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Dark Corridors 2

Dark Corridors 2 for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by SEMS GAMES located at (13488) 경기도 성남시 분당구 판교로289번길 20, 3동 411호(삼평동, 스타트업캠퍼스). The game is suitable for Teen and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Dying for a 3rd installment! Maybe one that's full free roam, something like Clock Tower or Outlast but with an infinite run aspect.
It's very challenging but not too challenging, offering many rewards and story. The short film made for it is also good. The story can be a little confusing at times (I think because the company in not from an English speaking company) but it's still very engaging. I would love if the developers continued on this game or made a sequel.
This Game is Awesome!!! It's Pretty Scary but not too scary and the story is also good...I gave it 5 cause it' so cool, but my problem is just that, The characters are quite expensive😅 not just the characters but the outfits are also expensive....and please add more characters in the story🥺it would be great🤗...arigatou~
This is actually a good game but i request something more fun,i want multiplayer to be here to meet my freinds,and hair and clothes,i hope u see this,Thanks For Seeing this
Im not new but im back here to play it again cuz i miss it so much!😁 What a fun game! ... anyway, for the beginners, i hope you give it a try too. The game is really fun and awesome and yet, its also offline so that you can play anytime even if your data offline and your data is limit😃🙌
Hey its back on play store! I play this game ever since 2017. Best game ever, was addicted too much I made fanfictions and novels based on the story.
Ok . add more characters . add options how u like to control character like tilt or swipe .add more places ,
It's good game I like it BUT when you complete the story mission can you PLEASE do a animation story if you do that will be amazing
This game so fun. When Horror combine with running game. I love horror btw. But, can u add more jumpscare on this game? It gonna be perfect if u add more jumpscare in every obstacles
Hi!! I want to say,this is the best creepy endless run that i see,It is scare me but this game is so special,I love this game although and thank you to made this game for us!💋❤..Thank you to share your creepy game💐
It was scary game but it make me so excited to know the truth.... This is the best game horror ever...... Full star for this game!!!
I like horror stories and run games - perfect combination for me. After what, 2 years? I still come back here to kill some time. It's your typical running game, but the part with stories gives you the push to play more. If there is some new player, definitely give it a try
I really like the game, especially the graphics and the special made short-film... I'm really impressed.😁😁
The game just like temple run, and by the way the game is cool, but there is no english language (i think the dev is from japan) graphics looks good and characters looks like anime, i just wanna suggest add more skins and charaters thats all!!!!!
I liked the game, buut then I got bored of it. The controls are wacky and the game is repetitive. I wish there was an explanation to why the girls are running in corridors. The game looks awesome anyway. The sound design is nice. Except for the annoying breathing sounds.
Love the game but... Wheres part 1? Maybe you should rename it number 1 bc i dont think there is a number 1-
The best running game ever!!!the graphics is good,voice acting is great and the animation is so good,5 star
Love it! To those who love temple run games and a bit of horror, this is one of the best running games. I wish there were more updates and events where one could get free blood packs, but the story missions are interesting, WARNING:- Not for the faint hearted, there are some scary scenes here and there, to those who are still playing this game, have you dared to run at night? 👻 Anyways, good luck and avoid Lucy as much as you can. 😊
it's a great game i downloaded this game because its anime....buuut its chinese i think, and make the graphics better and more locations like a hospital and add some boisss and THICC girls in the game in the next update
I like this game🥰Because It's Not just endless run it's also have Stories🥰Even though I hate endless run games but this is my first time to love like this game🙃I hope You guys will download this And let us know you're experience✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧(◠‿・)—☆
I haven't play the game yet but when I played it it actually was the BEST!!!!!!, I have to thank my friend for showing me this it's really good ,keep up the good work!
This game is amazing but the last mission is possible to complete it is get 4 soul peaces run 2,000 with bloody school uniform. What dose pieces mean I don't get that bit
I really love this game! This game isn't really scary but it is scary. This game is great. But I do wish since the game characters speak Japanese could you add like subtitles cause I'm veryyy intrested to know what their saying. But other that I really like this game.
Well im not a beginner and i am playing it again cuz the game is soooo fun and i miss it so much!!😁 I'd like to recommend this game for beginners and i admire it🙂...
It's just an awesome game awesome graphics and cause I love Japanese horror and anime it's just an amazing game though I accidentally uninstall the game but I'm installing it again
I thought it had be a kind of horror visual novel but its just temple run... Why?! I dont exactly hate the idea of this kind of game but something feels off when the game is nothing like what is shown in the intro video..
At first i was like:Im So Scared😫 After i played this game so many times now,its actually very very fun,i know if lucy is gonna jumpscare me,graphics are good,and character models are great,no lags,very challenging.Download this app and Delete your temple run,THIS GAME IS THE BEST!👌👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👌👍👌👍👌👍👌👍👌👌👌👌👌👌👍👍👌👍👌👍👍👍👌
This game is very fun it is scary but fun i like scary game its also like temple run and subway sufers if your thinking of getting it you should you 🐵👍👍👍👍
I love this game it's so scary but I still love it. The only problem is, The grammar I think. Well the grammar is a bit wrong and I can't understand the story sometimes. So I just correct them. Well in my opinion it doesn't need to be corrected because I correct it while reading it lol. But if others really want to correct it, pls correct the grammar. It's actually a bit wrong (JUST A BIT) But I don't really care if the grammar is wrong. Thanks for creating this game! Stay safe and God bless!
Basically it's temple run in a Japanese school and korean voice with spooky corridors, I would say it's fun but it was a bit boring 😴
Run and Chase! One of the best games I've played. It is a horror game in which you run and avoid those scary obstacles on your way, they have set of characters which are involved in the story (and chapters that I like to read) upgrades for collecting souls which is a vital thing and quests. It's like temple run, but in horror mode (I like it more) Give it a try, and please don't let Lucy catch you!
Everything about this game is so cool. I am a scaredy-cat and it is unusual for me to keep playing a scary running game, but this game? I am willing to risk it all, the story is really good and that's what makes me stick to it. Although it is just a running game with jumpscares and all its just something else. The only problem is the English translation. Its quite off and I can't really understand the stories. :(
I really liked the app but the experience was kinda ruined after I uninstalled and reinstalled and all my progress got wiped. The "retrieve data" button does not work.
It's the best game I've ever played. With mysterious stories, missions and lots of other stuffs... Overall, love this game...
I absolutely love this game I really hope you make a dark corridors 3 because I really love this game so much I think someone who reads this or takes a look at the game should play it and I think they really enjoy it and because this game is amazing!
I guess the game is nice, tho graphics are bit behind times, still the game plays a nice little horror school twist on temple run, i can't say it is perfect, the stories would habe more depth if they were animated honestly, still they are nice, the translation can clearly be improved.
I had this game on one of my old phones, I even paid money to get Tammy and when I go on this phone and move my progress here, SHE ISN'T THERE!! 1 star for trashy save progress thing.
Honestly I had really high expectations for this game but the game disappointed me. Its like a yandere temple run. Also its hard getting souls to buy stuff as well and there are not that many opinions on what to buy. I'm honestly just disappointed and I don't recommend this game unless you are a weeb.
I love the gam but can you add a mode where you can play it in vr mode so that it feels like yur in the game yourself? Also great game!
I Love it i also Love how the sound is And is pretty cool i love it and i All most going to cry becase so sounds are amazing but more stuff dont make anything
So far so good, I've been playing for a few minutes but already hooked. The sounds are.. interesting, especially the breathing sound. I think it can be improved with more sound effects like intense heartbeat and visual effects like screen glitches. I also think that toning down the saturation of the overall colors would help improve the atmosphere, and with some fog effects it would turn to be best. The game is great! It has potential and can be improved. Thanks devs! Wish you would update soon!
Best game!! Very fun n i really enjoy this game a lot ❤ its quite scary but amazing! Also i love the horror voice. Its more looks real! The control really smooth and easy to handle! Also the graphics is amazing looks real n scary. The best part is u can play offline 😩❤ Aww i can play this game when i bored, thanks 🥺❤
It's 4 stars for me because it's kinda hard when you need to tilt you're phone to play or rotate the character's running position. I would recommend it from sliding the screen to move the characters position to make it easier to play.
It's an amazing , awsome , excellent , fantastic game .....my experience was superbbb , no bugs , no glitches. .....very spooky game and really the obstacles are very scary 😨😨😨........ I love playing this game and it's my favourite game 😘😘😘
I almost had a heart attack while playing this games ! It was too scary but fun😍 A little bit hard when you enter the another building😏
love your game. The only problem is the English translation, there are several errors and it is impossible to fully understand the character stories which continues to make me sad. Is it possible for it to be revised so the game can be fully understood and enjoyed by your English speaking fans? That's the only problem I have seen with the game so far and I still play it anyways though I know this game could be amazing and reach its full potential if the English could be better translated..
Its a very nice running game . Usually running games are boring, but this one is not ! The story keeps me from uninstalling it . And every character have their own story . The animation is very smooth . And the voices are very realistic . Its very spooky and horror . And this even has a mini movie about it ! If you are a fan of running game . Check this out ! This will not only entertain you but also teach you life's very important lessons .
Its kinda creepy but im saving money for tammy! The mosnter following me is creeping me out and its a kinda creepy game but i love it! And i want it to have more characters can you put more characters in the game?
It's good. But whenever I click the "retrieve old data" button, nothing happens. Sometimes, there is this pop-up. I don't know what it says because it disappears to quickly for me to read it.
I didn't think I would like this game but I surprisingly like it I like it alot and I don't know why I keep playing it ? this is a good game need more games like this I think? but it's a good game I like playing it keep up the good work five stars
I really like this game they're also cute that's why i love this I just hope they change the way Lucy jump and slide.
It might be cheap nock-oof from a different game that I know of, BUT it has a darker and more horrors in to it.
I love it! The graphics is amazing, and the concept is unique. I mean, the story way. It's sorta like temple run, but like much much better. And the trailer, oh my God. It was so good, I watched it twice. I'm not usually a fan of horror related stuff, but this one, damn I gotta say, I actually like horror now! I'd have given it five stars, but the thing is, there could've been much better translation. Not that I don't like it- it's easy enough to understand,it's just slightly broken. Great game!
Nice and it is interesting . Then it is spooky too. I like spooky games like this and you will make more games like this. This game most of the things are very expensive and caracters also and graphics also very nice
Its really nice! I really love the graphic but the character was way too expensive. And I hope there will be more character. But, I'm very satisfied with this game. 😍🥰😇
I like the game but i can't play it properly,i can't tilt it i think it's bcuz of the phone i'm using but this game is totaly awesome..
I absolutely love this game. I LOVE how every character have their own story! I like how this game is exactly like TR (Temple Run) ~! But, I think this game is better than TR :) Also, I like how each character is designed well! I also love the art style!
I played this game before since i was in grade 10 its fun though but i can, understand the full senario of the story because i didnt finish reading it and i want to play it again thats why i installed thia and its my chance to continue it and actually it was a nice game by the way horror and creepy😊
It's a good game just keep updating it. It was fun! Tho. Cause everytime I get bored the controllers are not working and I keep failing would you mind fixing it.
Amazing! This is so good , it doesn't even offers me an ad . I'm really intrigued with the story line
I love the graphics, the story, the concept. I hope there will be a walkthrough part2 of this game. Loved it.
Good game but i am not too big of a fan on the tilt controls but other than that the stoey is good and the game is fun to play
Atmospheric! The game itself is pretty Atmospheric for an Endless Runner. There aren't any Jumpscares, so it's more of a Crippling Fear. When you stumble upon something, "The Girl" chasing you kinda appears behind you on the screen and stays there for a while (Like the Cop in Subway Surfers). Controls are alright, The graphics are okay. I just wanted there to be more than just Running and unlocking characters. But oh well, it's good for what it is. Mrs. Kim is amazing ;)
The game is good but I'm having some trouble with one of Tammy's missions it said "get 5 soul prices and run 500 metres" the problem is that there are only 4 soul pieces how do we get the fifth soul piece?
This game is amazing! Although the English isn't quite good. However, could you Please add this on IOS? I have a iPad that would play this game pretty smoothly; the android I have is very old, laggy, and loses battery fast. It would be cool if you added it so other IOS players find out about it. Then I'm sure ,for a game like this, it would get a little popular or known. With kind regards, this is a request I would love to be done. Not that I'm forcing you at all. It's just a suggestion...
Combined with the excellent gameplay and great jumpscares, the plot progresses the game forward, keeping it fresh and allowing hours of fun!
When I'm trying other running game like subway surfers, I'll get boring as time flies and uninstalling the app but this game is maniac 🤤💜it keep me from uninstalling even when I'm Always spooked and shocked when there's suddenly a ghost pop up 😂 so overall, excellent!!!
The idea of a horror temple run is cool and unique, but this really is a pay-to-win game. I absolutely hate how expensive each characters are, and the story doesn't exactly make up for it.
I honestly like the game and completed all the mission but the last mission i have completed many time but they were unblocking the story. So i just uninstalled it but that was the end of the game but the were not giving the last chapter even though i complete it couple of times so I'm giving it 4 stars.
I love it but i hate that you have to move your phone to go from one side to the other plz fix it if you can👉👈
Needs an UPDATE! The game was alike temple run;undending running,colleting stuffs, jumping etc. As in like temple run's play styles and strategies. I got bored easily with it but so far, i still looking forward to it So i really need an UPDATE! I like the scary background sounds & the scary lady ghost(idk if it's really a ghost or what)who's chasing you, plus the korean languages that every character sttutered. Yeah for me it's a little bit boring.. but I still adore the graphics and animation.
This game was really good, but a pity it hasn't updated since then. I still come back again and again though. Wish there're more places to explore other than the corridors and the hospital.😕
The game is so little scary but is some butterfly🦋 the girls is looked at 3 locked girls I get some butterfly🦋 now is opening this anime horror game
I really love this game this game is now trending in tiktok I hope it got more map and clothes and characters but still love your game😊👍
This game have a scary background sound that scare you but I love this app bcz it's really nice game to play..