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CyberDunk 2 Basketball Manager

CyberDunk 2 Basketball Manager for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by CyberSports located at 3315 Hwy 50, Silver Springs, Nevada. 89429, USA.. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
While the game is confusing at first, once adjusted it's a fun little waiting game. However, the interface can become very confusing and to post in the "world chat" you have to constantly switch from page to page a continuously refresh the page. Also, there should be more frequent games or a longer season because it's hard to tell when you've got a game and harder to join tournaments and other things (getting drafted by people etc).
The concept for this game is amazing you start by making 2 players and can draft them to a team and each season is 68 games as each season goes by you buy more slots to make more players and each season your players go up to a new league. You should 100% get tge game. You play with and against players from all over the world.
2 issues: 1. Always has an error: "Error contacting server. Check internet connection. " this is clearly a server issue since I have 100 mbps internet connection. 2. No games in The weekend / No interesting events whatsoever. it seems like the developer has less interest in updating the game.
Really good game. The ability to create a player and/or control a team, going through contract negotiations, etc. is very cool. Other little things like 1 on 1, pick up games, and national teams add a lot as well. Great stuff! Would reccommend
This game is really fun. It's a little confusing the first few days but I assure you this game is great
Overall a very good basketball manager/simulator app. The only problem is that some of the features present in the browser version cannot be seen and/or used in the mobile app. Nevertheless, five stars out of five.
Huge game that has huge potential to be a perfect game but a little confusing at first since there isn't a tutorial but if you add a tutorial it would be the best
Very enjoyable game. It's fun allows you to be very creative and competitive. It requires you to be involved and has so many different options and opportunities for your players
This is a great game, but I feel like it needs to be updated. This screen is fit for HTC and smaller Android devices, it should fit w/ newer phones. Its great tho, the NBA2k game without pixels w/real players. And its free. I just wish it gets an update.
Underrated Sim Game. If there was a way to give new players more direction at the start to direct them to the active places/leagues, it'd be perfect.
Game is good, takes awhile to understand basics, also still trying to understand how it works at times.
I checked the website of this and I like the website more as it's very detailed unlike this app. You can edit players there, change the money, see past tournaments, detailed information of each players, etc... For Someone new here like me, it's better to use the website so you won't misunderstand this as boring or whatever. Also the answers for cdp are there. I thought the website and the app are similar but nahhh
It can't let me log in to app or press forgot password. I try the website but the email hasn't gone through my email yet..
Great game if you love basketball and like watching numbers go up and down. No ads and it isn't pay-to-win, I only wish the games were closer together. Better than all of the other basketball manager games I've played and the player creation is cool. would be nice if we could have some art for it
Solid game that needs some kind of option for you to raise your stats without having to wait until your next game is played. Essentially, once you set up your player, it just doesn't give you enough to do to keep you intrested or help you excel past other players if you want to spend more time on the app trying to raise you players abilities.
It's a great game. I love it,it makes my basketball skills into a virtual experience. The only problem it has is it operates in real time. Games take days to happen unlike Nba 2k but still a good game (lonewolf)
CyberDunk 2 is awesome. It is the best basketball manager / carrer game. Even though you can't play or watch your games it's still great. So many tactic options(passing preferences, defence type, shooting positions, etc) , attributes to level, players to sign and teams to sign for. I like that you can make a lot of players so you can experiment with positions and abilities. It isn't a game that you will play for 10 hours straight but you can play it for years and you won't delete it. 5/5⭐
Look simple but complicated basketball manager game, take some time to get the basics and you still need PC or web browser to see full game details. it's fun when you try to build best players and try to outsmart other players. good community too
A very good game once you understand it but it can be a bit difficult during the first moments but ot is nothing you cannot learn as time goes..... Good gameπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
Absolutely great go to game for getting your bball sim fix. I enjoy the in depth player creation, the customizable equipment, gear and community. There are daily competitions as well as outright seasons. You can get plenty done as free to play, or choose to support the game and squeeze some perks out of it either way it's such a great game. Guides can be found online I do however wish they incorperate their own as a link or some method of tutorial. I'd like to understand more of what's going on.
It's a great basketball simulation that really captures the ins and outs of a realistic regular season.
Love this game since day one, only problem that I have is that even though my ratings as a rookie i quite better than most my stats aren't that high. But other than that i love the competition against other players within the league and international leagues!
Good game ... sometimes the players skills don't translate in game as my player has max passing but doesn't get assist
A great basketball simulator. You manage teams by buying the teams from game generated leagues. These leagues can be full of user-controlled teams as well as computer generated teams. In your team, you can decide who to sign as well as the tactics and styles you want to use for the games. If that is not your cup of tea, you can just create your own custom players and manage their careers by getting contracts and training them. They also have a great reward system for active players.
Won't allow me to create a player. Doesn't matter if I use any of the points or not during character creation gives me the same error everytime "used too many points".
Was amazing but now that I saved up enough points to make a superstar character the game wont let me make a 3rd player (I bought a 3rd slot with points)
I love this game and how you can play with friends and try to create the best team to beat other teams it definitely stands out from the rest of basketball games. If you want a sim basketball game where you can play with friends and have your own team this would be the game. The only thing that I suggest they change is that you can only simulate a few games. I think that you should be able to simulate how many games you want so you can find the best strategy that'll work for everyone.
Very easy to navigate around and use especially on the go however would be good to have everything you can access on desktop version but other than that amazing app!
This is a great game, but I feel like it needs to be updated. This screen is fit for HTC and smaller Android devices, it should fit w/ newer phones. Its great tho, the NBA2k game without pixels w/real players. And its free.
Enjoyable real life in depth management game, you can experience what it's like to compete as a player and team manager. I haven't experienced another game quite like this on the market for people who enjoy stats based text simulation games
its probably a good game. My phone wont download it. From all the reviews ive seen its such a good game yet i cant download it. Yea ikik "its ur connection" full bar connection, never had this problem with any device download. This is stupid. I give 2 because it probably good nice game. But when try to download. It say no?!
really hoped that they added more strategy and made process of recruiting and transferring much easier. There are many question marks when it came to changing the strategy. Maybe add offensive tactics, defensive formations. Coaches? after you retire? The game can be so much better. The Gui also can be improved greatly.
The game has a lot of confusing interfaces and menus, and theres not a whole lot of tutorials to help with the more intricate parts of the game
This game has helped me have so much fun these past few years. Its a game that I don't need to be online at that moment for and I can play easily with friends and family. The point system is great and when you go on a team the league is truly amazing! Id recommend this to everyone whos looking for a quick and easy game.
This is an amazing game. Unlike others, it is a long-term experience and you can play it for only a few minutes per day- an experience that will TRULY keep you back for more. The fact that others are there to help you, negotiate deals, etc. is also a great incorporation of multiplayer to make it have an effectively neutral standing between competition and cooperation. P.S. If you devs will see this, I can translate English to Filipino and some Filipino dialects. Thanks for reading this!
Very good basketball managerial game ,you can create your own basketball player at every position .A must must have for all basketball fans ,true basketball fans will love this game I will give this game about four stars because ,it is more than just basketball it's like you are in your own basketball virtual basketball world.
Nice basketball game, helpful people. I have a player in his second year now, Tajh Phare SG. Co players are decent. It's not really a pay to win in my opinion you can achieve a good amount of success even as a new player.
wow i love how in-depth it is. so addicting. still trying to figure it out tho. otherwise, this is the best sport simulation game ive played.
Really great game! The fact that it's in real time also adds to the fun, it's really exciting just waiting for the countdown until the game and even 1-on-1 contests are great.
Very cool basketball sim. Best by far as far as pvp league set up and management of player/s. Really gives you the feeling that you are manageing a player very competitive as well which keeps me checking in regulararly.
Really fun game that doesn't take much everyday. Just login and check what's happening for 15 minutes a day and you're done. You get to build a player and watch them get better. I was surprised it took me so long to find the game
One of the most fun game/app I've ever done. I like how they keep it competitive by setting it up like high school sports. Freshman face Freshman and so forth. I'd like to see them incorporate aging athletes so you can build a team and still be competitive as well as incorporating injuries. It has so much already tho contracts, mini games, practice(training), skill increasing gear, tactics, pass vs shoot options, stats, chatting with other players and more.
This game is not simple as its display, its more complex and realistic. And still more to explore. Btw, how and when the training bring the results, im still wondering. Keep on the good work!
Alias: showard20. This game is pretty fun and has a great interface. The leagues and teams are unique. Needs a bit more introduction to the game but overall good game.
Its a great simulation app. The fact you can manage a single player make it even better. With the buy team feature, this is one of the best basketball simulations.