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Cupcake Mania: Moscow

Cupcake Mania: Moscow for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by TeamLava Games located at 901 Mariners Island Blvd, Suite 300 San Mateo, CA 94404. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's another Storm 8 app that I love to hate. (The only reason it's getting 2 stars instead of one is because I like the game that offered it). This game is super easy at first, then gets almost too difficult to be fun. I'm only staying for the rewards & I am done.
I played this when first prompted to but it now turns into exactly the same as the original game. I'm also taken to same level so for that reason I rate it one star
I got this to earn stuff in another game. It is nearly impossible to get past levels without gems and you have to purchase those. It's about as fun as going to the morgue.
awesome game love the bear my 5 yr old son always tells me how the girl an the bear r so cute!! anyways it's not an impossible game to where you can't pass a level to save your life.... in this game it might take u a few times to pass a level but it's not impossible it's a pretty challenging game an I like a chall
It's the same as the original. Lives, gems, and progress transfer from game... what's the fun in that. This one is getting uninstalled asap
I can play this game all day. It takes me to a different place. It also make me use brain cells that I haven't used in years. I "LOVE" this game!!!!!!
I will give it a more accurate rating after I play it for a while. Thank you storm 8 for giving us gems for trying your new games. You do not have to do this, it is a gift to us. If people don't like the games they would not try them out. Stop complaining people. Most of us are adults and we need to teach the younger generation gratitude.
Being half Russian, I'm interested in the portrayal the game offers. 3 stars for starters as the tech\code parts of the Storm8 games are usually solid, more later, hopefully.
There is a glitch with the levels that have squirrels...they will be occupying a non-space atop a cupcake, very disturbing.
Another game spoilt by greed, why can't you make a game what doesn't require having to buy. Also very repetitive. I'm uninstalling once again.
First of all you cut gems in half to install and try your games which sometimes it got me to start playing them no more because of your greed! And worse yet is the game pop ups everytime you get on the game! Please stop being so greedy and go back the way it was before I leave your games for good!
Each new update, I install, get my gems & uninstall. This game is too immature, boring & repetitive to actually play.
Only got this for Bakery Story gems. Not interested in this game. You need to offer better than two gems for me to play from level 13 to 30. Basically a waste of space on my phone.
When i turn off push notifications then why does it always keeps me notifying after every single energy is restored. If this issue didnt sorted out i may quit this app & wil uninstall it immediately.
I have been playing this game forever and I love it!! Yes, levels get hard...that's the object of the game! Yes, you have to wait for lives...I just go play another game and come back, get over it!! I don't buy gems, I do the challenges. AWESOME GAME! Keep up the good work!
I'm not a big fan of this game, BUT I love Storm 8's advertising method, It's true that they advertise a lot, BUT they give you awsome rewards when you download the game.
I just wanted to THANK YOU for releasing these different versions of your original apps. It keeps spicing it up & not becoming stale!!! As for those who feel they must leave nasty comments regarding S8 pushing their apps neglect to consider the Gems earned for d/l'ing the "pushed" app. I look fwd to obtaining the gems & switching up which app I play, I am disabled & can't afford purchasing Gems. IT'S A WIN WIN FOR S8 & US. & @ the whiners >>Stop sniveling & go play your game ♥
I really love this game it keeps me busy for hours to the person that said nothing but it it takes forever to get a new life learn how to play better and you won't need them lol....
The game lags a lot. I only downloaded to get gems for Farm Story 2 and Restaurant Story. It sucks that you almost can't progress w/o playing other games that you aren't interested in. I think it would be awesome though if you could go back to previous levels and play w/o using energy, in order to complete missed challenges. Also energy shouldn't take so long to fill up!!
Fun, Challenging, Addictive, Smooth game play, Fun characters, Awesome graphics, Thank you for a ten star pulse game for the whole family to play.
Needs some tweaking with fruit not moving although there is no blockage (i.e. frozen fruit or pretzel barriers. Sometimes the squirrels get hung up on the top row as well. Are the easy fixes??
Don't you realize that when you started saying just downloaded for gems they went down on the gems. It use to be 6 now it's 4. STOP saying what your doing!!! Just stop are we won't get extra gems anymore!!! Thank you.
I like it! I just wish more lives were given each hour. You have to play each level like 6 or 7 times before you can move to the next, and you only get 5 tries at a time as a max. Jewels and keys need to be easier to get also, I basically never get to use the cool helps and tools because I don't have enough keys or jewels to purchase them...and I'm not spending real cash on it.
BUT I only got it to get rid of the stupid, annoying ads in other games. Beware Storm 8 pushes it's games inside other games! Very annoying. If I didn't have 4 years invested in a couple, I would walk away from all of them. Now I understand why they abandoned Amazon. Amazon wouldn't allow such nonsense!
Some of the levels are incredibly hard, almost too hard; 4-5 days spent on completing a single level is a little over the top for a 'casual' game.
At first this game was super addicting, then as the levels got harder I would buy some gems mid game in order to beat the level (typically after the 5th or so try) then it wouls glitch in the middle of the round right before I'd use it AFTER taking my money. Contacted customer service and they told me they saw I'd used them, but what they didn't know is that I had to.restart the level in order to use them which by then defeated the purpose. Sucky customer service. Don't spend money whatsoever in an app.
This is the same ole same ole.. Only downloaded this for gems on restaurant story. Also if anyone has restaurant story add QueenHershey
I love the game. Don't like that I made an in app purchase for gems and got nothing. U had no problem taking my money but somehow had an issue delivering the product I payed for. I tried to use the in app support and it would not let me. No too impressed
The game will either freeze or turn off while I'm playing. Within 24 hours i lost 5 credits just due to it restarting while i was playing. This wouldn't be an issue of you didn't have to wait an hour before you get another credit. At this point i wouldn't recommend this game based on that alone. Otherwise it's a good challenge. You have to think strategy while playing.
The game is fun and challenging. Makes you want to keep on going even wen you run out of energy (lives)
You don't need much skill to play. It gets VERY HARD as you level up. I have some issues with the game:it takes FORTY-FOUR gems to get FIVE moves. The lowest purchase pack has 100 gems which gives you TWO 5 more moves & you are left with 12 gems & nothing to do with them.The game has SERIOUS issues: you are offered 5 more moves AFTER your bomb exploded & game OVER; and when you "win" a level & "win" lightening bolt YOU DON'T GET IT! Say you have 1 bolt & you "win" one, next level you still have ONE BOLT!
The wait is too long for more lives, especially since you have to play one round several times just to beat it.
It's a fun game, but very frustrating when the game closes out in the middle of a level. This is especially frustrating when money has been spent on extra lives. Those lines just disappear and the level needs to be started again.
I like the game. It's colorful and happy. Fun to play too, sort of like candy crush. But the gems are very expensive to buy. Also there are a few glitches, that caused the lose of 1star
Its ok but geez all games are so repetitive whether its a cupcake or candy its same ole same ole....Need some creativity from someone to come up with new n different games..