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D.B.System for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by ST Li located at Sun Hok House, Sun Chui Estate, Tai Wai, N.T., Hong Kong. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is .

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Is been decay and still do know that I'm doing, random walk around the region,don know when I can get equipment,how the skill work and a lot of yoloying the boss,got kill instant but I still playing it, good game and send help.-_-
THIS GAME IS AMAZING!!! The music soundtrack, storyline, pets! The whole game feels like an actual console game! It's fun and super cute! I love it!!! I'll definitely be promoting it on social medias! Please continue to make this game better! I'll help by promoting as much as I can!
Cute game with great humor. Only issue is as an english speaker it is hard to navigate some menus due to the language barrier. But I hank you for making an english version to begin with.
I think u guys need to make T.P.S more like PUBG mobile and pls make the cemera better. And ithink the other controls are good. Make the cemera movement better pls.
Interesting approach in MMoRPG, you can customize your personality and then it gives birth to a character.. love it!
Badass game I love it, the art style the game mechanics love it. It reminds me of roblox and I just love it. Recommend this to everyone.
Very nice game this is my 5th day playing.currently At region 6, however i feel like the battles with virus bosses take far to long, can take up to 40min to kill one boss, and seems aas the online game side of thiss is empty.. overrall its really good. Jusst could use some adjusting with combat side of things as well as the mana takes for ever. To regain during fights
annoying. You can transfer into premium characters instead of upgrading the one you start with. You walk around maps till you find a virus and then kill it continue the game. PvP is random. You are given a breath skill but it doesn't tell you what it is or how to use it. You get 5million coins to give your starter pet a job. without that 5mil you would have to buy the 49.99 pack about 30times to get anything done if you wish to go pro.
this game is fun and somewhat interest me by it concept...or it is just me that every name in this game and some of the dialogue are all in code and number. Anyway this game is really stand out of a lot of MMORPG on mobile phone.
while the game is enjoyable, I just paid for the "1 time only" pack which game like, 3,500 tickets and 1M gold. although I got those I went o get the 10× monster spawn and it didnt work! I had around 2,500 tickets before hand so with the 3,500 added I had enough! It took my tickets and didnt give me the monsters :/ not gunna spend any more money till I either get my tickets back or get the 10× monsters.
Really unique and quirky! Simple yet innovative design. Only played for an hour so far but I like it and will continue to play.
English is stupidly broken, making it confusing. I didn't understand anything. It doesn't tell you a lot in the tutorial. Even in the description, it doesn't tell you anything. I tried to enjoy it, but couldn't. The devs really need to take an english course/ how to make a video game, because this isn't how you do it.
It's really something else, it's the first time I have tried a game like this. I mean seriously post-apocalyptic digital world... Amazing idea. The art work is also really good. Well you guys seriously did something amusing and this game is great.....
It's a really good game, but often when I try to open the game it takes a very long time for the first part of the game (the part with the hexagon pattern) to finish.
Very nice graphics and a story. I was actually hyped when I saw the fist story line. I was like finally a good rpg game. I just started palying this game and I liked already, hope you develope it further in something more fun. I love rpg games like this. Knowing that the team is actually small makes me feel more invested in this game. Keep up the good work peeps.
Well I find It enjoyable it is so interesting I know that this game have a potentials and I hope the Devs are not like the other Devs who cares about Money and not for the players. The game play is kinda rough right now I hope we will have a smoother gameplay in the future and have a detailed tutorials to explain things. That's all I can say for now
Personally, I like this game. However, the instructions is so long and there is many things to remember kind make it boring. Also, it will really great if I can read the description of my power skill. Overall, I like the concept. And I like how you make it manga-like for this game.
It's a great game. Needs a little bit of polish. Over all. A great open world fighting game. I like it a lot.
It's a good game, but needs improvement, like the gameplay and graphics. I would also want to see multiplayer so that I can adventure with friends. Anyways its a great game so keep up the hardwork.
Is this game busted? I start it up, and all I see is "Server maintain" in the upper right and tapping on the "account", "password" and "server" things on the left does nothing, and I can't play the game
started off okay. but got boring fast and everything is very confusing. the reason I decided to uninstall is because the online part is complete rubbish. put off the game in an instant.
Nice game and please correct the spelling of efforts in the secret message that I just read I was in the moment like what if I escape this secret message because they don't even force me to click it and the portal is already open well I click it in the end so I can stay like a normal player. I wish you developers a good luck this game really intrigued me please keep up the good work. This game really is Fun 2 Play
THIS IS SUCH A CUTE AND GOOD GAME! Would totally recommend to my friends! Keep up the good work ST and Penguin!!! Nyahaha!
The game is good, I like it but can you pls add tutorial for the D.B system because there are many things that are confusing like about the pet system, how to catch or hunt pet (cause i dont know) or about the online room and stuffs like that. But yeah,its a good game and hope you keep on improving your game.👍👍
i realy love this game. this is great game ever i play. the art, the graphic, the story also the comedy and joke scene that make me laugh. well even tought i must connet to internet to play this game but there is no problem while i play, no bug and no lag. great job and keep it up.☺☺☺
I'm just about getting excited hitting a rock, but a few second later it is lagged when I am still in the middle doing the tutorial at the part of opening the backpack to see what I have just gathered. :(
The game idea is amazing. Concept of making your own unique char just awesome. Someday in future I believe ppl will copy this kind of idea to make another game. Plis never stop develop this game, add more information and tutorial in game, add item and more skill, revive the market. Anyway good job, I like it!!!
I'll be blunt. The game is mediocre at best, and though the story is decent it's kinda generic, and the English subtitles has errors here and there, the animation/graphic is good for just a guy working on it, and the system is a bit confusing so you might wanna fix that. but still thanks for the game and good luck. (I'll rate 3 stars for the time being, might change if the game improves)
good job this kind of game i was looking for the design the gameplay the story is all good keep it up guys more power to your team 😁
A bit confusing but good. Leveling up is easy annd the story is great. The art is also good. I really love the robot design. Have a nice day.
was pretty good at the beginning the translation isn't the greatest it could be better and the only thing that sucks is that you would find high level enemies in low level enemy zones I'll consider uninstalling the game its I don't hate it but I don't really like it that much but I'll still give it 3 stars
Great game! I thought the ux is bad as many stuff are intuitive But it makes me explore more, and now that i know the team is small, i cant blame them. Keep making wonderful games like this!
Cute game! Awesome plot and stories. Kinda like the Manga style intro and also the way you choose to answer those questions for job recommendations! Still kinda blur about the game but so far so good. Might take some times to get used to it. Great job Devs. Recommended!
Never loads past login. Is it a long initial load or is there something I need to do. I am on a Samsung galaxy note 10.
Slowly make the interaction stabler so that even with less graphics you will achieve a iRL experience w/c other mmo lacks also the characteristics enterview to identify own character was a BiG THUMBS UP.. and please be remember GREED takes AWAY all you Saved.. and if you want funds, sell things for those who want to get strong faster, using P2win items,P2win jobs but stay F2Play. i think an infinte Loop program thing where possibilities depends on player action, in this graphics its possible...
Simply the best. The game was made by 2 guys only and by what program? Unity! And I was always thinking unity can't make good games. At least not good enough to catch my interest and attention to try and play. This game proved me wrong. It is a really really great RPG game with easy and simple controls and great features for a free game that is made in a free game making software and only 2 devs. I basically like this game a ton and hope to see it well supported to grow more and become greater.
This game is amazing in every regard. The plot, the design, the character customization-- everything! Super fun. Super cute. Super cheeky. Outstanding.
I've been looking for a decent rpg my phone could handle, abd when I stumbled across this in the recommended section, I thought I might give it a try. I'm glad I made this decision and I can't wait for what the next update will bring. One thing to fix though is the english in the comics. Kinda looks like google translate worked on it a bit.
Good game, but sentences are a little bad written. Tutorial doesn't work much since it doesn't explain all the things you have and things you can do. Cut scenes sometimes don't give you messages, it only says error so you need to skip the scene. Good Game with good potential but I think it can be better.
Great game with creative 4th wall breaking, the comics are great and I actually feel invested in the story, the art is very cute and it has some humor to it, I think for a unity game, this is pretty amazing, especially because it is made by 2 people, I'd say you should get someone that can translate in English better, there are parts where I don't get it. I don't usually rate games, but this one deserves it I believe. Good luck with your games!
Great app I'm amazed that it's just the 2 of you who made this game, everything about is amazing. The English translation is just a tad bit messed up but still readable, I love it.
Great game i wasnt expecting much but i like it lot im new so im learning the ropes but i like to see some stuff added like we choose r character female or male next weapons like we make weapons for swords,guns,and staffs and the armor too we can change r armor color or change the armor itself next add something to where we can build a villa like houses, farming, a fire pit for cooking,fishing stuff like that really kool game hope u make more updates
Still good the story tho nice..im new to play this but yea its still good like some digimon maybe..in real life and digital life hehe
You need to fix some bugs on the mana bar because in battle the mana is at 100% but I can't cast my spells because it says that it lacks mana.......in every way its still a good game
Super confusing.. I get the jist of the game I suppose, but it feels super boring and too simple. within 10 minutes of playing it felt like the game was thrown together, half translated and it is very glitchy when it comes to attacking.
The gameplay is ok but the other systems are confusing. Spawn rate as well as the location seems random.
I really appreciate the effort here. The english is a bit messy, but I still understand whats being said perfectly. The pet system is dope, and the job system, which I haven't been able to explorer yet, looks fantastic. All in all, I see some great potential and I hope to see this game evolve into something more in the future. Onto suggestions, i'd say work on the basic attack animations for the beginner class mage, when it can be afforded. Hope you have a great day!
Not sure how this game has so high of a rating. Controls are bad. Graphics are just ok. Theres not really a story. No tutorial to tell you what everything is so you're basically running around not knowing what to do really. For a game with co-op capabilities there should be a chat. There isnt. This game is unfixable. And no wonder since only 2 people made it. Dragalia lost is the game to play if you want something kinda like this but waaaaay better
It keeps freaking crashing in the middle of the comic thing so i cant get far at all can you please fix this i have like 2gb of free space so i know its not space ill give a better review after its fixed
Worst game i ever paly, 1. Target attack is really suck, i wanna minning tree and rock but i always attack the monster not attack tree or rock 2. Pet doesnt really helping me out. They kinda stupid, stuck on middle and didnt join the battle. 3. MP full it sais i dont have enough MP. 4. Shopping not help much, nothing cant buy or sell something 5. Train is really not helping much kill the monster 6. Control player is really suck 7. Cant reset player change equipment. Unistaled then.
Great game with concept, design , effort and playstyle! Although the art work wasn't "grand" or "fancy" like others. Considering this is game made by few guys it is already great and amazing! Looking forward for more potential in the future! <3
it was confusing at first but when I got the hang of it, I was having fun, Hope you continue to update the game and see what's going to happen, penguin good luck with the chibi comics I like it :)
Great game but very very very confusing system. I have no idea how character progression works, whenever I interact with npc they say stats already at max.
Great concept, love the character creation. Translation kinda bad and doesnt explain how to do things very well but with a little trial and error its a gem of a game
Wonderful Concept, Game everything, some concerns here and there but overall good game, it would be better if passive skills dont occupy the active skill slots, auch as having maybe 4 or 5 skillslots dedicated for passive skills where u can learn or unlearn those passives u need instead of sharing with the active skill slots which are very limited, game is very wonderful tho
Very good game.. Got me hooked the moment I started playing.. Goodluck improving the game.. You two are The Best Team!
I still remember my old account from before the new hud and graphics changes but the new db level system locks me from more features and is there any way you can become dragon ll when your like at region 21