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Darkest Winter: Last Survivor

Darkest Winter: Last Survivor for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Gaijin Distribution KFT located at 1146 Budapest, Hungária körút 162-166. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Blood) and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
You can only play each area once a day so there is nothing to do in this game. It takes 24 hours for them to reset. It's like its half finished. One of the timed levels popped up and it had no resources, no enemies, and one chest with a single object in it. After level 10 it takes hours to craft things like an iron bar. I wouldnt even call this a game. It's like they started to make a game and then stopped and released it. Was this meant to be a beta?
Click to hit deer or zombie You just end up chasing and not attacking. Just running around a target in circles when they're stopped. Repeatly could not pick up items Chop trees or pick up rocks. Constantly can not attack or access items dropped. Honestly. Game released to soon. In 5 mins. So many bugs and control issues. Zombie are terrible looking
I can't pick up things easily. It's really doesn't work if I press the pick up button and the character glitches.
Didn't like it couldn't pick up some things running into zombies don't know if hitting them or not. It was stupid. Kept running in circles don't know why.
Its a great game i love it but for some reason u always cant pick things up no matter what angle u stand at its like it freezes or something please fix this problem.
This game is suck, did not want you to pick up, if click the enterack botton they keep running, for me this game if did not fixed that thing it's better ignor thes game, i'm so dissapointed
Ok game, but it's a pile of rubbish, needs updating, too many glitches and when u try and attack a deer or rabbit it takes forever to chase it down
I have downloaded the game. Bought a item pack and turned game off to come to bed. When i have turned game back on it just keeps loading. I hope i haven't lost my money. Please fix.
The Graphics is okay but the grabbing and the striking button don't work. Even the ads don't work. Kindly improve the performance of the Game. It is an okay game for the starters
Controls suck won't pick up anything or hit anything when I push the button need more work ill maybe re-download if a few months to see if its better. But it has lot of potential keep it up guys.
Extremely buggy, can't do anything unless you forse your character to do a similar job multiple times
Reporting same issue as others where I cannot pick up items. I appreciate that this is a beta and not finished however disappointed that Devs have not responded to the same issue reported by multiple users.
This game hss a lot of potential, only when i press the action button the character doesnt do anything at times and same goes when im collecting resources
I saw a review that said something about running on crates when you're trying to open them and as soon as I downloaded the game thats first issue I had and it's been 2 months and you still haven't fixed it clearly the creators of this game don't care.
Pretty good survival game. Supposedly in parallel universe to game of thrones. The controls are sluggish and the character kind of slow. A work in progress.
This game is pretty not that bad I just can't wait for the update stick, but also put like a Lego some ammo for the boysJr
I can't stop laughing because this game have so much glitz and errors like I can hit the zombies from very far and also zombies can hit me from far distance . Developers of this game must fix these issues and make it more interesting by adding some good stuff like pet dogs and other and after fixing all these issues this game can become a great one . I hope you guys understand and fix these problems . But for now I am going to uninstall this game
Controls are really bad, when picking up items, when attacking deers, snow, bear. It is very hard to attack deers since the club is not responsive, even when i pressed crouch button then hitting it, does not work, it run through bodies. Also the when opening the inventory to get band aid but time does not stop, enemies are still hitting you and even when crafting weapons. It sucks
Awesome game with unique graphic but control not responsive enough. Gathering & crafting was hard because of that. Please kindly fix this.
The controls on this game suck and i would give it zero stars if i could because when ever i try to pick stuff up the character glitches and skips around same when I try to sneak up on an attack animal or creature just glitches and skips around completely ruining the game and as a result makes it not worth playing until they fix the glitches and controls then maybe it would be a ok game but not until they fix its big problems
Things wont open easily, attacking button doesnt work half the time. Just a few bugs but seems like a really good game to play
Crossout has better graphics than this and you exported it so now it's on everything how come you don't try when it comes to a solo survival game (ps I'm going to tell the future your going to add war thunder as a mobile game lol) please I had high hopes as you made crossout and war thunder please put effort into this and make me change my 2 star review ( the graphics are that bad my perants where comparing it with the first version of Minecraft and u don't want that to happen (written in 5mins)
I like it! But the game is buggy. Can't pick up, hit mobs most of the time and some quests are not counting. Glitchy, died once because can't hit zombies. Can't open my own chest most of the time.
It seems like it could be a fun game. But it almost copies another and the controller are liquid ass.
Extremely buggy and very frustrating to try and play, enough bugs to make me hard it after 5 minutes.
1star. whenever i click to grab or open crates,the character only running on top of the crates instead going to open it???the crates only can be open by tap on it instead of tap on grab icon.also happen when i try to collect resource.double click or more on resource to collect.pls fix this
it would be a good game but as usual the devs screw it up by making you loos the backpack and everything in it so once you loos it were you cant get back to then your screwed and they expect you to pay and buy more stuff to loos and round and you go while they take as much as your dumb enough to spend SCAM
Now look.. Its not even doing its job when attacking or picking an item.. Its delayed and the action button is really not working...or fix this BUG. U got a lot of BUG!! CONTROLS ARE PRETTY BAD. A LOT OF DELAYS!!
Game play is slow, graphics are good,, need to be able to move and build things easier, when buying things need option to buy multiple insted of just 1,
Good survival game only complaint is I purchased some gear and as I was equipping it I was killed and the gear disappeared
the game is good, i like to play it for hours, but there is a battery drain problem in game! i set graphics to low, then played just 5 minutes, it used 9% of my battery.even more that heavy games like pubg. its not good. really I like to play game but with this problem, i cant. i dont want to. please mr developer, fix this....
I love this game so much but please make it when you chop a tree make it they it drops 4 or 5 pieces of wood. Other than that I love it
Very difficult to gather items. Would get close enough to pick up, but could not after several attempts
What a disgusting app. The controls are so horrible that you can't even loot anything. Clicking the hand symbol to loot a crate makes your character run to the loot, then he continues to auto run on the spot on top of the loot? Do you devs not check and fix this? This was the same issue from a month back when I tried the game.