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Dark Summoner

Dark Summoner for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Ateam Inc. located at 〒450-6432 名古屋市中村区名駅3丁目28番12号 大名古屋ビルヂング32F Dainagoya Building 32F, 28-12 Meieki 3-chome, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya 450-6432, Japan. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence, Sexual Innuendo, Scary Content, Occasional Swearing) and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's a cool game. They need to beef it up, it's lagging way too much, and the same routine day in and day out. They can change the missions and things put things in, if you land on this you get this like they do with the chest. Of course they just came out with new cards don't know how to make them don't understand. I have put too much money on this game to give it up, You're right you don't nowhere unless money's there this games for people with big wallets so reach deep $$$$$$$$
Standard grindy pay to win. You can "upgrade" your cards but to do so requires material (junk cards), to get material you have to grind grind grind tap tap tapping over and over the same boring screens. But to grind and farm you need energy. Yep you guessed it, energy replenishes 1 point per minute but of course you can PAY to get it instantly or PAY to get good material for upgrading or just PAY for the best cards. Nah. Uninstalled. Boring!
I feel i give u too much when i press one star. Your game is not worth for even a tiny star. I play this game for 6-7 years. All good and i love it. But nearby this 2 years,u change the game system. More to be a money sucker now. And what worst is,game always freeze after playing around 30-40 sec. EVERY TIME!! And I'm sure is not just me having this issue. Well,i think quiting is the best option now. So sad but need to do it. Your server sucks.
Didn't age well, I dont know how its lagging so much. I used to play on an older phone it was way faster but that was years ago.
I've played it for about 6 yrs and still playing could be better on in enhanceing monsters with skliis
Feeling nostalgic so I reinstall (was an active player 2015-18) only to be told I've broken eula by reinstalling too many times on same device. Okay - goodbye feeling of nostalgia.
The overall ui needs work it's just to much going on and can be misleading to the user's, the gameplay is to automated and lacks a user response, the gameplay graphics are nothing like the displayed video and looks like a rush job, and the overall navigation is poor. If you could make the fighting scenes a little more interactive like allowing the user to choose the target for an attack then that would increase user interaction making the fight a little more exciting. I could give you more suggestions for improvement but I hope you could figure them out on your own and would be willing to change my rating if some of these issues were fixes.
To the mark person your review isnt accurate you only played for 2 weeks so you didnt even try. As a beta tester i can confirm equal opportunity to all players if you actually save and watch the free videos. Mark your review is far from correct for new players as a person who has made countless account i personally tested it and my team power reached 10m in 8 days easy so before crying about a 2 week quit actually do your homework
Awesome job on the game but could you guys please fix any and all issues,including network related ones,that this game may have please?thanks.
Already play for 7 years, not stop yet just because already feel like a family with my clan mate. Sad to said that this game only for big $pender. You want good mobs, good skill, good relic, so you need dig deep of your wallet to sp summon them, because the appearance rate was "only God know" lol (sometime you got lucky on 1st summon lol) Event also too repetitive, and with Xeno mobs as a reward which still untradeable, whats the point doing event. Sir Plnxz
for some reason it won't let me collect the reward from the raid the just finished even though I participated in it. is it a glitch or something? if it gets fixed I'll up the stars in my review.
the inability to block or report people is a feature that has been missing since the game came out several years ago. the trade system is still the same (its bad). events are not varied enough. i think theres maybe 4\5 total and then they recycle them. funny thing about that is, even though theyre essentially the same event they force you to get new progression monsters. combat is boring. you just click a button and watch your cards go at it. game needs some serious attention.
I "did" like Dark summoner until I realized it opened and closes on it's own. I woke up at 8am just to look at a message and my phone tells me the application is just now shutting down. "But I haven't used it for at least two weeks!" I looked up my usage data on my phone to find out it's been using more data then my social media app's!? which I was actually using! It's scary knowing this app can do that and I paid money in game.
Awesome job on the job on the game but can you please fix any issues,including loading,that this game may have?
This game is a total waste of money. If you want to play this game, Don't waste your money buying stuffs that won't even guarantee a good item/monster. ATeam, you suck! [UPDATE] I reinstalled it again to see if it improved.. man, was I so wrong. Again the game is just boring, some of the ads won't close unless you install a certain app. It was pretty much downhill for this game since 2015.
Been playing for years. Game has turned to trash... glitches, lag, and just poor or lack of development. Events don't work... after multiple emails to developers I just get the same old oh we're sorry emails and they fix nothing. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY. It's very evident the development team doesn't care about this game anymore!!!!
this game can be very fun but it is very strongly a pay to win game, because if you want to be really good at this game and get the best cards and items you need to spend a couple of hundred dollars a week in this game.
If you set aside the fact that this is an expensive game to play it's still fun you can get decent stuff off the trade market, but if you want the really good stuff be ready to spend that money cause it's the only way you can maximize your deck
This company is just a cash cow, gives 2% chance of getting what you want, then if you do a week later they come up with a new skill to make it obsolete. This game drained my pockets and is not worth it seriously.
The AUTO button is garbage, if I click auto it should go until I stop it not until it gets interrupted. The graphics kinda suck & everyone uses the exact same cards in pvp. Main gripe is auto button, why have it if I have to tap go or auto every 30 seconds!
Game is ruined. Don't bother downloading if you didn't play it back in 2012-3. Read ALL fine print!!! Member since 2013, did a x10 summon from the divine void 8th anniversary, post claimed every 4th summon is a bonus. Fine print claims one summon equals one time (1800sp -$25)would have had to spend at least $100 to get one bonus. All cards received were garbage a's, and aa's. Company only cares about money.
Trash pay2win. Been playing 10 yrs with free rewards and now we're forced to pay real money for them because you're a bunch of greedy pigs? Good going. Hope everyone quits.
I spent $600+ in this game in the last 3 mos. I felt as though I had been misled & ripped off for my $. I'm on SSI. $600 is a lot of $ for me! The monsters advertised in the game in the "deals" were not what I got when I paid for them. "Glitches" in the software often take away items you win, not give them at all, or give less than what should've been received. When I wrote a lengthy email to the developers, they didn't even bother to respond. Don't spend your $ here! There are better games!
utter rubbish. I was fooled into installing this after seeing nice video of in-game fighting. That had nothing to do with how it actually looks. OMG what rubbish!!! plain withered like child watercolor painting 2D character icons that hit eachother by sliding into themselves - this is AWFUL! Avoid!
They try to change too much at one time while ignoring the fact the core components of the game are buggy af...clan league still blows..matchmaking for pvp is horrible...turned into a spenders game..don't waste your time if ur not spending big. Played for 6 years. How about adding a new crawler for the first time in months? The different species options are completely unbalanced in quantity and quality and every "gift" given, unless a higher tier soul which is rare, is completely irrelevant.
I'm obsessed with this game. It's so addictive. It gives GREAT rewards so you CAN play if youre a free player. If you do pay is definitely worth it 9 times out of 10 you get something really gd. If you like rpg card games you'll love this game!!!!!
Been around since 13. I just started up again and find it still lack luster in events and rewards need to match the effort spent. remove the crappy evo mats. add new rewards.
I have played for a few yrs and i really enjoy the game!! Love the 7's games just miss the winky girl!
'Used to be' awesome. I played it back in 2014-15, I had so much fun. But with every new update, they add something the game didn't needed and was a very paid to win situation for most people who cannot perform paid summons so very often. I do use money on it but it wasn't worth it in the end...
Dark Summoner is a decent enough game that you can invest time in and enjoy. However what all the people that are giving it 5 stars without putting much thought into it are forgetting to mention is that you need money. Unless you have RNJesus on your side when it comes to events, summons and anything else in the game that's worth anything you're going to have to spend money to compete with anyone at the top. over all the game is worth 3 stars at most never 5
DO NOT pay for anything in this game! Paid summon doesn't give what it guaranteed, appearance rate is rigged with zero transparency, and CS won't even bother to reply.
Dark Summoner is a great dark fantasy card game with tons of beautifully drafted cards to collect and battle with. The clan league is also a lot of fun. Join today!
What happened to this game? Were are the fire balls that u throw at the monsters? It used to be fun to play. It is slowly going.
If they would work on the game and events this game would probably be good again but all they want is money from the monsters they make for the top 2k people that are rich they haven't change anything from the raids you still get a worthless A rank monster. I hope they do something
New players... Don't bother. I've been playing this game since week 2, it's going to take you years to catch up or $1,000's of dollars, literally. You need to know that ATeam has restructured the game so only paying players can get decent cards and to get what you need to evolve xeno's, you have to finish 200th or better in events which is going to cost you $$. Even if you spend the money, there are still about 500-1000 players that will always get those spots. Don't waste your time.
Liked playing this game a lot. Was a daily user 4 years ago! I spent well over 1500 dollars in a year of playing. One day I log in and my entire catalog of monsters are gone except for the the special cards that were you were not able to sell. I reached put to the Dev team and they said they could do nothing about it and it was my fault. I miss playing but that is no way to treat a an avid user whom had invested time and money into their product. 2 stars unless this situation is resolved.
Russell since reading and math clearly aren't your strong points, let me clarify: I've been playing for almost 9 years, one of the first actually. My forms well above yours and my review is accurate:. The game gets worse every week and even those who spend thousands are bailing. To all, don't waste your time. New players... Don't bother. I've been playing this game since week 2, it's going to take you years to catch up or $1,000's of dollars, literally. You need to know that ATeam has restructured the game so only paying players can get decent cards and to get what you need to evolve xeno's, you have to finish 200th or better in events which is going to cost you $$. Even if you spend the money, there are still about 500-1000 players that will always get those spots. Don't waste your time.
I've been playing on and off since 2013, hoping things would change... But they haven't. WARNING TO NEW PLAYERS- This game is pay to play. Period. Without buying soul points, you will get around 10 minutes of play a day. Soul points are severely over priced and the ONLY way to get decent monsters. Other than that it is addictive with nice visuals.
As of the last 3 days the Dark Summoner has been unstable on the server side and has been crashing when doing guild battles. It's not my internet or roaming data because others I have talked to in-game have been having the same problem. This has popped up many times : Error: Server Error The server encountered a temporary error and could not complete your request. I missed guild battles because of this, FIX THE SERVERS ASAP!!!!
Scratch card dark summon always locks up. I guess they dont want you getting too many halfway decent monsters. You would think after 7 years of tgis game being around this kind of thing wouldnt happen.
This game is the slowest game when it comes to load time. I'm not sure why? Particularly when it comes to the graphics etc. it should be a lot quicker. Compared to the other games I play, it's extremely slow... I enjoy this game, but the load time needs to be fixed
Lost Game I spent tons and tons of money on this game, and I tried to saved it I couldn't. I contacted support and they told me I couldn't save my game. So when time come, and I had to get a new phone, guess what? Lost EVERYTHING!!! my profile is still there but no way to get it back. Horrible saving system.
I was one of the first players on here when having a full A team meant something ... What happened? You made this into a completely different game ... So sad
the game downloads and plays ads in the background to earn money on all users. if you check game files com.darsummoner/files/al you will see the video and gifs for ads never shown in game. in case you wonder why there is strange lag at times it cause it waiting for these ads to finish playing. i'm sure a number of player would gladly watch some ads for a fee potion or soul point but they want to both earn money from ads and have a pay to win structure.
I've been playin DS for quite some time now...I took a small break because I was spending to much time on it..lol..But, I have now recently reinstalled it and to my surprise it has worsened. I have a Galxay S7 active and before I installed the first time, the game was fast, but now it seems to be lagging a lot and it takes awhile for the screen to switch over. I dont have any issues with the other games I play on this device only DS. Please fix issues..and I'll greatly give 5 stars.
I am loving this game since the day I played it. Have fun with good game in wish I have a hoop I can invite people
Your nights bane guarantee is fake. I got an inherit skill altho you said guaranteed xmas exclusive summon in bonus! Fix this please. You're foolinh your players!
Wish I could give 0 stars. This game is a pay to play game. And even if you spend hundreds still dont get the stuff they advertise that you'll get. Used to be fun before the pay to play. No point in new players trying. Old players got too strong before the p2p started. Ateam is extremely greedy and pathetic and it shows.
if you are looking for another boring pay to play game that continously leaves you reaching for your wallet then this is the game for you, also the ateam support staff is a joke, dont count on them for anything except giving you the run around and trying to weasel more money out of your pocket
The work put into this game is absolutely stunning and this game is loads of fun I heavily recommend it
Played when ot first came out and came back and love it... but this time soooo many problems. Very glitchy . Daily stamps stopped working 38 days into it, now today I can't even open it up. Updates are done so no reason why it should not work. Fix it please!