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Custom Gun Simulator 3D

Custom Gun Simulator 3D for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Advanced Weapon Tech. The game is suitable for PEGI 12 (Horror) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is actually suprisingly good. Its really easy to get in game $ without spending any real world money (i havent paid anything and i already have all the guns and a ton of attachments after just a few days worth of playing) the graphics and mechanics work pretty good and the reloads are actually pretty accurate (although you always preform a ful reload there is no tactical reload) it just really works well theres really no bugs or glitches that i found. Wish they would add more guns tho
I really like the game overall but you cant shoot the sniper rifle or shotgun I don't know about any others but my biggest fustration yes be more difficult but at 17 stage even though the amount of points needed is resonabile you only have 11 sec or so to get that amount so if you even lag one sec you run out of time almost too hard maybe but still like it
unbelievable- its an honest to god decent game. not a cashgrab. not an ad simulator. not some addictive idle tycoon nonsense. just a good, honest, fun game. you can build guns with different camo and attachments and take them to the range. they even have a camera mode for real life lol, its so charming. 11/10.
was terrable... was hoping for a full custom builder, bad app... stupid you have to log in daily to get money, but makes it seem the slightest bit realistic... Don't bother trying it
The app was good but there was this one problem when I want to change the sight it was stuck I couldn't go on any other sight. it was only on one sight and I couldn't swipe on to another sight please fix this.
I gave 3 stars because you cant flip the guns to the left in simulator mode. Left handed features are greatly appreciated.
Very awesome cool guns like AK-47 thank you so much very fun no real money at all thanks and plus ads are really easy to skip and not that annoying suggestions: please add detachable grenade launchers or mini shotguns and new clips plus new shotguns all the best five stars p.s. please don't die of covid19 cus your awesome thank you(;(;(;.
I love this the reason I give it 4 stars, is because there are not many guns. I will do 5 stars if you add at least the Thompson. Other than that good gameπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
It would be awesome to have more Customization. It would be nice to have more Rails, Attachment Points and the Option to Change the Barrel, Stock, Body and Rear Grip. AND PLEASE GIVE US UNLIMITED COINS
It's great,but it needs better hit detection on the firing range & its a bummer that not all the scopes/attachments/sights work:( Plus no firing range for shotgun or sniper:(
This isn't how you run a Gun Builder App. You're supposed to hide everything but 3 guns and 2 basic attachments per gun behind a paywall! You aren't suppposed to have everything unlocked for your consumer so they can enjoy your app! Sarcasm aside, this app is fantastic! great for lowspace phones and you get much much more than any other gunapp I've seen. The nonholo scopes need fixed so you look through them instead of around them, more gunshot sounds, and a store to spend your gold
I think that the game needs a fun like the rpk m249/saw aug and stuff like that and i want the sniper in gun camera please i want to have a game with someone i know and i that that the m249 what ever you ad to the game will make me and my friend have a good time and ill tell my outher friends about the game thanks
Awesome app I can finally setup my own weapons and such but there's a problem some of the weapons are not highlighted in the game while scrolling through I'll find some weapons that is not visible
Would give 5 stars but, there wasn't as much guns and I was expecting to actually aim down sights and sniper scopes.
Finally a game that can match my search for the gun with a bunch of attachments is it just me or do a gun look disgusted with no attachments
It's the best game and I LOVE THE CAMERA GUN MODE. the thing I do not like is sometimes when your costomizing guns it gets laggy.other then that it's the best game I played so far Also a fan idea. Please please please add a FLARE GUN
This is a cool game I like it and It has some cool and awesome features that I think you might like to watchplay
Very unique but could be even more unique and better if it had special weapons like knives, tasers, flare guns, minigun, and such rare weapons, obviously make them customizable, and you successfully win this game.
It's a great game for be stuck at home, and for pranks. I'll keep you updated on how good the game is.
I love it. The fact that the creators made everything just free to use, astounding. I'd rate 10 stars if i could just for the graphics and basically Charity
Great game to play, loads of different customizations. I know I love shotguns but can you add the AA-12 shotgun?
Ok...this is mind blowingly awesome...but for some reason the the shot gun and the sniper rifle does not want to work...and some of the scopes don't want to scope...pls if u fix I'll rate the game 5 stars for everything
Its a good game but there is one problem though. It doesn't show me where the settings are because i tried to take a picturr of my soldier but I needed to change something.
it's fun,I always pretended to shoot my friend.but when you shut is and open it back up again it does not work :( plz fix that
really love the details that are in the game but when i was customizing like where the magizine is it doesnt show
Great app, but i am having an issue, it wont download anything additional for me, i have strong internet connection and even went into my app manager to give it storage permissions to no avail. If you could help me with this id appreciate it.
This is one of the more enjoyable gun apps on the store. You can customize the guns and fire them in the simulator, plus it has a gun camera mode. The only issue I have (and the reason I've only given it 4 stars) is the only sight you can aim with in gun camera mode is the red dot sight, if you put any other sight on your gun in gun camera mode it'll look down thd side of the gun instead of looking through the sight, that's a bit irritating, please fix it. Other than that this game is worth it πŸ‘
Ok its good but i wab5ted acrual custom like a flame sniper and there is abglitch with a sniper that makes its mag stay in the air even when reloading is done
This game is cool but i was making something a army but it won't make me use head armor shirt pants shoes it won't let me tap it fix it
I Love The Gameplay, BUT If You Knew That Game Had Updated 4 Weapons And Improved Performance?? IT'S GREAT OKAY?
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This game is amazing, i love it, the gun physics is great, but i love to see a minigame in the gun option to test our guns into action, not like the testing grounds, soo if you ad that that'l be great, thanks
Because when you put out your first class and you don't have enough money or something it doesn't let you unlock the second class that's what made me mad maybe I'll leave it or maybe I'll uninstall it so I was willing to get this game and if you do rated one star and to be on my team because I'll tell you something right now that game is not good because I'm getting into the second one is suck and that's a matter of fact so don't get it at all because you know you're going to regret it and if an
It is good just not as good as gun builder elite 3d it has zombies try to add zombies then it would be 5 star
You cant actually make your own guns . Just modify already existing ones not that good really . Also have to buy everything
well it just lagged and lagged and there isn't much to do except customizing guns and character. I liked the custom camo but if you wanted a scope it would cost money in the game and you only start with one thousand or two thousand. You just want to customize freely.
The reason that I gave this app of 5 stars because it's awesome you can create guns with camos and that's what I really like about guns to make them look good so thank you so much for creating this app
When it comes to customizing the weapons , it does it's job. But when u buy a scope , then cannot use it is where it gets irritating. Either make it usable , or cut out the whole shooting range (would also mean removing in-game currency)
would've been awesome but i'm stuck at level 18 where i need to score 200 points in 11 seconds?!? it's crazy if not stupid. i'll keep trying again for the next week but if i can't get past it, i'll have to uninstall and get a move on
I like the idea, but I feel like more can be added. Here are some examples: Better sounds, a lot of the noises made by the weapons feel like they were ripped off of call of duty and not actual firearms. More ways to actually earn money instead if just the shooting range and ads. A more in depth paint job customisation. Custom reticles. Community-based events or ways to show off your arsenal using the app. And of course, more guns and camos. And also maybe different magazine varients.
Out of all gun camera games I have played,this is by far the best.can I make a new weapon suggestion:the hk416.
It was awesome very fun and easy to use. The gun camera is very fun but it's not on the sniper or shotgun. Other than that. It's fun and you have a variety of choices.
I love this all it's is very fun to use I live in huston and it felt like we drove for 2 minute going to copris.This app is a time passer.
it's pretty much exactly what you expect. not a lot of options, and they want you to watch a ton of ads or spend money to get coins. but i guess if you need an ok time waster, this is it
Simple, fun, and everything's free if you have 10 to 30 seconds to waste, and if you don't why are you playing this game? Excellent work, my only complaints are the controls can be a little awkward, there's some lag, and the lack of customization on a lot of the guns is kinda disappointing, other than those three things this is the best game of it's kind.