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Cursed Treasure 2

Cursed Treasure 2 for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Armor Games located at 16808 Armstrong Ave Irvine CA 92606. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's a great game. A few things bother me. I have to change the settings every time i start the game. (turn off sounds, tap to speed up) Skills were made for the original 18 levels. Impossible to get great on levels 19-21 without using skulls, and impossible to even survive levels 22-24 without using massive amounts of skulls. Why no new skills with the new levels?
i've taken this from two stars down to one star, purely because the game KEEPS crashing. You do one level, go into the next and it crashes. So you can't do more than one level without the thing crashing. Sometimes not even that. I love the graphics, design, gameplay - rarely it isn't a game overburdened with ads or money making, the ratio there is spot on. But unless the crash issue gets fixed, it's essentially unplayable. Please fix this!
As good as I remember it on Kongregate years ago. Enjoyable, great graphics, love the sound effects. Keep it great!
Just started playing this, finished the first 3 levels, and I really enjoy the game. Seems balanced and unique. Though it seems that there's no cloud backup, and there's no way to pay to disable ads. Ads will show up once in a while after you finish a level. I wanna get rid of them by paying, but couldn't find a way to do so. Definitely a good alternative for Kingdom Rush lovers out there.
Great game and really challenging. I think people who gave 1 star are people who can't play or finish the level lol. Would wait for the sequel.
Map 1 was great. Another of fun. But once you get to map 2 your towers are ineffective, even on max upgrades. All you can do to win is buy skulls and spam skull spells. Which is not fun and costs. Silly setup.
Repetitive and grindy, but pleasant graphics and mindlessly enjoyable gameplay. Unfortunately, it also frequently crashes mid level, and with the other levels taking upwards of 10-20 minutes and losing all of that progress on these crashes, the game is not worth your time.
First time i see ads without a close button, sometimes i need to shut down the game because there is no other way to close the ad. Really fun game, but please fix this problem!
i like this game is very much fun great towers without any barracks units make this game so tense. but after the moving to another island this game is started to get difficult, each level the jewels was always carried by them. but other than that the game is great
this is a very good good game, but can you please add more levels? please, because I really love this!
I really liked this game. It is fun and challenging, and an enjoyable way to spend time. The reason it doesn't get the 5 stars I want to give it is because of the adverts. Although the game is listed as coming with an in-app purchase, there is no in-app purchase available. Instead players are forced to watch 5 second adverts every time they finish or restart a game, even if they win the game (which really sort of feels like a punishment for winning). All the game would need to do for me to be entirely happy with it, is to offer a purchase price to make the adverts go away. I would happily pay it. As it is, the bombardment of adverts just makes me close down the game after a while. So only 3 stars.
This is a very fine TD game that allows the player to try different strategies without penalty and has pretty darn high replay value. On some of those maps it's really hard to get three stars! Also, the night mode helps to keep things fresh. If you're looking for a solid TD game that is NOT P2W, definitely give this one a try.
Please fix the bug of templar.....this bug was not earlier...the templar reduces the damage and it doesn't come back to normal...pls fix it.
First the bad, the battles can get somewhat long and tedious. Now the good, whether or not you win a battle or gain a star, even if you don't, you still gain some exp! Most defense games if you can't get through a level you have to pay....but not in this one! Keep going back into the boards you've cleared and eventually you'll get exp. To level up and possibly enter new boards.
This game is very, very similar to the kingdom rush series. It's just as hard, if not, even harder, the upgrade systems are like twins, and it's just as great. But there is ONE thing that bothers me. Also, I know that the Dwarf levels require skulls, but they actually don't.
The achievement for the turn 50 enemies into Chickens wasn't unlocking and it kept crashing and there isn't a way to send the data to the server.....ended up losing data after I cleared the cache...
This is my fav game from last 12 years...I m happy mobile version has come. Lot is changed in this version compared to the one I play online. This version seems to be little tough, I am stuck in level 4, cannot clear.
Map 1 is tough but doable. Then map 2 comes. All upgrades maxed, there's nothing more I can earn (paid or not) and it's now so difficult that you *have* to use skulls just to barely finish a level. But, there's nothing more to unlock. No towers, no upgrades, no in-level tower upgrades...so why would I bother buying skulls? If there was something more to winning now than just 'well done, you won' I'd pay, but there's nothing else to earn. They've missed out because I would have paid otherwise
Starts out good but in the end falls short. The leveling system and the first few maps feel really challenging and interesting. They actually make you think. Later on there appears maps that are impossible to pass without using power ups (watch ads or buy) several times, and maps where there are only a few places from where turrets reach the enemies even when you are fully leveled up. The end game feels unsatisfying, stumped, and unfairly hard.
Excellent TD game. I think there's still more to come, too, as once you "finish" the game, a large part of the map is still obscured. The different towers are a little confusing at first, as upgrades unlock thick and fast, but once you try a few you'll work out which ones you like. The biggest issue is the pickups, trying to collect a mana bottle or a coin and accidentally hitting a scroll. A good fix might be a toggle button that doesn't let you use scrolls while it's active.
Ads and buy to win makes this game pretty bad. Along with the unnecessary debuffs by paladins that is not on the pc version makes this really hard to enjoy.
Fun tower defense game, not too difficult once you have the upgrades to return to previous levels and gain full stars. Dwarves seem designed to make you purchase special spells as they are very, very hard but they are a part of additional levels that come from the devs putting more effort in.
Game is fine, but sometime I get Ads that cannot be removed when they finish playing. Please fix this issue.
Does not save progress from one phone to another :( The game itself is fairly fun, but you will need to progress forward to come back and do some of the hard-mode raids. There are times when things are not explained well or the controls are a bit off, like if there are lots of dropped items it can lead to using the wrong ones. Clicking can be a litrle hard on the phone and the Galaxy Note Stylus is completely ignored by some actions you can click.
The game was challenging but fun most of the way through. What leads me to rate this game one star instead of five is one simple yet crucial thing: the final level is impossible to win with a Brilliant score and without spending a thousand skulls, which are very rarely dropped. There isn't nearly enough gold or mana available to keep up with the escalating waves. Additionally, the enemies that come out of the supply depot cannot be killed with meteors or turned back with Terrify. So dumb.
This game has a lot to like. It's not really for me. I hit a level where a new enemy debuffs all of my towers. Like all of them, it's a huge range and duration. Leveled up my towers and abilities a couple of times, but I still get crushed. It's not really a matter of strategy or placement, I just need to grind way more. There is a limit to how much fun that is in a Tower Defense game. Replaying the levels you can already crush over and over gets real slow and dull.
Not a bad game. Not sure how the ads are, I play with a VPN to disable ads. Without using ads or spending any money, I beat the game and maxed all towers (level 51) in just one day. Could definitely use more content. Not a bad waste of a day or two if you're looking for something quick
personally i enjoy this game but only the computer version, the reason for this is that the (new?) building claiming system makes it very unappealing, also the phone screen tilts only one way so it can cause me (and probably others) to accidently exit out of the game meaning that once we get back in it is paused (which don't get me wrong is good, that it pauses i mean) but this is happening all too frequently for my tastes. also the computer version i love is on kongregate.
One of the best TD game, fun hard but addictive. unfortunately, it is too short to play. Need more level
Mediocre tower defense game that is riddled with ads at the end of every level, when you restart a level, and to gain "extra exp" at the end of every level that you really basically must take unless you want to mindnumbingly grind past levels at a much slower rate. Update: 3 to 2 star, the later levels on the right side are literally impossible and extremely unfair without using the items that cost skulls, the currency which you grind for slowly/pay money for.
RUINED BY POPUPS AND ADVERTS : Ads pop up after each round, often crashing the game. Achievement popups interfere with gameplay, rendering screen inaccessible; Ive lost countless rounds because an achievement popped up and screen taps were disabled for 5 seconds... thats a HUGE amount of time in a game that is so finely balanced between win/lose.
Great tower defense game, besides having ads that won't close until closing out the entire app and reopening the game to continue. Also one small thing, the audio options always returns to default when opening the app. Almost as annoying as the ads not closing.
3rd times reinstall (in a good way). always get me back to recompleting it again. perfect balanced game. pure strategy. no skull needed if understand the flow, wether nights/days u can done it 3 stars. u know u'll miss it someday even after u've done it.
Great tower defense game. You can win up to 3 stars on each level in day mode (see the whole screen) and night mode (see only what is close to towers and buildings you own), making them replayable. Not pay to win; watch a short ad for bonus experience pts. Very fun. Not a battery hog. Recommended.
Game is good, classic TD. However, it automatically play ads and some of the ads will have black on the both sides of my screen which makes me can't turn off the ads unless I restart the game
Don't like how it looks... It's look more like a kids game rather than mature men's game Cursed treasure 1 is still my favorite
The enemy spawning is completely brutal and completely unfair, u can have 7 units in the next wave, with 2 entrances and have all 7 pop up in a single entrance, it completely unreasonable and it's not even consistent, it's basically random, there is no strategy or skill, u just die
Really good little game! simple but effective! Would recommend. Not greedy! there is an option to buy skulls or watch videos for more so you can carry on playing the game without it becoming too difficult. Remember playing this game about 10 years ago on the PC and it's still just as good if not better with the extra levels. My only critic is that some of the bosses require you to tap on the screen to attack them, and you can easily click on the towers which is a little frustrating but fine.
Second time installing this game on mobile. Millionth time playingthe game since it came out. a really fun game to play when you've got nothing else to do. after you beat the main island basically dont exapect to beat it with maxed out skills and all that. You can't. Bout the only reason Its not a full 5 stars but i cant really hate the guys for it. Its still a great game coming from a person who doesn't even like tower defense games.
Seriously this game need more appreciation, sequel from the classic "cursed treasure" but with a lot of improvements . The graphic is suitable for mobile devices, the storyline and some narrative in evilpedia is a nice touch but more importantly the game play is really good.
Criticism of difficulty is not justified! Fairly easy if you use skulls, pretty hard if you don't, near impossible if you don't AND go for 3 star win. Whatever challenge you want to set for yourself. No need to spend any money, unless you want it very easy. Ads interruptible, very fair for a free game. Overall fun comparable to some of the best tower defense games for Android!
It's fun but there's no way to purchase so you don't have to deal with ads and when an ad plays there's no way to exit so you have to close the game and reopen
Have played this on armor games site fun game there. Mobile version has way to many ads. While playing 3rd or 4th lvl midgame it restarts. From the brief time ive been playing it, it is obvious that you have to buy skulls to make the game playable/fun. So you have to pay for skulls and watch tons of ads, plus it is buggy. This game is going to be deleted by most who play it. Maybe you should think things through a little better during design.
It'd be a lot more fun if there wasn't an add at the end of each map and half the time you're not able to remove it without restarting the app.
Brings back memories!!!! I used to play it on computer and loved it Can u please put TAKEOVER game mobile. That was my favourite!!!!
When all tower defense games are heavily overshadowed by "Kingdom Rush" series, this game is a successful rebel. Fresh new tactic, tower versatility, LOT of stages, intriguing skill tree, captivating cute visual, challenging gameplay, and many more! It feels that this game's truly hit the spot, & ofc being ahead from any those Kingdom Rush's posers. Thank you Armor Games! The night mode is just... BRILLIANT!
This is such a good game that I would gladly have paid for it as it is in the browser version. Consider adding an option to pay to get rid of adds maybe? 3 because of adds
please allow the user the option of rotating the screen to play. i have a dead spot on my screen preventing me from chosing certain upgades. a simple screen rotation and wa-la ! i solved my own problem. this ability has been around for quite some time now. please update your program software to a more modern format allowing us the flexibility to rotate screens.
The most bugged is enemy called 'templar' the skill really permanent if you use terror it remove the negative effect but it not bring back the tower damage too original and the templar use again the skill the damage keep decreasing (21 damage->11 damage->terror spell->5 damage)
I have loved this game on other devices, but as others have mentioned, some of the ads don't fit the screen so you can't exit out of them without restarting the game. Pretty much ruins the experience until it's fixed.
There are a LOT of ads, but actually, they're not annoying at all and they're technichally optional too great game with a ton of original mechanics you can't find anywhere else.
Ninja's are designed terribly. Not much counter play since they are untargetable until the very end and on some maps they remain invis until they touch the gem even if you put demon towers in the front to make them go invis right away. Big game design mistake with that unit as you have to revolve everything around them but other than that the games fun.
Great game but players need more guidance. I was extremely struggling to get 3 stars pretty quickly but looking online it didn't look so hard, eventually realised you MUST upgrade everything then it becomes fun. At the end you have to keep trading up to get spells to beat it but by then you should have plenty of skulls, without that it's neigh on impossible. Are there anymore levels coming soon?
Fun game but causes my tablet to freeze up at random times. Kind of a deal breaker when I have to power cycle my device so frequently. I would play more if that wasn't an issue.