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Darklings for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by MildMania located at Universiteler Mahallesi Ihsan Dogramaci Bulv. No:27 Galyum Blok BK-5 Cankaya/Ankara. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is such a fun game and I love it. There's a serious bug when fighting the boss Shear though. He disappears and breaks all your crystals even though you can't see him. It makes it very difficult to progress. Please fix and it will be fantastic.
Continuing to show me ads after I paid for no ads, and the third boss is glitchy to the point of it being impossible to beat them. Was a fun game up to that point, but not giving me the thing I paid you for means one star.
Is the developer for this game dead??? I contacted through email n still no reply for 4 weeks already? I bought the no ads but after few gamelplay the no ads reappear on the menu and ads starting to appear after i play the game. The game is fun. Coz the no ads thingy and I'll give 5 star. Developer please look at people comment and fix the bug!! Developer takes money and just gone q
Great game. . Used to play it a long time ago.. came back a few years later .. and it's still as good. EXCEPT FOR SHEAR Normally .. you beat him by lighting the beacons that he's about to attack..(same process used to destroy the rocks he drops) Keep the beacons alive and hit him enough .. and he should be defeated.. Not now though. . He just turns invisible.. and there's no way to know where he's gonna attack Fix this and you have an awesome game with great graphics. . Great soundtrack... and great game play Pls fix
I am SO excited to play this game again. Finally for Andriod!! Thanks for fixing the issues as well. You may now have your super excellent rating back! ♡
Please fix the glitch with 'shear!' You can't progress any further but he kills you every time due to glitching in the game... Brilliant game but 1 star until glitches are fixed.
How about you iron out the fundamentals of saving game progress before you pester your players with ads after every round. I've had the game reset itself MULTIPLE TIMES where I'm thrown to the start screen and being forced to replay levels.
It's great. Well, still has some bugs. Like when I already am in the 2nd world and then it give's me a mission of killing one darkling from the 1st world, and stuff like that. Stuff that I cant acomplish because I've already am in another level or something like. Aside from that. It's pretty great
please fix these glitches listed below. I am an android user experiencing the same glitch with shear. I want to love this game but I can't get any further. My little light being completely dissapeared, and shear flew so low I didn't get so much as a chance to try playing before I was killed. and that's directly after paying for a retry.
Game keeps bugging out. It will freeze then restart and show me the death animation immediately. I love the game and when it works it's super fun and very well designed but when it freezes for 6 games in a row and let's me play one round...unplayable as of right now.
I lovw thw graphics. I love the gameplay its cute and great fun all around. My only thing is that the boss shear keeps disappears during gameplay like it would be moving acroos the screen and half way it will spaz and disappears and you cant see where its going to attack. Other then that bug the game great.
The game seems interesting and cool but i cant get past the first level because the possessing just stops working. It be better if you made it like a game where you control your movement with a d pad on the screen but the way you kill enemies is with pressing a button on the screen. And once you kill enough enemies you can draw a symbol and posses an enemy for a short amount of time.
I'm starting to like this game but, what happended?!?! Why does the shears dissapear all of the sudden it was ok for the first match then I died suddenly then after I retry it now keeps dissapearing?!?! I Would gladly appreciate if you can fix this bug.. But overall this game is great
Please just fix the glitch with Shear at level 14. He just disappears and then reappears on the ground and destroys pillars without any chance of killing him. Sometimes he just automatically destroys all my pillars, I die immediately because I'm not given a chance to draw any symbols. Please fix it's such a great game and this is so frustrating
Can someone fix this Boss Shear i cant defeat him if there's a bug.. Last year its ok to kill a boss but now.. I cant
Naff! Can't move the character. Just sits there as you have to draw specific shapes to attack on coming enemies. Becomes boring very quickly!
I love this game so much ... And as much as I love it, I hate the part when it comes to Shear. I thought there was something wrong with my phone but after reading most of the reviews, it wasn't. Can ya fix it, please?
For some reason the shear just glitches out? It's frustrating to get to shear just for it to be unbeatable because of a glitch. It works just fine on apple devices so it must be fixable but it's just annoying. It's otherwise a great game.
The game is fun, but adds are not. So I paid to get rid of them. Everything worked really well, ...like for one day. After that I got adds back but money are still gone. :( Pleas fix this issue, otherwise is for 5 stars.
Please fix the bug for the 'shear'. After playing multiple times, the 'shear' will fly so low that it destroys all the beacon. And there is also times when the 'shear' is invisible and it just kills me. Please fix this bug asap as this game is fantastic to play
I love the game! It is awesome! It's frustrated and addicting at the same time. The graphics are beautiful. The music is so tense and horrorifiying. The main character, Lum, is so cute. The one problem that I have this game is that the storyline was not really explained well. At the beginning of the game, the creator could have put some captions or put it in a narrator to explain what's going on. Because they didn't do that, there's really no point of the main character fighting the villains. Another problem I got with this game is that they don't tell me how to defeat the bosses. So it's kind of hard for me to complete the stages. They could've just put captions on how to defeat the boss. On a whole, I think this game is creative, mysterious, and unique. Keep it up, MildMania!!!!!
Great game, love the concept. Sufficiently difficult to keep me entertained but not happy that shear glitches and loads incorrectly nearly every time I face it. It's made the second boss now impossible to beat.
I love this game! The concept, the design and gameplays are pretty good. Aside from the complexity that has been pointed out in countless other review, i have one thing to say. There seems to be a bug on this game. Earlier today whenever I faced 'Sheer' everything was fine. But all of a sudden when I came back a few hours later and faced Sheer again, its image suddenly dissapears, leaving me about ten seconds without it on screen, but the things I have to use to attack it are getting destroyed as if he was still there. Everything freezes, and it all happens without his image or it happens at the same time in a few seconds. There is no option to send a message to the co pany about this issue, so I hope that the developers read this review and fix it.
I had this game on my iPhone and it was awesome. On android everything is buggy. The "remove ads" doesn't work, the bird boss is doing unordinary things and so on... Please fix the game....
Enjoyed it until Shear showed up with problems. Shear would fly way too low over the crystals and would still break the crystals even after getting hit, making it impossible to beat. 1 star until this problem is fixed.
i love this game so much its so addicting and easy to play and the grafics are really goid and i love the sounds in it . really goid game i highly recomand it . sorry for my bad english tho .
Well i thought so the developers has kick the bucket. Used to be a good game and even paid for the no ads. But after the last update ages ago im getting the ads... Emailed the developers but have no answer. So yea they are Dead. Its better to play other game that have the same genre. Uninstalling this game for good.
I love the artwork and the concept of the game, but it's a bit too difficult and still has some bugs. For instance when "shear is coming" I had times when nothing appeared on the screen and the time passed and I just lost. How to win when you can't see who you're fighting against? This happened to me a lot of times.
I love this game except... you guessed it, shear makes it impossible to win. Also, while killing darklings I sometimes must sit waiting for darklings that never come and my timer runs out and I die. I would love to rate 5 stars but after reading reviews it's clear that the developer doesn't respond. Too bad.
The game is great, until you reach the boss shear. There's no explanation on how to beat him. If you manage to hit him, you die. If you don't hit him, you die. It is almost impossible to draw the symbols quick enough to even hit him more than once, but you die anyway. Pleeeeaaase update the game, and make the boss is beatable, so one can even play beyond shear and enjoy the game again.
I liked its original gameplay and soundtracks are nice; however when the third boss comes there might be some bugs that's why I can't get out of stage 3 like when the boss came all the spear like crystals disappear out of nowhere hence I'll die too. And about the shop thing, it's hard to grt stars really, i only get about 20 stars per trial and the prices are too high for that. Looking forward for improvements
I love this game so much. It keeps glitching when I try to fight the Fury boss. He isn't there at all, or he swoops down the bottom and takes out all my stalagmites
I really want to play this game. But every time I see part of the intro it exits out of the game before I even have a chance to play. So 1/5 stars :/
I love the game. Its beautiful both visually and with the sound. But it crashes whenever I get to the third boss for some reason.
I had this game on my iPhone and absolutely loved it, it's a wonderful and unique game, but now on my android it glitches every time I get to the first boss level and the game crashes.
I would go for 5 stars if there was a more detailed direction regarding some missions.. Like what the heck is the impa combo??
It's very fun. The idea is cool and the gameplay is fast-paced. Except for, as everyone is saying, Shear. Too many glitches with that boss. You need to fix it!
Very angry. Shear would disappear and destroy all my crystals like it was nothing. I love this game so much but the fact that I can spend 200 stars on a revive just to have shear disappear and see all my crystals destroyed in 5 seconds makes thus game waste my time.
I have the same issue with the Shear as those below, which haven't been looked at for months. Clearly you don't care about what you do or how successful you can be. Your other games suck, so thanks for ruining the best one. If the developer *is* dead - physically, metaphorically and /or spiritually, my condolences. But please fix this issue and /or explain. #thankssomuch
Really like this game but there's a glitch that's killing me. Downloaded this app ages ago, didn't play for a while, and when I came back (two days ago) there's a glitch with Shear I've never had before. And it's only Shear, no other bosses. It'll either start out fine then halfway through Shear isn't visible and destroys all my crystals and kills me because I can't see his attacks or it'll glitch from the beginning and he'll fly in too low to react or be invisible to start. I'm literally stuck.