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Daregon : Isometric Puzzles

Daregon : Isometric Puzzles for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Tomas Lacerra located at CABA - Buenos Aires - Argentina. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Nice challenge, but could be longer. If you have trouble with level 21, go back to level 20. On level 20 prior to completing pull down on blue tower in background. Good luck
Should be great, but it's so badly coded it's a total pain to control. It's as good as unplayable a lot of the time
A big Monument Valley fan I was intrigued when I saw Daregon. I have just finished all 30 levels. Some levels were fairly easy and some needed out of the box thinking. I enjoyed the game and am looking forward to more puzzles from Tomas Lacerra.
It is free version of Monument Valley to me, but still okay. Just have some ideas and you can make your own game. Gook luck.
Great game and similar to monument valley, but unfortunately freezes at level 21. I hope the creators work on this issue as I really enjoyed it until it froze.
It was fun, I enjoyed all the levels! The only issue I had was one level had a noise component that *could* be solved without hearing it, but for someone like me who keeps the volume off, it took me until I accidentally left the volume up to solve it.
It certainly kept me going!...uodate: signed up on steam, wishlisted and followed. Looking forward to the experience!
I love this game the graphics are simple yet complex, controls are smooth and easy, the whole experience is great hats off the the developers keep creating
I don't like the aspect that the models and graphivs and base mrchanivs are taken from monument valley. the tap registeratuon is also goddamned awful for a simple game. some unique ideas but the problem is that there's really no intro to the unique ideas, which puzzle games should give you. could be better, and could have been a unique independent game that didn't use the models of MV
Controls are not good, as the character moves slowly and in some places it's not moving at all. I played the full game but the achievements are not unlocked. I believe there is a bug that not allowing to unlock the achievements. Please fix it.
The visuals and gameplay need improvements, but the real problem is that there is often no rhyme or reason to the solution. I got tired of going back to the walkthrough.
Stuck in the last level for months, but this is an awesome geometric illusion game with lots of different challenge. Thank you for the gamemaker.
Very fun, but the way you have to move your gamepiece and also various parts of architecture, etc. is SO ANNOYING. Not smooth at all. I sometimes get a cramp in my hand because of it.
The game is similar to monument valley but it is nuisance rather than hard. Users has no clue on what to do so guess must be worked. All possibilities can be explored, but that is rather troubles and not smart.
I like those illusion games, good job I really enjoyed the game. The controls could be little improved (the rotating stuff) however it is still very good ones... Anyway I found this game as a good time killer where there are unique and creative challenges. Awesome.
An interesting concept poorly executed. Controls are buggy, often failing to register touches. Tutorial levels were completely devoid of any direction, just poke things until things happen...
Doesnt always go where told but manageable... Please add Google Play Achievements... Great game otherwise =]
Fun to play but small annoyances but it was very entertaining! When is the next one out? -the way you move the box would be better if you slid it rather than selecting where it goes and waiting for it to go there
How and what moves should be clearly mentioned in the tutorial but figuring what are the moving parts and some have dots but they don't move. Only play this game if you have the patience of even figuring what the individual parts do. Mekorama is better than this.
There is a glitch where sometimes touches don't register in the game. Also this is not an original concept.
I have some qualms so I'd probably lean more towards a four, however, some of the ratings here are far more punitive than they should be. It's a short but entertaining game. To address some comments I saw: Yes it borrows heavily from Monument Valley but that's a forgivable sin and you know that going in. I find the lack of explicit instructions, cues, and clues, to be more of a feature than a bug. And the game is polished and aside from some taps failing to register and the fact that you can't start a new move until the previous move is fully finished are the only issues I had. I look forward to more from this dev :)
It's an "ok" game, but it's super easy to figure out and I finished the entire game in just over an hour. Not enough levels, or challenges, to warrant having to pay for this - even though it's only 99ยข. Expected way more!
Visually quirky, breeze through puzzles or have a guide-dang-it (I'm looking at you XXI!). 35 levels total, but like the closest app I can think of, Monument valley, you don't have to think at all most of the time, as you have acces to 1 new button/moving platform at practically every stage. Wondering how some of these have been coded, impressive for a solo project.
Tries to mimic the Monument Valley formula but the trial and error puzzles are just a pain and not fun. It is just based on luck and there are no obvious hints at how to solve them. The controls often does not register. And some of the levels involve switches from prior levels which makes it really painful to grasp at first.
Controls aren't nearly accurate enough to do what you need to. Some of the later levels require you to move very specifically, but the area you need to tap on I way too small to be able to do it reliably, and so clunky it's a pain every time you don't.