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Cytoid: A Community Rhythm Game

Cytoid: A Community Rhythm Game for PC and MAC

Is a Music game developed by Tiger Tang. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Music game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is great!! I rated it 5 stars,, if your download doesnt appear on the game you just have to cut the file(the music you downloaded) then paste it on the cytoid folder on the file manager(sorry for wrong grammar xD)
Im loving it so far, but stutters happen occasionally which really ruins the experience, hope you guys can fix it, ill rate 5 stars once its fixed
It's a good game but when I went to sign up so I could download more maps, it would say "Cytoid ID doesn't exist," or "Incorrect Cytoid or ID password is incorrect." I'm not sure about whether or not I was supposed to recieve an account verification once I made an account but so far I still couldn't sign up.
love this whole concept of music and beats but please remove the massage box and I love spending time playing the game I love the idea of creator's and please make this kind of game more with a new concept .
Great! They fixed it with this update! Everything looks good but there's one problem, why do i keep receiving a message saying that my storage is low even if i have 12+gb left on my storage?? Dunno if this is a error but regardless definitely a 5 star
Community made i thought that would be good but no its not people literally only make level 14 and up i barely see and levels under that and the notes feel so off from the songs so many unnecessary notes are placed just to mess you up thought this was about having rhythm not a stroke. I rarely get perfect notes at all idk what it is bad game design or what but the game doesn't register a lot of the notes I hit or counts them as early or late never perfect.
Only problem for me is to login an account (it show, incorrect username and password, but in browser, it is okay).
2.0 looks really polished. i do wish there is a way to more finely tune note speed rather than just fast and slow note modifier
Amazing game and idea. I played this a while back and it wasnt good because all it showed was the song name and difficulty. Now the UI is a lot better. I would give 5 stars but there arent too many songs. I wish it was easier to make levels.
Really fun!! From the tutorial I was interested. Just wish it didn't crash my phone. It's so slow and messy on it that I can't play. It could just be my phone or the app. Nonetheless very good looking game!♡
Man I've been looking for a game like osu for a while, but most of it were either paid or in-app purchase, but this game is gem. It's free, without any ads and all. Just love it, and hope the dev can mantain the game free for us!
Cytoid was a very good game that was shared to me by my cousin.I had a high expectation for it.The game rounder is still good in playing but when it comes to downloading new songs i can't do that.Due to the fact that no matter how hard it try it never logs me into my account.(i have made three acounts by now)I even picked at typing my password once out of fear of missing a letter and it didn't work.I give up.I would like to enjoy the logged in experience,but i can't.
Ive been playing this game for awhile now and i have a few things to say about the game: gameplay is great (similar to cytus) not to mention that all levers are basically free, only thing is that the judgement is so strict that sometimes i cant really enjoy playing the game cause i am focusing like crazy even on easy levels just to get a high accuracy or score. Please make your judgements less strict and i might change my rating to 5.
Oh my! I didn't expect this kind of quality to be honest. Sure, it's not that smooth and sometimes it lags on me on long notes but it's really good! The graphics are nice and the community and website is good. The game is not for beginners though. For one, there's no help section whatsoever or a tutorial for that matter. The thing that I can actually say is the unaccesibility of the pause button. It's really too small.
It keeps saying "incorrect user id/password" when I try to login even though I'm 100% sure I entered correctly. Hope this gets fixed.
ITS AMAZINGGGG🤩🤩🤩🤩 BEST APP ON MY PHONEEEEE It has the best rhythms, I may be so low but like, it's amazing I totally recommend this app and also it doesn't take up any large space so yeah, and it also doesn't require any money so EEEEEEE I LOVE THE CREATOR SO BADDDDD Keep up the good work!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️
I really like this game and I think it has a lot of potential. Sadly is really laggy, at least for my phone (PSmart). My performance in cytoid is pretty bad 80-90% while in cytus I can MM some hard songs even lv15 so that's really frustrating and discourages me when the notes, mostly sliders, are missed due to lag
Please improve the sync. It doesn't really sync and when you press the notes, it is difficult to perfect one. I hope you'll improve you game and I've been enjoying it for like a month now. Keep Tha good work😉
2.0 looks pretty stylish, and hard charts are a welcome bonus. However, it is INSANELY difficult to even get a FC on any map due to how incredibly strict the timings are. Regular cytus timings are nowhere near as strict (likely due to the TP system, but whatever), and this game has stricter timing than even arcaea. This needs to be fixed. :/
Very good. One complain the slide notes are not that responsive unlike in the cytus 2. But over all very good game
This game has definitely improve so much since its development. Now it is basically playable on any device. It occasionally spitting out errors and warnings about all kinds of stuff, but it is fine and I believe it will be fixed in the future. I wish you can select range of difficulty instead of sorting it from hard to easy, because there is just too many level 15 or 15+ songs. They are way harder than level 15 charts in Cytus II which are pretty easy. This game is challenging, which is awesome!
Literally the gameplay of Cytus and Cytus II, but with community-made levels, you can compare this app to Mario Maker. You make levels, share them publicly, and play other people's levels. Think like Osu! and it's beatmap sharing and online ranking.
I really like this game so much, but that was before, I was so disappointed when the level downloading page is gone, I've uninstalled this before due to lack of storage and saved the APK on my files but I've accidentally deleted my downloaded levels but when I came but to install it again the page is not founded...plss fix this when it was used to be great, even greater than Cytus so I hope you guys fix this issue and I'll rate it for what it truly deserved.
The 2.0 update was nice but its now significantly harder to get perfect notes? Ive tried calibrating my device over and over but i will still always get early no matter how close i was to the scanner but other than that it still a great customizable game.
This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below. UserProjectAccountProblem User project billing account not in good standing. The billing account for the owning project is disabled in state delinquent Is what appears when I try to download levels
GRAPHIC BEAUTIFUL!! UI PERFECT!!! GAMEPLAY BEAUTIFUL!! 10/10 PERFECT one thing need to add is color palette
Wow this is cool,the best thing about it is it's community driven so i will be expecting many great levels from other players,and also from the developers too. The gameplay is fun and easy to understand, although the judgement is kind of strict,so it's a bit hard even on easy mode.other than that it's a solid game and i know it will keep getting better
I loved what Rayark had to offer in Cytus 1 and 2, but I never felt like I had enough songs to play. Cytoid really fixed that for me and even satisfies my competitive side with leaderboards and personal stats. I also love the feeling of being a part of a community with Cytoid since you start to recognize names and sometimes get excited to see a charter you like upload something new. Thank you devs for making something so wonderful, (and for making it even better with 2.0) I couldn't be happier.
First:the game is awesome and im kinda want to play it everyday and the free music is making this even more playable and i want to recommend this to my friends too Second:lag of gameplay it seems a bit of problem to my experiencing your game,i dont know why or its just because a little heat of my phone causing the game lag Third:full storage warning....this problem is really a big problem to me,my phone still have 2.7 gb storage left and its telling me its full? Its kinda problematic and funny.
This game is fantastic perfect. Pls keep this game like this it's awesome. It's fun and most of all you can play it offline. Pls don't make this paid we will be really disappointed. But you can show some ads to have money. Pls make more level
This one of my Favourite rhythm games because the tracks and levels are great but DEVS, Please make a "Beatmap Creator" Option for android and IOS because I would love to make my own beatmap the peoblem is that I don't have a computer/laptop. But overall the game is very challenging and fun, the music is great, beatmaps are great and the visuals is just 🔥🔥🔥👏👏👏👏👏.
it's definitely the best rhythm game i've downloaded!! i really enjoyed how much of a wide range of songs they have to do and how you can make your own!!!! <3 definitely would recommend :3
This game is great, plenty of songs to choose from. For the people who are confused on why they can't log in to their accounts. The Cytoid discord server has made it really clear to install the latest version of the game provided in the server. Hope this stops the confusion.
Game is great and all but I just have offset issues. Idk if it's me because I noticed some charts have different offset which is really annoying.
Ui really clean, sadly the gameplay is too hard for me. I feels like the accuracy notes is really punishing(early/late)
When I try to boot up the game, it gives me a black screen for about a minute before telling me it needs to calibrate. I do the calibration, and the screen goes black again only for the entire app to crash about 10 seconds later. I reboot the app and the same thing happens over and over, even when I tried clearing more storage or force stopping and then rebooting the app to see if either of those were the culprit. Would like to know if my device just can't handle the app or it's another issue.
Im so dissapointed i thought it would be good but I can't sign up it always say "Could not sign in. Did you alter the system time?"please fix this
This is such a good game especially the graphics(I dont even have a good phone and this runs smoothly) and just the rhythm game in general. It wasn't that hard to calibrate my settings like in other rhythm games and it is easy to get familiar with. Just play the tutorial and you can start playing whatever you want. I hope for more great updates and having a big community!
I'm still having some problems with the frame rate stutters, if possible, can you add an option to remove some of the animations that might improve the performance for low-end devices. And please fix the judgement of hold notes in practice mode.
Had played this a year ago but I got a new phone and hadn't been able to review until now. I'm too lazy to give a lengthy comment so I'll just say this rhythm game is perfect. No flaws, No bugs (as far as I'm concerned at least) ye
I've played this game last year, and i can say that this new update is better than the old one, a new world of cytoid, (its like a little brother of cytus 2), well my only critism is it crushed in the middle of the game, and i still cant read the timings of the note (when to tap it), its not that smooth like cytus 1 and 2, but all in all its a great game, whats best for me is that, you can choose on what you will download and you can even make your own....
difficult rhythm game, this game is pretty fun but it does get really difficult the higher the level is.
This game is really great and I absolutely love it. Pls help tho, whenever I'm downloading a song I can see thats its in my files and when I actually open it using the app it doesn't pop up! It just shows all 4 of the original songs. I even tried to press the download completed notification on my android and it directs me back to the game without the song I downloaded. Pls fix this bug! The game is the best that I have had in a while. Anyways, thanks for making this amazing game!
It's a unique concept for a mobile rhythm game but can you develop an app like cytunity but for mobile? It would be amazing if players can create levels right there on their phones
I really like it,the game is fun and all but i keep having trouble signing up, it doesnt let me at all even after i read the terms and conditions.
I really like this game, but it won't let me sign in, it keeps saying "cannot sign in. Did you alter the system time?" So I cannot download songs or do anything other than practice mode with the preinstalled songs.
Amazing game but I just can't play anymore. My old tablet is pretty slow yet I was able to play this game before 2.0 but now I cant. So I decided to switch to my phone because it can handle some beefy games but even with this phone I don't know if could play regularly or have the feeling to return. Because the game is simply to laggy it's not like before where this game is for everyone. As a somewhat old player, the 2.0 update is amazing but if you can please try to optimise this game.
It's weird when im done playing a certain song it only loads and i can't continue playing and there's this weird numbers and letters that i don't understand in short when im done playing it becomes unplayable
The game is really cool.The way there is a huge choice of music to download is really cool. I've seen a lot of people saying they couldn't find their downloads on an android phone, but all I had to do was 1. Open up Files on my phone 2. Copy the files which I downloaded from the cytoid website. 3.Go to the folder called "cytoid" 3. Paste the files in And then the files just appeared after that.
Simple, but beautiful UI. Feels very professional. Very beginner friendly, great tutorial without force feeding the user tons of information. Interesting and satisfying gameplay. Perhaps best of all, there is an almost endless amount of content and none of it is locked behind ad walls or pay walls. Probably the greatest free to play game on the Play Store.
Game's cool and all but I signed up with two accounts and yet I can't log in with each either of them..- Keeps saying 'incorrect username/password'.
This is the best rhythm game i have ever played. But can you add some graphics changing settings where you can manually manage the graphics that best suit to your device
i think there is a problem i cant make an account everytime i make a name it says "cytoid id already exists" i even tried putting gibberish or mash my virtual keyboard.
Great app, occasionally server goes down for a few minutes, but overall pretty understandable. Also has a very nice variety of charts to play. If I could make a suggestion, maybe have customization/downloaded skins at some point and possibly multiplayer competitions
Great game, but I gave it 3 stars because after a while it just stopped working, It was working until one day it just stopped? I've been playing on Bluestacks and mobile for a good while now, Fix the problem and I'll happily change my review
I want to like this game - Cytus-like gameplay is amazing and it needs a community project behind it like this! However, the lag between the song and the gameplay varies wildly between songs, and I end up constantly grappling to find the perfect delay to type into the settings to be able to actually play any particular song - one may need a 0.4 second delay, another needs 0.9... none of them Just Work™ at the default settings. Needing to test for random numbers makes the game unplayable.
Even on a brand new phone with 5G connections and clear quality, the timing is severely strict. Not even Cytus has such strict timing. Community tag is full of memes with garbage charts so its not moderated for quality it seems. And newest event isolates new beginners from even getting a chance. It had potential, but it fell way too flat.
Too laggy, there's not enough songs, signing up takes too long because you need an individual name, even smashing the keyboard dosent work, this is a ripoff of cytus 2 and isn't even doing good at it, the rhythms are kinda off to the chords, when you tap the chords it dosent do an effect and that confuses you if you tapped the chord or not, i would say this game is pretty bad for rhythm gamers who are starting off, you should play Cytus 1 than this. I would wait 30 sec than play this garbage.
Me can't login while me use don't exist id why very stupid game me still can't login or make id why pls fix this is u don't i will report this game
For a one man show working on an open-source Android and Apple app for both phones and tablets, this is a very well-polished game. UI and transitions look amazing, the gameplay is really good, and the dev does build a lot of community support into the app. I have seen critics of the strict timings, however I feel it is justified when you are talking about leaderboards and competitive play. Also there is Practice mode if you don't like the tight judgement. One issue I did have is the hitsounds. It seems... kind of unstable and stuttery. And no, this is not just because I'm bad at the game. Just listening to autoplay, the hitsounds seem very messy and offbeat. Idk if this is a device or android low-level issue, or maybe even an issue with Unity, but I have to turn hitsounds off for a decent experience. Also it would be nice if there was a way to hide video backgrounds. Overall, really great fun game. If you're a big Cytus fan or you've played all the Cytus tracks, make sure to give this a try. The leaderboards are enough of a plus to give it a 5 imo
i just started out aaaand there's sound glitch lag thing that distracts me alot and makes the game borderline unplayable, so if you would, fix the bug, it's irritating
It is OUTSTANDING! I love the gameplay the music and all the fan levels. Developers, I wish you can keep this game running until the end! Good Job!
Love this game, it's 100% free and the community is great. No ads either, which is crazy when it comes to free mobile games.
Good but could be better Graphics are 5/5 Gameplay is awesome 5/5 Controls are there and its good but the touch detection could be better 3/5 Overall its a good game it just needs a bit of polishing
im sad to see that the new events enter duration is only until 16th of september, i recently updated it and never knew about this event before this new update, was there a beta? edit: i read the date wrong
well, the game itself is wonderful and i definitely recommend it, but only if you have a phone that can handle it. i recently changed my phone and it was a bit laggy on my last phone, and also, now it's not letting me sign in or sign up, i forgot my ID so i was just going to make a new account but it's not letting me saying i "altered the systems time" which makes no sense.
Massive improvement. So much good stuff happened to this game when I came back! The UI was revamped, and it's much more optimized!