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Cyber Dead: Super Squad

Cyber Dead: Super Squad for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Angles Game Studio located at Melbourne, VIC. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Yeah it was fun for a while but got boring after unlocking 8 out of the 9 characters on grind. Strike mode is rigged after upgrading characters 4rom drill you will find out that u need a further 9k points to complete some of the b4 they refresh
Liked the game played for a couple days then it updated n now it wont go past the load screen .. an lots of my points n money didn't save ..
Add watching game. I spend more time watching adds than playing. Fun in the beginning and impossible to win in a while. Arena enemy's became a way stronger. Game has potential, but uninstalled.
This game is like Bombastic Brothers, but lazier and lagier. Not only is the gameplay extremely similar, but the UI is basically the same.. even the missions are nearly exact copies. The bosses and characters are lazy, you walk too slow and the game lags way to often!
After the update, phoenix event was gone. The duration is Aug. 21 to 28, I have a lot of unused keys on that event. Bug still exist. Bring back the old way of making materials in workshop. In new update The cost of making an item is too high, compared to disassemble that gives only very little amount around 1 percent. Can't even make legendary item now.
This game is good to play,but there is no way i can exit the game but to press home button instead.Please add an acsesible exit from return button.Also,does this game have MINIGUN?I would love to have a spinning barrel machine gun like minigun.
This game is great but is to easy to player like me because the game is slightly not challenge for me
Fun, easy to play, with good graphics. Just got bored with it after a while. Too slow to progress unless you spend actual money.
I mean, I don't have an experience of this game, but from the rating reviews, I'll give this a 5 star..!
Great action shooter game for those older gamers who liked going to the arcades in the 1970's and 1980's. It's a classic style platformer with new graphics and features. Fight aliens, and weird creatures!😁
This game is really fun and the first to be addicting for me but since the newest update all the reward ads keep saying ad is not available,it was working fine till the last two updates,please fix i love the endless rewards even if u need to watch an ad
Never crashes, super smooth, & even runs on my old Smasung Galaxy Core LTE! I've never had a single problem with it, but I liked the old logo better haha .
Good game but you need to develop some things like characters and big enemy's but this is a good game
Cyber Dead - I have been enyoying it since day one. Thanks a lot for the team providing us with such a a great game.
Very nice and enjoying game with instant graphics ballistics mechanic weapons and ammunition is suitable for this excluding immeasurable gaming challenge yet the civiled buildings are massive gamedous experience and the figures are alrighty superb quality assurance that is right for this compactible game since the archetypal issue arrived with the combination besides of the paradise in connection of compliance is. The change of. Challenge levels and innumerable upcoming events that really and th
this was great at first, but at the end of minish cap in the dark castle, my Game CYBER DEAD would crash every time i got to a certain part, with no way to fix it, making my 25 hour useless
I played a game called something like "bomb-tastic brothers" or some such. This game is EXACTLY like that! It's time consuming, pay-to-win and holds little to no regard for free players. Uninstalling. Not spending money on THIS game like I made the mistake of doing with the other game.
Super fun game but there is one level that is hard it is the one where you are riding in the big car after the big truck πŸ˜πŸ˜‚.
Game is awesome But now occurs a problem The game not opening since tomorrow Always saying please check your connection and try again My mobile data is always on And I have a wifi connection also Pls solve the problem ASAP
It is very well made, glad I found this game! Devs replying to players within a couple of hours is the best I've seen from any game. Can't wait to see what CyberDead has in store for us! I'm for sure waiting for Arena ;)
I love it and I really had fun with it. Graph is is good. Controls are a little bit delay. Gameplay reminds me of Bombastic Brothers but this game won't become like Bombastic Brothers because the devs in that game got too greedy. I hope this game would stay f2p (:
Great game and it should be a 5 star but I don't like how the enemy's pop out of nowhere? Should be a 5 if you came up on the enemy's instead of poof surprise lol.
Worst. If you make a update you suppose to make the game better not make it worst. Weekly update still can't fix game crashes. Not even worthy of 1 star...
Good game as expected. Great graphics Hope they create such more games soon .Loved it . I like these type of games
Horrible controls and some serious issues made me stop playing before spending a penny more. The human hands are anatomically not built to play this game with success. Game gets ridiculous frustrating due to shoot/nade instead of jump and vice versa. Sometimes hero shoots in a straight line below or upwards (no one there) instead of enemies in front direction. Beeing 1 point below 'required' strength is like you left the entire gear at home + controls = uninstalled. Developers way to greedy!
This game is amazing I don't wanna put it down, it's like a drug, everything from graphics to gameplay is fast and smooth with alot of options
this emulator runs smooth and very good, but has some weird ads, would be cool to see the link system work so I can fight other people in cyberdead.
The looks good, and they are reasonable with the amount of ads that they put in it, the auto lock on can be annoying sometimes, but overall it is a good game
Rewards bug, can't get extra rewards ads won't play so l can't get em 2 rare weapons that lm suppose to have on the first couple missions did not get it. Other than that l love the game Good work dev's .
New review,hope you guys read this, Changes of characters looked so amazing.Hank looks beefcake,i like him.Jenny look so beautiful and sexy,Rocket have changes too on his clothing....Why not Mia have full-arm covered gloves,i can see her skin coloured fingers...βœ‹βœ‹ If only you design character Mia with full arm covered blue gloves(cover fingers),and regards for you added more new characters.
It is amazing and since CYBER DEAD are downlaodable on the app it is easily accessible. I recommend this for all who want to experience quality Game cyberdead in a simple way
Great Game, Bad Bugs- I tried submitting a bug report, but their support page crashes every time. Energy not restoring- I am not sure what is causing this glitch, but it is a game breaking bug. When I select my energy pool, it claims that I restore 9 per hour. However, when starting up the game the following day, I am still in single digit energy amounts, which is in turn preventing me from playing. The only way I can play is by watching an energy ad, but I can only do that 3 times a day.
I played or rather I was forced to play a stage of this game. I couldn't choose or create a character. After the first stage I was still forced to upgrade the given character. I looked at the group of selectable people and found it lacking any variety.
This game is my favorite games its been 3 months. I still play this game Its my favorite games,i never feel boring when i play this game 😊❀
It's makes your negative feelings go mix Boredom towards the game, Others go suddenly hardcore then an extremely slow recharge of power that you needed in order ro play. WHY DON'T YOU SAY THAT "COMEBACK TOMMOROW TO PLAY" RATHER THAN MAKING US VISIT WHILE REALIZING THAT I CAN'T PLAY ALOT YET
Tired of all the pop-ups for IAPs. Basically watered down version of Metal Slug with tons of IAPs. Not everyone uses Facebook, maybe add another way to save progress.
Game is actually good but some level is so difficult and we can't even upgrade the heroes bescause of the room level and we have to wait untill we reach the room level which take around 2 days to reach next room level . And some of the inventory tools are confusing
What I should say about this game I like the game very much please make other games like this I need pixelated walkthrough games
The best metal soliders games with little to no commercial ads! BEST metal soliders games EVER BY FAR !!
After a long time I thought that I can enjoy this game everything is excellent but lack of options which are not able to understand for a common man very difficult to know about the options and upgrades and developments are very poor fix this guys I am removing this game
Very amazing game with superb gameplay and amazing graphics... However,I've found there is no exit option to this game and everytime I've to force close this app to exit,so pls add an exit option in next update....Also I want developer to add more content in future to this amazing game...Kudos! To developers.
Even after so many updates I am still having the same problem with challenge mode rewards. I used to like this game but now it's annoying me. Please fix this issue.
This game sucks ass its a game were they want you to spend money on a free game with out money the game stupid i cant play now i played a couple boards and now it want money to go any more well not this person stay away 0 out of 10
Very good arcade action with different play styles. Only problem I see is it may be a lil too hard to level up with buying in app stuff
This game become stuck at 3.6 level wen u get victory and dead at the same time plz program accordingly I have a screen shot to attach but there is no option to attach a screenshot
Very nice and enjoyable game. Pretty straightforward and with exceptional graphics. Only noticable issue is the fact that since the last update, everytime I try to watch a video to receive some additional rewards, the game force closes. Could you please fix this issue? Update: The aforementioned issue has been successfully resolved. Well done to all of the developers. When should we expect to see more levels? Finished all on normal and hard mode and now I'm only doing the various challenges.
Fun game. Would love it if upgrade took less time or the difficulty curve (+1k gear rating per level) was a little less extreme. Makes it hard to keep up gear wise.
From 5 to 1 what happened to my account now? I can't play it online now how to resolve this because of the update sad
It was good, when I'd play it, I never forget that was very mind blasting ang very addicted game like "Cyber Dead" ,so I give it a 5-Star, so the game would be even better in this future and the other player who likes this game, they love this game. True that this game says "Challenging" and I love it soooo much.
Excellent game I'm loving this game and enjoyed the game, so mony friends interested the playing the game,,but one thing short stage and hero's gear level need to be more than powerful or upgrade system need to be something changed day after day by day maximum one day its perfect another one thing rewards gifts price too much could you please is it possible to lower amount fixed. Afterthen I'm said overall this game very very funny and entertainment games once time playing better understood me.
The controls are bad, who invented the scroll pad rather put arrows. The game has nothing to do with zombies
Your game is fantastic really entertaining I enjoy it but why this is not more often visible in play store just saw it in youtube?waiting for more.πŸ˜ƒkindly give us othwr option to save our data like in google not only FB.