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Darkland : Cube Escape Puzzle Platformer Adventure

Darkland : Cube Escape Puzzle Platformer Adventure for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by SENSPARK CO., LTD located at Asia Square, Singapore. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
amazing experience, this game has simplistic, beautiful graphics, ads implemented in a non-annoying way and is an incredible platformer. Keep up the good work devs!
A legitimately interesting mobile game. The idea for the controls seems simple at first but as you play you realize the limitations of being able to move in only one direction unless you come in contact with a wall. The addition of more objects to flip around the gameplay keeps it fresh if you ever begin to lose focus. Great game.
Nice app.Great time killer.easy control.smooth gameplay.Definitely worth it. Buy it guys only for 19INR. Loved it
Wonderful! The graphics are nice, no rugged edges, and the music, oh so peaceful. Absolutely brilliant work dev. 👍
I really enjoy the mechanics and gameplay and everything, however they have so much potential they don't use like another game mode or something that could be similar but different that would earn it's 5th star
It's amazing... I LOVE IT. Levels are hard but that's the point of the game. Me and my friends both enjoy this game and I love it!!
It is a nice game, very peaceful music and also helps me sleep when I'm stressed out. But i am giving it 4 star, because there is always room for improvement
I really liked the game, I searched for such games for a long time, it is very similar to the game Geometry Dash, but there is one minus in the game, because I want to turn left, but I need to hit the wall, if it weren’t, but you could just turn left would be ideal✔thanks for your attention️ :)
Total ripoff of geometry dash's concept, lacking any actual gameplay and you still have to pay in game/ watch ads for skips or checkpoints for EACH level individually for a game you paid for.Not worth, don't recommend.
Add a story maybe, remove checkpoints to make it more frustrating, add some playable characters, more mechanics!
Great Game. Its challenging yet addicting. Great music, great design or great everything. If you have the money you should buy this.
Hate this game so MUCH!! You know why?,ITS PAID,completely waste of time,and money,This is the hardest game ever created,because of (Level 62,and Level 77) Level 62's last obsticle is extremly hard to doge,while Level 77 has no checkpoints for a IMPOSSIBLE level? Do not buy this it is full of bugs like randomly pushing you amd spawnkilling,Uninstalling it and never installing it until next update arrives.
I got this game when it was for on sale for free and I'm so glad I did. It's an amazing app and I thoroughly enjoyed every level I could complete.
Everytime i try to load the game... it always takes me out... im not mad or anything but could this be fixed? I really wanna play it so much!
Even though thus game is paid, there are alin app purchases to skip a level or set a checkpoint. The developers seem to be very greedy. Take more money while buying the game, but let everything be free in the game. Even free games provide you ability to skip a level or set checkpoint. Now that I am stuck on a level, what do I do? Should I stop playing? Where is my refund?
Great game good job. Good graphics and game play. Really fun and stable. The developers paid attention to details. As a fellow developer I congratulate you on this game
When I am out of focus this game is a real booster! Very clean and simple game, no complex controls or logic. Very happy with the purchase of this game!!!!
(+) Cool idea, nice controls and graphics, loved the raycaster light. (-) Gameplay sucks at some point - around the deadzone stage there's a vast jump of the difficulty and part of the level design become is too boring and simple as well.
Just superb! There are some glitches that needs to be taken care of then the game will be much better! Kudos to the creators waiting for some more difficult levels. Hope they will be released soon.
Eğer eski bi telefonunuz varsa ve değiştirmek istiyorsanız kesinlikle tavsiye ediyorum. If you have an old phone and you wonder to replace your phone, i absolutely recommend this game.
Simple game. Can be a challenge sometimes but there's nothing wrong with that. It's a good time waster.
This review is from one who finished all 60 levels. The game is very fun, very easy to play. The controls are simple and I've encountered no problems along the way. Yes, some levels have a higher difficulty and you practice to win. According to Google Play, less than 10 people finished all 60 levels. So, here is your chance to get a challenging game for a bargain.
Concept is neat, art is solid if simplistic. the level design is mediocre at best though, especially considering the scarcity of mechanics. It's also surprisingly difficult, which would not be a downside if the levels were more interesting and fun.
Beautiful graphic, relaxing music, minimalistic gameplay. Not easy, but very intuitive. It deserves more than five stars. Thanks to developer!
The controls feel unresponsive and clunky. Alot is clearly borrowed from Geometry Dash, and the level design is pretty awful. You shouldn't spend money on this.
Bug-ish: level 77 the checkpoint system does not function as intended. You spawn and just fall with the conveyor belt thing spawning too far ahead of you to actually use it. Otherwise, great game so far!
The game itself is very well designed. Challenging, but still fun and enjoyable. My only complaint is that it doesn't log into Google play automatically. You have to log in manually by going to stats and the click the icon for leaderboard or achievements.
The game is very easy to play and interesting too! I liked the concept, but what this game lacks is player base, i guess it will grow eventually and pls add more tips to complete the levels! I am stuck at 46.
This game is awesome period. There are few to no microtransactions and there are absolutely no ads. The gameplay is great, a nice simple tap and hold to run platfotmer which can be played one handed. I'm glad I got this when it was free.
I've had this game for some years in multiple devices. It runs smoothly on everything I have tried it on. It's not the game I thought it was. Its like super meat boy with no jump. You move, avoiding various traps, moving platforms and other obstacles by touching the screen. Switch directions by hitting walls and there is no jump. It is super fun and addictive, coming from someone not to into platformers.
Great game with amazing music and art style. Personal opinion is just controls kinda roughly, specifically with the wall bounce mechanic i have encountered many time where it does not turn around then have to restart the whole level because of it. Directional control would have made it alot better.
The gameplay was beautifully made for a platforming & Puzzle game. The controls are easy to understand and the levels are interestingly hard but not to hard to figure out how to get from point A to point B.
It actually just sucks. It takes forever to load just so it can show you the level and then they make it impossibly hard. Like I get it's supposed to be hard but it's going too far oml.
Wonderful game with awesome single tap control! Good eye-hand coordination game. Thanks developer! Edit:The bug in level 89 still has not been fixed at my end. Kindly check it once.
This an awesome time killer game and worth it to buy, ilove this game and it's also kinda simmilar to geometry dash💙💙💙☺
Cool and cute. I would suggest making cloud save default and automatic. There is a bug jn level 66 where the direction is oppsite when loading from checkpoint.
The is absolutely satisfying, but it needs some work on UI as you can keep playing this game for a long time and eventually get bored add some nice effects to it maybe VFX will do be SFX can make it way better.
Darkland has simple and enchanting graphics and challenging levels, but I feel the game is lacking something. Add another element, an enemy, something to make the game more exciting. I find the best platformers are the ones with storylines that make you want to progress, and I really wish there was some sort of plot in Darkland. Good overall, 4/5, but maybe not worth the dollar.
I love this game👍I only have one futures update idea: pls more level or multiplayer game (with bot if online not are possible).
it would be better if you clamped the speed of the player to a lower max speed, like for example level 9 you can skip half the level by holding down and accelerating to unreal speed. also, level design is kinda meh, in the way that past like level 15 or so theres a lot of maps that have a lot of stuff but no mechanical substance to it and it starts to be boring repeats. but the graphics and music are brilliant, and the core mechanic of only being able to move foward is amazingly clever
it is so satisfying and fun , but I do have to say that it could have more things and ideas in it to make it different than other similar game , and this all I have to say...
This game was designed by amateurs. The acceleration is WAY too slow. What is even worse is that you go to complete stop when you want to slow down. This makes some puzzles IMPOSSIBLE. I wonder if the dev team even tested this game out. I could probably make an even better version in maybe a day or two. I have to give some credit, though. I did enjoy a few of the puzzles, but it still bothers me. I would suggest to either increase player acceleration or make the character slippery.
Many bugs after checkpoints, causing spawn death, for example. Also, in a few cases, after respawning to a checkpoint, a gravitation changing button disappears. In addition, although the newest version is installed, there is no portal at level 89.
Standard: go until you bounce off the walls. A nihilist meditation because you remain in the dark, hunting for "the light at the end of the tunnel" metaphor promised at the final levels.
Gets you hooked. Simple-seeming concept, but he game play is challenging and fun. The music is cute and peaceful, even the little sound effects in the game are cute. Great game.
definitely worth 1 buck, simple yet very challenging and keeps my ADHD entertained so it's good in my book! well done devs! my only recommendation to players is to keep your eye on the end goal, there's lots of added steps put there to deceive you and make it more difficult, but there's always the right/easy way to solve the level.