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Cubic Castles: Sandbox World Building MMO

Cubic Castles: Sandbox World Building MMO for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Cosmic Cow located at 340 S LEMON AVE #6076 WALNUT, CA 91789 UNITED STATES. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Good game but today while i was playing i updated the game and it just kicked me out when i updated it then i went back in it loaded up but it doesnt load all the way i just get stuck by "loading realms"
I would rate it 5 stars if you fixed this bug i tap the start button and it said to many attepts even tho i tapped it once
This game is so nice but ever since the recent update came out (the Valentine's pack) its been crashing and the game dont want to bring up my keyboard!! I HATE THIS!! 😠😠
After the 22nd February 2021 updated the game glitches alot and in some time we can see our inventory and we can't open our menu if this dose not get fixed fast I will have to quit all of my hard work
THE BEST GAME!!!! I GET TO PLAY WITH MY FRIENDS AND SIBLINGS!!! ❀ However, you need to fix the bugs, lol. Because, I need to open it for the second time in order to play the game. πŸ™‚
Ok so I am VERY disappointed by the LAG and after I updated for the event I could never log back in I tryed entering every time and day :v I get kicked out for no reason like ._____________. so fix it or I am deleting the app and if you fix it I'll change the stars :D
I played this game over and over after quiting over and over because of hacks and scams, this is over all a really fun farming game and easy to play but watch out for scammers
The game is good and fun and you can visit worlds, but the problem I gave this 1 star that I can't even load the game properly and it keeps recconecting! I cant even play the game properly with this.
This is the best game for all ages. It is a cartoony game that updates things like every month so you're never bored. It is also online so you can play with your friends anywhere. 5 stars! Keep it up!
This game is so cool I dont like scammers but am pro I only got scammed 1 time but this game is the best😁
Overall a nice game. Has many flaws that developed throughout the years. As other reviews state, the hierarchy in this game is very clear. It's difficult for new players to gain more of the currency but it is definitely achieveable through time and effort. Worth a try but be prepared to experience some issues. Scams occur often but can usually be handled. I highly recommend not to trust everyone you come across. Until some issues get fixed, 3 stars is my rating.
as a person who has been playing from the start, coming back and revisiting the game is like stumbling into a treasure trove. so many things have improved and the devs are always hard at work making sure the game is the best it can be.
I use to play this game a lot when I was younger and I absolutely loved it and still love it now, glad that I remembered it.
The game says I have made too many accounts even tough I just joined other wise I played on computer it's fun and really good
It is good but I would like for there to be regular updates in prices and items. It's fun, really fun.
quits out randomly, talking freezes all the time, and very buggy, but a charming game nonetheless with a liitle work it could get 4 stars from me even more work and ill give it five stars thank you well im going to boost it up to 4 stars as many of the things i mentioned here are fixed but still kinda glitchy Edit as of 12-09 I've had the game installed for about 2 years now and compleatly forgot about it. About to jump back in. Wonder if any of my friends play anymore lol.
Greetings developer/s, I have a problem, Here is what happened, I just got my daily task as usual then I was about to got to my friend "fakepotato" then as I was about to do that I got a message saying username invalid then I suddenly seen that my username changed then I put back the old one then it's said wrong password then I tried resetting it the website said, Fatal error. Please help me developer/s, thank you -sincerely Amerthegamer 33
The game is good but the new update Is sooooo terible not rlly the update but the"fixed lag and stuff" is terible i can barley log in let alone even talk or go thro a portal with out it crasheing FIX it or the 3.9rateing will turn imto a 2 i hate that rhis game has so muchb potintoil but the devs are so fricking dumb
Good game but couple thing's 1:the mines are always destroyed and they don't regenerate 2:it's too difficult to get certain resources (cotton)
I love this game :) Also i have a solution people from bugs, when you stucked at the main, just close the app twice or more, that what ill do when i stucked at the loading screen, Then it works please try it first beforebsaying this game bad, if this works you'll gonna enjoy the game so much :)
I gave this game a 3 star because it doesn't want to open I tried and tried but nothing hapend but before it was working I like it but it just doesn't want too open
Game worsened over the years, there was a time when everything was magical and making friends was the main point if the game but after all these updates-- and moreso bugs --the game's turned into this massive collection of greed and ego. The rich don't bother with the poor, and the poor don't get a chance to be rich because of the competition. Cubits are really hard to get unless you buy it. People who are new will never reach a millionaire status unlike those who played in early development.
I like this game very addicted but there's this bug where when someone hollawarp it turns dark and my inventory disappear and I can leave the game unless I get completely off the game so hope that get fixed πŸ˜€
the game was good but on android the key border don't pop up so you can't tipe and tolck to people. 2nd you guys rilly messed up farming. when ever you get a new level in farming it jest adds those stares to your mayn level like my player level is 23 but I won't to get farm tech 3 to drive tractor but now I cant
Its really laggy and i cant go to any mines it says "Fetching realm imformation" and please fix the bug for mobile☺
I love the game but I have encountered a lag. My stuff keeps disappearing and its happening for few other players as well my super valuable stuff is being taken I made a parkour and put a prize at the end I left for a sec and it was gone both of my time machines were gone. I gave two people admin and as soon as my stuff started to disappear I took it away but it continued. Also for this other player egg something. Please either fix the bug or give our stuff back. Overall good game I like this!:)
I first liked it in the 1st place but now I don't. I can't update it. Last time it worked and now when I press update it keeps saying pending. When you press update it updates quickly.
THIS IS GREAT but every 20 minutes it kicks me out and freezes. Please fix this so i can still play your game ;)
When I play on desktop this game is the greatest game it can be. I decided that I should play mobile so I could play when my desktop is out of battery. When I tried to play on mobile however I put in my name and played. But when I hit continue or start at home, it said I had too much accounts already even though this is my first time playing mobile. I could not play on mobile in the long run and I hope this horrible bug gets fixed soon.
I LOVE this game. I play it on my computer but when I try to play it on my phone it kicks me out after the loading screen. I was really disappointed when this happened and it can't be my phone since it's kinda new
A great game, I have played it many times before. However, now it crashes A LOT randomly, even though my internet is fine. Please fix this, it crashes like every 2-10 minutes.
I like this game. But i was always scammed. I was already scammed 7+ times. It's so sad i lost the rest of my items. I would rate this a 5 star if you ban people who scam forever and put some daily rewards. Username: cyie Level: 24
My Favorite Game!! I Highly Recomend this Game, If You Guys Like investing, Farming, Mining, Clans, Shops, Building Then You should Get it! I Love it so much i do donation videos on it! -Dustyplok Yt
This game is way better than other sandbox game I played coz of its multiplayerability, coz of it's holla system which makes all players online possible to go into one player's realm! And that's awesome! ^^ Btw though, I don't like the overworld 2 and the skycam! Skycam for me is so much a spoiler!
Wish camera control was able to zoom and move more that would make me play way more than i already do .
It's best if you play on PC because this game is laggy and glitchy I'm rating this on my phone so I will give it 2 stars. Pls optimize this game cubic castles.βœ”
Great game honestly. I used to play this before and i was bored so i played it again but sometimes it keeps freezing but its okay. I hope they wont let this game die even though its not doing so well now but do major updates and it might be a game changer, this game is so underrated honestly
Its pretty fun for the most part be i keep getting stuck on the "finding relm information" when i try to log in*im going dpwn to 1 star bc i keep javimg problems plz fix yr game *
Still terrible still when i try to play my screen still gets stuck at. "Fetching Realm Information" Please fix that.
its just good a bit buggy at times and i would recomend the only problem i have is with remembering my accounts name but thats all you will enjoy it
I love this game but it has a error it's good but the error keep saying you can't create new account you have too many
It's a great game but ever since the latest update mobile users keep crashing. Please fix lag for mobile users since pc/laptop lag has already been announced.
This is nice game and i will give it 3 stars because my other realm vanish out of nowhere, i bought it for 680 c i think, and it just vanish. I just wasted my hard earned c, smh.
The game never loads in, it only loads in the main menu, then when I try to play, it just freezes at the second loading bar. The rare 2 times it actually loaded, the keyboard seems to never show up when the search bar and chat bar suggest there should be a usable one. I cant even play this game, therefore I believe it won't get a good review until it's solved.
An overall great experience, even if it gets pretty laggy at times. I've returned to this game after a year and i enjoyed it. Collecting hats and costumes is still one of my favourite things to do in game, and it pleases me to see that there are a lot of new hats for me to collect, especially the ones on the lower end of the price tag.
You must add a way to get you stamps back I accidentally put on my realm a bottomless rain that I was going to sell plz help add in the realm menu weather stamps and all other stamps plz read this is the only big problem I have come to in the game it is great game maybe even the best but if that becomes a problem I dont think anyone will play it much so please put this in the next patch plz and thank you cosmic cow and I hope that it will work out
This is a great game, but the mobile app sucks. It always crashes especially during this time, we have an event. Everytime I fish, I always get disconnected from the server back main menu. Please fix this. It was a waste of fish food
It was a nice game, now people are scamming, Rich people leaving there poor "friend" in the dust. And I did the get cubics I DID THE OTHER GAME I still don't have my cubics AND I DID THE GAME YOU WANTED ME TO FOR 2 HOURS. Also i HATE your clan update i know its old but still i hate it. Also when i exit the game the background noise is still there i got so scared the first time FIX IT i don't wanna keep reseting my phone and tablet just to play another game. From: PennyLemon or PennyLemonDuck.>:(
I loved this game but one day my password didn't work so I reset it like someone would but I went on but that password didn't work idk if this is a bug or something but cosmic cow pls do something I feel like I lost everything -my username is PandyGamer08Jr
I am addicted to this game. I play it nonstop when i can. But can you add a flaming skull head like you have a dark traveler head in the actual game
Why do you need to wait an hour for failing an attempt, I logged out because my internet can't work. I did it 3 times and i need to wait an hour because of this.
When I open when I got chat my keyboard not showing I relog many times still can't. And when I opened it on my Phone if I got the jump it's delay and my phone will crash
Great game, just too difficult to obtain ingame currency (cubits). The only way to obtain a large amount of cubits is by grinding for several hours, or just buying them. Your forced to grind for cubits. Quests on the other hand usually dont take several hours, but you only get a single quest daily. Alot of people struggle to get a good amount of cubits.
Great game just needs a little bit of bugs fixed on mobile like the keyboard not popping up for a while
Im on an android, if its in anyway possible, could you fix the issue where it kicks me out of the app the moment I log in. I dont know much about tech but plz fix this if its possibe. Mabye its just me.
I think the game is great, I have not played it for a long time. (that does not mean I hate the game.) Keep up the great work!
Ok this is an awsoume game for people who like business but ever since the new update no one can play without the gamecrashing literally 3 seconds into it, so sorry cosmic cow but if you hear my reply just know that I love this game but not the update...
About 1or 2 year's ago it was a 5 star game but then they overworld came makes things confusing miss old one also had a glitch make my frog head disappear poor can't become rich without riches help iv been poor for as long as iv played about 3or 4 years I'm not sure been awhile since I started also not one glitch has been solved since then lol but other than that it can be fun.
This game crash alot and stuck in game I give 1 star because crash when I start game getting crash :(
Best game. 10/10 in everything. Not like other stupid mobile games which keeps showing ad after every 2 second and you can't literally play them without making purchases.
I play the game for like a minute or seconds and it just bug and leaves the game, I have to keep doing that in order to play the game. I would accept it if the loading thing you know when you log in, If it takes 3-5 sec I will rate to 5 also I really really love the game but it just *sigh* or maybe dev you can fix this issue? Please..
When i play this on my pc, its good ngl but on my phone...the new valentines pack makes phone users so laggy that they cant even type and keep crashing. ex. Me, pls fix this
I can't enter the game anymore after the last update (relics and good vs bad team). The game just crashes after i log in at the loading screen and i cant do anything.
It says that I have all ready made a accont so its not leting me in but the 4 stars is becaese ivbplyed this befor and I like it to but yeah its not leting me in the game on my tablet
Tbh I have no idea why I got banned for 2 days without warnings and I bought 500k and lost it all due to it being bugged! I bought it in pounds (UK money) and it never came into my account!!is it bugged?πŸ˜­πŸ˜ˆπŸ‡¬πŸ‡§
I like this game. Last time I had some issues they solved them so I'm updating. On another note I do think some stuff should change like , adding an auto jump feature, auto camera correction so when you view you see from ether in front or back , and first person view would be nice. (Update) reduced a star only because buildings get in the way of being creative having a way to see through a building you have entered would be nice and allow for a more creative build
I haven't played this game fora year now and I join back into my account and I go into this random lobby start instead of the normal one I can't even put my realm paper somewhere I hate it
The game was good but now they have over complicated things a little too much, after they added the new over world update and the perks update it got worse. Also the game will not leg me I anymore after the recent update so it's hopeless. MY Account QUEEN HUMNAN isn't being allowed in for some reason. Please fix the game and make it how it was before
Great game but when i want to play is it art it reconecting the reconnect waste's time when i uninstall the game then continue it reconnect so please fix this ok!!!!
Absolutely bad! This game was the best but over the time, you got rid of the lobby, new 1star rating updates and the poor and rich don't get along. The poor don't even get a chance to earn much c.
Great game honestly. I used to play this before and i was bored so i played it again but sometimes it keeps freezing but its okay. This game is so underrated honestly and hope you guys fix the problem with the game for mobile users like me ;-;
This game now a days has gotten worse over the time i have been playing it especially since people has hacked cubits. Thats why i lowered my rating from 5 to 2.
After the last update my game keeps crashing and wont let me enter most of my realms. Fix this please.
Personally i find this game very fun but since yesterday I could not get in my account I tried a couple things but could you please tell me what i could do to get back in? Other than that I find this game pretty fun to play in my free time.(got fixed I can go in now!)
Never played this game before. Tried to find a username that hasn't been taken, then after finding one-- system says I failed too many logins, so to wait an hour. What? Lol πŸ˜…
The game does not load and just exits out when i open it i wonder whats up with that???? Pls fix this devs.
Great game only one problem it crashes a lot if you would try to fix it I will change my 4 stars to 5 thank you for a great game.
I love the game im able to go in the the game but i cant go in realms it says getting realm information and won't end so i play the web version
I'm a little more about this game but you guys are going to kick it to a good start to the first time in the game