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Arrows! for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by CoCo Magic Games located at Germany. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Very interesting app to play and yeah its has good offer coins but just i havent receive anymore...actualy i play this game for rewarding coins in playspot but now it has gone change so could you pliz fix this issue as soon as possible.
I like the game if you have proplums like if you have a add all you do is press the x and no add and than you press the button that says redo and there tou go
Very similar to a previous knife game. When I first started playing it was definitely a great game, 4 stars, but in stage 3, after adds, there is a glitch, you can tap a long while and still u can not get the arrows to launch . So a nice game that is " paused " until fixed.
Game freezing just as you shoot causing your shot to be off , not even fun, this maybe a advertising app with no real game play just here to advertise and make lots of money at your expense. I'm sure they probably pay something out but from my experience you can't control the shots so very limited options
It's addictive, and you can get really good at shooting apples. Fun, and money.. I'll just have to see the money first?
Fun at first but then you realize that there are SO many ads & when you lose you have to restart from the beginning of the game so it gets really repetitive.
1st: why are game developers so greedy with the ads? Literally, I was planning on enjoying the game, but with a popup every time I missed, I realized that the people making this game were more interested in making money than an enjoyable game that doesn't trick you or hound you with ads. 2nd: I was doing YOUR company a favor by downloading this off a rewards app. Now I would warn people against this app developer. And I integrate into the small graphic design community here in San Diego. Oops!
ok let me clear it for you: this game made by one or more lazy developers who don't have any skill or idea, they copied this simple game's algorithm and design without any rules, making you game over (over and over!) to show ads and make money. that's all. it's a adware behind a simple useless boring game. all 5 star reviews are fake to make you try this game and watch ads.
I find myself getting stuck playing the game, it will reel you in for sure. Only thing I can't figure out is what's the purpose of the apples once u buy all the different arrows that are offered?
Worst game ever why do you have so many ads, I watched more ads than play the game, this game wasn't made for entertainment it's an advertisement bot portrayed as a game,it's not! Don't waste your time downloading this advert bot
Update.. Now the app freezes up when your playing and you have to exit the game and start again. Frustrating! Too many long ads!! Paid 1.89 to remove ads but it did nothing.
Too many ads. After every mistake you must watch an ad for 30-45 seconds. Waste of time. I'll uninstall the game. Another ppint is that its reslly annoying to start the game from the beginning after you lost. So becomes boring very fast. There is not a progress in the game.
Super fun. Great way to earn credits on certain apps that can be exchanged for money! Really! Real money! Lol.
Uninstalling but before I do I just wanted to give my reasons as to why, it's extremely frustrating when u Get to the very last boss level and hit another arrow and get sent back to the very first level. The game itself it really good which is why it's a shame to uninstall but I have anxiety and asthma and 4 times I've had to use my inhaler lol. It should be like other games where u Get 5/10 lives or once you've reached the boss levels it takes u Back to the first boss level just an idea 4 u
I realy enjoy yhis game .For all youLadys out there who like to hunt. Very good pratice, in fact might have the makings of a good date.
I get that u have to break the wheel(log), but I hit the apple NEXT to an existing arrow, if the apple hits the arrow I get chumped & sent to watch a video!!! #%@
This game is fun it's like the knife throwing games. Tap the button though, dont pull back just because it's an arrow otherwise it will take longer. I suggest downloading PlaySpot and get paid to play it. Way too many adds however.
Paid to remove ads. But when I lose, the "continue" button still plays an ad and the game over button appears about 5 seconds after the continue button. Complete scam.
I paid $1.99 to remove add's and not only did they screw me over thay took $5.00 from my account.i understand the add's world stull be apart of the side game wear you pick the arrows. But this game is is a rip off...
This is a pretty awesome game and its definitely addictive, though my only "Major " problem is ,it should have more levels or challenges and possibly able to collect more than just "Arrows",It should have options for hatchet,throwing knifes etc.it would be way more challenging.
You shoot arrows at slice of wood while it spins. Apples get added some times for extra challenge. I'm enjoying it
It takes some skill to play this game one slip and you ain't in to play against any boss level it's fun William Tell apples and arrows. Thanks !!!!
I downloaded it 6o secs ago its says i can cash out when the F ever if thats tru then hells 2 da yea 5 stars if there is a glitch like all these other games that promise and lie just so we will download ... Well just say im taking back 4 stars and only reason id leave the 1 is cause ill need it just to speak on my situation hope i just get my money ive been playing theze gamrz 4 weekz and no real money comes from any of them..
Within 5 seconds of downloading the game I already had an ad . This isn't a game it's nothing but ad breaks. There's no real instructions I really don't get it. I guess there's nothing to get because it's nothing but ads
Okay I got to admit this is a very fun game to actually play, I'm hoping I can some real cash money out of this game.
It's a fun game, little annoyed about the ads. They were just constant, and even after I paid for the ads to be removed it still showed ads. I'm not bothered because it was a small amount of money, but still, annoying.
A simple game. Its fun to play. I really enjoy it. Simplicity sometimes is better. God is simple and so is this game. The developers did a wonderful job on this app. Thanks you guys.
I'm hoping this game gives more coins but its not that bad on the coins output. When I keep playing I will be giving it a 4 or 5 🌟
This game is a scam .They dont pay out .they stop showing points that you have earn leaving the person to play forever and never getting .i spent $2 for no ads ,but the continued to show even after i paid.Dont waist your time .
["In-app purchases","Supports in-app purchases",[null,2,null,[null,null,"https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/OHPOv1_KARAq6le0gvoUqeZ7Nr5SLmY5Jgbzutmg5LRcj3q_1lV_cgfPeuAB2mRFYDTC"] ] ]
I play this game thru a different app that I collect points for gift cards and cash. This game helps me get points quick. It's an easy game...ads let you continue in the level you failed on so you don't have to start all the way over. It's a good game when U need something to kill time for a couple of minutes.
Simple game, extremely easy, anyone can play. It is a repeat of same thing, u think it would be boring but I love it for some reason. I would recommend trying it.
People are complaining about the ads... Just turn off your wifi and/or data before going into the game...
It's pretty good, but I do have a few nitpicks. I just wish that it didn't bring me back to stage 1 every time I failed, (of course I can use the ad for extra try feature, which i do really like since it lets you do that multiple times.) Even if im past the forst "round" of stages. The only reason I gave it a 4 and not a 3 was because the app I play it through (which gives points for how long you play) still seems to give me points even if im completing stage one for the umpteenth time.
Gets boring fast, well too many ads, honestly the only reason i downloaded this was to get credit towards another app, but as it is no longer giving me any theres no reason to keep it.
It was kinda fun, but the ads were a bit easy to tap by accident and somewhat annoying. That hurt things a little.
I got so far and now it doesn't even open, crashes before it loads.... When I Uninstalled it and reinstalled it I had to start all over.... Waste of my time
Good little game to keep you occupied for a while, only thing I would add is "in game prizes" where you could level your character and maybe give him a new bow or something like that.
Just downloaded it but I've been "Practicing".. Lol.. If I really like it a lot I will redo evaluation..
Good game just way to many advertisments and once you get all the arrows what are you supposed to do with the apples
This game is a REAL CHALLENGE. I LOVE IT! With more and more practice, it's amazing how good a person is able to really achieve. This helps me with focusing and concentration, helps me overall in life with having a good eye. POOL, BOWLING, SKETCHING, READING, COMPRESSION, MEDITATION. THIS IS A WONDERFUL TOOL FOR YOUR BRAIN. GROH
SCAM. Do not purchase the no ad version. Advertisement still there. tried google play refund, was denied.
This is the first app that I rate without asking me,Isearched for the rate botton myself.I LOVE IT,It's a combination of existing and relaxing because you give it all your energy focusing where to hit the arrow.And I love when the disk break when you hit you last arrow, it's like you did yourself,so realisticπŸ˜… or at least that's how I felt.I LOVE IT.Oh and one more thing, if you hit your arrow in a wrong place,you have the chance to watch an add so you don't loose your progress.No annoying adds
Watch tv while you play because there are a lot of ads. There is a good challenge. Being put back to the beginning all the time was frustrating. I had trouble getting passed the 6th target.
The ads are maddening!! OMG!! Annoying af!! I even paid, to remove ads and still the same thing!! I want my money back for that too!!
It's a good game, but every few minutes or whenever the boss level comes, the game freezes or won't let me shoot the arrows
Been using this via PlaySpot to get some cash and it is surprisingly not a bad game considering that it is rlly obvious that the developers of the game needed a promotion and joined PlaySpot for some players....
This was bad but at the same time good I don't like it cuz it didn't give me a freaking money like it said it will give me freaking money but it didn't give me my money
I was going to give it five stars until I realized from another commentator that I can't see my points. To answer the question this same person had about a pay pal link, "I'm not sure how to directly link it, though I know you can link it to an app called "Play Spot" which links someone up to multiple games to earn money and also you can get paid for viewing advertisements and completing other tasks.
Oh my I LOVE THIS GAME!! EXCITED & ADDITIVE!! Definitely would recommend this app just to try your ability in skills & just for the hell of it! Worth it!!
It seems fun but I'd kinda like to know the purpose of the game. There's No instructions, demos, or anything. So I just shoot arrows at the floating piece of wood I take it. Lol
The game is okay but it keeps restarting u to the beging and after u watch a ad fir coins it brings u to the app store tovdownload something different and its pissing me off. Its something different everytime and i mean its kool bc u keeps getting little amounts of coins but it takes awhile to comsume a good pay out.
I like the game would have gave more stars, but I paid for no ads and its ad after ad. So I spent $1.99 which comes up to $2.10 with tax for nothing. Which I'll get over seeing it's only a small amount but dont offer something as no ads if your just gonna take money from people.
Not sure what to do, once all arrows are earned , maybe it's just me , but I'd think theres more to it than that ??
I'm still getting ads interrupting me after I paid $1.99 for this laggy slow game that keeps restarting after lvl 4, pls fix.
Well it is a shooting type of game but with bows not guns. Fun and easy. Don't care for the ads so much though, however they are not quite as intrusive as some other games. Would be nice if you could earn money or points for gift cards or payouts though.
An amusing & totally unpredictable game that has U almost 'on the edge of your seat ' trying to improve your score!
I guess it is an okay game. Not really sure though because the highest I got was level 10 but then continuously hitting level 5. Playing the same 5 levels over and over is not fun to me.
They say you can win money on this game I don't feel like you win diddlie squat and if you do yah can't cash it out so there for the graphics are ok could be better would be better but it is what it is if you got free time see how it does you.... didn't ever let me make no money!!!!!!!
No instructions for the game make it confusing and frustrating. Ive played a few games like this and this by far has the most ad interruptions. I also have no idea how the points system works, again as there are bo instructions you just have to guess at the aim of the game.
Hello,I like this game alot,there is the constant starting from the beginning whenan arrow hits another.Why does th his happen ,and why is there a constant 15 t0 30 second add also when an arrow hits another arrow.? Can you explain why ,and how come there isn't a way to see my points How they work,also how to connect s link to pay pal. Thanks, Sister Lori-Ann.
Its a fun game, and its addictive, but the amount of ads in it, are unreal Oh, and one question below asks if its a dentist game? Not sure what that is, but,...haha
It's fun and I enjoy playing this game. There's a problem though, after playing so many times and leveling up , it does not let you get past a certain level. Instead the game starts over , after days of playing you get no where.