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D&D Style RPG (Choices Game)

D&D Style RPG (Choices Game) for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Delight Games located at 16015 179th Ave SE Monroe, WA 98272. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Abstract Violence, Sexual Innuendo, Scary Content) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I realy do love this game it is alot like d&d the game, but my only consern is you not getting to have a little more controle over what you do if it was like d&d and aloud you to puck the person you want to play with and give you 3 number scores you choose from to put as your skill points so it is just like d&d more. Now the best part of this game is it is really good game for wasting time and if your board it is really fun and I have played this gmae for over 3 hours and no add yet! 😁
Wow this is a fun experience that I think everyone could enjoy. The book is clear, the paths matter and the game remembers choices. This has to be one of the coolest books ive read of this type.
Having a lot more fun than expected. Downloaded to try the free content and mid way through the first one I decided to buy. Looks like a ton of content and so far if they are all as deep could have multiple play throughs.
Haven't played a choose yourpath adventure in a while but this looked fun. The story is well written and the ads were only presented as a choice which you don't need to watch for the most part. Also, I like that game included checkpoints to fall back to if you chose a path that led to death. There is some good rpg type humor as well and the scenes are not rushed. Although I haven't gotten to try any yet, after the first chapter it allows player to play as other character types also.
I like these Interactive stories. I've done a few of them before. They are fun. I always kick myself for getting my character into trouble when I thought I was making a good choice. Thank you for this. Please don't punish players for making positive moral choices or reward players too much for making choices to serve evil. I know it's d&d, but there should be rewards for being moral as well. It's like I can only advance if I give myself to demons. I'm not going there.
Exciting adventures surrounded by magical creatures and worlds make you become part of the library as each of the main characters of your own stories as you fulfill their destiny by making the right decisions based on the character you become on each of the different series. Although still not complete, there is a lot of content to carry your adventures on. Reply: further content for Azizella would be a 5/5 for me :)
This game is very simple and enjoyable I found myself getting lost in some of the stories for hours. The atmosphere of the game is remarkable. This is also a great game for people looking to get into D&D because of such simple controls. The stories are simple yet challenging. Overall it's a 5 star rating from me.
so far it's pretty good, I've either been smart or lucky & I'm still alive with more gold & some stats are better, some not so much. the options offered are fair & reasonable but not as imaginative as might be suggested to a DM by a player in a Real, Live, F2F game situation, obviously! ok I'm going to move from 3 to 4 stars a deadly bug was fixed but still I hope for a bit more than only 1 way out of a tight spot that can lead to a win with other choices down the road!
Very descriptive and enjoyable read so far with enriched choices that add more than flavour to the game, and make the experience just that; an experience, and beyond just that of either a simple novel or text based adventure game. Just finished chapter 1 of 3 (was gripped and survived by the skin of my teeth!). I'm hoping that the author/developer has written/will write more!
Simply amazing.. I rarely give 100% of my enthusiasm to ANYthing or ANYone.. but that's just because I'm stubbornly tough to please. This here Choice Based Adventure app is Top Shelf, Grade A PrΓ­mo! πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ».. Completely engrossing and a legit "Page-Turner" .. I have completed just Ranger 2 and am in the middle of Wizard 1, and I feel thoroughly satisfied alREADY! I have a waaayyys to go yet.. but I ain't goin nowhere, until I get my fill😁🎸🍻A++
This is an awesome game and I love it! There are no problems except that this game makes all other games jealous. The storylines are cool and sometimes they show pictures and they are very cool. Over all 10 out of 10!πŸ˜†
I generally don't do reviews but for this i will. I am having a great time with this. It helps i have a vivid imagination so reading these scenerios and results are great entertainment and the action is very alive in my imagination. I actually find myself wanting in the future to re do this as im not yet done and make different choices to see how the story changes. All in all i'm loving this.
Fantastically clever, a delight to read as the story draws its reader into a fantasy world. It's truly D&D of old, except it's your mobile device hosting the game, as it challenges you to critically think about your various predicaments. As you read the character driven narrative, you'll have to make "decisions" which have consequence; good, bad or indifferent, which is measured by losing or gaining various 'stat points' needed to survive and earn "achievements." Fun! Great job! (5-🌟 Rating)
While far from the most catchy name for an app to ever exist, do not let that fool you. We have a proper story going on here. The writing has been of amazing quality and I have been spending the last week immersing myself in the ring city universe and look forward to seeing what else is going on in, what I can assume, other amazing interactive stories. In summary, all the fun of a classic Choose Your Own Adventure Story with a distinct adult edge. Well worth the money.
I like the iterations of choices given to the character. Sometimes choices that seem as no brainers have surpising results and when faced no good decisions it is a matter of the least worse decision that can keep you alive. Really like the format for a first timer to this game genre.
Honestly this is an amazing concept and well done. There's enough choices that I don't feel I have no control, and there isn't a ton of ads, and a bunch of optional ads without them being broken or needed for anything. Anything that's pay for also isn't needed to fully enjoy the game, honestly an amazing game, well done creators I'm looking forward to it's progression over time
I enjoyed this thoroughly at first, but having completed Wizard and caught up entirely on Rogue I notice the stories become more than a little railroady from the middle to the end. It does seem like you have more options early on and other things are certain death or just a way for you to fail and the game to push you down one of the other options instead of playing out more consequences. I understand you can only worte so many story paths, but it can be annoying. Still bought it at a discount.
Very fun fantasy/D&D story. I have really missed the choose-your-own-adventure books. This is very nostalgic for me. I think it might be better if the charater evolved depending on the choices made. I would really enjoy playing the part of other charactors in more stories. I hope there will be more to this genre in the future. Also, 4 stars because I had to play a geedy human wizard. I'd give it 5 if i could play as a dwarven ranger, or an artifiser, just something other than human.
Just made it to the first checkpoint. Lost a few lives already due to some poor decisions. The story is really fun so far and I'm excited to keep reading. If you miss those "choose your own adventure" books from childhood I highly recommend you give this app a shot.
This is an incredibly creative and ingenious use of the platform available to create an immersive story experience that keeps you coming back for more. I can honestly say, I'm hooked. Ran the first chapter in the blink of an eye and I cannot wait to eat up more content. It's great that this game starts out free, and offline, and I appreciate the little fourth wall breaks in the story that remind us readers/players of the effort that goes into writing and designing such a game. Money's comin!
I love this game/book concept it's been years since I last played one and as such i've come to find myslef really enjoying this as i'm still new to the ways of playing dnd. : )
This rpg is a choose your own adventure story. You play by reading the text and selecting choices. You attempt to manage your life, Mana, luck, and moral points. The story is well written and very involved so your choice points happen at key decision events every few paragraphs. The story is pretty dark & descriptive in its graphic portrayal of fighting and the effects of demons and vampires preying on humans.
Fun, Adventurous, and no spelling or grammar errors! Immersive and entertaining! Plays more like a real quest rather than a choose-your-own-adventure book.
At time of writing I have played through the first 2 wizard stories. The writing is really good and the depth of characters is interesting, definitely engaging stories. I am docking 2 stars because for such a heavy aspect of choice, the stories are basically linear. The stories are enjoyable but your choices don't matter in the sense of getting different endings or having any real effect. If you make a wrong choice, you will get railroaded onto the correct one with maybe losing certain stats.
Just finished the first part, and it was amazing. The selection of words and overall writing is so brilliant and we'll put together. I've never played D and D but have always been interested and this was perfect. Only giving four stars for now because I haven't gotten that far to give five. I presume if I continue to like and use the app I will give five stars. And I dont write reviews nor really rate games or apps, but this one deserves it. To the creator: keep up the good work.
It is a pretty decent game. There are quite a lot of decisions to make some more important than others. The only problem I have is sometimes it doesn't give you an option when maybe it should. It is a LOT like D&D but unfortunately as it is a mobile game it only has set answers so you can't choose exactly what you want to do like the actual game. It is quite good for those who like D&D but can't always play it for what ever reason.
This game is great. It is all text-based, so you get some reading time, and entirely make the decisions on your own. I have not tried the other characters yet, but I plan to do so. The only complaint I have is the high premium price point of the extra content. Otherwise, good way to spend the evenings.
So far great and it has just been the first check point. I always wanted to play something D&D but the hobby is so far off my social circles that I never had the chance. Also the way the environment is neatly described can be useful for writers wanting to see examples on how adventurers get written, so if all the dad-taste comedy fails, this at least be educative.
Best game ever!I have no words for it!The writer has written his characters so beautifully that there should be a film based on it..for example,Narissa,but,you did not do the right thing by giving the wizard such a beautiful girl!πŸ˜‰It would have been fare if she would be real..You have written and described her so beautifully that I now meet her in my dreams🀀!She truly is the most beautiful girl!I truly wish that she would be real!Keep doing wonders bro!Keep up the good work!u hv my supportπŸ‘
I'm still old enough to remember old school text-based games. And even in my modern gaming lifestyle, this style of gameplay not only brings back pleasant memories, but sections of the story make me smile at the clever storytelling, Charming characters, and tricky decision making. It's not a graphic game, but it's a game that inspires the imagination while being incredibly entertaining for what it is.
This game does what it intends to perfectly, it is exactly what it says it is and is perfect for passing the time. To top it all off, the ads in game are as unitrusive as possible and offer a nice little boost if you decide to watch them.
This to me really isn't a game. However more of an extremely fun and and challenging reading adventure. The stories and how they intertwine are so immersive that it is very hard for me to put it down. It is hard for me to not pull it out and read it when I am on the toilet. :P All joking aside, The 30 dollars I spent is worth it just for the main characters by Sam by itself. Inixius, Rooster and Azizella have gotten me through tough times with their adventures and outcomes. Thanks Sam!
This is exactly what I needed last night,, i was suprised how fun it was! I felt like a hybrid between my teenage and middle age mind as I made decisions. I wish i had played this game before i met my fiance; the game figured me for a CAD!...Yeah i actually have to agree, i just didn't know there was a name for it!
I originally left a 2 word review, "Good read", this was out of lack of time. If you enjoy fantasy novels, role playing games or table tops this is the "game" for you. I'd like describe it as an interactive story... or an old school "choose youre own adventure" book. The consequences of your actions are real... and also well written. If you've got a little time to kill, please check it out.
Started with the free version and upgraded the same day. I really enjoy these and hope the writers find the time to complete the stories. They all intertwine and it makes the story even better. Sex, violence, magic, betrayal, mischief and succubi... whats not to love? Had to edit my review in hopes they see it.
I am enjoying the storylines and action, but the pop ups asking if you want to increase your attributes by watching a video are annoying. They pop up randomly, sometimes shortly after you have just watched a video, and most annoyingly, they make you lose your place in the text. Two stars off for that.
Superb, fun and engaging game. Stumbled on it during quarantine and the interesting and well planned plot kept me 100% distracted from all the stress associated with isolation. Kudos to the creator for what I imagine is a tremendous effort that went into this game.
Extremely fun! My first time doing anything related to DnD but I was so engrossed by the game's simplicity and immersion that I couldnt put it down. I'd say the premium is worth it for the boatload of content you are given. Coming from a guy who put 7 hours straight on his first go. And I'm just shy of finishing the first character's quest. I'd say the game could use some updated artworks but other than that, Gucci gang shizz XD
This is such a fun and interesting game! The story lines are written so descriptively and articulately, so they really do draw you into it! The selections of answers to continue on your quest truly make it feel like a tiny virtual D&D! Wonderful job, and thank you for making this, it's easy to tell that hard work was put into this to make it personal and enjoyable :)
Great so far. Hopefully it gets expanded with some character building. I'd like to start with something other than a wizard. Aside from that, very fun. Update: perhaps have the player select a class to play in the beginning instead then so that we know we have that coice when first starting. I've had the chance to play more now but it was not clear when I started that I did not HAVE to be a mage. Still a very good game though. I'm thoroughly enjoying it
Fantastic! Three best choose your own adventure type game I've played so far. There's even art work to add to the experience. Very nostalgic. Great game/ book. If you've ever played d&d then try it. Or if you loved choose your own adventure books. No overwhelming ads either. 5 stars
Well, i liked this enough i actually decided to leave a review, which is very, very rare! I must say i enjoy this alot, not only is it a interactive story, its a realllllllly good Fantasy one two! For a small install it is highly worth it and will give hours of entertainment to all readers alike. ( i got Courageous Adventurer on the first Wizard story! )
This game is one of the most engaging choice games ever. My favorite one is the zombie apocalypse. It had a very well-written plot, diverse characters with unique personalities, interesting and fun dialogues, and of course, challenging choices. The one thing I don't like about the medieval fantasy stories is that it gets too much into details about descriptions of places and fantasy creatures that it sometimes bores me. Sometimes the chapters can drag on for too long without anything happening.
This is completely immersive. The luscious writing and well plotted story drags you head first deep down into the rabbit hole. A beautiful way to play with your own imagination. Working through the Wizards story and can't wait to try the Rogues.
I thoroughly enjoyed the wizard book series. It is very casual and you can get into it no matter where you are. I would give it 5 stars if the writing for the stories was perfect, but with choice games it's difficult to make a flexible story that lives up to the standards of something like a novel. I had more fun than I was expecting and I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys D&D.
This is an all around amazing game. The story is fun, the choose your own adventure style is my favorote part. The art is nice & I like the added touch of character growth to help you survive potentially poor choices. Great job.
Addictive and nicely written. How I wish there will be more game books such as this to survive these modern times. Definitely try this app if you're that old school chap who prefers finely written stories of adventure rather than games with bulky graphics. Two thumbs up to the writers and developers! πŸ‘πŸ‘
I was looking for something different and decided to give this game a try and I'm glad I did. Story, so far, is interesting. As far as ads: you have the option of watching short videos for coins if you want but ads do pop up ocassionally during the chapters. (Suggestion to the developer: having one or two ads between chapters would be less distracting)
This game is absolutely stunning it's the first game I've seen that doesn't need diamonds to go to the next chapter but all great games have at least one flaw I believe that adding a voice speaker to kind of read u the story will be nice but it so far makes the game more exciting without it so for now to any if not all players playing the game (play at night in the dark) have fun.😎
Just marvellous, the story has a good hook to it, the plot is intriguing. For a text-based game, it's pretty good for what it is, you actually get to be in control of your own narrative and the decisions you make, ultimately determine the next outcome to your adventure. Though I suppose the writing could be better.
Its a great game and I enjoy it, I would have given it five stars but the reset of gold favor and moral each chapter takes away from the story of quite a few of the play thrus. Like the Rouge where you have to collect gold for the whole story plot.
This is the first game like this I have played so I have nothing to compare it to but it makes me nostalgic for the little choice books I had as a kid and it makes me want to get a d&d game together really really bad. Soooooo 5 stars on that alone. Good job on making me want to not only adventure but dm others an adventure.
Great app! I loved every the stories. It adds a sense of surprise and excitement, making me feel like I'm actually there. It's amazing! I love it!
I played through the first chapter, the scenarios and characters are well written and engaging. I love the game so far, and will continue through the game as far as I can, before I inevitably buy the premium version. Cheers to the writers! It's better than anything I've written down myself, and I am inspired to be more creative in my future campaigns for D&D
JUST BE HAPPY YOU CAN PLAY DND ALONE DURING QUARANTINE!!!!!!! I love the concept of this app and this is the first time doing this like this and I really love it! Like I'm so into it I'm actually feeling for the people in the story and really identify as the wizard you are! After all, it's all my choices! Great job to whoever made this!!!
So far it has been very fulfilling. This is the best way I can imagine playing this sort of game on a mobile device. Always for a little while in between that you can always pick up again later. There's a huge library available and even the start of an audio section that you can use as an interactive audio book while driving....
Never played a game like this before, it's quite fun! Many different scenarios I wouldn't normally put myself in haha like a castle or surrounded by gremlins!
Totally awesome i do indeed like how the stories are set out and the choices you make . I can get lost in it for hours ... I only would like it more if you could create your own character like you choose a race and abilities and gender and how does it look and its traits and personality ... But so far pretty cool
I would have rated it 5 stars, but I've got gotten far enough to know that is fair. For all my DND peers, this is more like a... Choose your own story. Multiple choice which leads you further along a predetermined story that DEFINITELY changes with your choices. Its not DnD, but it's DEFINITELY got the spirit of dnd.
As some one who plays DND virtually and durring the days of old within a tavern surrounded by licks of warmth from a local fire and traveling companions. This game has a way of dragging you into the story just like any good book but beware, your actions will follow you for your quick and ever fleeting life. A famous quote to help understand, β€œHe who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you."
Fantastic game, reminds me of the old choose the adventure books I read in my youth with a D&D twist.... just a great nostalgic way to spend some time.
Pretty fun, there's a good amount of ads, but this is an amazing game since it saves your progress, even if you leave the app. Good game to play during school or work
One of the best purchases I've ever made! Started with the free version (Wizard's Choice), finished chapter 1 and upgraded to the full version. Now eagerly awaiting the next chapters in the series. I'm really enjoying the way the stories all intertwine, the role playing available, and the fantasy aspect of these stories. Excellent adventure role-playing game for anyone with enough imagination to spend any length of time in the theatre of the mind - if I could rate 10 stars, I would.
This is *exactly* like the Choose-Your-Own-Adventure stories (I'm 50 this year; I bought them at book sales in Jr. High waaay back in the 1900's, LOL!) right down to the cheeky humor & dialogue, but with a gaming points system. I'm only at the first checkpoint, but I'm loving the very engaging storyline and the writing style! Thanks for the BEST GAME ON MY PHONE!!
This game is actually pretty fantastic. I've never played D&D and never tried this sort of game but I love fantasy novels so thought I'd give it a try. It is great but, at some point, you'll run out of luck and may not be able to continue. Try your best not to spend too much luck; rather choose to redo chapters or checkpoints. Hoping it updates soon because I'd really like to continue with the ranger.
The game itself is very very addictive, hence the 5 stars. Though i have a simple suggestion, when you see the green & red on top of everything, your immediately drawn to them. This kind of ruins the element of surprise when reading about your choices. I feel personally that the system messages ("gained x gold" "lost x life") should be at the bottom of the page near the choices to give more surprise when reading the outcomes. Otherwise the game is great, the story is fun and enjoyable. 10/10 :)
This is possibly the most engaging and enjoyable text based experience since my childhood days of the "choose your own experience" books. Compelling storytelling and just enough lascivious content to keep the audience gasping! As an avid D &D player the homage to the great spin off books is obvious, but contains enough original content to be a unique work.
Very interesting so far. It reminds me of Shadowgate from the original NES which is still one of my favorite games. This game deserves a 4 to 5 star rating so far. I'm sure it will keep me interested until the ending. I do think it could use more illistrations to help elaborate but it's not that important.
So far, it's been real fun. So choose your way adventure with some illustrations that appropriate moments. It's actually been kind of funny too. The vaguely remember reading Terry Pratchett books that fit some of the lines in these stories.
Tje game is fun, but your character acts on his own and the amount of choices is small, other than that it's a great game and the stats help make it feel more interesting, i would still like the players impact to be bigger.
This is very immersive story telling that shows very well the characters you play and the choices of actions you make to decide their fate and in some cases even their personalities in the situations given. Having a story where you can decide is much like a game, and yet not. It is an evolution of reading that I have enjoyed participating in. I have been hooked. Fantasy is my forte and D&D is the OG rpg that makes anything possible. Thank you to the creators of this! I enjoy every moment πŸ˜„
So far I am enjoying this adventure! I was always a fan of the older 'choose your own adventure ' books, As well as most roll play like D&D. Great story telling, witty humor and exciting choices. I am still just in the beginning adventure, still I am hooked right it. Great work, I recommend this to anyone who enjoys fantasy and or choice based books.
It's a nice enough choose-your-own adventure-esque sorta game with the unique addition of having some stats that grand more options in the narrative. The UI is functional, the moments where visuals are present are pleasant, and the writing is captivating at times.
Just got to the first checkpoint. I enjoy the game so far. I haven't decided if I enjoy the humor peppered in yet so I will leave further review in the future. The choice aspect and achievements make progression more rewarding and unique.
The lore is so great that I couldn't stop reading it for multiple hours a day. The choices effects on you and the story are so random at times it kinda makes you want to go back for more and another try. Other than that, its great. 100% great. Highly recommend.
I played the first chapter of the Wizard's Choice and it was a fun little adventure. This is more of a choose your own adventure book than D&D equivalent, but for free it's nice. The few game mechanics on top of the story choices are nice, but not complex in any way, just makes this more game like, rather than strictly a story you are reading. There are ads every now and then, but the autoplay ones are short. For a free game is definitely worth checking out.
I can only endorse every other good review. That said, i usually don't make my decision as to whether or not to install a game, based solely upon either negative or positive reviews simply because i have thoroughly enjoyed games with poorish reviews and been bored to death by some games with excellent ones. It's always best to give a game a try and make up your own mind. I installed the game around 6hrs ago and haven't been able to put it down!! πŸ˜‚. If you like this genre, just install the game.
Had a few of the Choice series on my old phone and very happy to have found the whole collection (I think). Just started this, but well presented, smooth and as entertaining and well written as remembered. First checkpoint, haven't had an ad yet :)
I bought the full series a year or so ago and I'm glad to see actual updates coming through. The only reason I leave this as a 4 out of 5 stars is for the last book I belive to be of The Paladins series. I am heart broken that the last book be it too gruesome or sexually explicit will not get a conversion into a interactive novel. I am sad to see it be this way. I love all of the books I've read so far. If its being to explicit for the audience have a age demographic be put in place. Thank you
I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS GAME I tried a lot of different games on my android to pass time when traveling or whatever. This one is more stimulating than the others. Ultimately my favorite game on android yet. It's completely feasible to unlock all the free chapters by completing games or watching videos, but you can buy it all in one run if you want (get some perks too) so far I'm using the free version and never run out of reading material. Excellent. 5 stars all day.
Reminds me of old times. There used to be these little books written the same way & I loved 'em. I'm thoroughly enjoying this. Kudos on the lighter (not so "adult"), but still entertainig books (i.e. Space Bounty Hunter, Superhero's Choice, & Nobleman. Those've been my favorites so far. I started with Wizard's Choice & enjoyed it up to the last few chapters (toooo adult, yech). Still willing to try out some of the other books.
I love it. I even got the other story's as well and I must say I use this all the time when going to work or am just not doing anything at the moment. Just perfect.
You got me hooked right away and I bought the ad free pass as soon as i finished the wizard story. The stories are actually REALLY well written and very creative. Even if you dont like reading books like me, this is still engrossing and addictive. Currently on rouge and Im actually a bit sad... I need to pace myself because im flying through chapters like nobody's business..... Kept it to only 1 chapter a day and already running low on chapters HNNGNG.
Overall great, especially for nostalgic bunch who grew up with "Fighting Fantasy", but I ultimately deleted it. It's the same issue - after a great start it becomes just "more of the same". The lack of any character creation options hurts the experience, because you can't relate to the character who is supposed to be you. A simple example: "She stares into your (blank) eyes. Give players the option to input/choose a colour for their character eyes (and everything else) within the game itself.
I'm really enjoying it after a couple of chapters, hooked into the story. The writing is sometimes a little shaky but makes up for it with the humorous dialogue and wonderful description without being drawn out in the slightest. Now back to it... I have to know how this plot thickens!
I've always wanted a game about choices that isn't romance and since I love wizard stories this was perfect. The simplicity of this game is what is really good about it. The creator did well with the story and everything. Thank you for this awesome game.
Awesome game, not only for the interactive part but also the ability to make you immersed in the story. Loved Wizard's Choice and then moved on to Rogue's Choice which turned out to be even better! This game grows on you and definitely worth playing if you are a medieval fantasy fan
I think this game is pretty cool and fun to play, but my only problem is the luck you earn. I've been stuck on this one part and I could never get past it because I end up dying after using my luck for either manna and/or life. It would be nice if it were possible to earn like 1 luck once a day because it gets a little annoying to replay the same parts over and over again without getting anywhere.
Great adventure lies ahead , beware adventurer this journey is not going to be easy ! Good game , great story , engaging preader (player+ reader) Have been playing Wizard's choice for a while now , also I love mythical creatures and their stories . If you like them too , you surely will enjoy this game .
I really enjoy this interactve... Thing. It's an extremely good app for me. There are ads, but it is minimal and it isn't as forced on you as other games. I also appreciate the fact that you can read multiple books at once and that you can either get stuck in or choose to fly over some stories. I recommend this to anyone who doesn't mind a few ads and thoroughly enjoy fantasy.
What an amazing game! A classic homage to the throwback games of the 80's, but in the palm of your hand, whenever you want it! Packed with fun, adventure, suspense and wit it's obvious that the writers were once fantastic DM's who still crave the excitement of story telling! Looking forward to future chapters! Keep up the great work!
Very immersive & addicting. Even though its a choice based game, its alot of fun. Free games come with ads, but they aren't disruptive to game play. They are usually shown after a choice has been made before the next part of the story is shown. I love this game! So many possibilities on how the stories will go depending on your choices! Has some pictures & maps, which just add to the immersion! Would love to see more!
The game really paints a picture and takes your mind on an adventure but it would be nice if you added medieval music and sound effects to make the gameplay more vivid they should be optional though because some readers like it quiet And maybe add an option where you can choose the traits of your character, how he/she gets to look etc. But for coins though, because one could easily take advantage of such a feature.
It's a fun read/ choose-your-own-adventure. There are some bits in the beginning with the 'use a spell' oprion, but later the "use a spell" then "choose a spell". Seeing it later makes me wonder why the choice wasn't available before. And, not for nothing, the d&d geek in me constantly wishes for the 'cast a healing spell' option. Not sure how that would be worked in, but it would be nice. *spoiler alert* . . . After gaining a lot of loot, I wished there was the option of keeping more gold.
Twists And Exciting Turns! I was asked if I wanted to rate this game in what I imagine to be pretty early on. Well the first impressions for me was SO good that I feel that you, the reader, need to give this game a try! It's simple to pick up and play within seconds, and has been pure thrills at a level easy enough for a novice reader to play, but still enticing enough for all fans of D&D style games. Sit down and play this for just 5 minutes, and you may get just as hooked on this as I have :)
Ah! Finally got to play a beautiful adventurous and involving RPG story after. Really indulging and I enjoyed it. Thats really a fair developer, it's not pay to play game and they just don't even put random annoying ads in between, They humbly request you to watch videos as it earns them some money. Watching videos are up to you. I voluntarily watch videos just to help humble developers and get some coins too. GOOD! Recommend 100%
I've only installed it a few minutes ago, but it really is a good read. The way they characterize the Wizard and Ranger really do feel as if they are fleshed characters (rather than murderhobos). The ads are somewhat annoying, but there are options to mitigate that. Overall, pretty great!
I had read a couple of these before, and they are really good... I recommend everyone to try! I change my review, i want to change it into 10stars.. playing even interrupted u can just continue in your own pace. The stories are awesome. The great part is that u don't just follow a certain char like in a novel, u become the char itself with the choices.. this makes the game so good.. u guys should make a movie from wizards choice, it would be epic!
I just finished Ranger's Choice and loved it! I've been a D&D player for a almost a decade, but haven't had the time in recent years to play and this app fits in perfectly with my schedule. I can't wait for the next chapter and see where the adventure leads.
My friends mature so much faster than me, they quit DnD and I miss playing with them a lot. Stranger Things also inspired me. Im like Will Byers too. I STILL like to have fun even when I'm in my 30s and will focus on the boring family, marriage, kids, and politics stuff a little later.
Waiting for the continuation of the main plot!! I really enjoyed all the way through! A bit strong sexually sometimes but didn't bother me. Great job thanks!
Great app, very much worth the price considering the time I've end up using it now. It's so well written that my only regret is that there's not more But if I may suggest one thing. Get a few more drawings and pictures in there. I have a great fantasy, but sometimes when your describing a demon for example, I have a hard time picturing it right
Just downloaded the game and so far it's great. The pandemic has made tabletop RPGs very hard to do, and because of that I've been trying to find a good online RPG. So far, the storyline is great and mechanics are easy (like really easy, if you can read you can play)
Free game, with a catch. What I have played so far I have enjoyed. Yes the app has annoying ads after every few choices you make, or any time you use an undo. No big deal. Once you play for a while, and get up to say wizards choice 4 like I did, youll get to a point where you cant unlock the next chapter until you wait X day(s) to get free coins from their ads system when it decides to let you. I dont mind watching ads to unlock content, but im not going to wait days to watch an ad to play.
Well written, choose your path adventure series. Brings back memories of text adventures of yore. I love that, if your choice leads to ruin, you have the option of getting back to a better place using Luck or checkpoints. I'm having a blast so far. And the artwork is well done and matches the stories nicely. If you like this genre you will definitely like this series. Only con is the intrusion of ads right in the middle of the story. But for a free game of this caliber it's not a dealbreaker.
The writing is actually pretty good, I would read some of these stories as books. But the choices are all usually leading you to the same outcome and it's too easy to die. It could also use more illustration tbh, the black screen with white text is not engaging to look at for very long on the phone.
Love choose your own adventure type games. This is definitely a good one. Takes me back to when I was a kid but instead of on a phone it was a book and alot of page flipping. This is just a great game is what I am trying to say.
Words fail to describe the intricacy of this game; oftentimes I find myself immersed within the stories for hours, and I look forward to every word on the page. Thank you for making this amazing app and keep up the good work. I'll continue look forward to the next chapter of the stories, as they are the stories that bring me joy in an otherwise joyless world.
Absolutely fantastic story so far! I was completely drawn in from start to finish reading Wizard's Choice 1 (not going to give spoilers). I honestly felt like I could have really been playing in a D&D campaign; just without the risk of rolling a nat 1. Can't wait to play the next chapter tomorrow night!
Really awesome choose your own adventure! Great writing, fun choices, this game surprised me. The ads aren't bad at all either. Give these guys your support. I want more games like this.
This is very well done. The 29.99 pricetag may seem slightly steep to unlock everything, but there appears to be a lot of books in this collection to play. I'll be purchasing instead of watching ads to get coins to unlock. Appears you can get enough tokens just playing, and watching a few videos to unlock the next book. I absolutely recommend this app. Edit: I've purchased the premium for the $29.99. 100% worth it. There's is a lot of content. If you buy, restore purchases to unlock everything.
Imagine so many people whining about ads in a free game. They're not free to make and the devs don't want to force you to pay, so they rely on ads to support the game. I love the stories so far. My only real complaint is that there are no branches so you are railroaded into choosing certain things to get through the story. That said, I'm still enjoying reading the stories. They keep me interested and wanting to see what comes next. If you like reading, try it out!
I really like the writing, and some of the dead-end choices are very imaginative! My only complaints are: I reset my phone and lost all my progress and acquired Luck (yes I did a cloud backup before and tried to restore using the same email - didn't work), and the navigation is a bit clunky. I was able to restore my premium purchase to unlock all content.
Not too bad, good story but the writting is a little off at times. Ignoring that. A good read to pass the time!
I have truly enjoyed this game!! The only books I haven't read is the Oregon Trail and the children's book, not really interested in these 2 topics, though. However, there is something for everyone. Hard to put down once you start a new book, I'll keep checking on the books with upcoming chapters. Wish you could add another book of Jake Noble and Snow and Blood! Freaking Awesome!
So far it is extremely immersive, as a massive fantasy and roleplaying fan this is a game for me. The writing is top class. Bravo!
I have been ignoring this suggestion for a long time, but after my friend convinced me to play a D&D game with him, I thought I'd give this a shot. This is actually pretty fun and enjoyable. I'm thrilled to see the results of my actions, which generally seem to reap what you sow.
I'm normally not the reading type, but this is an exception, the story is absolutely amazing, If you log out, it starts where you left off. EDIT: I just finished the whole wizards choice series, and I loved it, I also love how you get to choose your choices and how it affects your character and the story of the book, I might re-read the whole series just to get the thrill of it again, Wish I could write more but almost at maximum words, (Overall) 5-5, developers did an absolutely amazing job.
A really great use of this formula, the one that started it all. I'm not a youngster, getting on a bit actually and I have to say this really brought back fond memories of playing 'warlock of firetop mountain' and 'City of thieves' among many others (a Christmas gift when they first came out) with dice and paper and drawing out my route as a detailed map and sketching the pictures conjured up in my imagination by the descriptive writing. This manages to capture those lost times. Brilliant work!
It's so nice to get back into reading, and being able to pick back up exactly where I left off every time helps so much. The stories are very immersive (to use a cliche) and it's easy to get caught up in the adventure and will to survive through whatever quest you're on. It was initially off-putting when I realized that I was playing as a male in The Wizard's Choice (which I did by offering to share a blanket with rescued maiden, and offending her with my unknown manness), but it works out!
I have read and accomplished the highest score for a majority of the stories avaliable. I paid the $30 for unlocking everything and occassionally a $10 for luck. I just enjoy being able to see every option, even if I know it will not end up well. It was enjoyable but probably not worth the cost. Still 5β˜† for great stories and free access. I want the writers and developers to make money. I'm happy to support the app, but the price:benefit ratio is not on point. Theres a lot of potential here
MASSIVE fan, got me back into reading, from the game aspects to amazing literature, it's a master piece. Haven't bought premium yet due to personal reasons but the game gives you an option to support it by optional ads which I really appreciate. I really hope you guys continue working on it as I'm really scared of getting myself lost in the world you created without being able to see it through till the end. This is the only review I ever written, hope it helps out even a little.
Simply amazing the stories are captivating, the characters are absolutely lifelike, if not for the pay to play atmosphere of the game I would have given five stars. Love the game love the stories, and my wife is mad at me for "playing on my phone all the time" so over all fantastic job!
So far the experience is fun although some of the choices aren't what I would use. I am enjoying it tho. Well I've been playing into the game or should I say reading for a little while now and do say I have to give it 5 stars for the thought processes it took to come up with the story lines but so far I'm hooked on it. Thank u so much from a d@d fan!!!
I went a head and upgraded and this has easily been my best money spent on an app. A huge amount of great material and they keep coming out with more. I've also contacted the authors twice and each time the responded quickly and answered my questions.
I've never really enjoyed reading very much. I now have a new found inspiration in reading the novels, and playing the characters of Ring City as well as The Detective, Jack Jericho. They are entertaining and leave you craving more. I have binge read chapter after chapter, just like binge watching an entire series on Netflix. The interactive stories really stimulate the imagination and the achievements give you a unique sense of success. Can't wait to see what's next!
I love this game ... It is a simple game as far as its graphics/audio go, but it most certainly achieves the feel of an old school RPG! I am 56 years old, and I have been a fan of video games for a looooong time, so I know Old School!!! LoL. 😏
I haven't had a game on my phone for quite sometime so I decided tonight I needed one and I'm so glad I found this one. I just reached my first check point and so far, so good. It's addictive and I love the story line with the choices I get to make. It reminds me of those choice decision making story books I loved to read as a child. I would compare to D& D but I've never actually played. If it's like this, I know I'd enjoy that game too. Good job.πŸ™† 😳Maybe I'll get to be a necromancer πŸ§ πŸ’­πŸ”Œ
Fantastic set of stories. Finished Wizards Choice in a day and 3 days later I just completed Rouges Choice. Since starting this set of series I found myself narrating my own choices in real life. Please do hurry and make the next chapter of Rogues Choice, that battle was getting pretty intense. Im very much wanting to learn how the battle at the Temple of Love unfolds. Also im hoping we can meet Egra in person and have the choice to bed her too. She seems awesome πŸ‘Œ
I'm surprisingly pleased. I've been searching for a phone game like this so I can better myself with my friends DnD games. The story bits are short and understanding, on my own personal hopes, would be that it was a tad bit more detailed, (it's more of a tell story than a show story) but it does get the job done. I can easily visualize the setting with the information given even though it's just enough to allow myself to make my own assumptions of the settings. Worth a 5star imo
I really like the writing, and some of the dead-end choices are very imaginative! My only complaints are: I reset my phone and lost all my progress and acquired Luck (yes I did a cloud backup before and tried to restore using the same email - didn't work), and the navigation is a bit clunky. I was able to restore my premium purchase to unlock all content. Edit: Thanks for the response. I hope you are able to ID the issue.
I like the game, as it really reminds me of a D&D campaign (without the dice rolls). The only major issue I have is the amount of 5-second ads. When the campaign gets deep or when it's not going well, the frequent pop-up ads can take away any excitement that built up or add to the frustration. I get the need for ads, but just prepare yourself for their frequency.
Overall pretty fun and interesting. I've only gotten through Wizard's Choice 3 but I'm looking forward to finishing the story + trying out other ones! It's cool how drawings are sometimes implemented. Something I dislike is the fact that sometimes your choices really don't matter other than deciding your survival on a pre-set storyline. I'm also curious about something that shows up when looking at achievements. It says something about 'signs of life' and I'm just confused about what it means?
Only just made it to the first checkpoint but its really fun, addictive, and its really nice for someone who doesnt have any friends to play dnd with