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Dark of Alchemist - Dungeon Crawler RPG

Dark of Alchemist - Dungeon Crawler RPG for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by R.O.App. The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
this is definitely a good game to kill time, but can be addictive once you set your mind on completing the floor, or even the game itself. nice graphics and good storyline. really hope developers can expand more floors, but still appreciate their effort. thank you for making this.
Just finished the main game. This is a crafting-heavy old-school RPG, an elegant game of resource and risk management. Lovely atmosphere, dark and lonely. It's pretty great. Get it! It's got flaws though. The menus could've used some more love, and the RNG... WAIT! Seriously, it's suspicious. It can be quite frustrating: eight misses in a row with 55% chance of success, three critical hits in a row with what, a <5% chance, three rare (lolz) steaks in the same room... Yeah. Invest in some dex!!
Fun game but I died because it wouldn't let me rest even though i was right at hiding spot. Also, the ads are super annoying. Great potential but I will probably end up deleting it as it is.
Great offline fun, random scenarios of exploring finding things, fighting and crafting is all there is to ask from an rpg...edit: well after playing for a while it looks like they b****ed quite a bit about the inventory spaces, it will take a couple of years of upgrading the storage capacity before one can comfortably store things and craft at will,so 5 stars go down to 3
This game is great for times when you can't put all of you focus into a game. So... this game is brutal as far as getting stamina and cleaning the first dungeon goes its hard save materials for crafting make spells for final 1st dungeon fight so you don't get smashed a hammer or spear may not be enough spells kills fast and have high accuracy put important stuff away as you will lose all items on your guy upon death sometimes you get an add to keep items so thats nice but when you don't
I had a good experience. The game is quite short though. Gameplay is definitely 5/5. Simplistic rpg but the game concept is definitely solid.
When you die, you lose the items you were carrying, and it feels like you have to start all over. Uninstalled because I couldn't get through the extra dungeon and got tired of dying. Otherwise, it's a good game.
Tough game to start but once you get a hang of the game its not bad but carry capacity and storage are a bit too low
There are many enjoyable rpg aspects to this game. There are also less enjoyable features like juggling weapons (and going bare handed) to save durability when battling. Surprise attacks felt op and some weaker items felt mundane with their accuracy reductions. A fun game that is currently growing on me and may earn a more favorable review if the grind through 2f isn't too ridiculous. Leveling has slowed to nearly a halt and my growth points with it. Thanks for what I've enjoyed so far =)
Once you get a hang of the game it's engaging. It plays like an old mmrpg with its own added quirks. I've crafted magic attacks and save them in my item box for hard the bosses. Prioritize what items should be kept by checking the transmute materials ahead of time and knowing when to head back
It's the best dungeon crawler mobile game in the market!Try it,it's battery friendly and smooth I have to say: -This game handles ads very well.The only mandatory ads that appear are brief 5 second ads that appear seldom.You can also watch 30 second ads to: --Get bonus points for perks,which is very helpful to both acquire perks easily and support the developer --Keep your inventory when you die -The gameplay is solid fun,as you progress you will enjoy it even more Great game!No complaint!
simple and solid, kinda simple until i got complacent and died. The game punish you for stupid mistake but otherwise its pretty fun and straight
cool game, the adds at the bottom ruin the game, i dont mind the adds for stuff but the bright adds at the bottom destroy the suspension of disbelief
Essentially its 30 rooms, one after the other, each could have a monster or an item in. Fight monster, collect item to make better weapons etc etc Hardly a novel concept. No real story or RPG element other than a slightly customisable character. Playable...for a while
It's brutally hard. The actual Dark Souls of mobile games, and there's no way to spend any money! Good luck on the last stage - I don't have it in me. Recommend giving this game a shot. It's unforgiving, but well worth the experience
Absolutely amazing game. So immersive and well thought out. I'd say a good 12 hours to clock the 5 dungeons, but there's more to it than just that... The music was really powerful, and the effects were appropriate without being too much. The main thing for me on this, no in app purchases, and the ads are sensible and skippable. Can get small boosts from watching 15-30 second ads which is perfect. Hopefully the dev doesn't get greedy, cause it could ruin try the game.
The trick is to gather items dont rush through take a break before a big fight go back and gather weapons armour's and materials.
This game is rad. However, for a game focused around transmuting items into other items, you sure don't get much room to carry anything! Only loses points for too small item carry/stash, and being a bit short.
Amazingly engaging. Turn based text with simple pictures that flex for 'animation' but get the job done. Phantasy Star had 3 planets and unique enemy animations over 20+ years ago. I will keep playing for a while. Inventory monetization drops this below 5*
Enjoyed it to the very end. At no time did I feel bored with the game, I wanted to keep pressing on the whole way through. Provided a decent challenge as well since it takes a good amount of planning to make it all the way through. My only real complaint is that the hammer type weapons in the game were pretty awful compared to every other weapon type but this only mildly affected my enjoyment. Overall a great game.
If you like dungeon crawlers that take awhile to build up your stats and fights that can be punishing especially if you die then you'll like this game.
The game has a bit of a learning curve. Kind of reminds me of the lost souls series. Youlll will die a lot in the beging but after building up your stats and equiping the right perks, it becomes less and less of a worry if you'll make it to the next safe spot. I just got past the 1st dungen floor. I'm happy with this dungen crawler and im going to keep playing. Have fun out there! :-)
Great experience so far. I've seen some complaints about inventory space...that's the point here. You're just some dude who knows alchemy. I haven't been massively challenged yet, close to death once, but then i've just completed the first floor of the dungeon...lots to come yet!
Apparently some people fail to understand the point of this game so i'll try to explain so new people don't get frustrated. You are exploring a dungeon and will have to manage several aspects like inventory, weapons/armor, life/stamina. There is also a perk system to take advantage. From the start of the game, (this is probably where most people fail and get frustrated!), don't expect to finish the dungeon in one go! Explore, then rest, craft armor/sword, spend growth points, explore, repeat!
Great game, but i noticed there is a couple issue after completing it. 1. On dungeon, after using search and hide for next room, room is not changing, still same room (not moving forward) 2. Sometimes even no things to break (vase, jar, box), there is hidden thing to break is you tap it 3. Needs item sort feature on inventory & item box Hope you guys fix it, thanks!
Simply put, an amazing little RPG. Elegant, gripping and far more than a tap and yawn. Seven stars isn't enough in my book!
The gameplay is fun and well designed. However, there are a few things that would make the game a smoother experience in my opinion. There is an annoying pause after an enemy drops an item during which you can't do anything. The app doesn't scale to screen size well but that is minor. I personally dislike having to tap everything on the screen to see if there may be items to collect but that might just be me. Finally, what do gold coins do? I'll gladly give 5 stars in the future!
Some spelling mistakes and grammar here and there but nothing major. There's a bug where sometimes the narration says the enemy didn't notice you but they actually did but it doesn't affect the gameplay. Simple but challenging game.
The game is good, but i hope items could stack instead of having them take up 1 space each. Maybe stack at least 5 each before the take up a space. Aside from that the gane, the graphics, the gameplay is great and interactive.
The game and it's concept are amazing! Only down side is that it's only 4 levels. And that sometimes it's hard to click on items you want.
Some folks don't know a great dungeon crawler when they see one. Thanks for the rpg and the gameplay.
Pretty good game but take some notes from buriedbornes. You need paths and much more. The way I see it now you just push forward.
Simple premise but interesting gameplay. But can be completed within a few days if really focus on it. Pity its a short game.
So far, this is an intresting game. I like the story. The music fits well and its a challenge. Inventory is a bit small but i seeyou can increase it. Along with many things.Im giving 4 stars for originality and concept. Stamina goes fast but i get the purpose. Ill update later good job! Recommend a download
Like this game. Good graphics. Simple controls. Make a part 2 please. Get more monsters and explorers. 4/5 stars because Oak is supposed to be Orc. Spelling errors in the game. Well done either way.
The percentage of winning is 100%. Why? FIRST DAY: You can rehearse the actual fight. SECOND DAY: Thinking about the rehearsal yesterday. You still have no idea whats coming but at least you are prepared! THIRD DAY: Here they come! Someone like them gets easily offended on whatever conversarion you ended up so get ready. You just need a sharp mind & focus. Cant make mistakes, the price of loosing is fatal, worst death. The fight pattern b'comes harder & tricky for bigger, stronger ones^^
very great game amazing depth and combat system I absolutely love😊 dark fantasy videogames 😊😊😊 And this one is very wonderful 😊😊😊 and very, well made😊😊😊 kudos R.O. App😊😊😊
So addictive! I want continue with new monsters, skills, levels, and choice the directions...etc etc 🌹
its much more fun than i thought it would be . this is not my usual type of game , but im glad i tried it out . just as enyertaining as the 3d high graphics games .
Surprisingly engaging. I haven't left it since I started. It's been 3hrs now. I suggest you pay attention to your stat distribution at the beginning of the game. Mess that up & the game is as good as over. Not bad for an RPG.
Very nice little game, right mixture of difficulty vs ease of learning. Took 1 star off since the items that require a perk machine ticket to transmute aren't checking my perk ticket amount but instead probably check my inventory for one, which is impossible to have.
This game was super fun. It wasn't too difficult or too easy which was amazing. Keeping it installed for when i have extra time to kill even though i beat all the dungeons. I have yet to make all the types of armour and weapons!
I really enjoyed playing this game and I and thought this was pretty cool dungeon crawler. On a scale of 1 to 10 I give it 8 .9
this is actually a really good game it does have one minor flaw and that is that your stash is actually rather small it. my only suggestion to make this better when you upgrade your stash slots upgrade it by two instead of one. my biggest positive I will give this game they are ad-supported but they've done it right is every small scrolling banner across the bottom instead of full screen pop ups this is the only game I have seen in the last 2 years that did ads right.
Been looking for a game like this. So, thanks! Needs an ad blocker and an option to purchase a permanent transfer ring and it'll be perfect.
Pretty rough in the beginning since you die A LOT but once you get the hang of what to do and how things work it becomes a lot simpler and fun.
I've been looking for a dungeon crawler game like this for some time. It's great. All I wish was that progression was a bit harder (can finish in 1-2 weeks if dedicated) and put in additional items and more dungeons to fight in. Edit: For example, maybe add in more effects or stats like Speed (dictates the no. of attacks per turn. More speed=more turns of attack and act), enchantments like Freeze or Burn, and a little more ability to increase all your abilities.
it's a more colored dungeon RPG. I would like two handed combat, duel wielding and summons in this game I'm early so I'm not sure if this game does. I enjoy it so far but I also hope they add a character creator so you can see the gear, race and any changes your character might take or might becomeπŸ˜‰ great start hope this game keeps getting updated so far it's really fun. oh yeah please remove the ads on the main screen.
Cool fame but the ads stopped loading lmao, so i couldn't really get much done, also another thing happened, i hid in a safe area and then the game thought that i wouldnt want to go back to my hiding spot after a fight there, got me killed, oh well, cool game but not for me.
Good old school dungeon RPG only thing I don't like is there is not enough inventory space for the items you find.
It's a pretty good dungeon crawler although the lack of quick travel and save locations lets it down.
Love the game. If you like rouge-likes that aren't too punishing you'll enjoy this. It even gives rewards for watching ads so it feels less intrusive. I keep coming back to it time after time.
the gameplay is excellent. simple and not complicated, one of the best games ive played in a year. but i have to say im super disappointed with the ending which kinda ruined all the build up to me. also the spells requiring perk machine tickets dont seem to work because i have tons of unused tickets and the spell transmute says i dont have them
Basic dungeon crawler, nothing too special about it. The story is interesting enough to hook in player. Menu-based combat but you can attack certain areas of your opponent, which I think is a neat innovation. Overall 3/5
like it. would love an mmo roguelike like this. maybe some different powers based on the weapons you gather like double attacking for dual wielding or something like that.
Nice little game so far. Btw do you have an option to remove ads? Wont mind a buck or 2 for this game
I've made it past the 1st dungeon, and the game is fun. It requires you to think, but not to the point where you fall asleep like is some other games. I'll update the review in a while after some more game play.
In DOA, the player customizes the stats of the protagonist to assist with dungeon crawling, hiding, searching, combat and item creation. Gameplay is turn-based, an uphill battle against health and stamina degradation. The graphics and sound appear to be circa classic RPG maker, yet there's surprising depth to this spooky adventure. Cash in your ingredients and stockpile your armaments, because your pack has limited space and even your fellow explorers are hostile. Fun little game.
the game is fun and a time killer i feel like it need advance armor/weapon system like main hand/off hand helmet Boots pants something like that a really good game fun and addictive
So far it's fun, not too repetitive and reminds me a bit of Wizardry. A little challenging, but not terribly hard- a good learning curve. Ads are not too bad or often.
Fantastic game! it has captivated me and I cant stop playing. quite unique and I recommend u give it a try! Please add option to pay to remove advert bar at the bottom of the screen. it's very annoying!
it's simple, good, and easy to understand. however, it would've been better if we can move items to organize them. it's kind of confusing and irritating. thanks
It's a good concept, I really like it, but there is a issue with the items button, sometimes it doesn't work again and again, so I have to restart the app, most of the time more than once. It's a really annoying issue, could you please fix it as soon as possible.
I love how yall made this game. It has no pay to win and it's really fun. Me and my brother love it. Please keep updating the game. I just got to floor 2 and ima beat the game. Thank yall for being the kind of developers that have no pay to win or super annoying ads. The game is awesome
Surprisingly fun. First time really enjoying this type of dungeon crawler. Easy for novice level but enough strategy based combat and loot to keep you going back in.
The game was fantastic! But a bit grindy and It's hillarious that the chances of hitting are freaking low! A 90% chance of hitting but I attack thrice and not a single one was hit. I died and went back to level 1. Great
Really good but the stamina is bad like it takes stamina to do anything heal search the area move to the next area and if you run out of stamina it uses health like what? It should just make you unable to carry on and you go back to camp. Also when your at bace you get offline stamina regen thanks.
This game is great and i've been playing it a long time. However, i noticed a bug. When i spend growth points to increase my max life by 5% under "Strengthen Powers", my max life doesnt actually increase. Developer, please fix this bug
Cool concept but imho poor in content and mechanics are too simple after 1st floor I did not saw any problem to finish it
Game is good but perks don't always apply which is annoying. Like most dungeon games the encounters are random which is good.
So far so good there is just enough life to keep you alive throughout the dungeons. as far as I can see they have done a good job on this one !
Absolutely the way to kill time, with the slow and easy to learn but interesting dungeon crawl. Very old school but not in the least bit boring.
it is a great game easy to play yet very challenging wish there was more setting like volume control (not just on and off) and will give it 5 star when a start a new game function is added
I wish the interaction could finish quicker in order to click on objects without delay. Especially when defeating an enemy. For myself personally, it takes too long. But it is a wonderful game. Hope to see more improvements later on. I will be keeping this game on my phone for as long as I can. Great work πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜