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Danger Survival:Zombie War

Danger Survival:Zombie War for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Monica Wyatt located at 47 Cambon Dr, San Francisco, CA 94132. The game is suitable for Teen (Fantasy Violence, Mild Blood, Crude Humor) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I just got rid of it because it is hard to build stuff but it is still fun it is also so stupid because you unlock stuff at level 6 and the have to wate intell level 10 to get more stuff and trying to get into other houses to get stuff is impossible becayse ut uses a hole axe to get through one wall
Tools break down wayyyyyyyyyyyy to fast. Hunger and thirst wayyyyyy to fast. Faster than other games. Graphics are the only good thing about this game. I noticed not 1 single admin to explain anything to comments. That says a lot!!
it's a little bit hard and creative this is the reason that I love the game so much and please this need to be updated the wall upgrading price is too much. i want to play with my friends on multiplayer please
It's great but there should be more space to when you are looking for stuff apart from that is is such a great game
There is something that makes this game uncomfortable. Or is just the fact that this game has the exact same sounds as LDOE. I literally waited 1 hr for THIS to download and kt took 57% battery. Instead of downloading this, go download LDOE.
Ugghh!! I really hate those damn games where you die, or are killed and lose all your inventory you've worked so hard to get!! This game was a disappointment. I thought it was going to be fun.....I was so wrong!
much easier than ldoe and similar games. crafting doesnt need too many objects. more make sense and i enjoy it. but it will be more fun if add skill points like ldoe recently.?
The game is good... The problem is sometimes... You are hitting your enemy but your character is just standing... Your character will attack but you are already dead... Controls even show delay in response
This game is good but if i died my item gone on the place i died wierd tools but those zombie except slow hunter is very easy to kill will i rate 4 stars or 2 stars
A fine enough game, but graphics and gameplay are outdated compared to many other games in this genera.
Not been updated in over 1 year so guessing it's a abandoned game.other than that hunger and thirst is at 0 after 15 minutes.every 1 minute in any zone you get an Ai player attacking you
It's a game based on the LDOE concept. The dev must be very young though. Sure, there are performance issues but more importantly , the person has either little command over English or is from the school of fuzzy knocks. Case in point, in game there are two types of trousers , cargo pants and 'cloth pants'! Then there's 'evil bear' . There's a weird gun called a revolver which looks like a child's idea of a fantasy submachinegun+ grenade launcher+ auto pistol. It's just not been thought through.
U could put both female and male on this and not just a male so the would be more fun to play with Just saying it's kinda boring with Just male and people can't make a choice of picking male or female for the player on this please update this game to both female and male for people to choose from
First of all i want to talk about some problems i am facing. 1. The robot or whatever called "NAZ" is a huge problem. When i press auto my character attacks zombies as well as the robot which does not even takes damage. Waste of durability of my weapons. 2. My character stats like hunger and thirst drop very quick. If possible add a skill system. 3. If possible add different music on each different zones. I don't know why i can't hear any kind of music in any zones.
Right from the start you cant advance without buying resources and armor. You cant make sheets to make armor and bandages until lvl 18 which is insane because even the easiest lvls are so hard. You dont have enough food and you die before being able to get anything. Youll get like 5 npc's attacking you on each area and stuff in the game is so overpriced. 4$ for resources to make a set of armor and like 20 bandages which will get you through 1 area maybe2. I dont mind paying but that's a bit much
it's a great game. copy from last day on earth, but even better.idk if this game dev still update this game or not. hope they still do.coz i love it. I've try many game like this, n i can tell this game offer the best compare to other. its just need to be updated with new content.
I love this game!!!😍😍😍make another new account BUT i hope i can play this game offline😭😭
Would give more stars but the weapons, armor, axe etc durability runs out really fast and can barely do a whole mission before the weapon is broken and there is no way to repair them which limits what you can do and wipes out valuable resources that are needed to craft half decent weapons so really disappointing and sadly has made me lose interest as I keep having to get the same resources over and over just to build a weapon for 1 mission otherwise it really could have been a good game.
The game is good , the graphics are also good but i hope the developers create a way that we can customized the character we used. well overall the game is good recommended for those Low Ram phone .
Good survivor game,but don't like how you can't get stuff back lost in green zones,like other of sake type.
Love it but alot more dispointed on being able to log in with facebook and being able to save my data and transfer to other devices.
Super great online game BUT a lot of issues items break faster, Absolutely no difference between iron tools and stone tools apart from appearance, To little energy, and a lot more, hoping for an update since the last update is exactly a year ago
Good game but ppplllzzzz find a way for us to find the whell and the handle and engine parts !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think it's total crappie that this update takes away all of my progress and not only that I am one of the few people who actually buy out of the shop so all of my stuff from the shop is now gone and I am faced being a brand new player even my name is gone know the update sucks I will not accept it and I'll just uninstall the whole game. Thank you
I love dis game. I'll rate it 5 star f I can resume my progress. Also be reminded that dont imitate LDOE-they thirst for money. Only give new features to us,not to the zombie✌✌.
good survival game that I had ever seen you can play it offline and its weapons are very good DX normal weapon worked very fast
Im playing this for two days But ihave something to clear,, This game is challenging the fact theres a player using a glitch or invisible they will appear when your life is low hp that sucks me Ihate cheaters!!!
I wish you could undo the characters face cause he looks like a total dung? I mean he's awful looking he isn't a disney character right, i dont entend to be rude about the characters face. But this game could be a great hit? If you add a female chatacter with huge bewbs or maybe curve or curvby?
Dude your game is so glitchy. I have to press the craft button to go to my backpack. I never had these problems before in the game. What I'm saying also you copied last day on earth
a great game but really need to fix the issues of not being able to find certain materials in order to create different tools. honestly gets so frustrating when you play for hours on end but cant find the items. even items for the motor cycle. have been playing for months on end but still dont have a completed vehicle.
This game is awsome but some resources are just to hard to find make it a little bit easier please thanx
this game is amazing but Ihave noticed that it is a bit copy of space marshal 2 because i have played that game too and it,s character has the same costumes and weapon are all the same so please change the costumes and weapon design
This game is good but the time taken by the game is too long and also the energy that appears like a battery is too boaring the energy needed for going a place is above 20 etc.so when the energy lose the protogonist want to walk so this lead to the boaring of the players pleace make any change for the next update
i like this game. its really good & ok. just zombies are easy to kill and some times your weapon doesn't works. also, can you please make it fullscreen for notched device? graphics are so good and fullscreen will be better ... thanks!
this is a very good game.not as good as last day or stormfall,but it is a good survival game,no complicated rules,and plenty of places to go.