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Daring Descent - Make Money Free

Daring Descent - Make Money Free for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by WINR Games Inc located at 350 Adelaide St West, Suite 101 Toronto, ON M5V 1R5. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I cashed out 10$ and surprisingly it gave me the money after almost a week, but my second cash out of 10$, it was stuck on processing for some time and suddenly it was gone without me recieving the money.
Don't waste your ability and time on this game. When i straight win for 5 levels the tickets can't add or cannot load my ticket. WHAT A WASTE OF TIME
I really really love this game! I enjoyed playing and at the same time im earning real cash from this app. I recommend my friends to download this app. I salute the owner/creator of this app! β™‘πŸ‘πŸ»β™‘πŸ‘‹πŸ»β™‘
i enjoyed playing this game for the first time an I'm earning points now so much on fun and stress reliever😊i love this game and go for the goal and we'll see what's gonna happen and hoping i will be a lucky winner soon!😊
its a good game i love playing it but for now i will give you only 4stars i will look forward to this apps if this really pay and i will update and give you 5star.
It's a nice game but the problem aside from adds is that every time I got high score it stopped from working that's why I need to restart again
I don't know why I lost all my tickets, the first one was over 2000 more, then I lost my tickets again at 3000 more .. Give me back my tickets and maybe I will change I gave the rate
Fun Play and you can earn more tickets I highly recommend to download all games of WNR GAMES, I hope I can Cash out soon 😍😍
Winr games are great and fun. Ive withdrawn money twice, first ten dollars second fourteen. The money is canadian i just convert it to usd after it goes to my paypal
From now it's a 3 star for me..coz the control on turning left to right are not that quite good.. sometimes it turn fast..please fix the stability of turning control..and the graphics are not good..it could be better if it is a 3d graphics..so it will look more elegant to play..
Just started using this app, so giving it a 3. If everything is as it says, I will come back & give it a 5 .
Amazing game... i really love playing this game, its fun collecting tickets because there's bonus ticket multiplier from time to time. I only stop playing this game when my phone ran out of battery.
I love this game, gives me challenges. But I don't know yet if it really pays, I'm still on progress.
This is leh. gitπŸ’― bcuz a lot of youtubers play this and sharing, proven, and tested...I wish a lot of new event happen or something that players/users can be happily by playing and join the new events that some games had... Event or promo something like triple rewards or whatever you knew....
I love the experience in playing the games and the excitement. I hope they also give the reward we won by this game,
I want to give 5 stars to it but after i earn 7,000 tickets. Theres no replay, placed at the bottom . How can I take back the replay button? I coudnt earn tickets if theres no replay button at the bottom
You must remove the bank. It's useless i deposited thousands of tickets and saying cannot use for ticket purpose. So disappointed.
Whenever i got a lot of tickets or I complete a level, daring decent won't let me have my tickets. It's kinda disappointing
When i am going to withdraw the cash. Cash is processing after sometime i am going to see my account balance then i didn't recive any cash. my cash withdrawl balance is 10$.
Love this game so addicting though it is really hard to pass the level still enjoyable.. hope to really cash out some money here.. if so then i'll give 5 star
honestly if i could rate it 0 starts i would. This game glithces the screen so that u land on a place where you dont pass the level.. ive been playing and still didnt redeem any money... i do not recomend this game to anyone. ignore the rest of the reviews trust me. Theres way to many ads after one game already. u may think its good at the start but really it sucks. Theres way more i have to say about this game but if you dare download you do that you will soon see the other PROBLEMS.
This is a very good game, just play and enjoy and be patient in waiting until you win at the raffle draw. Thumbs up to the developer.
i love playing the game it so fun and exciting to receive the prizes that they will give outπŸ˜˜πŸ‘πŸ˜
Love the game.. Makes u addicted hehe I give 4stars because im new and currently not recieved the pay but hope so it will help for my problem specially im poor and need extra icome. So thankyou advnce :)
I think this is real paying app but you know, too many ads dude! i can't play well, it's too boring and wasting my time. you're game is super annoying so i decided to uninstall it. πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈπŸ™‚
Why DEVELOPER it so easy to die it's better helix jump it gives you more chance why creating game that is so hard please fix THIS .
This is good game but. when we touch the biscuit our points will be loss this is fact otherwise this is good game
I think is a good game and they pay but you have to be patient you have to play for a time obviously you will not become rich playing this game but for some extra cash per month like 10 or 15$ this game is not bad hope you understand thanks
I really love the game especially when you are out. I think the game is very considering since they still give out tickets even though you don't complete the level.
i cant log in to my account!!! its already connected on my facebook account.. but now i cant play it.. unless i creat another account.... my withdraw/pending tickets will be totally GONE ????
Well, I just played this app. What I experienced was like I was just playing some game but earning money, I haven't tried to cash out but I had a lot of fun on this game🀣. I'm looking forward for some adjustments on the game. So far so good❀️
3 star for now if i cash out my money ill. Rate you 5 star and this is a great game its relaxing i recommend it
I love that i have to use my mind to be able to finish a board i just wish that the tickets u get on each board would be worth something so we all will win.. Instead of u picking out a winner through drawings.... We want to be able to win something gift cards atleast!!!! THANK YOU
This game is a not good it lies and it does not give you money it's a waste of time it should have no stars and to many ads all of these game are not good don't listen to the of people all of these are fake!!
I'm addicted! Love this game. I don't even care about winning the drawing. It's a nice bonus if it happens but I just like the game. Thanks.
Great game 😊 Love it 😍 I've reached the first cash out amount and they've sent me the money via PayPal the next day!!! ❀
Well what can I say hmmm.. it really addicting and fun to play although a touch of graphic improvement including the physics(gameplay) will help however I see myself playing this game for a very long time.
Im having a blast so far, I have collected 12,000+ tickets and once I check out and receive the money, Ill rate this 5 star so others can know that this game is legit and not a scam!
Why is that I can't open my bank 3 days before the draw . I want to deposit my tickets but I can't open my bank and also I can't gain any more ticket after a series of play. It says "average ticket per user : 2,526 "please help me
I love this easy way of collecting points and have many games you want to play are free...thank you big time.
Its amazing game . I m new here .it wll b early to give you 5 star . but after some days I would give u? After completing Some levels nd getting your subscribed things then I will rate you 5 stars .3 stars for the fun .
Just recieved my cashed out..i have one problem i didn't recieve my referral earnings..but i loved the app and i'm enjoying while playing games..i have $12 on processing cash out but when i see,it's gone..but i didn't recieved it..
This app has many drawbacks. No one knows the option of the Inter Invitation Code. Neither did I come. Today it has been 9 days to login to the app. Even then I did not get the option of Inter Invitation Code. This is a big drawback in this company, please try to fix this deficiency in the next update. Maybe I could give good writing to this app today. Yes, if all these shortcomings are corrected in the next update, then I will definitely give good rating to this app.
Great game, I hope I win the big prize one day but I have a questiob, why I don't see my profile picture in game even if I'm registered with Facebook?
A lot of patience is needed since you easily got splattered. But despite that matter, the game is really addicting
I like playing this game if its not to many ads with long duration and small dollar 4 every tickets,, I have to collect one million tickets just to have $10 paypal,, 🀧
Awesome! it makes you think and analyse, it's not just like a game but a mind conditioning as well...
This app is kinda cool but it takes great amounts of coins so you could convert it into dollars and takes time to redeem.
Just recieved my cashed out..i have one problem i didn't recieve my referral earnings..but i loved the app and i'm enjoying while playing games..good job to the creator of this app..
Nice app But My problem Everytime i finish every lvl of the game the app is stop working so my last game is not record always πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘
The game is good, but there are problems regarding the cashout section,i did a cashout process by giving my paypal with 10 usd.but its been 15 days,still no money on my paypal,what is this.
its a fun and tricky game. You need to learn to be quick to think and quick to decide. Enjoyed it much. Thanks to the develpper I want you to just download and play.
There's so many ads showing up.. but I like it it's enjoyable and easy to play. Thanks to the developer of this app.its really nice for me.
It is my first day on playing this game and also my first time. I only gave 2 stars because I am still learning to play and maybe I will give 5 stars if I am enjoying it and if I will really earn cash in playing.
Love this game. Very enjoyable. I highly recommend this game to anyone who wants to play a unique and exciting game.
I love this game.. Maybe some other day I give my 5stars when I got. My first payout. Thanks to the developer of this app... ❀️❀️❀️❀️
It's good suggest to players that not interested on draws keep your money in the bank so that it can be automated to enter in the draws ☺️ I'll change my review if I can payout and receive it πŸ™‚
I really enjoy this game and it gives you a lot of tickets too even if your already out. Hope I can get some rewards soon. Might edit this review if I finally got some rewards in this game. 😊
I spent for 3moths to play this game but when i withdraw they said 7days it's been 10days already but still they're not given it's a totally scam!!!!
This is fun! I give it 4 star.. Then i will change it to 5 star if i get to withdraw money successfully
I got 9,367 points or something to its nature. So then I saw that 10,000 points is needed to convert into 10€. So then I exit the app cause it froze, I come back to find myself with 6,000 points. Lol imagine doing something like that to try and sneak more adds, horrible app.
The ad description gave the impression there's different games to choose from...not! It's not near interesting enough to keep me wanting to play more. To me its boring, therefor I'm deleting it.
I love the game but there ads is to much it makes me get frustrated I will like u you to work on that
This game is broken. Because Everytime i close the app, the tickets are gone. Ihave 5000 tickets before i close the app. Then i open it again its become 300ticket left ! Please Fix this then ill give a 5 star. Thanks