for the developers, when reading chapters on Android, my screen automatically turns itself off if idle. A few times, I couldn't read the entire page because when I touched the screen to turn itself on again, the page had disappeared and it's not available in the diary so I missed some important parts of the story. Add a copy of the story in the diary, please!πŸ™
I love the game. Played the first and will pay the rest as well. However when I need do the blood transfusion and I'm searching the ambulance I can't use the paperclip πŸ“Ž. It won't pick it up/highlight it. With that tiny glitch I can't continue the game.
I am so addicted to these games. Some parts are easy...some parts make you really think...some part you get stuck and need to buy some coins for help. Lol. But it could be that I'm just not smart enough to remember some things in the game.
One major flaw... I love the game series but you didn't let me save the cat. Great game, very fun, actually free... but you didn't let me save the cat.
Bought the first one ... completed it quick (holidays :-) & right away wanted to see the series ... doesnt run as smoothly (different feel to game) but all still logical ...just harder to find items
There is a bug. Did the flower puzzle and now it will not move on from that part. Have screen shot to show what I'm talking about.
Great storyline, great graphics, great mini-games and challenges. Has me on the edge of my seat. Only frustrating thing is having to go back 3 scenes to finish a puzzle and then forward 2 scenes to find a part for a different puzzle. You're constantly going forward and backward, and you never know when you've finished with a scene. It becomes hard to keep up with. I had to start making lists from each scene... Other than that, great game!
Waited until the end to review and glad I did. The game is cool but you can't play this he bonus levels without paying and it total erases your game upon finishing so there is no going back for things you missed.
Would of been five but only let down is it wastes your hints just to say to go back and it the same problem with all the games
I've played a number of your company's games and enjoyed them, for what they are. However this is the first time I've been moved to add a review. I think it's way past time that corrections should have been made on the ambulance scene, as persons have been complaining for months. The fact that no one has done so and there has been no response to your customers, speaks volumes of your cooperate responsibility and shows a clear lack of disregard and insensitivity to your customers. One star ....
I really like this one. Puzzles are challenging but not impossible. And again, you've got to click on EVERYTHING!!!
Rip off game. Bonus game cost $1.99 to play. Even if you have hints left over in the main game. Also, when you use hint, it uses 1 to show location and then 1 for every little bit evidence, however incomplete it may be. Graphics are just average. I felt mugged after this game. No statifaction in playing.
Still trying to install, lot of false starts. Two days later: No amount of cache clearing, restarting and even leaving everything else off for the hour long download, have served to allow me to install this game. Quite enjoyed the first and third.
Fun and it really is free to play although you might want to spend a small amount of real cash to get more hints then the free ones that come with the game.
You can't go wrong playing 5bn games. Game flows nicely and puzzles aren't hard. Sound effects, music and graphics are always good. I haven't used a hint. Thanks guys!😁 Update...2nd time playing.
Another enjoyable game. It did crash once on me but that could have been from too many other apps running. Everything worked and was where I left off when I restarted it. The game play is your basic find items, some hidden, solve puzzles to complete quests. It has a descent story and I like how they do the bonus chapters at the end that you can buy. That way if you like the game you can reward the designers and buy/play the bonus chapter. Can't wait to have time to play the next one.
Excellent. Its amazing a game so good is free with 15 free coins. Happily paid for the bonus as I did in the first game. Love it.
Wow! I'm addicted! Great game, developers! It is tough, but with patience and perseverance, one can move along through the game without buying hint coins. This is my first time playing one of your games, but I will keep playing them. Thanks for making it possible to play without having to pay. That would be so disappointing. I am loving this! I see why people buy your newest games. They get addicted like me! Thank you, FIVE-BN GAMES people!
Glitch! Couldn't complete game. In HOP in private room off the bar, I dislodged the brick but it won't allow me to get they key. I can see the key but can't claim it do can't complete. So frustrating, right at the end.
Though I have enjoyed games from five bn, some of the puzzles just aren't designed correctly In this game. The code to unlock the hand in the ambulance does not work. Only the digit nine gets highlighted. You force us to buy the coins to skip the puzzle, else there is no way we can move forward, because the solution to finding the code is not designed at all.
I feel that you have no choice but to spend money to play your game. I would have rather bought the game and not be nickel and died to death. I only made it this far because I spent money. I gave you again a 3 because you're graphics are awesome. I also am no good at connecting anything to rotate without you getting 10 coins. Again am old and don't ha e any old friends to p,ay with. Do games for us old people wanting to play
super -- as in d & f 1, enjoying all , really keeps you on your toes. puzzles are great, and parts needed are found within the areas ( or closer to them). Lots of movement needed which gets the grey cells more active.
I played the hop in the hermit's house, but the flower puzzle is glitchy. I solved it, but it won't give me the fruit. I've Uninstalled and reinstalled it, so let's see if that fixes it. Update : I changed to four stars because that fixed the issue.
These are the best games ever Keep up the good work Going to play for second time Grafics are beautiful and the storyline is interesting Love your games very much Thank you for amazing experience
Super fun, I love this continuing storyline! I just wish they didn't charge an additional fee for the bonus chapter, but so be it. I just wish it were on Google Play Pass! I had considered deducting a star for this reason, but the main game is excellent and satisfyingly long. While my sense of completion isn't 100%, it is still an extremely enjoyable game.
This is a great story puzzle adventure. You can play the whole story for free unlike some other games. Totally recommend!
Bit too similar to the first game. Some puzzles are very hard others easy. Story a bit flat, only one objective.
Love these games but could not get past the part at the hermits house in the beginning in the HOP. Putting the flower pots n the correct order would not release the seed. I would back out and come back and they would all be darkened out in the right spaces but the cache would never open. I uninstalled and reinstalled and still the same thing happens. Very disappointed as I played D&F and was looking forward to the second installment.
One of my all time favorite series to play! Thank you for making such awesome games and thank you to the producers for working so obviously hard on them! Great graphics, fantastic storyline and wonderful puzzles!
Theese games are amazing, graphics are beautiful and the stories are so clever and they keep u wanting to play. Theese games deserve paying for but I am very grateful they are free I havnt given 5 stars as sometimes the mini games are difficult I'm not so clever...good job guys πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ
Loved how the story continues, true sequel. Great adventure, can't wait to dive into the next one! Hours of fun!
I really enjoy these games, I've done all of them prior to this. Usually I wait till the end to rate, but I'm annoyed at the controls this time. Too many puzzles reset if the back button is accidently hit, very annoying, especially on the painting puzzle. Also when using a hint, its ridiculous that it is wasted when it tells u to hit the back button.
Great game. Best one so far of the Five-BN games. Not too much back and forth. No "energy" system. The one thing that might be a bit bad is the personality of the characters. They trust a little girl a bit too much.
As usual from these genius Coders...sublime puzzle/adventure hijinks from beginning to end. Love it! They don't seem ever to get it wrong. Download with complete confidence boys and girls
First thing, graphics are stunning, a mixture of HOG & adventure game, storyline runs throughout, great and varied mixture of mini games and puzzles to solve, and a collection & morphing object to find in each main scene, which adds to the fun. Bit more challenging than your average HOG but not so hard or obscure you end up frustrated - balance is just right. Have already played the first game in this series and the second does not disappoint.
There games are not that good they have all the mini games on hard so you have to buy hints its better to go to other game developers and buy the games it way less money and better games
Great graphics, plot and good puzzles, not too challenging. The puzzles could be more challenging. Very enjoyable game.
This is the second one of this series that i have played and love it. Not always easy (for me), but thats good and the story is interesting.
Great graphics really enjoy the storyline puzzles are a little simple but I bet that's harder than having really hard one so enjoying the game very much
I absolutely recommend playing all the games in the series of Darkness and Flame! The story line is creative, with wonderful graphics, & puzzles. I find for a free series you will be amazed with the quality and game play. Thank you Big Fish! I am a fan of your games! <3 ;-)
A great adventure and the puzzle are a bit hard but not to hard to stop people from playing, the storyline it's in point with the previous one and yes some puzzles are frustrating but that's just shows how much dedication was place into the game.
I love this game and the Lost Lands series y'all do as well! I never had any issues with glitches that others claim to run into but unfortunately I'm so sad because I got to the end of Darkness & Flame 2 & I got into the little bar and in the room on the side with the martini glass key, and I washed the wall and picked the brick out of the wall clicked off on accident before I grabbed the key and it wouldn't let me go back to grab it. πŸ˜” I had to uninstall because I needed the key to move on. 😭
As always FIVE-BN games never disappoint. 4 stars instead of 5 for the same reason I always point out. You need to have an β„Ή on the mini games that gives a black box pop-up with better instructions/directions. Otherwise, amazing! Keep making the games my CPTSD brain loves πŸ’˜
I didn't pay for the bonus game but I did buy some coins. It's okay. Just as fiddley as the other ones though.
Wonderfully made! Beautiful scenery, engageing storyline and the puzzles are just difficult enough to keep you thinking!
As with the first part, this game is fantastic. The graphics are amazing and the puzzles and gameplay make it fun and compelling. Five star game!!
Brilliant! Only downside is that the coins I purchased in the first game weren't carried over to the second game. But fun to play & really makes you think. Graphics are superp. Story is good too.
Free to play. What do you expect? It's good enough that it's free. Very exciting to play. Can't wait for more
Some of the tap tap tap to find can get annoying, but over all a well done game with a good story behind it.
Had to buy coins . to get hand out of the box , game was stuck on 9 . liked the game but if i have to buy coins just to end the game it's not no fun for me
Truly enjoyable...thank you for the free to play version. I wouldn't have been able to play otherwise
I love the games and play them in order (1, 2, etc.). The only issue that I have is that if I play one game from FIVE-BN GAMES, why can't my coins transfer to the new game? I'm wasting money; $1.99 adds up. Otherwise, I'd give it 5 stars. Please advise.
After trying a few of BN Games (Lost Lands, Darkness and Flame), graphics and story are good, but the utter lack of any logic throughout the game is mystifying. For example, a protagonist uses a hammer one scene to remove a mast, then in the next scene, having lost the hammer, needs to bludgeon nails with a rock. The characters can not do anything simple such as untying knots, opening cardboard boxes, lifting a fishing net off a kitten, without a knife. Puzzles just don't flow with the story.
Exceptional games, brilliant graphics, never boring, a bit challenging sometimes but that makes it so satisfying when you solve a problem, i would give it 10 stars if i could
Loved this game took 2 days to play the main game (over playing g games at moment because of covid19 and isolation) anyhow just unlocked bonus game and it said cost $2 or 30 coins .so are not paying to end the game. If I played this on a computer the whole game would be free ,but tablet and mobile users its not.