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Curse Breakers : Paranormal

Curse Breakers : Paranormal for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Amphibious Games located at Estonia Tallinn . The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Shock and/or Horror Content) and required Android version is 2.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I am amazed that in the mid of puzzling the ghosts suddenly appears and moves away the attention. It really gives shock
A little difficult I got frustrated quit then went back to it three times, but managed to get through it without looking up a clue. I do have one complaint with the sound, that laughter was horrible and cartoonish. Next time try sticking with moans and groans. ;)
It was fun, while it lasted. Finished the game in less than 4 hours, i dont get how people got stuck in this game... it was too short. XD
I'm happy with this one. Ads will not appear if you deactivate first your internet. Well, it's not just the usual hidden object game that ends too short. Expect level 2 here. It's very challenging for those who doesn't wanna have it too easy. Just have trouble with the telephone after entering the number. Nothing happened.
Really enjoyable, kept me on my toes..not too easy, not too difficult, not too long and not too short. Great graphics and story concept. And all for free! First game I've played from your developers and I'll def look out for more..5 *'s..thanks :) x
Quite difficult at times. Had to watch the walkthroughs many times - thank you for making them unlimited. Just wish there were more levels to the game.
Just seems to have a lot of issues with things working. I've had to restart and I'm still stuck seems to be a "bug" I have written to the email on here but after a month still no answer!
Found this gameplay slightly awkward and annoying! Basic scenes and graphics. Wooden scenes! More logical input needed with puzzles!
It have a very good story, good graphic, cool sounds and "ghosts", I was really scared in the first 5-10 minutes, is a hard job for a game to scare a man. You deserve my 5 stars rating at all. Amphobius Developers I hope that you will create more and more awesome games like this one.Nice job!
I'm at the point where I need put the newspapein the ouji board but the game will not allow me to. Please fix. I have uninstalled and reinstalled but still not working. HELP. I really want to finish This game really makes you think. I was addicted as soon as I had figured out a few of the clues. Love the amazing graphics!
I really enjoyed the this one much better than the first. Im still working on the first I find it boring. There was far more interesting things in this. The ghost noises got on my nerves by the end but still cant fault it. Good stuff.
Longer than I expected which is always a bonus but the ghosts were just annoying and didn't have the intended effect at all. Didn't detract too much though from an otherwise enjoyable game.
It was challenging but what are minds for then if one can't accept a challenge so please design more games in the curse breaker franchise. Adds are annoying by hey!! Its free so I don't mind..
Really gets you thinking, have completed all the games from this developer now. These are definately the best! The only negative is that there aren't enough, new games please!
Its a good game made me think more than usual. Lol. But sucks because once i finished the game theres no new storyline or new adventure. Why is that??
This game is fun but I'm stuck at the piano the paper has arrows with letters but when I play it nothing happens.. And what is the same controller for and the battery s I tried the TV nothing happen help someone please
For a puzzle game this ones top notch. Puzzles are fun trying to solve and the mystery of the scenario mixed well. The only thing i didn't like we're the sounds they we're to constant and repetitive. Other then that 5stars. Keep up the good work.
Absolutely superb escape game. It took a couple of hours and I needed no walk throughs. Loved the jump into past and future story line. Graphics were great and this developer puts some seriously commendable effort into all their games. Highly recommended playing all of them.
Omg!! this games a bit too difficult for me. Have struggled in my progress since the start & found i was tapping allll over the place. Enjoyed what l achieved but prefer not to continue so sori Team, am leaving you with a 4* rating regardlss, Cheers
wow ! the first ghost made me jump from my chair and throw my cellphone to the ground. . great game . real mind twister.
I was glued to the game since I installed it. I got really stuck on the second half of the game trying to figure out the code to the box by the telephone, and had to seek help. Then I got stuck again at the very end because I wasn't putting the jewels in the right place on the you know what. I wish there were more parts to this game, and the ghosts noises were annoying. Please make another similar to this, but without so much crazy noise in the game.
I enjoy playing those games at night before bed ^_^ I like them alot. I downloaded all games by this developer, they are awesome! Great work! We need more! Thanks :)
Nicely done. Would have been a lot more if the game had more things to do, pickup, puzzles & rooms to visit. I would like to see a game like Myst or Riven, still the game I thought is pretty good. Needed to be harder to accomplish longer!!! Good game..
You know, I like games that are ghost games and paranormal..and this game is the best! It's super shocking when you will saw a ghost and I feel that there's also a ghost beside me! And I always throw my tablet on The bed when I'm shocked..overall such a good game..
Not a bad game but no in game hints and some of the puzzles would involve you just clicking around like crazy rather than using logic to solve them. The ending is anticlimactic too but over all worth the time.
I really liked this one. I have decided do not play in the dark before bed. Hahaha. Puzzles were challenging but not to difficult. Ghosts are awesome.
Ad placement has me always wondering if something is hidden underneath. That would be bad design and I don't see that with these guys, yet the thought still occurs lol.
It feels less like an adventure game and more like an escape the room game. Some items are obvious, some are hard to find and some are almost impossible to detect. The tasks are repetitive and you don't always know what you can interact with and what part of the background is just there for decoration. There is a constant advertisement banner at the lower part of the screen which hides part of the image and which opens a pop-up window if you accidentally click on it. Some of the items do not respond if you click on them and you have to insist and click over and over or click somewhere around them. I also had a very hard time dragging one of the pieces of the fractured mirror. At least it is free.
I would've given five stars, but when I got to the phone it didn't work. Had to find a walkthrough online to get code that phone was supposed to give me. Basically spent alot of time trying to figure out what I missed when I missed nothing at all. Also needs an ad remover button.
I enjoyed playing this game, i do want to say that you can leave off the ads at the bottom of the screen though it got in my way at times. I had to glance at the walkthrough from time to time but over all enjoyed playing needs to be longer also, and the story line was very good too. Waiting on more games like this cant wait :-).
Very challenging. Only problem is touch is not very good. Had to almost pound on my screen to get the eyes to set in the eagle statue!
I find this game is clueless n hence its boring to play. I dont knw how to use those things which i found in that house. For example- battery, remote, video recorder etc etc. I feel d game should contain basic hints to make this curse breakers a success. 😊
Really enjoyed the twist ending. I thought it would be over at game board, oh and the old school phone was equally awesome. Worth the download. I'll be keeping my eye out for more.
One of the best games that I have downloaded and played on my Nook. Not knowing when something strange, macabe was going to happen helped heighten the suspense. Detailed graphics made it seem more real.
This game takes some logic to play, however there are times when the next step makes no sense at all and you either have to try random combinations of items or cheat and look at one of the walk-through sites online. Adding a button within the game for slight hints is a must for times such as these and then this game will get a 5 star rating from me. Nevertheless, I enjoyed playing very much. Can't wait for the next one! Oh and I could do without all the ghosts popping out of nowhere!
This was a lot of fun and was longer than a lot of these types of games are. Wasn't too hard and loved that it had another level when you thought it was finished!
This is another fun puzzle game. I couldn't get the phone to work, 56382272, it never did anything. Tried it 30+ times. Got the number it gives you from the walkthrough so I could proceed. Other than that all was well. Look forward to more.