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Cubis® - Addictive Puzzler!

Cubis® - Addictive Puzzler! for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by iWin located at 180 Sansome Street 4th floor, San Francisco, CA 94104. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 1.5 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Great game. challenging! Love it, However, I understand the need for pop up ads and they dont bother me while I am playing but when I am thru playing I am now getting full screen pop up ads that even interupt me if I am texting or responding to a FB item. These ads even knock me out of what I am doing. when I am thru playing I do not want full screen pop up ads to deal with. if it keeps up then I will be forced to delete a game I enjoy playing. Now the pop up ads are stopping the game in play.
It states free with is untrue. Because of the do false advertising I am totally disappointed. Thanks. I see many reviews regarding payment after passing a certain level on an outdated game. Step up your game or remove from okay store.
Once I was a Big yahoo game Fan... there was Cubis,, jewel quest,,penguin dinner dash etc happy to see this here... iwin Update this 💜
This is a sample game. You get one level then if you want to continue then u pay $1.00 for premium. Idk if u must pay each level or not since im uninstalling.
Fine until you have to pay to upgrade after the first level. So of course, I'm not going to do that. It was fun while it lasted, i guess? Annnnnd, uninstall...
I was loving it, paid to unlock all worlds. Then today everything is black. I un/reinstalled, attempted to get my purchases back. Nothing. Reset my phone. Back.to black screen. Feel free to refund me or fix it. One or the other. Thanks!
wish the old cubis was back...i REALLY MISS IT..this is cute ..its just like the old on made cutesy...love cubis..but i would need 3 versions of how many games and levels eachmi have beaten all of the cubis games so far...but i need to get this one...and start from the beginning to the end..thanks..but please see about getting the old cubis as well thanks...
Wow!! Got to the last two worlds and it stoppted working. What a bomb, that absolute stunk. But overall it is an awesome challenging game. LV
I made it to level 17. It's not as addictive as I remember Cubis Gold 2. I played it when I was younger on pc. To each their own.
I love this game, I used to play it on the computer many moons ago. It's still as challenging as it ever was...I hope it will rogress with some new levels.
I love this original Cubis Creatures. Alas, Fresh Games is no more. I had the game through Amazon but when it was sold to iWin, who ruined it, it disappeared from my library. I had a lot of time and some money invested and I was mad! This game is very challenging and very unique. You can play each level repeatedly to beat your best score. It never gets old.
Must purchase to actually play, which stinks. I purchased the PC version years ago and still play it there. I was hoping to have the same fun here, but I guess I'm staying with the PC. Bummer.
I love this game! Also very addictive lol...I also paid $.99 for the second set of levels n I'm on the fourth n have not paid anything else... It's so worth it ☺️
Nice graphics, just like the Yahoo cubis. I just don't like that you have to pay after every certain amount. Idk, it was free in Yahoo, why can't it be free now or pay for the upgrade once? I think it would help knowing how many times you need to pay to upgrade. Ended up un-installing bc there are other free games.
I love playing this game although it could get challenging when you're on the second level with the other colors but it's fun and I enjoy playing it .and I let you play as much as you want without telling you you have to come back I recommend it highly I had this before.
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this game!! I've played & replayed this game with every new phone, that's how much fun you have!! Many years ago you came out with the Cubis Deluxe with better graphics & puzzles, did the issue ever get resolved? If not, PLEASE start working on it again! This game is BRILLIANT!!
The app doesn't open. It is stuck on the logo page. I have closed the app, and it continues to happen. It is rather annoying.
I bought all the world's when I transfered to a new phone only half would transfer. Absolutely no response from creators when I wrote them 3 times.
Not worth it. Was enjoying the game, then went to pick up where I left off and all my previous levels vanished, if I wanted to play the game I would have to start all over again. The developer says that if you want more levels there is a $0.99 per item charge. Too pricey! You should offer a flat fee for the game including all levels.
Just curious, what's with the 1-20, & what's with the 60? World 1 ☆52/60. Keep on cubin'! [Upgrade Now] is this optional? Without paying? Prior to upgrading it's still a great stress reliever!
The first maybe 50 levels are free - after that, you need to upgrade to a paid app. I enjoyed those levels - they seem to be almost exactly like the old Cubix game - but I won't be upgrading. It's definitely addictive!
Like the game itself just don't like timers takes fun out of it plus I am slow on some things please make 1 with out timer
Love Cubis!!! ❤Use to play this on my PC so happy its now available on my android phone. Best match/puzzle game anywhere Puzzles get more challenging as you go. Kudos to the creators of this game Keep the levels coming!!!🙂😊
It's a fast game which I find for me is a set back I'm 72 years of age not as fast as I used to be,, but I love the game always have
I really like this app. It has a variety of challenges, and I can play for 5 minutes or 5 hours. I recommend that you get as close to a perfect finish as possible on each game - it prepares you for the tougher games ahead, and also helps you get best value out of each level.
Although this game does ask for money to purchase new levels, I actually don't mind. For a buck, you get a fresh level containing 20 progressively challenging boards, with 3 levels of challenge per board. Plus there are no coins or power ups that cost outrageous amounts of money, unlike so many games out there now. I'd rather pay a dollar every month or two and have the possibility of endless levels ahead to challenge me, than to buy a static game with a final level and be left wanting more.
I always liked this came. What is so messed up is that after a few levels you have to pay to continue. I will be uninstalling this game and wont install it again.
Love this game. Used to play it on PC way back when and was so excited to find it. But i do not like how theres no way to progress it you are stuck on a level. Im a world 7 level 19 and have been for months. Any help guys?
Just like old times! I used to play cubis on the computer years and years ago and I forgot all about it. When I found out that I could play it on my phone I was so happy and it is still very addicting. Thank you so much for creating this app!
I used to play some of the Cubis flash games that were on the MSN Games Zone website, and this version is still addicting (as the game's name implies 😛.) I like the repetitive block puzzles, but I think the timer for each level could be a little longer. Overall, I love the asthetic, chill music 🎵, and gameplay.
Nice game, but not worth it. I have paid to unlocked 2 levels(yes, only 2 levels). Am not going to spend more money for this game.
I play to break the monotone in between my work, so am usually looking for something that loads fast and can stay open even if I have to do something else in between. I love this game so much but the loading time at start-up as well as after screensaver pops up is way too much than I can handle. So bye-bye.
this game is awesome! I can play for hours and there are so many was to play . you can play to get three stars for each level and then , you can go back and try to get "perfect" for each level. this is a game of skill or you can play for just fun!
The game is literally unplayable at this point. I have just downloaded it to get a sense of nostalgia as I enjoyed the series when I was younger, only to be stuck on either a black screen or "Fresh Games." The app never received ANY updates since 3 YEARS ago. It's obvious whoever's behind the game now either cannot update it(limited supplies) or doesn't care enough to update it(Irresponsible developer). If you're not gonna update the game, then you might as well take it down completely.
Like this game. I have it on my tablet and I decided to load it on phone, but was not happy when it said that I needed to purchase the next level. I just uninstalled it from my phone. I'll keep playing the free version on my tablet. Free means FREE...I'm not buying this game. Bye Bye
DO NOT BUY!! This game has not been updated since 2018. It will NOT run on current Android versions. Fresh Games, the developer, sold it to IWin. And IWin has never updated it. I purchased all the levels because I knew I would play them repeatedly. Now I can't play them at all. IWin, essentially, stole my money.
After spending $$ to purchase levels, the game no longer loads. I can't get past the logo screen. I re-install and get a pop-up telling me the game was designed for an older version of my system. I feel VERY cheated.
Excited to play a favorite from my past but it was short lived. After very quickly getting through the first level, you must purchase the next level and levels after that are included with the purchase
Nice graphics, but you can only play 25 levels for free. All other levels must be purchased. I deleted it. Can you say "rip-off"?
The paid app only shows upto level 5 instead of 25 levels after the 3 rd day of purchase and the Customer service is no help!
I had to factory reset my phone, not the 1st time, since redownload it's very slow to start and it says I've only bought 2-4 when I had 15 levels. I bought in 2017 after the changed companies. They keep trying to tell me I must have bought before then. Then why am I getting 2-4 without having to repay. This company is a joke.
Love the game but having to purchase it is annoying. It should state that purchasing is mandatory to play continue after 10 (or whatever the game play is stopping) boards
Love this game, but unhappy with it right now. I had every star on every level and was working on "perfect"on every game.... had 5 to go and had to install it because it was blank. Do I start over to say to hell with it? I did reinstall it but it says my browser doesn't support it and just gives me a black screen. Very, very disappointed!
I am always intetested in Cubis I just don't like the way it gets harder and harder and that the fact that I have to pay everytime I move into another world.
**6/10 2021 update**Screen till froze on Cubis home page "FRESH". Going to Uninstall for last time. Ive played this game for rew years without issue but this glitch has not been fixed. .... Has a glitch where it's stuck on the "Fresh" opening home screen. Saw someone else mentioned the same issue, so took their advice to Uninstall then Install aga>in. Did it three times, still not working. Not happy after paying to advance in the game, then losing the whole game to a glitch.
Cubis worked perfectly fine for about a week (Galaxy S9 running Android 10) and then started to hang at startup. I can't get it to load at all. I tried numerous fix attempts, with nothing working. I am really disappointed. I wish they would create an updated Android version of the game.
I've been playing this game on various platforms for well over a decade. I was delighted to see their was a functioning version for android. Ran through the first map with ease only to find out the other 3 sections of the game have to be paid for to continue play. What kind of BS is that? Its laughable to think the devs believe people are willing to pay for a game that hasn't been updated in almost 2 years.😂 GTFOH🙄
Adictive! I used to play the original version of this game on Yahoo Games and now that I have found it again, I love it! Just downloaded it today and I have gotten literally nothing done since then. Just lost in the puzzles :)
Ok at 7-11 and becomes impossible to keep going. After 30 or more tries due to stalls and slow internet I can not get futher. You think after 30 or 40 tries yoy would give 10 or 20 sec more to keep going to buy more. No due to old phone and slow internet U have a 5 or 10 sec stall. The clock keeps running but I am frozen. Now here is the loss I quite now and will not buy more levels. You loose the money. So who looses me or you??? Sorry you, I just delete it and move on
The game is fun. i have played this years ago on my PC so I just paid for the game to eliminate ads. Finished level 4 and found I had to pay again if I wanted more levels. I uninstalled it right away I wont download games from this developer again. Thats ridiculous.
The online version of Cubis is great. This version is ok. However, the advanced levels - which you pay for - are harder, not in a good way. They have only one exact way to get a perfect score, all dependent on the pieces the app gives. I clearly could win but the app won't give the pieces you need. It can be forever waiting for the right combination to come your way. The need to adjust their algorithms to allow us to win when we clearly are posed to do so. Most of the levels do this but those tha
I love this game! Itvis so addictive! BUT, there is a glitch in the software or system because every time i stop play it and then come back to start it again a couple of hours later, it wont start up again. You get the screen that has the logo for the company but thats it! I have had to uninstale it three times now and re-instale it to be able to play the game. By that alone, you should know im addicted to it. But it is so frustrating because i have to start from the beginning every time.
I have been playing this for years. Over and over again. I keep track where I left off so I can keep playing. All of a sudden today it won't load. I tried many times and even forced closed it. Still nothing! Any suggestions what to do to get it working again?
This was always my fav game on my desktop. After learning dozens of different games on laptops and tablets, this is still one of my top 10 and this is the best version on my phone. Highly recommended.
This is a very fun & increasingly challenging game; however, it is unfortunate that you are 'required' to pay to "level up" after completion of the first level in order to continue to play. I am uninstalling this app because this requirement is unconscionable & flagrantly greedy...
The game is great. The app has some issues. It is taking way too long to load. Not sure if it's because of newest Android version. Also you better keep excellent records of when u buy levels. I have purchased several over the years but after switching phones a few times, can't find them all. :(
love the game but ridiculous you have to buy your way to the next level! being the levels should automatically unlock the next level as normal games do!
I do like the game but have been frustrated in having to purchase to level up and having done so, now my game won't fully load up! It loads up to creatures but omits the e, a and r of the word and freezes. Please fix as not impressed; having just purchased and have only played a couple of games!! Once fixed, will score the game higher!
I love this game but I agree with others. How can you put this under "free game" and you have to pay to move to other levels. When that changes, I will install it again.
Fun puzzles, I will probably delete it because only the 1st level is available. I don't like that you have to pay for additional levels. There are other games that don't cost for additional levels.
AN old game that I used to play years ago. Slight changes. Enjoying it again so far, pity it isn't likeable/shareable on Facebook anymore or, according to the version I'm playing, updating in 2020. Starting playing on Android July 2020
I use to play CuBiS a long time ago this brings back lots of frustrating but fun times playing for hours at nite theres a few things that could make this gamer just a bit better,like when you get perfect... more fanfare please during game allow the screen to spin 180* ea way. not play that way you play normally but before that GO give the player a glimpe of whats around the corner. then back to standard view and.....GO