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Dark Legends

Dark Legends for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Spacetime Studios located at 11000 North Mopac Expressway Suite 400 Austin, TX 78759 . The game is suitable for Rated for 16+ (Strong Violence) and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is amazing and I love it. The game play and loot system are very nice, the community is quite nice and welcoming. The only problem is there isn't a way to earn free platinum and its required for most content. :(
Dark Legends is a very enjoyable game, and its forsure one of my favorites. I do think it would be nice if the platinum wasn't so expensive, compared to most games the in game currency is disproportionate to the games quality. Other then the high prices the game is worth it and in my opinion it would be a pretty popular indi consol game. Would recommend this game to others.
worst game don't even started every time I try to start it's says game updating wait than in middle on update it's says connection lose plz try again wth!!! man I don't even play this game do something on it
I don't know how yall have sero complains about this considering this game has been out since I was little. But plz make it so you can make the touch pad bigger. The default it's too small for my big hands. Smhh fix it fast plz.
when i log in my account it says "this device is not authorized it needs confirmation". But the email i put is just a made up email, bcs i played back in 2012 and it doesn't require the email tobe gmail. I've invest alot in that account it was 2013 i madeit,ithink my purchase history reached 5k+ not even my only account. I've made alot of accounts since i always forget my pass but i still have this account i can remember but can't login bcs of the issue.Please help me, i want to play DL again.
Genuinely Amazing i played this back when the ipod just came out and that was the best decision i ever made!
The gold drop needs to be raised to like 100-250 its difficult to level up as well so can you make it a little easier
Very cool. Similar to the Vampire Masquerade game for PC.. Has it's own pros &cons, each individual may have varying opinions, of course. I prefer to focus on the game &loot. I don't rely on interactions with others whilst playing.
Locked out of my old account because I have no access to the email (even though I know my correct password)
I play the game for two years I keep coming back to play it I love the gore cloths hair styles and decent mobs but 5 things have to be changed 1 easier to beat lower level bosses 2 when higher lvl raise money earned 3 exp for each lvl should be higher than 6 exp 4 don't let kids play this game it's not suitable for them 5 cut down prices for sliver maybe people would buy it more ty please take my opinion in considering ty I love it still
DL is a great game. Great design, gameplay and combat are immersive and mostly fluid, RPG elements are well executed etc. What I don't like: -demanding platinum for inventory space and respec skill points -drop/spawn - rates for items/bosses are ridiculously low, it takes dozens of tries which is no fun -PVP, more specifically balancing and the fact that there are no rewards (except achievements) for playing it - which is why nobody plays it in the first place Aside from that, great Vampire game
At first i didn't really like how the game started due to the weird graphics and the camera angles but it took a while to get used to. After playing this game for a while there were a couple of times where it would kick me out of the server and would glitch a bit but overall still amazing game. I look forward to future updates and many more
This is one of the best game I've ever played . The gaming experience is superb, however, I always face a server problem it always disconnects . Please look up to it .
it's a good game and all but it would be nice to get at least 25 plantinum at the end of every daily login week
I have been playing this game for few years now it started off as a good game, enjoyable specially the PvP area (am not good at PvPing but was still enjoyable) later on the only content that developers were introducing were mostly vanity hardly any nw explorable areas or new mobs/bosses to kill same skins with different names and that's about it. PvP? Yeah is virtually dead, hardly anyone shows up. Since the introduction of forge (need platinum/RLmoney to use it something that few can afford).
definitely a pay-to-play but not pay-to-win game although paying for goodies and payoff in special events. although you can play for free and not spend any money because not going to get all the really cool looking gear for the best weapons. and it hits you up for the pay-to-play almost immediately especially when it comes to equipment that will heal you or to shorten helpers work times which give you extra experience and gold. still a fun game to play though.
The game is fine and actually seems fun, and for a moment i actually thought i finally found a phone game worth playing. But the cash shop is truly outrageous. I was looking at it, about to drop 5 or 10 bucks on a costume. Nope, more like $25 to $40. Really disappointed. Bite me. Bye.
Sadly the game is ruined due to its overall aggressive managment team and their greed to push the game into total pay-to-play, not to mention they ban you forever for any petty reason without any warning.
It is fun and I really love it. But the problem is that it wont let me do rhis mission on this campiegn.
The idea is wonderful but I've been playing since the game originally released, and the in game economy has turned to absolute garbage with the prices of everything becoming more and more expensive. It's not something that you can enjoy anymore. People only log in to start drama or sit in Club Sanctuary and afk. It's lost it's vibe and it's dying, sadly. It used to be my favorite MMORPG but that has come to an end. Hopefully STS revives it and it becomes fun again.
Ive been olaying this game for some time and its nice but pls i wanna ask for a favour, can you guys bring events that can give us legendary outfits like kitsch mas set, snowflake set, green angel set and so on and forth.... Ty
What's happening I can't open the game! It's always saying disconnected from server! Please fix this!
Fabulous amazing game playing this game for 4 years now grinding grinding but grinding is hard like now there is no other camogains plz add more and plz end this game with a justified ending with the start of the story to the end
Its a very good game, its enjoyable but its very hard for starters to get vanity, gold and weapon all good items and weapons is plat. Which is its very hard for poor.
i LOVE this game i have only one complain i just want more levels. and i thank all the stuff in the game is too high. BUUT me and my brother love this game
I love this game except there are not enough appearance options. Blonde hair would be nice. But just a really cool game.
can you please let there be a speaker to hear the person or friend playing that would be really great 👍😊 other than that the games great 👍✌ 🙌😊
Excellent I love the game very thing is fantastic the game is addict play the campaigns over and over I like the game allot plies if possible do more events really excellent its the best vampire mobile game I love this game and the guild I am in :)
I love the game but I have a question. How do you get platinum coins? I have no idea how. Also could you try to lower the prices of clothes and weapons. And please try to improve the graphics and make the vampire district bigger. If you do this I think you could get better ratings.
I love this game I use to play it and just redownload it and now it wont let me sign in to my Google account it freezes up please fix so I can play
As an older vampire I got to say this by far is my favorite game I love to play. The only thing I'd like to see in this game however is a price limit for items in the auction. Other than that great game to play with multi players and other monsters to fight in campaigns.
The mmo aspect is dead, game receives nothing new. Dead game but I like the gameplay. Only reason I don't like to put money into game is it is dead. But it can still take your money.
yet another mindless button smash clone. and although i like the theme it just wasnt pleasant to play. controls are terrible sluggish, graphics of the world are pretty but the character looks horrible pixelated
I like this game but pls fix it when it's updating it's so slow when its so close to complete it's connection disconnect ed pls fix it
The game by itself is not why you guys are receiving two stars, it's the fact that in the permissions it say's that this application may read the "consumers" phone status and identity. This alone is what prevents me from playing anymore, for that's an invasion of ones privacy. I hope you can understand my reasoning.
this is goood game to play to connect to other peoples but should add more features more adventures add more outfit more events more bosses and story
I've been looking for this game for a long time now. Just forgot what it was called. I havent played since 2012 lol. But it was lacking better graphics and a better interface. Glad to see that all these years later" its been updated and looks good. But my problem is how delayed and slow the gameplay is on my phone. Ive unchecked the better graphics in the settings and also used pixel double and it didnt help much lol
Hey, i can't open the game. It says again and again "Disconnected from server." Why? Plz fix it and I will rate better.😔
Honestly, the rate drops are completely trash. Farming is one thing but of course, without a proper rate drop, this game is completely unable to farm unless you have sufficient platinum. About platinum, to let anyone purchase it won't really guarantee you your sales at this point. I've seen the prices for each of the platinum packs and it's so bias. 135 platinum for a huge price? You kidding me? That won't even allow you to purchase any of the in-game resources and it would just run out in a day or two and not even a week or a month. You have to think about the players who aren't able to purchase platinum because almost all of the game's advancements requires you to purchase platinum. The leveling up system is obviously completely trash just like the rate drops. Each NEW stages gives you 16 exp but once the stages have been COMPLETED, it will give you 6 exp. What is this? Even weapons getting unlocked requires you to be at a specific level. Without fixing the rate drops and the level system especially, these players would potentially leave and the game is good as DEAD.
I keep on disconnecting. My internet speed is normal but when I'm playing the game it always says "disconnected from servee" after a long wait of loading
Can we have more ways on earning coins and platinum? I have 0 platinum and 30k coins.. Thats it so yeah.. Also if ever there was an event occuring in old town, can you give us an option to have an arrow guide where to go? I've played this game for a long time but I left it and came back a few days ago so I'm confused about everything
I've been playing this game for few years and it's a good game but I hope the developer can design or release more event frequently to keep the game alive. Players in here will certainly throw in the big cash for new big event
Great game my son enjoys it but there must be a first eye person view and the graphics are best and a offline mod also
The demon set need a demon tail and demon wings too please put that on it and person who have the demon put the demon tail and wings on it please
this game is worthless. ive played this for years now and it has been a complete waste of time. there are NO good loot what so ever. Everything that has any worth comes from buying packs in the store with platinum wich of course costs real money, and even then theres no guarantee. No relic drops from harg kyth no matter how many hudreds of times you kill him. This is just another piggy bank collecting from the dim witted. Adios. Do not play this...
love lust love this game I'm a 19 year old freshman in college I'm a girl who enjoys oral very much so and I mean giving oral and lots of older men on your game just dieing begging me to suck them not there blood though hehe ;) keep it up i know i will ty ty ty
If you like pvp this is not the game for you. Everything needed to compete is 100% pay to get and you still have a extremly low chance of getting it. Used to be the most balanced pvp now utter trash.
More costly than the other games they've made but still a good game. 5 stars for their previous work which is still being maintained. This is still a cool game to play minus the expense. Remember Sega genesis, could you imagine paying for Leonardo's sword or pizza powerups in the Ninja turtles game. Times have changed and so have costs on both sides of the board.(developers and gamers)
It been almost 10 years I play this game and there has been no improvement in graphics animation it doesn't submerge your imagination and now 11/19/2020 your dumbass game keep saying "Connection lost in its updates of [android007.pak]
Its vary good the stroy the wepon system and the customisation is very on-point the one thing that I want them to increase is the graphics from what I understand this game has been off for a while so that leaves room for more Improvement and development as a player who has tested this game I suggest this but my overall Judgment of this game is very good and has potential and for the Developers if you like my idea then please mail me.
Pros: Nice atmosphere. Cons: Poor customization, rediculous monetization, the worst Thirst system ever designed and over all poor game design. I really wanted to like this, but this is just bad.
This game is awesome except for the fact that u have to work very hard to earn money.And also u have to continuously grind,grind and grind till u get what u want.unless u rich and buy platinum irl the u set for the game
Best RPG game next to Marvel Future Fight then any other WOW 2 thumbs up 👍👍 plus theirs girls 💖💞
I have had to block over 41 people and just started this game a few days ago and there is just way to much drama and people begging for stuff and if you do not give anything to them the will harass you and get others to.
Pls focus on PvP arena, improve it more especially in balancing the gems, no OP plz for atleast fair game.
ZERO STARS - Several big problems. First, I've witnessed gold dissapear through trade windows. New players get NONE..ZERO options to choose at least a single different hairstyle or anything. Literally EVERYTHING must be paid for in real money which is VERY expensive or you have to farm cheap amounts of gold for days on end to buy one single cheap skin. This game is run by cheap and greedy people. Tone down the prices or at least offer ALOT more in game currency for RL money. CHEAP!
😮 honestly I love every tipe of games. But I don't like waiting in long time. It say almost done, but I have waiting for a view minutes. 😓
I hate the modern gaming business's shady tactics. Take this for example, You will run out of health potions quickly. Getting more requires real-world money. Expect to respawn a lot or spend a lot.
Who ever made this game should have put in guild chat right into your guild when you see your guild members don't get me wrong i love this game it just hard to talk to your guild members
tl;DR: This game isn't great. Fun aesthetics do not make up for shoddy game play and terrible monetization. First-up, I think this game is beautiful. I like how it pretends to take itself seriously, then really doesn't. You also had me at "gothy territory control and time manage game." If only more of the game rested on that. The big problem is the flow of combat. Fighting dudes costs Blood. Using your powers costs a lot (more as you level them up for Reasons) Blood slowly regenerates, but the two main ways to get it back when and where you need it are feeding and blood bags. . That's fine if you can maintain momentum. And this is where things go wrong. If you can't find and kill dudes fast enough, your blood trickles away as you fight them, and never get enough thirst to eat anyone. That can happen if enemies are just placed too far apart. Blood Bags are finite, so we depend on them too much. Monetization: I pay a premium for good content, not bad design. Charging me to respawn at full health when you just had to put enemies further apart to make it harder to feed is bad level design, not better content. Also, I think PvP is dead.
Game is great and excellent and all but its a very big pain to get or to obtain Legendairy items and weapons without actuly haven to pay for them along with Platinum coins! Would be excellent if there was more alternatives to obtain things easier instead of having to grind exp and loot otherwise its just a very onesided game for those who have the money to get all the goodies compared to people who dont have that luxury and really have nothing to show for there hard work of just playin
It's a good game but I think they could come up with an easier way to earn platinum. I just started today and it has been entertaining. If it dont end up like other games and become impossible to get past a certain point without making a purchase I'll come back and give it 5 stars. Id actually pay for platinum but the price is ridiculous for game currency. I passing gas would have more irl importance. Like for example give an option to watch a limited amount of ads to earn a small amount.
Love the game honestly but i wish getting platinum was easier or being able to earn coins faster without buying friggin platinum
Omg thank you for making this game cause im a vampire and this is what game i always wanna to play im playing this all day thank you Dark Legends