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Curling 3D

Curling 3D for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by Giraffe Games Limited located at 26 Upper Pembroke Street, Dublin 2, D02 X361. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Buggy physics. Glitchy controls. But pretty fun. Controls need a lot of work. An accidental screen tap while trying to apply spin shouldn't send a stone flying off the screen. For shooting, please consider the following: 1) "press and hold to aim", 2) release to lock in direction and power, then 3) apply spin, 4) press shoot button to confirm and shoot. Sometimes after a shot is completed and the stones come to rest, the stones are teleported to different positions. 5 stars if above are fixed
《 《Cheats 》on it WHEN you can get a game. Pauses at your last shot and comes back so you have no time to take your shot
Couldn't get a game. Opponent wheel just kept spinning, in both Beginner and Rookie level. Uninstalled
kinda fun, but tapping only makes your sweepers sweep 30% of the time. poor menu UI, and it also doesnt follow curling rules. (only 6 stones per team per end, stones short of the hogline remain in play, etc)
amazing game and it really helps me improve . I will say that if you are learning it they have a lot of skilled players that really know curling. I like curling on real ice better than a phone. if you were to play curling on ice at an actual curling club the rocks would curl differently not suddenly dive in.
very frustrating! you should be able to control it better, and make some attempt ar fairness for the beginners? putting them up against people on level 188?! Theres not much of a fun way to learn how this works with odds like that. no explanation that helps you learn, and people levels higher kickin your butt?! its supposed to be fun. i imagine once you learn it is, but not this way. think im gonna delete and find anothee option.
A nice game but ruined by the players. Seems to be many highly skilled experienced players on the "learning" levels that just destroy new players...takes the fun out of playing against opponents with similar skill levels.
Just a bad game all around. Amateurish gameplay and graphics design. No practice / single player mode, only head-to-head. No tutorial; assumes you know and have a complete grasp of game rules. Avoid!
Its fun but needs refining. Aiming is pretty lame. Maybe if i play more i will better understand it is to easy to mess it up when you release. The game works better on my tablet. Of course hate the tokens you have to have to play
Ok, kind of fun. Some glitches on where stones are after the shot at times. And I know curling rules, guards cant be taken out until the 5th stone. The placement is very glitchy at times when this rule comes into play. Very frustrating when it messes it all up
This truly is fun and it takes Skill too. It needs to teach the Novice people how to use the double arrows more.
This game is nice, but way too expensive, and you need to wait for coins to play, I don't want to pay to play, it's very annoying.
I've only played 3 games and managed to win 1 so all I can say so far is .....its not a bad game, easy enough to play. if this is the only way I can play curling then so be it as the console games tend to ignore curling in the Winter Olympics
Fun game. Good way to learn about curling and tactics. Unfortunately, I seem to win most games simply because opponents time out or lose connection which is frustrating. Aoart from those gremlins, it is fun.
Great sport to create an app for. However, this app does little justice in teaching the sport. It does not have a tutorial and it does not give the user practice to gain or improve skills. By the way, why didn't you mention how to work those men who are brushing the ice? Don't expect others to see things the way you do, to show and to give out instructions is a good thing.
2 stars. If they did a tutorial explaining the controls I would rate it higher. But I still have no clue what the sweepers do. And my sweepers stop and start. Sometimes they won't work at all. I don't know if the green arrow matters or not. Curling seemed like a fun game to play vs my friends. But I think I will ha e to look elsewhere for a game we can fully understand.
No free guard rule so the play is kinda boring and unrealistic. Sometimes it won't let me sweep. I'll keep playing only because I haven't found another game....yet.
Pretty easy system and very strategic game. Pity there are no competitions and only 3 career levels that do not expand once you've met them.
WORST GAME EVER! Controls freeze all the time and ruins every shot. No instructions on how to work things. No practice. First game ever, they paired me against someone with a rating 14 times higher then me!!! Played for 5 minutes, lost all credits and must wait 4HRS TO PLAY AGAIN! PAY OR DON'T PLAY!
The best interactive game i've ever played. The more you play the more skills you pick up. can't find any faults at all its excellent.
let me tell you I always thought curling was a sissy game all you have to do is try to play this game it is better than any other action driving game sports game the graphics you dudes are cool thank you big Sid out PS yeah it's exciting and I'm not sure about what you mean customizable let me know what that means but I like the game PSS it is educational I didn't know a lot about Carl until I played thanks again
This game is a disservice to fans (and more importantly, potential fans) of curling! No tutorial on game controls. No explanation of scoring. And worst of all, no mode to practice and experiment with techniques.
Addicting, I'd remove the ability to control the curl level, if someone knows a way to do that in the real world please share:) would also like the ice conditions to change(slow in the beginning, speed up as more stones thrown in a lane, curl level different each game/ sheet side
Can't even get past entering my name. Everytime I enter it it gets smaller and smaller if I press back it disappears and says I must enter a name
Seems a little dum to pair up a beginer that is on level 1 with a novice or expert that is level 50 and above I think you versus mode should be done buy class and not by entry fee.... I enjoy the game but can't seem get to career level 2... But a good game once you get the hang of it
Puts you against higher level opponents before you have practised enough. I'm at 2 and ha e to play 238 or 160 levels... When you are just learning that puts you off what I think is probably a decent game.
It happened twice. After the app acknowledges I won it pauses and stays for ever. If I close it shows disconnected by myself and lose afterwards. I have a picture to confirm it you want. It is possible an app glitch allowing the one loses to pause and wait for the opponent to close or just an app issue.
Career Mode needs more Levels. Sometimes after a shot, the house changes even after all the rocks have stopped moving, sometimes you think you have scored points and then the house totally changes and the rocks are in different positions!!!
Super great game but it needs a team option and a tournament added very well done congrats to your r&d team 👏👏👏 !
Excellent curling app !! Gotta use strategy and skill to try and win. Could of used a how to use controls tutorial. Other than that, I'm really enjoying this !!!
First off, I have to wait for quite some time to finally be matched with someone. There is NO tutorial on how to play curling in general, but there is also nothing to learn the controls of the game. I still don't know how to make it spin. There REALLY should be a practice mode to help perfect your throw and technique. But that would help us figure stuff out on our own since there are no instructions on the controls and game
It simply doesn't work!! Opponents shots will go way wide and not touch anything but somehow the house will get completely jumbled up.
Great idea but people have figured out how to cheat at the end of the game. If they know they have lost they somehow freeze the game so so you can't collect. No more!
if you unerstand or like curling its a great game very fun very realaistic even down to the little men sweeping the ice the only problem ive had is trying to spin or curve i just cant get it down anyway thanks for this wonderful game and keep up the good game making
Not great but not bad. Graphics are phenomenal but game has many bugs. For 1, sweeping doesn't work half of the time. 2nd, strength of the shot is inconsistent so learning the pattern is virtually impossible. Curling also is inconsistent when using the curl slider. A little fix up will make this an excellent game.
You need to have a practice mode for this game. Also someone with a high rating, like over 100, should not be able to play pee wee against a low rating, like under 5.
Glitches from time to time. When you hit the opponent's rock and clearly should be going out of the rings, rock goes out and mine stays but their rock is replaced with mine and my stone is put somewhere else.
In the beginning it was good ,now after trying 3-4 times a day to play it seems no one is playing it anymore
How can a new player rated 0 have a player rated 50 play against them for their first match then for a second match play against a player rated 90 (Unfair), Also to many cheats in play, I can be lying 3 or 4 shots only for opponent to drive my closest shot off the rink their shot also goes off the rink which should leave me with 2 or 3 shots but no I end up losing a shot, creators of game need to fix problems with game before making it available to play.
Fairly fun, however bugs ruin it for me. It often won't let me sweep, but even worse is occasionally, the stones will randomly move around the house and not look anything like where they were at the end of my shot.
The game is fine, I guess. But it bears no resemblance to the actual game of curling. Here, good players simply make perfect shots over and over that wouldn't be possible in the real game (dead-on takeouts against perfectly buried stones don't even happen at the highest levels of the pro game; they're only possible in a mathematical sense) and thus actual curling strategy can't be brought to bear. It's truly an abomination of curling. Also the rocks magically change configuration for no reason
Very similar to the real game. Only fix to make it better would be to remove the straight arrow draw shot. That is the only non realistic part of the game. Other than that. Very well done!
worried that by the time I started playing, there appear to be many inhumanly good other players. m Maybe l'm just paranoid.... okay, so having played this some, it's pretty decent. Some weird rock resets, though. Rock resets late in the end that (should) have nothing to do with the free guard rule.
Its great app. Graphics. Your playing a close game. Against a great opponent. He shoots misses the mark. And instead of you getting a point. He gets 3 from a glich..or other way around. If it werent for that. Awesome but because of that. It sux. Youll see it really sux. Fix it. Or im gone. The glitch is happening less and less. Which makes the game way better. I'm gonna upgrade to a 4. But it's almost there.
Great game, physics are OK. Improving rocks is expensive! App does not fit screen properly on One+ 7t
Very nice and I now understand the game. It was really more education for me than the actual game. This plays very well!
terrible... game randomly decides to move stones around and replace your stones in the house with theirs, always freezes on rematch and says you disconnected and you lose your coins... Edit ... just stole a point to go up 4-2 as a level 36 against a level 832 with the ridiculously chincy heavy rocks you need to pay for... only problem is instead of giving me the point it decided to give him 6! points and i lost :) great game, can't believe people are spending money on this garbage
The games great, I don't understand the money winning part as I can't ever seem to find a player to play in the betting rounds. The computer generated players are fine enough competition though.
A lot of users keep disconnecting as an unlawful tactic making uncomfortable for the opponent to concentrate and even miss the shot when the connection is back. Could you do something towards this issue, please? Moreover there are users disconnecting when they notice the game is lost which freezes the game app, waiting for the opponent to close the app and automatically it takes it as a forfeit. Could you do something regarding this issue, as well? Thanks.
Just had one game but with improvement my fun will come my with the game. Stone's temperamental at times but things even out you get a bad run then it evens with some alternative luck.
It a good premise but game is only 6 rocks each and stops at pre determined points. Also a lot of bugs make the game reset and randomly place stones nilly willy.
Very limited career and hardly ever anyone to play against. Kind of disappointing after spending money to upgrade rocks. Could be a great game if it was more developed.
To those complaining about replaced stones after a strike, there's a rule in curling called the "free guard zone". Less complicated than the offside rule in soccer. The game's not perfect and limited if you want to play against the computer. Having played the real sport for over 20 years, this is just a bit of fun. There are plenty of unrealistic shots to be had & the ice always behaves in the same way. Perfect swing, no pick ups, no negative ice, no speed variation as the ends progress etc.
On point, very fun and gratifying. Smooth gameplay. Relaxing and soothing, and also exciting and nailbiting. Mad chill🤣
Fun game but bad organization. No oversight or way to send feedback. Often puts you against opponents hundreds of levels higher than you. Should pair up similarly leveled opponents. Also allows players to use racist screen names with no way to report. Horrible to see.
Fun game, has potential but super glitchy. Stone placement can be inaccurate and buggy. 5th stone rule dosen't always apply, and can be super frustrating. If the developer fixed these issues this would be a premium curling game.
addictive. Wish it had a few more options like keeping stats against other players and being able to play specific players so that you can play with friends.