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DamonPS2 Pro PS2 Emulator PSP for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by 🔥🔥🔥 DamonPS2 Emulator Studio located at Unit 04, 7/F, Bright Way Tower, No.33 Mong Kok Road, Kowloon, HK. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Please fix the graphic glitch for gran turismo 4. I paid this app with a big hope that the game can run well. I use sony Xperia XZ1 with snapdragon 835, while i review to the other phone with higher SoC it faced the same trouble - the graphical glitch. Please fix this for the next update. We pay it so you must fix it!
Is there going to be a list of games that do work or maybe even having a single game that works?I've tried a multitude of games and it doesn't support side scrollers,first person shooters,or 3rd person games like The Force Unleashed.And yet I spent$10 on this?There's a few comments saying SOME games don't work.Try MOST games don't work.The developers are active in the community however I just don't understand the$10 charge on a product that doesn't work and all the work it takes to start a game.
Pretty poor experience. If I spend money on an app I expect at the very last to feel like I didn't waste my money... unfortunately with this app I feel like I have. It crashes a ton and requires me to connect to the internet just to "validate" I purchased the pro version. The crashing needs to be radically improved. I don't feel like I should be required to have internet to use the full version of the pro app. If I have a gaming app downloaded to my phone already it should just work.
I have my home screen locked in landscape position and when I open this emulator it forces my phone back into portrait position when the app opens at the green loading screen. I have to go tilt my phone to make it go back to landscape. Please fix this. Also, please remove wifi required to play games.
3 of the 5 px2 games I tried did not work. Soul Calibur 2 and 3 and Tekken. Also emulator is ONLY able to read generic bluetooth controllers. Not a PS4 or Xbox One controller. I refuse to purchase another controller just for this emulator. My Xbox One controller literally works for all other games and apps on my tablet that use one. For these reasons I give 3 stars.
Idk why but it worked fine the first few days but now my game crashes so often... I can't even really get anywhere in my game anymore because it crashes at least 2 times within the hour allowing me to play for like 5-10 minutes between each crash. I hope this is just the rom and not the emulator because I really like playing the old games that won't see the newer consoles.
Promising, really hopeful for the future, want to be able to play ps2 quality games at high settings and potentially with enhanced settings
Somewhat consistent ui updates, but basically no compatability updates. Some games run great, most are completely unplayable. Still the best around, though...
This Emulator is Great! Its so awesome to play my old favorite ps2 games on my phone. I like how you can adjust the game parameters and the frame rate.
Previously tested on a Galaxy S8 (Exynos variant) and it was pretty choppy, borderline unplayable. Now with a Galaxy S9 (SD variant) Persona 3 and 4 work flawlessly. Obvsly the devloper and the whole project of DamonPs2 is pretty shady, but being the only ps2 emulator available on mobile; I believe is worth every penny, only if you have a fairly powerful device and with a snapdragon chipset.
Paid this pro version because of annoying ads in the free version and guess what? While boasting of premium features it unable to perform better emulation. My game frozen after a few hours and keeps freezing after restarting this app. Cant play while offline is a huge letdown for a paid apk 😑
Low frame rate (20fps) during fmv sequence in tales of the abyss, but during actual game it has consistent 60fps
I look forward to seeing more optimization. This is a great app. It has its issues but its not without its work arounds. Worth a buy imo. No regrets.
I just got the pro edition and so far so good, only game I have had trouble with id Xenosaga but I was expecting that. Only thing I have found a problem with is there is no way to change disks so if I went to play something that has more than one, I'd be out of luck.
Tried three different games all were unplayable. Frame rate was all over the place, audio skips, black screens with audio playing. changed multiple different settings with little to no improvement. Using s21+ galaxy ultra 5g.
So far so good even bug n glicht.. I thinks it can be improve... Keep doing good admin n other... I wait for your new update.. Even many complain about it bcz some game can't be played but I know its hard to make android to run smoothly compare to ppsspp bcz PlayStation 2 system have something that hard to run in android..
The emulator runs fine in higher end devices it lags here and there sometimes but it's playable it still need some work but its definitely worth it if you want to play ps2 games on the go.
Samsung Galaxy J7 Star user, it works until frames drop to about 5 frames in a matter of a second, be nice if next update makes it to where J7 phones get a speed upgrade Update: New update still has no play affect, framerate still in low digits (8.3fps) stays constant, debug mode doesnt fix it, neither of the app settings work, only games that might work that i dont care for is God of war and final fantasy, mainly the only ones that play shitiest emulator i ever had to pay for
Works good for the most part, the pre title screen cut scenes run pretty bad but after that it's pretty smooth. Needs ps4 and Xbox Controller support, as it feels unnecessary to buy a Bluetooth android gamepad when I can play alot of the games on the dolphin emulator with my ps4 gamepad. Add ps4 controller support so my gf and I can play super monkey ball deluxe together !
I bought this, it was working well until you launched an update that doesn't work if LOCATION and PHONE permissions are denied, of course I gave permission to STORAGE since it needs it to find the Roms, but it took and synchronized my phone contacts, it also allows the app to make and manage phone calls. Of course I denied that permission, since it's to intrusive. Fix it. It also lacks Nvidia Shield Compatibility. Report this as harmful to device or data.
Well I buy it and well I don't regret it I can play my favorite ps2 games I just wish they slightly improve on the graphics and fps and probably try updating more I like it very much now I can play a game I have not been able to do with a ps4 >,< am probably gonna video the game play so others can see what it like on my YouTube channel
ABSOLUTLY TERRIBLE app. Freezes, crashes, runs slow, glitches, bugs and every other problem. It's not even playable. Complete rip-off. Doesn't matter how new the device is or what BIOS you're using, its the same problem with every game and each device. I've tried all the compatibility modes, but it won't keep it from freezing. Here's a list of devices I've tried, Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Galaxy Note20, Samsung 51A and other Android products, just to make sure before I wrote this review.
Very decent emulator run by lying developer. for those seeing its "stolen" the truth is that they ported an open source emulator called PCSX2. But they are in violation of PCSX2s license which states that anything built from the emulator must be open source as well. this means DamonPS2 is allowed to profit from it if abiding by this license agreement, but they lied and attempted to bribe PCSX2 to protect themselves. Since they aren't the original creators dont expect any significant improvements
I wanted to like this app but I thought about it and requested a refund. The permissions are WAY too intrusive for comfort. The requiring of internet for licensing? That just seems weird. I got this without knowing that would be a total requirement. I'd consider purchasing again if these issues were corrected but I more or less believe this is a data mining scam that is a port of another emulator. Without full-blown transparency people should be aware this app could be taking your information
Definitely worth the $10. Some games run better than others, like Tekken 5 runs meh but Marvel vs Capcom 2 is perfect. Give it time, I'm sure all games will run perfect in the future. Support this app! EDIT - After using for a month I dropped 1 star because some games didn't work including Scarface, Viewtiful Joe, & Street Fighter Alpha Anthology so that upset me, but still others did work. I added Capcom vs SNK 2, BLACK, Jet Li Rise to Honor, & Street Fighter Anniversary. [Galaxy S10+/SD855]
With some settings tweaks, I'm able to play Final Fantasy X near perfect on mid-range phone. I gave it 4 stars for gameplay because it doesn't work offline
- not optimized with mid range smartphones - too laggy even you select the most compatible performance inside the settings - need internet connection, if you turn off wifi while playing the game you will be disconnected - too pricey, not worth it. - you need to have flagship device to use it with minimal lags Don't buy this app unless you have a flagship device.
I do like it but I'm wondering how long it will take until they make an update to where you can fix the lag cause most games you would normally play it either will crash or won't work but at least I'm able to play some games like yugioh capsule monsters but other then that there needs to be an update to fix the problems this app has been out for a while and I do know it does take time for emulators to work on a phone well emulators like GameCube PS2 XBOX but it's still somewhat worth buying.
Alright so I can see the potential of this emulator but it needs some work. Devs get started on tweaking game performance and setting. I mean most games don't work properly. I would ask for my money back but I have a feeling this issues will soon be resolved via updates.
GIVE ME A BREAK, the developers of the app ask that you encourage them and give them 5 stars inside the app, how could I possibly encourage an app that makes you pay 12$ for an app that is still in development with a stolen source code from another emulator that was provided to them for free. And make the free version so unbelievably stuffed with ads that its impossible to play! You want me to give you 5 stars! Try making so the app doesn't need to be connected to the internet at all times.
I give this a 5 star rating not because the emulator is perfect, but because when it works, boy does it! Honestly, PS2 emulation is pretty tricky and the games that actually work are still hit and miss (even on PC). It will be some time and effort before we see all the kinks worked out. Go into it with low expectations and do some trial and error.
Using Moqi i7S Pros: Functional on screen touch controls. Accessible emulation settings. Screen record and Mic option available. Genuinely plays PS2 ISO's. Cons: Requires too many permissions for one's own comfort. No Analog Sensitivity. Many games have graphical glitches. Some small where which the game can still be played, many large that make the game unplayable. Some games that are playable will freeze in the middle of gameplay every few minutes.
the new update gave a significant improvement. nba 2k11 is now running smoother on my v50s. thank you for the hardwork!
Good until the game keep freezing over n over, loading from save state, and the game keep freezed at that point of time no matter what I do, so i got to load from older save state, and a few minutes later freeze again, load from 2 minutes before n the game freeze at that point of time again 2 minutes later, no matter is i go there or other places or doing other task. I played : legaia 2 : duel saga.
Some games work. Most games don't. What I'm upset about is I was charged twice for purchasing this app. I like the app but I need to be refunded for one of those purchases. Not working on one plus 8t
There's a small improvement. Like frame rate upped abit. I know it works way better on some games I got n for sure maybe if I configure. So ima try this more out n figure. So n so. More bug fixes will do n offline n controler configuration. 4 because I support. N because gameplay did improve. Frame rate has increased abit. So yeah. Debug mode was useful.
While it isn't a bad emulator it could use some work. Most games run with some issues and glitches but they do run. My chief complaint is the constant freeze/unfreeze during game play and optimization needs to be addressed. Phone gets way too hot and this app is a serious battery killer even when plugged in to charge. With 10 minutes of game play I lost about 17% battery WITH it plugged in. All in all still good to play and after a few more updates/fixes this can be a really good emulator
Just want big fixes and games can run fine but I want more freedom to configure controls so there not so close together and possibly just some sort of setting we're it runs smoothly and textures don't just bug out otherwise dose the job just improve paid 8.99 and spent days just trying to find good bios want the game just to run smooth even if it dose crash always have save states for that
Amazing PS2 emulator. It's not without flaws, but it will be eventually, since the devs update it all the time. I'm a huge shmup fan, so it's awesome to be able to play Gradius V on the go. I'm running a note 10+, so I'm able to use a type C to HDMI OTG cable to connect it to my TV as well. Great job devs...keep the updates coming. One minor irritation...the app said it detected a cracked version (I paid for Pro) one time when I tried to run it without an internet connection...oh well.
Using this app, I've been able to play Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix patched in English on my Razer Phone 2 using the Razer Junglecat controller mounted to the sides of my phone like a Switch, getting typically 43-60 fps. This app deserves more stars than Google allows.
I would give this app 5 star if you guys make an update I connected my xbox controller via Bluetooth but the rt and lt button won't respond when I press it I have to press it on the screen an the press the rt and lt buttons to get it to work im trying to play need for speed carbon collectors edition but it gives me an address map error 486
Worth the money, devil may cry and resident evil 4 works perfectly fine and smooth, Note: I have a highend gaming phone, ASUS ROG Phone II so if you don't have a high end phone don't expect it to work smoothly
anyone complaining about this is expecting too much too soon. you can play some ps2 games on your phone! when I think about that, it's kinda exciting. playing on note9, it works better for me when I use my touch screen instead of a controller. when I use a controller, it's a bit choppier but honestly it's not a big deal to not use it lol. keep it up, dev(s).
After fix a problem about license check. i can say the app is good . Some games crash , but the app is new . Bad ,sadly thing is cant mapping the buttons. I have ps4 gamepad but cant use at 100% gotta use the gamepad from rog phone 3 .I hope a good update come soon 👍 its worth the money 👍
Will raise stars when problems are fixed. Full wifi connection and still says its not connected. Have to be connected to internet to play. Can't play offline. Can't change controller layout or change the transparency. Can't choose to change game volume and leave media volume up.
Good overall experience. Keep in mind you need a strong processor to get good results. Dont bother if you have cheap low end phones. Maybe one day it will work with cheap phones but not now. Because no matter what device you use its ps2 games which have large amounts of info to process.
No reason this should be this slow. If I can run with games at 2x speed no problem, i don't think its unreasonable to expect more than 40% speed and controls that don't work. But i heard they stole the software from another developer so its not really surprising that its not getting any better.
Works well. I think most people who are rating this low don't have the proper hardware on there phones to use this. I recommend CPU-Z its free through play store and will let u know if u have compatible phone or not, remember u need snapdragon on ur phone to use this app.
The emulator works fine. It can load my favorite PS2 game (Harvest Moon). My issue with it is that I'm unable to adjust the control stick sensitivity on Android. If someone can tell me how to do that, I'll change my review to 5 stars.
My 1st time tried ps2 emu on android and just play sims 2 on it, its either the game slow (focus on compatibility setting) or the game running okay for a while and then freeze (slightly increase the FR on setting). Still haven't found the best setting for it, but the emu itself is cool. Cause i tried the other ps2 emu and it just freeze on loading screen, so thank u for this awesome app. Cant wait for ur next update, u guys plan it to up to v5.x end this year but here it still v3.x. Keep it up
Everything is great about this app it works great compared all the other emulators out there, totally work the 10 dollars
So I think the best way I can help people is just tell them what games work I'll update with every playable game My device is the tab s6 Settings used - Default Dark cloud Dark cloud 2 - I am very suprised how well this game works a few months ago it was extremely slow
good emulator , but you need to make it fully offline , i want to be able to play when i don't have wifi too , Madagascar works flawlessly on it with just minor glitches from the shadow , will put 5 stars when it becomes fully offline
This is extremely misleading and described incorrectly! I feel like I have been lied too and robbed. The amount of broken images, lag and permissions needed is completely ridiculous. Everything I try is still unplayable! I want my money back!!
The emulator is great, I use a Huawei phone with 4gb, runs poorly the majority of the games but snk vs Capcom 2 muted(Wich is sad because the sound is so good) runs flawlessly, but it haven't visual glitches, rating 5 stars because the problem is my Device, I think 4gb in this phone adding up that this don't have a kyro processor or a adreno gpu, this is the most competent emulator, and soon with more updates PS2 will be a reality on mobiles.
Dissapointing. Long time user of the app and while I can just about stomach the crazy intrusive permissions requests from this app (why do you want so much access to my phone huh?) and the chuggs, the one thing I can't stand is the stupid licence check. I got this to play PS2 games on the go. If having a constant internet connection to play is necessary, I might as well sit down and use my laptop. Fix your app. Otherwise, once some else provides an alternative, im ditching this dissapointment.
I got a Samsung galaxy 20 note ultra and for the games that run it runs pretty smooth. My problem is how little games it can actually run. I've gotten a few well known games to run like the God of War games and what not. Gta San Andreas runs, but not great has some bugs with the frame rate. For some reason tho vice city doesn't run. You can get it open, but it'll freeze at the first loading screen every time. Idk, I would just stick with the Xbox game pass cloud streaming honestly.
Would be nice if one God damn soccor game played. Can't get one FIFA game to load. It says loading,, and then the app freezes. What did I pay for exactly? You think after stealing somebody's source code and working with it you would at least know how to get the basics to function I mean another company did half the work for you .Shouldnt always need to check google for license verification. Once after purchase or every so often is quite enough. I dont always have signal where I am or wifi.
dead apk, long time no update. Update looks like fake one. Again no difference. Still bad graphics for kingdom hearts, IRCS turned on makes all the graphics bugs desapear but is very slow. Please correct the graphics or implant Vulkan, Opengl is outdated, Play! emulator is better, in this emulator we need internet to use it, plus kingdom hearts graphics still broken same since the version 1. never seen any real updates. more worse is a paid app.
Honestly very entertaining but wondering is there a faster way to adjust games setting depending on the device for it to run smooth or tell the user the phone's not strong enough to emulate the game to play it and enjoy it
Work in progress but GREAT I read through the reviews before purchasing, you should do the same. I couldn't get the games to run properly and this is the only app that can right now. Expect issues and some games not to run at all. It is what it is. But seems like they are getting closer and closer to a perfectly working emultor for the PS2.
It's good for the most part but need a bit more fixing such as brightness in certain games such as "The Suffering" (game is too bloomy which causes the brightness of the lights to be overbearing) and some models such "ICO" disappear. Other than this it is a good emulator. Some of them don't work either like "Manhunt".
Best PS2 emulator available on android, I don't regret my purchase at all. The UI feels a little clunky and you have to find your own BIOS file. Otherwise, I don't think the terrible reviews are actually warranted at all tbh. It runs really smoothly, but I'm on an S10 4.5/5 Please keep developing!
No too bad, of course needs a lot of tweaking, had to watch some YouTube videos to get some games working at a decent level. Some are just unbearable. I'm hoping the bugs, lags, and settings will be increased in the near future, but for what the price is, it's a little much to only play a few games at a barely decent level. That being said, some games work fine enough, it's no Dolphin Emulator, but you have some fun trying to get this working...I hope
Great App, don't see the hate. You need to have a phone that is strong enough to run ps2 games such as phones with 4 gb of ram or more like mine. Otherwise most games you try to load up will lag heavily and be close to unplayable. If you can play games fine on the free version then the paid version is worth the investment. Especially since they're still optimizing this app as we speak.
I'm now using a Samsung galaxy s20 5g and it improved. Now I got Snapdragon 865 proceser and most games work perfect. I do hope for more debugging and offline so I can play on the go. But yeah. Always will support. I know it maybe difficult but you need to add more bug fixes. I still support. Hope the next update will actually effect. But this update is just a rating setting. Online seems to be a priority. Having to play this online is not efficient.
Latest update: From 4 star to 2 star.. i don't get it.. why in the world we need to connect online while playing an emulator? This is not a free app, i paid for this and now I'm supposed to have online connection every stinking time I want to play it? What the hell is this?
This is a pretty engrossing/enticing app but, I was curious if you guys could get codebreaker to work for the app. Because everytime I try to use the cheat codes it doesn't work and it crashes on me by saying"address map error. And I even turned down the ee speed tweak to auto(off) to get it to work for Crash Twinsanity but, as I said before it crashed on me. So, other than that app works just fine can't wait for the next update thank you guys very much peace.
I love the app it awesome as is right now but the reason I could qualify this as a 5 star is because as in righ now the app doesn't have support for any types of conrroler witch I belive is important because for me I just can play correctly with buttons on screen I belive that once that is done this could be a 5 star emulatos best one I tried yet
The best ps2 emulator for Android it has problems, for me it was sound and a little lag every now and then and bugs but I absolutely see the potential. It would be nice to put some look sensitivity in the settings bc my controls are fast! Not unplayable just a little annoying, overall I'm looking forward to newer updates bc its almost there! If your on the fence about buying it try the free version there's really no difference at all theres just no adds and can connect a controller to it.
Terrible app, never has it been updated to support controllers and the rendering is so slow, all enemies are FASTER, I was playing resident evil and bro I was running in slow mode and the zombies were freaking running!!! Super frustrating. The developers are begging people for a positive review saying their going to fix stuff but it has been YEARS and there is still no decent updates for support. Just got approved for my refund, SAVE YOUR MONEY!!
It's really not optimised , lack of settings . One of the most crucial setting " frame skip " had been erased for some reason . We've paid you in full price so we expect a better quality than this . Even with mi9 it's still not an idealist choice to purchase it .
Work in progress... please if we're paying money for you to make this better please stick to your word. Its good overall. Just need the app to recognize the action buttons without me having to save and reenter the game.. its good just keep working at it please?
While we were lead to believe that this emulator was unplayable without internet authorization.I found that suspended play is the way forward to keep it intact.Just press home button to keep it in suspended play mode and NEVER delete it from activity history or it will reset.It is insulting to paying customers to keep doing this,but I found it to be a some loophole sort of solution before the next update which should solve this mess.
Hasn't had an update since June and isn't at all even a remotely finished product. Most of the games barely work on it for various reasons (ghosting, horrible gamma, or just won't render at all). I'm completely regretting this purchase. Running on an s20+ 5G snapdragon model
Till now there's no update on the glitches specially on the most played games. So glitchy. I am using a high spec device but still, no improvement. I bought this app for a reason and I can't seem to get what payed for. One more thing, why need to have internet connection when I ALREADY PAID for it. No devs are replying. So expensive app but useless. I want a refund.
My single problem is can use it offline, necessarily Internet connection, for pro version not good enough, add xbox one Controller support or option to edit Controller keys.
Update: Ok I upgrade score from 2 to 3 because they somehow made it lot faster than before or it's my imagination. To be honest this is the only true PS2 app for Android that runs fast. Works very well but some games have button problems like Onimusha Dawn of Dreams which makes it game breaking/unfinishable. Way of the samurai 2 have severe texture issue as well. Kindly look into these games. Damon your app is fast enough, start focusing on textures! TEXTURES!
I have lost patience with the app. I have this for 3-4 years checking every update if they fixed the textures and compatibility of games. For 3-4 years "no" improvement! Same textures issues same glitches and I have SD 865 Black Shark 3! The updates are FAKE, they don't even tell you what they updated. They literally don't know what to do at this point. I'm pretty sure you'll be amazed at first that you can play a few games and expect improvement, nope this is the final product.
Poorly optimized port of an amazing emulator. Developers taking money for others hard work. In addition to questionable business practices, this app does not perform consistently. I don't just mean game to game which is inherent to emulation, but from moment to moment using the app. Numerous times ive reached a black screen when trying to use a basic function, or a game that previously loaded up will crash the app instead. Would refund my purchase of the "professional" version if I could.
Barley any game is compatible and the user interface is trash. Devs know it's the only ps2 emulator for Android so they're banking off it. Just use PCSX2, it's free and actually works and has a nice user interface to easily navigate menus and setup game pads. Also this app hasn't seen update since November of typing this so it's clear that the devs gave up ( further proving they're here to make a buck or two
11/1/2020 Update: many games load and run smoothly using Galaxy Note 10. Love this and thank you!! Keep going with development!! Really excited at the possibility of playing my backed up PS2 games on the go!!
Its a work in progress: for whats its worth, it does play ps2 games. It just seems like the bad out ways the good. Idk why it needs to still be on in the background even after i shut down the app. Kinda unsettling. And for a few games, the graphics are just either missing or spacially distorted (jak/spiderman/Norrath) I think for the most part, i just dislike how this app needs access to parts of my phone which it doesnt fully need to be in order to work. But it does play the games lol idk
For what this thing can do, it gets 5 stars. Is it perfect? No. Is it great and the ONLY legit PS2 emulator? Yes. So far, I'm exceptionally pleased.
this app is really great but its just need to fix the errors in the games and its will be the best so i hope ur fix it
The game would run smooth but at the cost of tearing the game down. The character models are so messed up, i can't even explain it. It's just terrible. The only good thing ab this emulator is its smooth but it looks like we're still far away from getting a proper ps2 emulator
Good emulator, I have a ps1 emulator that is flawless and this is almost as good. Keep in mind that it is also playing ps2 games which are a lot harder to run and it does a pretty good job of it. I believe after a few more updates and if the user has a decent phone, this will be flawless too!
None of the games work on here properly. I've wasted 10 bucks on this worthless thing just to connect my controller when every other emulator does it for free. And it still wasn't even worth it. If you want a actual working emulator get dolphin emulator. At least it works and its free and easy. Saves more space too.
LOVE THIS APP.... I'm running it on a OnePlus 7t, bought the Damon Ps2 pro version and it runs amazing on most games... there are a few that it doesn't, but hey, I'm ok with that... the fact that I can play ps2 games on my phone using my PS4 controller is more than enough for me... Thank you guys for making such a bad ass App!!!
I recommend using European downloads. The USA ones never seem to work. However the app works REALLY well. Multiple setting and uses the CPU/GPU well. SGS20
There are a lot of problems 1like crashing or the saving it doesn't save anything right each time I get back to a game I find myself a way back 😥👎 I don't recommend it they never update the app so these issues will never get fix.
So far so good, compatibility on fighters is excellent so I'm happy lol Update - so some games with 5 star compatibility don't display correctly i.e. silent hill 2 (I don't know if this is just the way this game was made) and DMC3 (no cut scenes just audio. ) HOWEVER...It has to be understood that this is an exploratory process so things tend to get better gradually, I'd encourage people to share issues etc in reviews as the more Devs know, the quicker we get smoother emulation. Class emulator!
Has alot of textures errors, sometimes games don't function correctly, but still, it's pretty ok for what it is and I'm sure it'll get better
I paid so I could play Wild Arms Alter Code F for PS2. I've experienced a lot of crashes with that game. If IRCS is set to instruction by instruction, it won't crash, but I'm running at around 10 fps in that mode. I guess it's doable, but there's no reason I should need to run the game at 1/6 speed to make it not crash. Some stretches are ok to run regular, but if I don't save state every 10 seconds, I could loose a lot of progress. If you fix it, I'll edit 5*. On the plus side, FFX works great.
Doesn't work on Android 11 so I can't even play my ps2 games now. If you have a pixel or another device that gets updates fast this is always an issue. Hope they can get this updated and working on Android 11 soon.
Not worth the money. Could improve on optimization, adding an option to skip frames, a button to faster time (just to speed up gameplay in case of some unskippable moment) and a frame limiter. Also, why is my game displaying a slow gamplay but a smooth framerate? Its so annoying because it marks "30 fps" but the game slows down until the game reaches 50 fps, it ruins the experience. I'm giving the developer the benefit of the boubt to prove this is his work and not a stolen code from pcsx2
Works perfectly for most games and I would recommend paying for the pro version my previous problem was because I'm in the UK and Samsung use their own weaker chipset exynos over Snapdragon 865 I now have the Oppo find X2 Pro with SD 865 and 12GB ram and I don't have any problems now only with few games but final fantasy X Bloody Roar 4 and dragon Ball z budokai (3) and tenkaichi 3 work flawlessly for me in HD X2 that should say a lot really so it was my device that was the problem NOT emulator
Good emulator when you buy the paid version,doesn't tell you you have to download a BIOS to get it to work but after that,works like a charm
I tested Gran turismo 3 and 4 with my mi 9T (Snapdragon 730) and android 10. The app was using the default config for graphics. The first one works ok until I played a single race then it freezes and it happens when choosing a car so it's unplayable for now. Although GT4 is more demanding, it ran relative smooth and I was able to play a time trial race but the graphics were all over the place and I couldn't see the car :( Good work and keep polish this emulator. It has a lot of potential
If you are having the same problems I had about the emulator not working even though you uninstalled Lucky Patcher and dont want to reset your phone, I have the solution. First get the 7Zipper app in the Play Store and then when you open it tap on the applications section and keep scrolling down until you see the Lucky Patcher logo(s) and then tap on the small square at the right and once you see the check mark in there, tap on the 3 dots at the top right of the screen and then tap on uninstall
It's good enough to play Persona 3: FES at an acceptable framerate on my RedmiNote 9 Helio G85 processor. My only complain is the left analog stick is kinda buggy when I tried to move around in the game. Hope it will be fix in future updates.
This is very awesome apps.. Most of games run almost perfectly. I do hope wild arms 3 can run perfectly in the future, coz it always crashed during before the fight with janus, and 2 robbers ( after all characters prologue complete ) and Dirge of Cerberus can run faster ( it is very slow like slo-mo right now in ver 3.2 ). Great job! Keep up the good work.. looking forward with new update..
Great speed but with graphic issues. These issues can be solved in pcsx2 by changing graphic settings (software mode) but I cannot find similar in this one.
This will not open on Android 11, I will give it 5 stars once it's fixed and I'm able to use this wonderful emulator. Otherwise I love this emulator and I think it looks and runs better than PCX2 on the computer. That just might be because of the screen quality on my Pixel 4XL though.
DO NOT get this for Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne. Was running this on my S10+, textures are all over the place.... it would eventually freeze, couldn't do too much..... BUT, ignoring the textures, as i believe it has to do with compatability, the emulator was good. Got great FPS, really just an issue with the textures
it runs on my note 9, not perfect. It's a miracle that an app can emulate a ps2. I understand that it is very difficult to do this for a mobile device and can only wait to see how they improve in the future.
This emulator is the best ps2 emulator for phones... However, I came across a big bug or something that makes it think that I didn't buy the pro version which made this a big waste of money.
Paid for the app. Will not work because phone is rooted. Highly upset that I use root to gain access to certain things blocked by phone and this app refuses to work with it because exposed is installed. Please update this or allow an offline mode or a work around for it.
I use rog phone 2, it's very lag and sometime force close. When i use samsung c 9 pro, this app ok and don't have problem. Why when use high end gadget it's very laggy and force close. Please fix this!!!!! Coz that many game i want to play from ps2
Too bad that it needs internet connection to enter the emulator and play but still a nice emulator. Since it is still on its early stages you can experience some graphic and emulation lag. I wish that the devs would remove the unneccessary permissions like access to phone, etc. Still I will recommend it to others.
My experience with this app over the last week, has not exactly been a pleasant one. Almost every game crashes, has audio skips, inconsistent frame rates, and multiple other issues. It's not my device either. I'm running a Nubia Red Magic 5G, with recent system updates and 12G of ram. Whatever is going on, I hope these issues can be corrected, or at least improved. Other emulators, are doing more regular updates and improvements. I hope the same here. Thank you.
It works now on my phone but somehow I can't use it offline. It always need to be verified and connect to the network every time I use it.
The main problem I have with this emulator is the Left Joystick controls. The right joystick allows for smooth transitioning between up, left, down, and right. The left joystick has no in-between and it makes the character move very blocky. If that makes sense.
I paid the $9.99 back in April of 2018 for this app when it first got started up. No ads. The emulator's performance looked promising even though it had so few features, understandably though. Nonetheless it worked and was easy to access and start gaming on. The developer never responded when I emailed recently if they could do anything to give me access to this app again, even though I hadn't used it since sometime in 2019.
Works great for it still being in development. I believe that this app is still in development. For now it works amazing if you have the right phone. Emulating the ps2 is hard on a phone so don't give it a bad review yet. I think it works amazing for not even being finished.
Most games seem to work well. Some adjustments to the settings had to be made to make some games work better. I would give it 5 stars but I haven't been able to load the app at all for the last 12 hours. It keeps saying my device is not connected to the internet. I hope this gets fixed
I find that this emulator is really good overall. Its plays many titles, most imperfect ,but playable. The fact that I can play final fantasy 10 at nearly a consistent 60fps on a mobile on the go is amazing and the nostalgia it brings back. I'm using a "high end" device n as much as it plays ffx, alot of the games that are less graphically demanding, seem to not work. -Compatability with more games. -A less clustered UI (too much info where the roms are ie region/ratings etc).
I have a Samsung s10 lite snapdragon 855 and 8 gb of ram I purchase it for play BLACK game But emulator not works well bugs in game map parameter And i also bought a cosmic byte nebula gamepad for inr-1850. But this app not working well with it Says only support android base gamepad yet not ps3 ps4 or xbox based gamepad So why you charge so much money for a uncompleted app
They say they release updates every week or at least now and then but thats not true its been 2-3 months and there was no update.....this version is not compatible with full screen in my realme u1 and they haven't fixed it yet😞
The app needs a lot of work, but it's off to a good start. Playing on galaxy A01. Things are choppy, lots of screen tearing, and games run slow. Those things are to be expected for something so new. With some adjustments to fix the graphical glitches and an option for frameskipping, this app would be near perfect. The games i have tried are payable, despite running slow. Rated 5 stars with the hope that the dev is still working on it.
2 stars because some games actually work but this app is flawed and also shady with its permission request for things like calls and camera access.... why? Always online DRM app won't even let me open it anymore because its "connecting" to my 5g wifi they know we illegally download roms to play for free but need online drm for "licensing" purposes
Connection to verify license is hit or miss as phone data only works for this. Updates have slowed down to a trickle and devs broke promise of updates like every 2 weeks. Still is the best PS2 emulator for Android, but the changes done more harm to it than any good.
So I gave 4 stars just because I appreciate creators of emulators so much! Tho a lot of sport or fast pace titles are glitchy & some are literally in slow motion. Nfl2k5 plays with minor slow play but even madden 05 is slow &, the newer the yr the worse. WWE SVR '11 is super slow as well. Needs work as dreamcast emulator works better right now. I like the fact some1 is trying tho!
Runs older under 1gig games well, graphics on over 1gig games are poor. Best emulator out to date, I'm happy to purchase and I hope you continue to improve it!
Some games like Nobunaga's Ambition Iron Triangle, Romance of the three kingdoms 11 etc... are still unplayable.
This app is good I have no problem playing games with my ROG phone since it meet the compatability. I will be giving it 5 star for you to optimize it and make some upgrade for mid to low specs phones.
One plus 8 pro here, so I have a pretty powerful phone. This emulator is on the right track, but there's still a lot of room to improve. Once in awhile a game won't load, period, and upon the next attempt loads fine. That being said, it runs on my phone at 60 fps. A few graphical issues, but I'm not expecting perfection, and so far Silent Hill 2 and God Of War are playing quite well. Looking forward to updates.
The app updated from 3.2 to 3.3 and it's kinda still the same, can't save, joystick doesn't work on P4, still lagging although the ui look a little bit better now hoping it gets better 🙏🙏
I recommend using European downloads. The USA ones never seem to work. However the app works REALLY well. Multiple setting and uses the CPU/GPU well. SGS20. Even better on SG20 NOTE ULTRA
God of war 2 running very good on 3x fix the cutscene issues Snapdragon 855 but cutscene glitches please fix And DMC 3 got black cutscene issue can't see anything God hand great but audio not sync
They need to polish the app like everything's good but doesn't look professional the area where it needs to be done are Remapping using controller Adjusting presets in a better environment Like plz dont cluster everything Do it like how ppsspp has implemented and that will be perfect but overall emulator is pretty good in emulating and storage and worth purchasing but plz do look into those areas I would be amazed if somehow u guys can manage wifi and Bluetooth into it too but not necessary
Why I'm constantly getting "server error" or "cracked behavior" error for an app that I've paid for and supported for a long time?
I've paid for the pro version and I was pretty impressed. I was able to install it on one of my android box and play Marvel vs Capcom 2 pretty decently. This emulator has a lot of potential for android. Please make a version compatible with Nvidia Shield. I know this emulator would perform way better on the Nvidia. Please developers, hook us up with a version compatible with Nvidia Shield. TIA.