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Dark Strokes Free. Hidden object

Dark Strokes Free. Hidden object for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Alawar Entertainment, Inc. located at 16192 Coastal Highway Lewes, Sussex County, DE United States 19958. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence, Occasional Swearing) and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Great story! Graphics are also good and the game is easy to follow. I like how if you get stuck you can tap the hint button and it will tell you what to do next. I normally don't like seek and find games, but this is an exceptionally good game! The hidden object locations are fabulous! Great job on this one! Hope you'll be developing more similar to this...soon!
Love it. Most of the Alawar games are amazing. They really make you think logically and the background story graphics are top notch. I really wish they'd make more of this one game with a funny name like Snorkels or something like that? There are a few versions but I finished them all! We need more!
Love it! Kind of old school and therefore perfect for those days when you aren't feeling your brightest. Very beautiful setting, music and atmosphere. Easy to use controls, easy to understand plot. Relaxing. No mini rage attack inducing puzzles!
Was really enjoying game but the violet crystal has disappeared out of my inventory and there doesn't seem to be any way of retrieving it except to start the game again 🤬
I need one of the developers to contact me. I paid for this game and twice when I went to play it, it would not load and said "fail to load due to not being paid" and this was the collector's edition which I paid for. Contacted Google play, but they had no idea and said contact the developer. So here I am contacting you. Any ideas?
Very intriguing story. Lots of mini games. However, who couldn't guess how the story would end. Fun though.
I was really enjoying this game until I was about unlock the door to get Clair it said I had to pay to continue the game. I don't remember if they said this before I pressed the install button because the game was so interesting.
So far it's good. Good graphics and good story. Wish it was free like it says. People say it's not and part way through you have to pay. I hope not
tried to purchase the collector edition and was charged for it but it keeps telling me my purchase failed.
l play it before, but l really didn't realized how good it really is. thanks, l could play it over and over. it brought tears to my eyes. thanks again for such a good game.
This game is very very excellent and because the graphics is very great and the processed is very good
The whole point of me liking alawar games was that you could unlock entire games through credits, i.e, without paying. Most of the games were of a really high quality and I really liked the fact that you don't have to pay for these games there was an alternate option. But now all the new games ars try and buy. Sigh!! Wish alawar would return back to the earlier option of using credits.
I enjoyed playing this game. The collector's edition was only .99 cents and came with a strategy guide. Which was definitely useful when I came back to the game and needed to refresh where I was. I would've preferred more of the interactive HOPs, where you have to complete an action before finding the object. But overall I liked the storyline and am going in search of another game now.
Purchased full version including collector's edition and despite money being taken from my account, it told me the purchase had failed and would not allow me to play any further! Looks like this is a common problem, really wish I had read earlier reviews before I downloaded this game, graphics are good it's just a shame they take your money without delivering the product. I have requested a refund.
I love the story. The graphics are awesome. I think im gonna buy more games by this company. GOOD JOB.
I liked it but it stoped and asked me to pay. I found another version, it reads "free"...Lets see ...I don't have money to buy games...this is it
I paid for the collectors edition and it said payment failed, which it didn't! I paid with paypay. So I then paid for the full version, same thing??? So I've now paid $5 for a game that I can no longer play????
Great game,keeps you on your toes. The only flaw is that the hidden objects we too dark to find. Other than that, it was very entertaining.
Totally loved playing this game. There really wasn't anything I didn't like about it. Artwork was really detailed. No problems with any of the game play. Definitely worth trying another from this team. Super job.
Really enjoyed playing this then it got to a certain part and it said it was something wrong with my connection but my connection is fine. Seriously I would love to continue and find his beloved but the game won't let me . Help please !
I would like a refund. Got the full version of the game, or so I thought since I got charged. Finished it and it said I can proceed to the bonus chapter. I attempted this and it will not let me. Also it is trying to get me to buy the collectors edition which is bull if I bought the full version. Such a rip off.
Another great game from Alawar. Thrilling storyline, outstanding graphics and amazing value for money, what more could you want
I was loving this game I've played it before on my laptop many moons ago so was looking forward to playing it again I'd only been playing for a short time when I was asked to pay to unlock the game so I could continue playing yet it tells you it's the full game would have gotten 5 stars if this hadn't happened not happy
I have bought full version of this game but it won't let me on its says purchase failed but it's taken my money so I would like my money back or able to play full game
Great story, fun puzzles, and ton's of things to find. I payed for the collectors edition, and got pop ups for other games, but nothing major. I have bought other games for my laptop, and payed $10.00 to $20.00, so $5.00 was a good price for a game that i have now played 3 times! Took me a little over 6 hour's to complete, the first time, and I usually like longer games, but it was fun, and the storyline kept me interested.
I'm enjoying the game very much. Had an issue with the payment that ended up being cleared up immediately, so I have no complaints.
Low marking as whilst it says it's free, you just get going and then you are asked to pay. Why say it is free?
Not terribly challenging, but the art is beautifully steam punk without being obnoxious, if that makes any sense. The story line was interesting, but could use something... else. Something a bit less obvious. These are not criticisms but a call from your paying audience to push further, the potential is there to be even more. I like the trend of combining games and interaction and art and literature. Games like this make me look forward to the future of art.
Not a bad game a few of the mini games are confusing but i finally figuredl them out. Its hard to explain. Thank you for a wonderful experience!😁 Unfortunately a person cant keep the games. Need to move to the next adventure! Te he!
I ebbing this app, but am very disappointed that after paying (in game) to upgrade to the full version it is still not allowing me on the bonus chapter. Do I have to pay again? If so it's not really a bonus. The graphics overall were pretty good, especially considering I have a large screen phone. But as soon as you move to the full version the HOP get easier. The only other issue is the cut scenes kept malfunctioning so I had to skip most of them.
But just tried to buy and it said payment successful but then said purchase failed. Tried again with the collectors edition but it did exactly the same thing. It had better not have taken either of my TWO payments because I can't go any further! Come on Alamar I've been singing your praises thus far.....
Don't waste your time. It's a lie, it's not free. A carefully worded 'free to download' does not excuse the clickbait. This dev goes on the do not trust list.
Purchased the full game AND the bonus content, took the money and told me purchase failed, so spent money and NO GAME!!!
I'm having a problem with one of the sections! When I got to the part in the game where the blue crystal 🔮 ball comes in I can't figure out what to do with it! There's no instructions as to what I should do ! It just keeps flashing symbols across the bottom of the ball ! Please help I can't go any further til I'm told what to do! Thanks Cathy McWilliams
I have not finished it but I am enjoing it just like other games of alwar entertainment it is really a good time passing game
Decent game play but crashes on every cut scene. You have start at the main menu after each crash and hit skip reallly fast before the scene loads.
I love this game!! When I first looked at the premiere of this app I knew that I would love this game!! I think this game is great!!
Tried to purchase collector's edition.. play store went game said " purchase failed" so I tried again with same results, then got charged twice according to my bank... game is old I know but it is also terrible and kinda boring , what I could play of it.. I want 2 refunds !!!!
Excellent game! I played it a couple of years ago so this is my 2nd time playing. Good story, brilliant graphics & a really good length with a bonus chapter. The only thing missing for me was a teleportation option on the map as I frequently needed to use hints to see where to go next. Some of the time it was obvious where to go next but not always. All in all a good quality, enjoyable game. I wish Alawar brought out more games.