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D-MEN:The Defenders

D-MEN:The Defenders for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by ACE GAME INTERNATIONAL LIMITED located at FLAT/RM505 5/F BEVERLEY COMMERCIAL CENTRE 87-105 CHATHAM ROAD SOUTH. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Was a fun game but it unfortunately failed to bind my account. Slow grind to get where I was. Fun while it lasted not spending anymore time starting over from scratch. Good luck.
Yo' So i ve stared playing a while ago and i ve advanced pretty neatly up to this point. I gotta say i enjoy the add free. My issue with the game, being relatively new to it, i can t see why i need to wait 30hrs to lv up so i can clear the next campaign stage, it feels bad to not be able to improve and get the limited time rewards and summon more heroes cuz i need to wait for the idle rewards to pump up my xp. There isn t even any other way to do it, not even nightmare mode gives you player xp.
I'm on stage 37-7 for the last 2 months I've been trying to clear that stage and every time I'm on the verge of doing so it cuts off and takes me to my phone screen 🤨🤨 overall I like the game this is about to make me delete it
I was playing this game from last 30 days. I had three accounts @ 70+, 60+ and 55+ stages, you can see multiple accounts under your account settings tab. On one fine day 11/07 game was not responding, I just restarted my phone. When started game, it was a new game altogether from Level 1. Sent a mail to Developers or game support without any correspondence till now. If they cannot restore the game progress, it is waste of our time playing this. I recommend not to play as it may happen to you too
Did have at 5 star but lowered because that game has a few problems. One problem is that certain heros are just too powerful which is great if you have them but the chances of getting them is ridiculous unless you spend mountains of cash on the game. Another problem is in the dijini's coming trail and the campaign TD gameplay is so laggy and the game constantly crashes while trying to play these game modes.
I honestly want to give you 5 stars but can't * Around level 60 progress grinds to almost a complete halt since you can't level your player in any other way other then waiting for the xp to accumulate and that takes time. I mean HOURS. so that's -1 * Network connectivity is HORRENDOUS, doesn't matter if I'm on Wi-fi or my cellular provider the game loses connection ALL THE TIME, I'm a mobile games addict and I never experienced anything like that. So that's another -3. If you fix networking +4.
Cool game. Problem is im at Campaign 3.4, keep finishing the level but then it does not come to an end, i cant advance. I can complete level even with Thor only so dont know what is wrong? Please help
Game is nice ... but serious bug in your game ..game always hang when any player use the feature of "miss" then every time I hv to close and open the game again... please solve this issue
First time opening a game and instantly it offers to buy something, I don't even understand what you offer yet. I haven't even seen the gameplay. Probably going to delete it right away, freemium garbage.
I really like the game a lot. I can only give 3 stars because it keeps freezing up on me in helas abyss & when summoning. Update Still having issue but have heard from dev. Still frustrating but can work around. So added some stars. Edit: it is now 5 months since I pointed out the issue & received a response from dev but issue still has not been fixed. Love this game & is totally 5 stars if not for this. Completely kills the game flow & I am avoiding an entire part of the game. Please fix
Rigged matches. I have raised my power over 80k since fighting a boss but can't beat him since his power lvl is never the same and fluctuates to make you lose. Just trying to force you to cough up money to progress but that doesn't even help unless you have a ton of money to throw around. Don't waste your time with this game unless you're ready for constant BS losses or spending alot of money.
Sh...t game. my level big so big with great players and I lose,some other on the arena with fanny low level characters F... JOKE Sh..t game. And this is so fanny I must wait 2-3 days to level high and no play between,to be able to continue playing in CAMPAIGN
This game is nice as long as you don't waste any money on it. It starts to lag, glitch and crash later into the higher levels other than trying your patience it's an over all nice game.
D-Men = TD + hero development , if you like arcade TD(were u dont need to spend weeks of developing your skills or heroes) then this is not game for you.. but give it a try , u need about a week to level to 56-60
I did the update and now it's cutting off more than it did before the update😫 I can't even play the game now because it cuts off automatically when I click on anything
I can't move up from lvl124,I don't know what happened but recent update pushed me back to lvl123 n now I am at lvl124 and it won't move to 125,what is the problem?
This update made the game lag alot .. to much lag and also reduce the time required for the campaign. It sucks just to wait for freaking 3 -4 days like this
This is one of the awesome game I played. I purchased a new phone my account cannot link anymore to my new phone. HOWEVER, THEIR customer service did a fantastic job by assisting retrieving my account! I highly recommned this one, specially for a working person like me. Not to much time consuming yet you will very satisfied while playing it.
Quite an enjoyable game to kill time with and seems casual friendly. Almost a year in, free to play here (mostly as i bought a $1 pack). Progression is steady, sometimes you may have to sit and wait a day to collect some resources to upgrade, but mostly it comes down to team synergy. This game is not p2w as such like people say, its more pay if you dont want the grind.
I played this game for one month and after this update game is not working😕 i tough it will work the purchase my user was Thexpy and uid 1005013 server s421 if cant get back the account no point start over
The game is horribly lagging so hard. The tutorial is idiotic and unnecessarily needed to be this long. Unintentionally bad design game? I don't think so
Fantastic game, only bad thing is after completing each campaign mission the screen will freeze for a good 10 seconds every time
2 hours have passed since your "half-hour maintenance". There are red dots every where. Heroic Valhalla is the worse because it gives dumb heroes 99% of the time. The list goes on
AVOID AVOID AVOID!!!!!!! Do not under any circumstances download this game, it's pay to win and the developers are barely contactable. Purchases will always be charged but you'll only receive them 50% of the time. Impossible to get purchases or refund for purchases not received from developer. AVOID AVOID AVOID
I actually love this game. Downloaded and even purchased in-apps but can get expensive! Wish it can run on chromebook. Somehow, even with the latest faster Samsung chromebook laptop, it didn't seem to want to open properly.
Game unplayable since update. Before the update my fps was good. Fluid game experience. Now no matter what graphics settings I use. No matter if I turn dynamic effects on or off, the game is extremely jerky. In every game screen from the home area to pvp and tower defense everything has such fps lag I can't play. I don't know what the devs did but for me on my device this game is unplayable. Hopefully they will fix whatever they broke. I will update review if that happens.
This game disconnects my Wi-Fi and makes me use my data to update and play the game. I dont have data to waste on such poorly designed games. Make a lot of changes then will reconsider downloading again but until then 1 star..
I had a great experience with support! I had to reset my phone, but had not connected my AFK account to Google Play, so could not continue my game and had to start again. Support quickly helped me recover my progress after thorough verification. Excellent!
No reply from cústomer service for long time when account have problem or anything else. No online chat submit on the game...
This is my all-time favorite mobile game, and the best one Ive ever played as well. Ive been playing for about a year or so I believe, and honestly its been great. Theres no pressure to buy things, progression isn't as frustrating as it is in most of the games I have played, and it doesnt take an absurd amount of time to level up or obtain currency like other games as well. I just love it A LOT.
I am so pissed off. I just started playing today and had a lot of legendary characters that were leveled up pretty good. And when I tried to link my Facebook to it it said there was maintenance being done I n the server, when I logged back in it erased my game and made me start all over!! What can be done about this so I can get my characters back that I had. I would give a zero star if I could. Its a shame to because I actually liked the gameplay
Latest update made me lose my account! I had been playing this game for 6 months, never had any update issues until now. CS team were not helpful at all, they just kept asking me for my server and a screenshot of a recent purchase. As a gamer, why would I know what my server number was and why would I have a screenshot of a recent transaction? Oh and someone at their HQ thought it was a good idea to have the same default usernames given out on each server. My player name was player1002277.
It wastes alliance purge attacks. It shows loading but never finished. When you log out and in again it's a wasted attack. Fix the bugs or start reimbursing people for your screw up. It's ridiculous to have alliances waste attacks because of a glitch.
Its pretty trashy ripoff game from other popular afk games with small twist. If you want to enjoy this game , be ready to pay alot of cash. Also this gam except the first day, you have literally nothing to do. All the tasks have alot of waiting time, or you are hard atuck because you havent donated shitload of cash. I dont recommend this game to my worst enemy.
Edited to 1*. A lot of little glitches that go unfixed no matter how many times players email the Devs. I've spent a fair amount of money in this game and it sucks that I can't even get a short response when I send a bug notice.
It's impossible to gain after certain levels and very low drop rate for legendary heroes... Pricing is also very funny and amateur... I'm looking for alternatives already... Time to quit
After last update on Feb 1st, the entire game is lagging and the cumbersome. Working solution will need to be implemented ASAP.
I support this game alot, until they screw me over $26. They charged me twice on something that you can only get once. Tried to email them but no response. And this is not a bug since I never get my money back. And no body ever contact me after I emailed them. Worst game dev ever.
I like that I don't have to be in game constantly to play. I play a few other gacha that almost require you to not have a job or life to keep up with them. Would be a 5* rating but I just tried to log in and the server is under maintenance, a notification would have been nice. Otherwise I enjoy the content and have spent a few $$$ to get a jumpstart.
Very fun, you don't need to pay to have consistent game play. The only problem is that at a certain point you can't level up your characters because you hit a wall in chapter four where you don't gain enough exp to level them up fast enough to continue so you have to do a bunch of side quests but I personally don't think it's that much of a problem.
This game has an succesful and impressive openning. But it doesn't provide sustainable game experience. After lvl 60, after daily 30-45mins there is nothing to do. İt strongly need more and quality events to provide more fun. They usually put a boss and u hit hım for 5 secs.. then event is over.
This is not even a game. Can only play 2-3 matches a day because you need to wait for experience. A game that you can't play to pass time.
So to Everyone who loves Defense games, u say to you this I have played To many defender games and This one is BY Far the BEST out of any of em. I look forward to seeing more come to this game !!! Keep up the great work devs and thanks for your Fast response time as well. Anything y'all need Let me know !!! :) The game play is smooth and the game keeps u wanting more.
I have one biggest problem that is this game need account while I already connected it to my Facebook but it ask to bind and unbind I don't know what is problem if game is already connected to my Facebook account then why this things after every few days you need to fix this problem. From last few days game is getting hang many time and between playing it gets hang and yhen I need to restart this game please solve this problem too
Once the limited offer pops up you can't do anything but move it. The warning notice when you start is locked when the characters what you do do something so you can't see what's going on nor get rid of the notice.
I have two acounts . Team power over 400000 on the first one and 250000. On the 400k acount it s imposible to finish djinni qests , mabye 2 or 3 battles if lucky and i tray multiple variation of heroes with same outcome. On 250k acount i have no problem . Game crash sometimes but is bareble . Ps . How it s posible to lose with 400k team to 250>300k teams in arena or 2stars heroes in abis ? I me gheting tierd to tray to upgrade for nothing when my heroes power don t do sh!# . Bad english.
Dont waste your time and energy on this game. its paid to win unless you have money to spend on the game dont play it. Its pay to be any good. I played the game since it came out basically and people that have started months and months and months after me have passed me just cause they spent money on the game.
This game is fun but the problem is i can't pass 5-3 stage. I finished the wave and killed all monster but no victory appear.i repeat many times but still d sme. Thats y i can't continue the campaign.
I wasnt too sure about AFK at first with all the ads and games nowadays arent cracked up to what their potrayed anymore so I had my doubts. But i gotta say this game blew my mind. The control are simple and you can learn the mechanics, attributes and what heroes work well after a little experimenting and studying. I fell in love with this game. I cant wait to see where AFK is going in the future... Edit: I also would love to see the new heroes and maybe a cameo if possible in the future.
Don't download and pay to play this game. I did nothing wrong and still got my account ban because I buy a pack and the pack have a glitch. I didn't even get the items but still got charge and ban for it. How is it a player's fault when it is the developer's mistake. Contact them about it and never get a reply back.
Please fix ur bug with blackbeard. I can't move forward bcoz it became invisible. I can only hit it once then the game doesn't proceed. And i can't even use it bcoz it doesn't appear.
Game is good concept but its pay for play game. Without paying, there is no way to move up. Even paying player can't move up due to lvl restriction and powerful boss. Please me the game more player friendly. The dev does not care about player. Review is bad and delete game. 2 days wait to play a lvl... how sad is that?
After today's complete fubar that gave ios players 50k and android users got completely stuffed over it's a complete joke. Wheel event is just as rubbish all rubbish items not even a shard, relic or another after at least 63 spins. 10/09 every patch seems to bring reduced prizes and the expectation of players having to pay more, the devs are getting very greedy now. The more servers that are getting added means the lead time for issues to be responded to are growing.
The game is good but, the Devs..... They allow some pretty obnoxious behavior. Like allowing someone, to attack you in arena, as many times as they can pay for. Allowing electronic bullying on an epic scale. But, for aspects like this, it would be a good game. I have contacted you through the email, with SC's to prove what was/has been done. The community for this game, is no less, depressing in its, behaviour and attitude. The game is good but, everyone involved, is lacking.
As long as you don't take this game too seriously and just log on for 5 or 10 min a day over the course of a year you can progress super far if you know what you're doing. You don't need to spend a penny so long as you stay consistent. I highly recommend this game and I hope more people play it so the devs give more special events
After the last update you guys rigged the "Little Bear Adventure" event didn't you? I always get the number 2🎲 4x in a row or 3🎲 3x in a row or 1🎲 3x in a row but often 2🎲 3x in a row. The 4 days event 40 dice isn't enough to even get the first reward by the end of the day I ain't gaining anything from this event unless I buy dice with gems. I'm very low on gems damn. I did once invested $9.99 but I can't effort to invest anymore what more do you want from me? Stop forcing me to recharge .
DO NOT SPEND MONEY ON THIS GAME, THEY WILL DOUBLE CHARGE YOU. I bought a small starter pack for like 4 dollars and they double charged me for it. Looking through the reviews you will see this is a common occurrence, and they just ignore this. Use Google's refund policy to get your money back, they approved my refund right away. Honestly don't see how Google hasn't taken notice as this app is literally stealing people's money. Edit: OH sorry I lied, they actually triple charged me for it.
Good game, still fun after playing a while. I said before that it needs some tweaking, well seems like you guys did that!!!👍🏾
Nice game very addicting, but there is a glitch ever since the maintenance in VS gameplay, the games always froze midway so i cant tell wether is a win or loss the only way to get it back to normal is for me to restart the app :( please fix these
this game is so fun that I have been playing this game for a year and I had already reach chapter 21 of the game . I kinda felt that the rates of getting the elite hero that you wanted from the hero's choice pack is so low and the Hero choice pack to get a second chance is that u need 5 ascended heros , which is too troublesome .I wish it change to 2 but still enjoyable
Overall a great game so far, I did find a glitch with Pakal where enemies will get stuck and be unable to be killed.
Fun game to pass the time. Gold is easy to get, gems are easy to get. Haven't had to spend money to level up fast. They put red dot reminders to reminder you that there are additional prizes to get or tasks to do to get more rewards. Only one that bothers me is the chat dot. It never goes away. My only complaint with the game is that they slow you down from leveling up. I had to wait two days to be able to level up at one point just to play the next stage, and there is no other way to level up.
Could be a 4 or 5 star game except one pretty major detail. The AI that controls your heroes in tower defense is beyond stupid. Instead of targeting enemies closest to the exit like almost all the games, they target seemingly random enemies. I am level 117 spent money on this game and I can tell you with experience the later levels become impossible because of this.They just introduced a new feature based on this highly flawed td gameplay and it is just as annoying. I'm about done with this.
This game is almost perfect but there is some bugs like other games but recently there's a new bug its joan the viking whenever i play against her the game pauses and never move on the heros just stand there with 0 movement i hope you fix it guys as soon as possible
Can't play the game, characters and some button not showing in game. Looks like half done game then got abandoned by dev team.
I loving the game so far despite it needing some work to run more smoothly, and work out the finer details. I will admit ive been pretty upset last couple weeks though. For some reason i cant purchase anything latley. I usually pay for the warrior event and been trying to pay for the dwarf workshop before it ends in 6 days. The loading icon that says recharging comes up but it never actually comes up. How do you contact customer support?
The game is good but, the Devs..... They allow some pretty obnoxious behavior. Like allowing someone, to attack you in arena, as many times as they can pay for. Allowing electronic bullying on an epic scale. But, for aspects like this, it would be a good game.
Bugs happen all the time, the developer doesn't really care about it. It is pretty much a pay-to-moving-forward game unless you are extremely patient, and I mean taking several months to have one hero upgrate patience. Suggedt not to spend money on it but it is ok to play free!
The game is really good im just having an issue with a bug that makes you do the upgrade tutorial again and when i do it i cant tap on the upgrade button if you could try and fix this bug that would be great it also makes the game completely unplayable
Played for 3.months started off pretty decent, I'm level 100 now and spent up to level 7 VIP, it's nearly impossible to get the required artifacts for youre characters except thor blackwing and other useless people for pvp play, pvp is dominated by very high over all team scores who can abundantly attack you over and over again, should not be able to spawn camp players in pvp.. I have lost a lot of interest we were number one alliance and I see more and more not logged weeks now, pay to win
The game is amazingly unoptimized, like the load times are unreal. Spending minutes just waiting on what should be simple load times.
Tower defense gameplay. Clone of AFK arena outside of the tower defense scenarios. Hypersexualized female characters right from the start. Needs Google Play achievements and cloud save.
should've given 5star.or even 6 if ever.if not only for the bugs and crashes it does EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. then u need to start all over again and wait for who knows when for it to load. i never had a single game where it didn't crash. my network is good and enough phone space.it's not me, it's the game. too bad, it had a lot of potential.
First, I find the game interesting, but when reach level 60 the it became very dis satisfying, im very annoyed w/ the this game it keeps on lagging and then exit while im getting my gemstone exploration mode.. Pls fix this and i will give u 5*
I really like the game a lot. I can only give 3 stars because it keeps freezing up on me in helas abyss & when summoning. Very frustrating. I would absolutely give 5 stars if not for this annoying issue. Had to take a away a star because dev doesn't respond. There is a glitch with 6 star nobunaga that keeps the fighter from appearing in pvp. You have to log out of game & reload to continue, very annoying. You can still get credited the win but makes for a very cumbersome process.
Few months ago left this game a horrible review it was in a very bad state mostly leaning towards P2W but it has made such a huge turn around to Welcoming F2P Players Its the same game but yet feels so much better theres still alot of P2W Walls but they have changed so much for the better giving F2P Players bigger loot pools and better loot as well i hope it continues to thrive and bring in new Free To Play Players as well as Pay to Win Players they are doing good work
I thoughly enjoy this game. Even more than some fantastic games on steam or Xbox. It's engaging, the story is fantastic, and there is always more to do. The "afk" part is a lovely add on, however it doesn't force the game to be a "play for ten minutes then quit for a day" game. Also, as a side note, I hope there's a union made for Niru, Daimon, and Shemira. That family is the cutest/saddest. Also I don't understand the taken breaths backstory as it's slightly scewed from her sister's. Greatgame!
This is honestly a great game that a lot of people look down on because of the numerous ads, but this game is great! The characters, story and graphics, everything is all simple yet complex and so fun too! I'd highly recommend it if your bored during quarentine and want something new
Cool game with lot of depth and the events are great too, keep them coming. Individual chat does not exist to this day ,that kind of sucks!! It would be great if players could interact individually and know each other
I've been playing for nearly a year and still play daily. Its lost 2 stars for 2 reasons. 1, gold is needed for EVERYTHING and you get next to none daily. Gold is far to rare to be used like it is. 2, there are red dots all over my screen. Red dots are used to mark that there is something for you to do in which ever the red dot is placed on. There's maybe 6 or 7 red dots that NEVER go away, if theres nothing I can do there then get rid of the freaking dot. Fix these and I'll return your 🌟🌟
Upgrading skills need so much gold and the gold is very limited unless you purchase it using cash. Now the cash conversion is also very high and the item you will be getting is not that relevant. If you have legendary heroes it's very difficult to upgrade them because it will require the same legend heroes for it to be upgraded. This is a difficult and unfriendly game because you have to upgrade 8 heroes so you can survive the quest. Pay to win. Well after all this is business. Lol
Fun game. However one of the recent updates made Djinni' coming way too hard. It was just right before, challenging, but doable. Now I cannot complete it even on easy which means I don't get the rewards which makes a slow grind a standstill. Plus Thor was one of my first characters, now it's one of my weakest characters because I NEVER get the cards to upgrade. Other players have ONLY Thor in their deck and they wipe out my whole team. Aggravating
Omg like there are no words that could describe how much i enjoy and love this game, if you are bored just play the game, and bordom=gone, i jigly recommen this game to everyone, especially i like how simple but fun is the design and style of the game, it is very time consuming ans i play it almost 14hrs a day and i am not planning to stop. There's literally no downside to this game, everything is just perfect and i think it deserves a rating of 5.0 on playstore. And its play to win, not pay.
Logged me out of my account that I had 5 characters id been working on all gone not happy Update they are refusing to fix it cuz i can't log in to tell the my server number if I could I wouldn't be having this issue right now
Spent $100 on a purchase and did not recieve ask the promised items. I sent a message to customer support in an email and on Facebook. It has been over a week and no response. I did not mind dropping a couple hundred dollars on this game every few months when I received what I was purchasing. Now however, I refuse to continue to support this app until this problem is fixed.
I love a good tower defense game, and this one is certainly serviceable. My main complaint is the summon based hero system, its great for a ccg but not td games. In addition half of the heroes don't even have sprites, it's like the dev team got bored half way through and just stopped. If you like games that are an obvious cash grab, give this one a try, its free afterall.
I'm pretty sure that this game is developed by circus monkeys or something. Mechanics completely broken, team building is useless (since one character can pretty much kill everyone) and even the challenges are poorly planned. In a tower defense game, they add stun to your heroes, enemy speed up AND damage immunity to mobs when they are low HP. All that while mobbing on the very first wave, when your money is limited. Ridiculous. Not to mention the constant game freeze. Don't bother, really.
Best idle tower game ive ever played , however , the game takes literally 3-4 minutes to load while my screen is completely black , then it says "UI failed to load". Then the game randomly crashes.
Great game ( addictive) ... always have new patches and events ... it won't get you board ... you can play it without spending money $ that what keeps me playing it too ... Thank you!
Fun game. Great concept. Took a old fashion defense/tower games and took it to the next level. No need to pay although it looks like a few do. Servers are fresh so I recommend the word of the going out there. Lots of rewards. Challenging levels that keeps your brain going. It would be cool if they had my God killing those demons. Like God himself, Jesus and different Angels added to the game. I am sure it would sell well here in the Americas. Thank you developers either way it is an awesome game
This is as stupid as it gets. One of the most pay to win games i have ever encountered. My server is barely 1mpnth old and there are a few people that have spent ridiculous amounts of money ($5k or even more) now they're basically playing among themselves and destroy everyone else. Having to pay over 5k just to even compete is ridiculous!!!!
Pay to play/win. You won't get far no matter how good the heroes look and you are limited daily when doing campaign. ALOT of ingame purchases to be done, very greedy!!
Had issue when I lost my progress after an update. Customer service made good of fixing it. Thank You, guys! Best game I've played it it's class. Min
Was a great game until I could no longer level up seems to have frozen even though I have enough exp to go to the next level still won't go from 124 to 125. Can't collect dimonds from tasks completed etc shame being playing for a while but each update just make more bugs rather disappointed I've now got to find a new game.
Purchased a Limited Pack offer yesterday. Was charged twice for it. Very frustrating. Enjoy the game, but read another review with a similar problem. They need to fix this. Update: I did email you. Twice. Before leaving the review. You didn't respond to either of them. How is ignoring my emails "faster service"?
Good game, but 1 massive flaw. THOR. Once you have Thor lvl it up, and you've pretty much broke the game. Every single top team has a thor, its mental! I have 1 but refuse to jump on the band wagon
Cons: server maintenance happens too often not letting you play, occasionally the game freezes, and the English could be improved. Pros: one of the funnest games I've played. Great combo of TD with hero building and lots of pvp and pve contests. Plus the servers are fresh so you can start whenever and still be reasonably competitive without paying to win. The strategy is more complex than you initially think adding to the playability. Fina devs are constantly updating and adding new content.
This game was shown to me for so long before I gave in. It plays withought you haveing interact. The charictors dont level up on their own though, you have to do that on your own. Its so fun and you arnt pressured to level up or keep going, you can just relax.
I wa playing the game yesterday when all of a suddenly the app closed. When i restarted it again, the account was gone. There was no response in their customer service email. I did pay quite a sum and is quite disappointed on that. Would CS pls let me know whats going on or how to contact you, at least.
Cannot recommend this game. It was a relatively okay tower defense game to start. Aaaaand then my account wasn't accessible anymore. Couldn't, and cant, log in. Provided the account info to support on September 30. Got a response on October 4 saying their entire staff was on holiday. Must be a nice long holiday, since they haven't responded to ANYTHING since then, through email or Facebook (where they tell you to contact them when you email them).
Most recent update cases massive fps issues no matter the graphic settings.... load times are 3x as long... overall game somehow seems less optimized than it was. Sad sad sad saying how much money they make from the game.
The game is good but, the Devs..... They allow some pretty obnoxious behavior. Like allowing someone, to attack you in arena, as many times as they can pay for. Allowing electronic bullying on an epic scale. But, for aspects like this, it would be a good game. I have contacted you through the email, with SC's to prove what was/has been done
The game itself is fine but it lags, not only in gameplay itself but even on the main screen where you select from the various play options. Also, the server connection is wonky and unstable.
I've always liked tower defense type games which is why I checked it out, challenging a d heart pound as thousands of hoards of creatures crawl out of the mountains and rush towards you.
Don't spend any money, purchases don't always appear, game has evolved into ptw. After playing for approx 6 months now, this game doesn't really have any purpose except to spend money to make yourself stronger, no purpose to being stronger other than to fight for no real reason. Rewards are lacking and drop rates for free rewards have been reduced meaning if you do t spend real money you'll fall very far behind.
I've been playing for a few days and this game spends more time loading than letting me play. I have a great phone and connection however it kicks me off and just keeps loading. Kinda sad cause this was a fun game.
Relatively easy to grow in power, no need to spend too much real money, just be patient. The only thing that bothers me is the level cap to progress in the campaign which means that after a while you can't really do much in the game. That's why no 5*
Greedy company. The djinni challenge become harder and harder, this to force you spend to upgrade the hero. Had spend 3000 usd on this game but the challange still feel impossible for me. Or may be I'm just too noob to play this game. Gonna give up.
I don't play usually this kind of games, but God, Afk arena really hooked me. ❤ there are various champions that you can have and build up. You can get powerful even if you don't use real money (you can if you want ). The graphics are amazing, detailed and really fun to play. I really like that I can get treasures even if I am afk. There are tons of new interesting events. Is really a great game which will pull your boredom away and you can enjoy it while exploring its amazingnes. ????????❤❤
PLEASE ADD AN IN GAME HELP CENTER WHERE YOU CAN CHAT WITH SOMEONE LIVE WHO FIXES GLITCHES... Game is lagging , freezing , crashing , booting... Its time for an update or a patch. The game has never loaded for me one time properly , and ive been playing 2 weeks. Please fix the game and i will rate 5*.
Gameplay stalls once you reach a certain point. Add to that I purchase things like Mjolnir from the Gods shop, it takes the coin, and doesn't give you the item.
This game could be great but the pvp is so boring and the good part is the tower defence mode that the developer manged to ruin, it is limited by the exp gain over time, when at level 20 you need to wait 2 days to build up enough exp for the next level, comon guys srsly? There is not enough feedback for you guys to learn how captivate your costumers? Really desapointed...
I'm having serious lag issues. Then the game will just freeze up right before I clear a level, really annoying. After every update I hope these issues will be resolved. Nope!
I completed my first year , the game is amazing , almost perfect but , you could improve the history of the game , there are so many heroes with incredible histories to expand , after chapter 26 the game is kind of repetitive i only play until today for the events, if there was a story together with the chapters and the characters would love the game more than i love it now
Seriously this new update sucks .... to much laging and the graphic is very slow .... even getting a new legendary heroes is very hard .. i used to play this game for 6 month but now i feel that I'm going to stop playing it
Its overall pretty fun but there is 1 freaking bug that drive me buts. Bosses are bugged. My alliance has made it to lvl 18 boss 6 times and 24 hours later it reverts back to boss 17. It makes no since, no other boss lvl has ever done this. Please fix it, starting to lose interest.
Like most pay to win phone games for the most part. Love the TD aspect but wish it was more in depth. Same with the VS fights wish they had some sort of active aspect, even switch of hero. Biggest irratating thing for me is having to return to menu after every single fight in every single mode, dont see why you wouldnt have a continue and main menu option
It's a fun game to play level up your characters and all that good stuff but it's a expensive level up they should have more stuff that you can get to level up without paying and have more levels that you can be
Lost account and can't recover, absolute joke the time I've spent. Try to recover account and it just asks you to bind new account wont let me switch.
Good game. Paid and played for 6 hours straight. Then when i tried getting back on everything went to s. It made a new campaign. Uninstall waste of time n money
Best f2p game I've played and my favorite mobile game ever. Been playing for a long time and don't plan on stopping anytime soon. Great game and game play no adds in the game at all in the entire time that I have played. 5 out of 5 stars
Excellent game. But when you reach around level 70, you have to pay if you want to keep playing. If you still stick for free, you can only play about 1 hour or less to finish the daily quest. The higher your level, the longer you have to wait for campaign.
After months of playing, I just lost my account and cannot retrieve it because of the series of updates. I need to start all over again. Thank you so much! You just gave me a very good reason to stop wasting my time and uninstall the game instead 😂🤣
Not as good looking as advertised, feel kinda disappointed. The gameplay is good, but that's it, just as good as other game in the same genre. When i saw the ad video I was hoping that at least this one got stunning graphics but no luck.
I just tried this game and it's very unstable. Keeps lagging and freezing. Too bad the game really looks good.
Decent game, now that they aren't completely ripping off marvel up intellectual property. Starts off pretty well. Fast paced until lvl 60 or so. By then you'll likely have to wait a couple days every time you beat a couple maps due to level restrictions. At this moment, I'm waiting to hit lvl 66 so I can do the next 2 or 3 maps. So I have to wait for idle xp to accumulate over the next day or 2. This slow down stinks. Otherwise it would be a 5 star gacha game for me.
At first I was just annoyed and thought the game was stupid until I actually played it. It's enjoyable to just relax and sit back while they do all the work. One thing I like the most is probably the special and free characters you can use like Ezio. Overall its pretty good, in my opinion.
Honestly I hate this. You people won't improve the User interface of this game. This game is super laggy yet you people keep adding new features to the already laggy game already it keeps freezing please focus on the UI.
Long time player. Game has been my go to game during the pandemic and keeps being very enjoyable. It is not pay to win but indeed paying will help you in the lower levels. Customer service is top notch through facebook. Some updates cause a little lag but they always fix it quickly.