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Dark Exile

Dark Exile for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by HUAGUAN NETWORK TECHNOLOGY LIMITED. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The game is good but there a few bugs. Sometimes the game will be freeze. The game will keep hang during pvp fights.
they dont keep their in app purchases per their claims, constantly greedy, diablo theme anything are reminiscent to old game easter eggs as they ripped out most of what they obv. had no permissions to use. 10% customer appreciation as they plainly show they have no buisness ethics or understanding beyond their ridiculous greed. Its like they want legal attention as theyre abusing The US open market during Covid19s Stim Reliefs roll out. and the app crashes - stop making us share bosses.
This is an Idle Rpg game (despite the ad i received telling me it is a new diablo). Screen is too busy, and i feel like most of animations are clunky. Does not seem very polished to me. On my phone UI seems a bit distorted, but it is still usable. There is no tutorial, and in the time i had spent with the game nothing happened that made me want to play it again. 3 stars are because i can see that a lot of effort has been put into the game, it's just that i feel the effort was misguided.
Game is bugged after a small investment of 500 dollars i am about double the size of second place player. But the main event(soulstone) wont let me partisipate so i finish last place. There is no easy to find way to contact support been looking never found it. 0 stars till i can play all features of the game i have heavily invested in
It's a good time killer but there is so much on the screen to click it's over bearing. They push and push Try and get you so spend money.
it reset me everyday back to 100. half the stuff did work on it. I spent money and it didn't work. worst game ever dont play. its a scam
Seen an ad on Instagram or Twitter that said you could play as an Amazon hunter or something to that effect and was very intrigued. Which you can't, after I started playing for awhile I started to think "ok. Maybe they will bring more classes into the game at a later date." Gameplay wise the game is "Diablo." Whether you like or hate it you can easily lose yourself for hours doing the same thing. "Go into dungeon, Slay monster, level up character and equipment, enter Diablo godmode. Repeat
This game is ok at best. For such crapy graphics it takes up way to much storage space. Features appear 10 levels before you can use them. Cant use chat till you are one 200k power which takes forever to reach. Overall there are much better games out there. The only plus I see is no ads. Other then that this game just looks and acts like a polished turd. If you want to play just to pass the time download. If you want to converse with other players look for a different game. I rate -10*
Popped this game open for 5 minutes. It is a copy paste of other Idle RPGs. And not a good one. Graphics on the backgrounds aren't bad. But that's about it. Menu is laggy, sounds are not lined up with actions, my bottom bar did not go away when I started the game, so I had very little to work with.
No star supposedly but cant post without. this new game app doesn't work properly. Game always recconecting. Some of demon hunter skill doesn't work and devz doesn't care to bugs and glitches in the game. Too laggy. You'll never enjoy the game for all events evolves on top ups. Dont waste time if your not a whale. 4/15/21 The game is just getting worst. Its been 9 days and the devs doesnt fix problems in our server.
This is a blatant IP and copyrights theft, the game uses art and assets from Blizzard and their Diablo games. It's kinda incredible that the devs even use Diablo IV art as part of their ads campaign in Facebook and other social media. We all should report them for good.
Actually really enjoy the game! Love lots of different ways to level up. You got a ranking system, arenas, if you feeling like a baller 😎 got that v.i.p system you can spend a little money to help boost you. But the chat system should be alittle better and seen by everyone
The game is good, but the problem is it is on an auto attack, it does all the work for you basically, you just upgrade the character, I want to be able to control the character like with DIABLO like that game is designed, you claim that DIABLO is back for the Mobile, but it is not like it should be. I want the chance to hack and slash, I don't want it to do it for me. Give the gamer the control of all aspects of the game. Not just some of it, I'm sure others would agree with me here on this.
I think you need to fix the problem of graphics inside the game and also find out why it is lagging the old app is outstanding already but this new application has some issues i hope you guys will take action for it since theres too many servers and players are already into this game dont dissappoint them and also the system sometimes change the english phrases to chinese texts theres too many problem you guys just have to find it out since its your new application thank you and more powerπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
This is very very bad...you quite literally ripped assets from diablo and pasted it in this parody version of diablo. Not only that, but you have committed to copyright infringement by using actual diablo concept art showing the barbarian. You stole the wizard, barbarian, and demon hunter options as well. Animations are choppy at 10fps and full of junk. This "game that is not a game because its so broken" is a complete dumpster fire 100%
Just another quick equip, quick level, auto kill, auto quest game. These reviews and ads comparing it to diablo are ludicrous. The comparisons stop at the character creation screen.
Reported for misleading. If you want to use another games assets in your screenshots be prepared for the ban hammer. Below par graphics, overall horrible experience.
Wow... look like a slots machin threw up on a cheap browser game :/ in hind sight, the fact that u used the name Diablo in the adverts was enough of a red flag to not install.
I love the game the chat system though needs to be for everyone. I like how u can get wings and things like that over all I live this game
Not even worth a star was not as advised and very poorly built money grabbing game. Gear drops are capped at lvl 12 and lvl 6 even wen on afk lvl 5000+. Only thing close to a diablo game is the characters rest is broken or rubbish.
what the... my accnt is loss.... im pissed off in this game im abbout 15.9m and vip4 . my story is my old update is lagging and now it was have a newley patch.. but its too laggy and i uninstall this game and Download it but new patch is never recognized my acc.. in facebook.. how sad .. please response me.. im about to like this game but my acc is no longer in your app.. my server is S497 and my name is stein.. pls i have spend not much but its valuable to meπŸ˜€πŸ˜’πŸ˜₯
Account is bound but as of Sunday it logs in but does not load. Continues to just say loading. I have followed the steps to recover and continue to get ignored by support staff.
Dont like how they use "Diablo" for their ad. Nothing is wrong with your game. So just Call it what it is "Dark Exile." Your now using "League of Legends" for game music. Nothing is wrong with yours. Its good game music. You got a barbarian that resembles Dante from Dantes Inferno. You have to many copy rights. Iike the game just tell you have a soild game and dont need to use all these games that are not your game.
Okay. Im just gonna say it. This is terrible. In every way imaginable. I couldn't think of ONE good thing to say about it. Also, nice bait with the Diablo 2 HUD in the preview pics. Absolutely trash. Will never recommend, or play again, ever.
It's the way a mobile game should be. Easy to play. No ads. Don't need to pay to win. No long complicated maps or necessary land takeover. No need to build some stupid town. I really like this game. It seems unpolished but I honestly love the concept and more games need to be as cool and simple as this!!!
The icons show no graphics, some of the words are too small, the chat system needs to be better, i enjoy the IDEA of the game but the execution is awful... It seems unfinished... I will play it for a while longer but i REFUSE to spend any money on it until the devs take it seriously. Edit: apparently i am the only one with the graphic issues... but the chat still sucks
All screens are white out. Only was able to make a character by tapping randomly. Once in the game everything is whitted out besides my character fighting. Cant tell what anything it
This game does not download properly, shows a white background with very few option. I'd recommend you avoid this game at all costs. It's not worth the time or the download.
Fake and a ripoff. Downloaded because they claimed "Play Diablo with friends with co-op model, explore the world in a different way." This not Diablo and Blizzard should sue them for using the name.
To many Bugs in the game please fix this or refund my money back .. i cant even enter some stages in the games even it is event time. s748 Armagedon
This game have so many issue... It crashed during gameplay, stuck during "stage". So many thing need to be improve. Now i cannot login πŸ˜”
Main screen is overcrowded with flashing symbols trying to get you to spend money. I wish there was an option to hide all of those
exactly what I've been looking for. idle play, verticle screen orientation, classic mage/warrior/rouge builds, classic mmorpg feel, without requiring constant attention. thank you!!
The gameplay is noy bad. Quite engageing. I joined a new server few weeks ago and they are still releasing content. Since the update on June 4 i havent been able to keep the app open for more than 5 minutes. Already seeming like a waste of a decent game and money.
Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the game alot but the time set for events such as demon king and the clan battle ruins the rateing.. impossible for me to be able to join in on demon King, and clan battle no one seems to be able to join. And it's all because of timezones. If you find a way to make it work out for everyone the game will easily be 5 star rating
Ppl are giving this game bad reviews, but it's actually quite excellent. Don't believe those trollers, spend an HR on this game and you'll enjoy it to. After 7 hrs I have yet to run into a single bug that they claim. It's a free idle style game with no ads.
pay 2 win not worth anything also always crashing and sometimes cannot make it login properly you need to uninstall and install to open crazy.
Hoping to see an update soon to fix some bugs and animation improvements. Overall the game is good for people who dont have enough time to play vigorously. And p2w system should be balance to f2p players to become more enjoyable
I love this game. The looks. The feels. Playability is there without spending money. Only been a week, so we will find out if it continues this way.
Game never loads. Loads properly 1 in 10 times, but then can't get game to talk to Google for login. Working with 5g connection, so I know it's not on my end. Uninstalled.
It's a idle game, that's all it is, no thought needed to the game, the character will glitch sometimes where you are just a black box, graphics are not great, and you are thrown with in-game purchases right after you create a character. Game play is boring and from what I can tell there is no story. A small note, after you die if you look by the respawn button it says "diedy" there are a lot better idle games with much better graphics and a story if you are interested.
I'm not upset with the game at all, I just have a problem that needs to be fixed, see I had the game before it was updated and I cant login to my account. It tried to but it isnt actually going to my account. It has the name right and everything. It just isnt working. I'm Apex 8 and VIP 3 I dont want my data going down the drain. Please help and I will switch to 4 star maybe 5
I went to download this because I seen they were literally showing images of the titanquest HUD in an Ad. It seems like and alright game but a slimy way to get downloads
The game has alot of problems it glitches and when you make a purchase it will do double payments and when you trying to get in contact with the developers you get no response back they are crooks and this game doesn't need to be here in Google play also I would like my money back since January since they can't honor there payments
Game is heavily advertised as "Diablo" on Facebook... the only similarities are the classes they copied don't waste your time believing anything about this game especially the fake 4 star rating
Good game play. Has offline collecting ability and all round not to bad for someone who like to be able to check randomly throughout the day. Ability to keep up with paying players as well so long as you get on at least twice a day
Graphics are okay. Gameplay is boring. Essentially it's an IDLE GAME genre with lots of upgrades using a Diablo motif to make upgrading number incrementers less dull. Has a number of basic Skinner Box attractant factors, but is hollow in emotional investment. The best IDLE CLICKER game with optimistic long plot I've played was "Bitcoin Billionaire". Good enough game for 98IQ types, a bit dull for me though (gameplay has about 3 days maximum play value, then it's about as relevant as a Furby).
Fail diablo ripoff. This is just some garbage pay to win model that has stolen some blizzards Diablo units. For a couple of months might be nice, would not recomend to even begin.
worst game app before the original one, too much laggy and delay also some bugs like black highlights on the screen
It's boy a bad game, I wish they would not use Diablo 2 as their advertising because it is NOTHING like Diablo 2.
Terrible game, will load into your character(whatever one it gives you, it wont let you pick) wandering around with no buttons or controls or even a menu option. Theres nothing to do but watch the character and kill things.
I LOVED THIS GAME! I SPENT ALOT IF REAL MONEY ON IT AND I WAS FAR! now all of a sudden I can't log in with my original character! Tbey are making me start all over! And I even binded my account! So mad! Not fair!
Good game.. some players dont like the VIP system but that's how they keep this game alive.. I'm not a big spender, just got VIP1 but i manage to keep it to the top10 overall.. it's a new released game, hope some updates are able to help those that are dedicated to the game...